It certainly appears Kirby has saved his last 7 scholarships for TOP RECRUITS ONLY with 2 days left a third of the TOP RECRUITS undecided. We remain # 1 in the nation in highest average of our 2016 recruits. His predecessor would’ve given all these up and filled his up with stocking stuffers. You need to learn to NOT LOOK at # stars and DO LOOK at where they rank at their position.

Let me step you through this.


Do I think I understand recruiting ?


Damn right I do.


I have followed recruiting for Georgia Bulldogs football for over 50 years.  Followed it closely.  Looked back and analyzed it after the fact as well.


Critics point to number of stars.


That is UNIMPORTANT totally.


What IS important is what their ranking is at their position.  THIS is the TRUE INDICATOR.  You can trust me on this.  I do know.


Kirby’s predecessor all the time filled his commitments up with whomever would come along.  Wasted scholarships.  He did this EVERY YEAR for 15 years. He would get antsy.  We also did not care.  He really didn’t.  He bragged that he would take projects thinking his religion would have a big impact on the wayward boy’s life.  I have shared those quotes of his.  I can give you specifics.


Kirby from the outset has treated the now 7 remaining Scholarships as an absolute stingy spend-thrift infinitesimally small number he puts great value in and WILL NOT PURPOSELY WASTE ONE even.


It is so clear.


I hold to Kirby’s belief on this and said all the time that his predecessor would find his replacement would recruit BETTER than he.


It is being borne out now in year one already because of what Kirby is doing.


Georgia NEVER had the highest average of our recruits.


It was HOW I MEASURED his predecessor.


He was always behind the 8-ball in recruiting because he kept kicking players off the team here, and therefore got down to at one point only 67 on scholarship.  Can you believe that ?  His Apologists said good riddance to them but this left him WEAK.  No Depth.


In comes Kirby and he says : “We’re weak at quality depth.”


He knows.


I know.


Really besides where they rank at their position individually, all I ever look at really is what his Average Recruit Ranking is.  He’d be the # 8 Ranked Recruiting Class and you guys BRAGGED on him here at Georgia with the # 1 most players sent to The SEC in this state and # 2 most players sent in this state to the Power 5 Conferences and # 3 most players sent in this state to any college any level for football.  Good Lord, he ACTUALLY averaged his recruits NOT # 8 but # 13.  That sucks folks.  Look at it yourself and see if you agree with me now that he is GONE and you should be getting over him by now ?  2013 class sucked ?  Really ?  You JUST NOW figuring that out ?  I said it THEN.  It was a BAD CLASS.  The probability they would be great was poor and WAY TOO MANY poorly ranked guys :


Click the FAR RIGHT column !


It will show you he was NOT # 8 but # 13 in what I say is the # 1 state because Georgie tek yellowjackets and Georgia Southern University do NOT go after these VERY TOP PLAYERS – they can’t.  None of them would go there because they DO NOT WIN at the highest level compared to us IN-STATE.  Guys want to go away from home but they DO WANT to be able to get there quickly and their FRIENDS FAMILY and FOLLOWERS to be able to get there.  Plus we have Atlanta and about the highest ranked school for a football school there is !


15 of that class 2013 were ranked WORSE than # 50 at their position.  15.


15 with NO HOPE.


He signed 33.


We do it the right way and do NOT over-sign.  BS I said then.  We signed 33.


33 signed means he ended up # 8 class.  No.  No he did NOT.  He was ranked the # 8 class ONLY because he signed 33.  Again, you get points for each signed in the Recruiting Rankings, but you DO NOT get high average recruit because you signed 33 with 15 of the 33 – nearly half – fluff guys not ranked in the Top 50 even at their position.




