Lady Bulldogs win 56th straight home non-conference behind Pachis Roberts’ 5-5 free throws and 10-13 from the field. Michael Bennett’s dance is good ? I’ve seen better DE than Michael Bennett too like JJ Watt for example.

Pachis Roberts has had some excellent games for The Lady Bulldogs.  This 25-point effort was brilliant in 28 minutes’ action with only 2 fouls, 5 boards, only 1 turnover, 2 steals, 3 assists, 5 for 5 from the charity stripe and 10 of 13 from the field !


How about that going into SEC play next.


Marjorie Butler WATCH : 1 of 5 from the field.  There is little need to say anything to her about her shooting.  She refuses to listen that we have many far better shooters than herself.  Why does she do this every game ?


Were I half as smart as she, I would dribble the ball up the court and pass it off.  Be done with it.  Why shoot ?  It ruins your game gal.  I have played with many ones who could not shoot.  They know their role.  They do what they do.  It’s like a 2nd baseman.  They are NOT there for anything but defense.


I have grown to enjoy these games all on TV now thanks to The SEC Network.


Great announcers.


Insightful commentary.


Caliya Robinson once again proved she gets it !  Budding superstar in the making for certain !  4 of 7 from the field.  2 of 3 free throws.  9 rebounds.  9.  2 assists.  3 blocked shots !  Only 1 turnover.  And, 2 assists !  In only 23 minutes’ action only 2 fouls.  Outstanding effort !


Pachis Roberts is a beautiful lady who played at McEachern in Powder Springs.  She’s a 2.


Pachis Roberts is just a Junior so we get her all this year and next year.








I have seen better defensive ends than Michael Bennett.   JJ Watt for example.  So the Seattle Seahawks’ defensive end who says Todd Gurley II is no damn good as a running back finds in fact far better defensive ends than himself.  Michael Bennett only  has 1 Pro-Bowl in all these years and he is already 30 years’ of age.


And, you call your dance good, Michael Bennett ?



I’ve seen a better dance than yours too Michael Bennett.


Texas A & M undrafted in 2009 Michael Bennett ?  Excuse me.  Todd Gurley II is a LOT better football player than you EVER will be.  Anyone would be a better dancer Michael Bennett.