You want who the 15 are whom in my analysis were Fluff 2013 ?”Football%20Recruiting”&classYear=”2013″&team=”Georgia”&minimumInterest=”SoftVerbal”&sortBy=CommitDate


Reggie Davis

JJ Green

Shaquille Fluker

Uriah Lemay

Aulden Bynum

Shaun McGee

Johnathan Rumph

Kennar Johnson

Rico Johnson

Ryne Rankin

Reggie Wilkerson

DeAndre Johnson

John Atkins

Josh Cardiello

Tramel Terry was seriously injured after offered before signed


We did not give ourselves ANY SEMBLANCE of an opportunity to begin to have a good class 2013 and I said it daily since.  Too many guys who were NOT RANKED HIGHLY at their position.  # 8 recruiting ranking for 2013 because EACH of these 15 ADDED-UP to MORE POINTS so the Recruit Ranking was # 8 because he had 67 on Scholarship and SIGNED 33.


Got it ?











(1) You have 85 Scholarships.

(2) If you do not keep that 85-man limit FULL all the time, you are at a disadvantage.

(3) You want NOT 5-Stars but guys ranked at the top of their position – all of them.

(4) If you fill-up your roster to 85 with guys ranked # 128 at their position you suffer.

(5) He always gave away his to walk-ons who NEVER PLAYED except special teams.

(6) They should NOT have been out there THEN but our very best players instead.

(7) If you used up 85 you have to say sorry we’re full to good players & not offer them.

(8) He did that all the time too.

(9) He looked at the Recruit Rankings.

(10) Do NOT look at the Recruit Rankings !

(11) Again you only have 85 follow me on this.

(12) Recruit Rankings add-up for each recruit good or bad more recruits higher ranked.

(13) If you give Scholarship offer and player gets injured you must retract it.

(14) You can not carry all these guys filling-up the roster.

(15) He talked about not having enough to practice.

(16) Well yeah, he had that problem with 67 Scholarships Recruits.

(17) Did you follow me how Recruit Rankings work ?

(18) If you have 33 you recruit one year with lots of FLUFF you will have high ranked class.

(19) Doesn’t matter what their individual ranking is but then you are FULL.

(20) Cannot offer some top players then when you are full.

(21) So many of the 33 fall out.  Now, you have to scramble AGAIN.



Maybe it is easier to follow with specific examples :


Since he went down there to Miami of Florida he has recruited players such as # 128 at his position WR.  I am sorry he is WR 170 lbs. He is 5′ 9″ with no speed.  I am so sorry but that is a PROJECT.  He went after him and got his commitment just last week.  He needs players to practice with he thinks.  He doesn’t teach them anything, just give him NUMBERS.
That is NOT going to work, just as it did NOT here or he would not have averaged 4 losses a year for his last entire 8 years here.  If you think that is good, you need MORE LESSONS than you will learn on this post about recruiting.  And, if  you do NOT follow recruiting you are missing out on the lifeblood of our program and the single most exciting and most relevant part that make up our team besides the game itself.


You are plugging holes by putting an inferior player out there because the Starter got injured or needed a blow, if you do not concentrate on recruiting.


In MANY respects we are the # 1 Recruiting HOTBED in ALL of America for football.


If you do not know about THIS, ask me below.


I have discussed it in the past.


Our guys go to The SEC; they are drafted;  they go to the NFL and they play.


Miami of Florida’s football commitments for 2016 are half a point WORSE than ours.  That is a LOT.  They used to get top players down there.  They would run rampant over the Big East with them.  Once they got into the ACC, they no longer have been competitive.  That’s been a LONG TIME NOW !


They are NOT going to win with these guys – not against top teams with him “coaching” these :”Football%20Recruiting”&classYear=”2016″&team=”Miami%20(Fl)”&minimumInterest=”SoftVerbal”&sortBy=CommitDate


What is the LIKELIHOOD that Isaac Nauta instead by direct contrast is going to be better ?




He is the # 1 recruit at his position TE and is 6′ 4″ and 235 lbs.  He just committed to Kirby last week.


Do not look at the recruiting rankings but at the substance of what makes them up.  If your team is filling your roster with fluff recruits you will suffer.  The 85 scholarship go away fast filling them up with fluff.  Kirby is NOT doing this as his predecessor did.


I ask you ?


Clearly it is FAR MORE LIKELY that Isaac Nauta  will do better than Latrell Williams.


Our guys are just a LOT better than what he has been getting down there at Miami of Florida – each of our guys individually are BETTER.


I can say that.


The probabilities are CLEAR !


I know this :”Football%20Recruiting”&classYear=”2016″&team=”Georgia”&minimumInterest=”SoftVerbal”&sortBy=CommitDate


Look at their Position Rank “POS” That is not piece of shit.


These are some of the very best top recruits in the nation one-third of whom have NOT CHOSEN :


This is VERY UNUSUAL with 2 days all that remains before they do sign that one-third of the top recruits have NO CHOICE yet.


The kids have egos.  The smart ones also know that there really is a best fit for them as a school, at playing time, and at winning.  Who wants to be on a losing team ?


You never played the game, so maybe you don’t know.  Know this, the TOP PLAYERS want to WIN !


They should want a good school to learn at as well, and THIS is a huge advantage for us.


So what you’ve got is Kirby is # 1 in the nation at average rank of his individual recruits :



Jake Eason Jacob Eason does interview where he tells all RECRUITS to come join him here : “To all recruits out there, I better be seeing some UGA hats being chosen on signing day!” Takes leadership role : “By the time the new guys do come in,” Eason said, “I’ll be able to kind of show them the ropes and teach them different stuff.” “They’re pushing us in the weight room and definitely getting bigger and stronger,” he said. “You’ve got to get bigger to take a hit in the SEC.” “Obviously I wanted to go where I could play early,” Eason said. “I’m just excited to come in and compete and learn. Whoever coach wants to play is going to play.” Taking 4 classes including English 101 Eason said he’s spent some time with coaches on the offense “trying to get everything down.” He has been in the quarterback room “trying to learn formations and all that good stuff,” and was on the field throwing passes on Wednesday with new teammates. “All those guys are high-talented, fast guys, great hands,” Eason said. “So the windows are a lot smaller.” “I’m excited for recruiting to get over so I can sit down with coaches and learn from them,” he said.

Jake Eason Jacob Eason does interview where he tells all RECRUITS to come join him here : “To all recruits out there, I better be seeing some UGA hats being chosen on signing day!”  Takes leadership role : “By the time the new guys do come in,” Eason said, “I’ll be able to kind of show them the ropes and teach them different stuff.” “They’re pushing us in the weight room and definitely getting bigger and stronger,” he said. “You’ve got to get bigger to take a hit in the SEC.”  “Obviously I wanted to go where I could play early,” Eason said. “I’m just excited to come in and compete and learn.  Whoever coach wants to play is going to play.”  Taking 4 classes including English 101 Eason said he’s spent some time with coaches on the offense “trying to get everything down.”  He has been in the quarterback room “trying to learn formations and all that good stuff,” and was on the field throwing passes on Wednesday with new teammates. “All those guys are high-talented, fast guys, great hands,” Eason said. “So the windows are a lot smaller.”   “I’m excited for recruiting to get over so I can sit down with coaches and learn from them,” he said.




Matthew Stafford # 1 QB out of high school in the nation later # 1 Overall NFL Draft Pick leaving early only played 3 seasons. In games for example 6 and 7 still his true Freshman year NOT STARTER – dumbass Started Joe Tereshinski III vs vols & Vandie games 6 & 7 his true Freshman Year and LOST BOTH. Also Started Joe Cox 2006 vs Colorado ! Take THAT 9 weeks tomorrow morning after he FIRED for this shit. You get that ?

vols are supposed to be 5-loss team 2006 and ended-up # 25 Final AP Poll so if they do not come to our house with dumb shit Starting Joe Tereshinski III telling Matthew Stafford in games 6 and 7 that Joe Tereshinski III is a BETTER QB than Matthew Stafford, vols are NOT a ranked team in the Final AP Poll Top 25.


But the vols beat Joe Tereshinski III as our BETTER Starting QB at Sanford.


I shall NEVER forget it !




Then, with THAT damn back-drop, next week we played the lowly damned Vandie team 2006 in game # 7 again at Sanford.


To be a fan of that asshole, you have to NOT have seasons’ tickets as I and remember this shit.


I mean we played them in front of me.


So damn stupid.


Vandie 2006 was 1-7 in The SEC.  Not at game time.  For the freaking God Damn Season !


Vandie 2006 was coached by Bobby Johnson.  Maybe you do not remember Bobby Johnson ?  That’s because he has NOT COACHED SINCE.  He has NOT COACHED ANYWHERE.




He was added to the Play-Off Selection Committee to replace Archie Manning this time last year and ended his career coaching football all levels at 89-102.


89-102 all-time coaching record all levels Bobby Johnson.  He was a back at Clemson.


But 1-7 SEC Vandie 2006 beat Joe Tereshinski III as our Starting QB game 7 of 2006 season for the dumb friqin’ “coach” we had here whom I personally ran out of town on a DAMNED RAIL !


I cited this shit daily here on this blog and every blog on the Internet where I did post and NOT HAVE IT EDITED.


I want to remind you of this now because this is no different from Jake Eason.


In front of me both these losses to ingrain it into MY mind !


Dumbass piece of shit.


It is what he did.


Lose inexplicable games EVERY year.  Note this was supposed to be one of his “good years” 2006 in the 1st half of his career here.


“At the end of the 2006 season he was the hottest team in the nation who could beat EVERYONE”  his freaking Apologists told us.  But we to forget and say good riddance to all that was “HISTORY” they stated to me and to any and all who would listen to me.  “History” when it the game before the up-coming game.  About that which happened even in games 6 and games 7 of 2006.   And, two more losses after that too because he was not prepared.  Hells Bells we made Joe Tereshinski III the God Damned Starter 2006.  How could he be prepared by game 6 or game 7, pray tell ?


Or indeed even for the 2 later losses either when not he but Joe Tereshinski III was told he the better QB and that we needed therefore to devote the snaps with the # 1 unit to Joe Tereshinski III and NOT Matthew Stafford.


And, why we lost all these games.


That Joe Tereshinski III was NOT the better QB.


Was he ?


No different now either.


How quickly they wish they could forget.  And, all his dumbass decisions 2006 and off-field woes.


But, after he lost to the vols and Vandie both at HOME for us he then went to Florida and Kentucky for crying out loud and LOST BOTH of those too 2006.


Kentucky you no doubt recall was supposed to be a 6-loss Kentucky team 2006 but Rich Brooks’ unranked ass beat us 2006.


Amazing how they only remember that which they WANT.

Rich Brooks was 143-175 all levels as coach 44 % win % but he beat our sorry-ass coach 2006.


This is NOT to tell you I told you so !


This is TO TEACH YOU what I said THEN was RIGHT TOO !


That Matthew Stafford HAD TO BE OUR STARTING QB 2006 – not Joe Tereshinski III.


Instead dumbass – your damned hero and not mine – even Started Joe Cox 2006.  That’s right vs Colorado 2006 dumb shit told Matthew Stafford that Joe Cox is a BETTER QB than you Matthew Stafford.  He was CLUELESS who the better QB his entire tenure here.  Colorado 2006 you may recall played us TOO AT OUR HOUSE all 3 these games home games for us 2006.  A 3-9 team Colorado 2006. Joe Cox managed the game to win 14-13 at HOME for us against 3-9 Colorado 14-13.  Joe Cox and his head ‘coach’ took HELL from me and from EVERYONE but YOU 2006 for Starting Joe Cox vs Colorado and struggling against a 3-9 team Colorado 2006 because he did not Start Matthew Stafford.


Joe Cox AND Joe Tereshinski III are BOTH BETTER quarterbacks than Matthew Stafford.  That is what dumb shit told Matthew Stafford 2006.  He played here 2 more years after that and left the # 1 pick as he was the # 1 QB getting here  too.  Came and left # 1 in the nation. But, while he was here 2006 dumb muck told him Joe Cox AND Joe Tereshinski III are BOTH BETTER quarterbacks than you Matthew Stafford.


Yet, TODAY on the Internet all these “approved” blogs do NOT censor that their fans of said blogs and blog Authors there say that oh he was the greatest ever, did NOT struggle, that we have a new coach taking over who is NOT taking over a struggling program averaging 4 losses per season for his last entire freaking 8 years here.


Forget YOU !


Get it BACK in your face TODAY for what you say TODAY on your blogs and for what you allow unfettered from your fans there on your pussies’ blogs.


Here we shall speak the Truth and shall refute you TODAY for that which you say and allow unfettered on your blogs today.


Imagine 1 even said today that he is not sure he even indeed wants to be involved with our program EVER AGAIN firing the best coach ever, oh and that the new coach is NOT taking over a struggling program.


The freaking Hell you say !


We would play Colorado again and they were a 7-loss team 2010 should’ve been 8-loss team who FIRED their coach but they beat your dumbass hero.


Oh I see.


You can say and allow to be said unfettered on your pussies’ blog that he is NOT taking over a struggling program TODAY you say and allow to be said TODAY, but I shall NOT have the right to offer-up my damn retort.


Good Luck with that assholes !


“Our ‘coach’ knows better than you Thomas Brown.  You’re just a miserable hater.  I trust our ‘coach’ on this better than you.  He is the greatest ‘coach’ all-time and knows a LOT more about this than you.  I trust his decisions on who his Starting QB is better than I trust you.”


“Yeah !  Way to go !  Delete his post !  I hate reading his repeated bullshit on the Internet.  He repeats the same post EVERYWHERE on the Internet.  He is a broken record.  He hates our coach and wants him fired.  He does not want to get on the bus.  He revels in not drinking the Kool-Aid.  He needs to be BANNED from typing this shit. What a dumb shit Thomas Brown.  Believe him or our ‘coach’ when he needs to get a life about this program I am a better fan of than Thomas Brown is.”


But you don’t even go the games I replied.


“No.  But, I watch them on TV.”


Do you change the channel when he pulls his usual bullshit and loses to crappy-ass football teams with far better talent on our team – not developing his Quarterbacks, and wasting talent and playing FAVORITES ?  I asked.


“He is the greatest ever ‘coach’ for us.”


He is dumb as shit, daily I told them.


No one has EVER accused him of being smart.


Or them.


My posts are there.


All the way back 39 years my posts are there.  I replied.  I wish the AJ-C had not deleted all their comments from their articles in the conversion to DawgNation a few years ago.


But I damn sure remember what they said.


They defended the dumbass son of a bitch.


Made up excuses.


Said that was a game in HISTORY.


I said history ?  That was the last game we played !


Yeah, but we are going to win the NC and go 15-0 this coming season and you want to dwell on the past.


No.  I told them. I do not want to dwell on the past, but if we do not learn from the past, we are destined to repeat the SAME MISTAKES !


Which we would still be doing if it were up to them.


“He’s not going anywhere.  You’re delusional.  He will be back and win it all !  Then, what will you say when he does ?  All he needs is his 9th coordinator.  All he needs is another QB like Matthew Stafford !  The final piece to the puzzle.  You’re just a hater.  Get on the bus.  You’re not a fan of The Georgia Bulldogs.  You’re a Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fan.  Give up that fine man’s handle and post as ramblin’ this or that.  It’s just as easy to sit there and whine after every game as it is to see how bright our future is with our best coach ever !  He was the best coach in America at the end of the 2006 season and we the hottest team.  Wait until next year 2007” when he REDSHIRTS Knowshon Moreno so we only saw him 2 years and loses then the next year after that 3 games 2008 then getting to play # 24 Michigan State 4-loss team 2008 with Mike Bobo, Knowshon Moreno, AJ Green and Matthew Stafford ranked # 1 in the nation 2008 consensus # 1 AP and Coaches’ Poll 2008.


Stick that up your ass !


“Censor his posts !”


“Yeah, I felt sorry for him and left his posts a couple of times.  But, he is so delusional and so many of our fans here on my blog told me to delete them.”


Go find those.


The ones you left.


I gave you HELL THEN.  Or go back to Online Athens when I gave you hell then in 2001 and 2002 for the dumbass decisions he made then.


Go ahead.


I gave you hell.


And, I was right then as now as well sir.


I give you HELL NOW.


And still you censor.  Still you say what a great guy he.  And still today you allow posts posts saying TODAY EVEN that those fans say on your blog this month now 2 months after we fired his ass.  That they are NOT EVEN SURE THEY WANT TO BE INVOLVED WITH THIS PROGRAM ANY LONGER NOW !


Matthew Stafford did not even start games 6 and 7 at HOME for us in 2006 as the nation’s # 1 QB out of high school and who left as the nation’s # 1 QB 3 years later, and




Didn’t we ?


You bullied me on the Internet hiding behind your damned keyboard for 8 excruciating years !


Back to Shove it back up your ass now, am I !


A little trip down memory lane for you – since you obviously WROTE that bullshit felt that way wished you could’ve shut me up and STILL DO.


“But let’s not talk about recruiting.  I never talk about recruiting.”


“It is just as easy to be happy with that shit, as it is to be grouchy that someone dared to want more.”


7 Scholarships for 2016 remain to fix this struggling program and we fell behind in filling these 7 open Scholarships 2016 with only 3 days left now when our coach took a vacation from here for 6 weeks and 2 days then finally showed-up dawg-tired putting us behind the 8-ball NEEDLESSLY.


He better damn well start Jake Eason.


For 8 long years to write about our beloved Bulldogs to the Internet I would go to share about how disappointed I was wanting more.  Even more so not so much with him than with YOU.  You freaking pussies !  And I shall NEVER put-up with it I vowed each day as you well attest.  Then a funny happy occurrence and the tables turned !  Now it is YOU and not I who the disgruntled and no not at I but at yourself that little ole I should be here today standing as your corrector that I told you so and make you so damn little you friqin’ pussies.  And so you turn to the Internet daily 9 weeks now and counting in the morning 29 November to still brag upon average 4 losses for his last entire 8 years here we to endure and hear nothing but excuses and braggadocio of his greatness still today.  I will be dipped in shit if you to re-write history today.

For 8 years ago you to dip it in shit with rose-colored glasses and now 9 weeks AFTER I proved RIGHT and YOU PROVED WRONG.


That’s right.

YOU proved wrong.


You can shove it up your God Damn Assholes that you will still bully me.


No.  That shall not happen.






I won.


Little ole me.


Proved RIGHT yet again !


And, so to you :


Chipper Towers

Bill King

Bluto – state senator of nothing – get the picture pussies

Michael Collins

admin Field Street Forum plagiarist

Mr. Blue

Russell Sauve

Harrison Martin

SB Nation

vineyard dawg

Saturday Down South

Cory Brinson

Barrett Sallee

the Bleacher report

Brian Jones

Dawn of the Dawg

The Lady Sportswriter


All YOU who tried to CENSOR me to shut me up for 8 years to bully me and FAILED I say to you this 9 weeks anniversary tomorrow morning the 29th November 2015 nine weeks ago tomorrow – you pussies –


I was RIGHT all along and ye shall NOT have your way now rewriting this as you WISH YOU COULD NOW as greatness then or now – stick it up your God Damned Assholes you owe ME an Apology : “Thomas Brown you were RIGHT ALL ALONG and I feel sorry for MYSELF that I told YOU Thomas Brown that YOU WERE WRONG.”


Bitter ?  Only at you you bullies you Internet bullies proven WRONG hiding still behind your keyboards – PUNKS the lot of you then and NOW.


YOU owe ME for then and for NOW your God Damned Apology each of you friqin’ God Damned Pussies !


For for the same very methods I ran your God Damned Friqin’ hero out of town here on a God Damned Rail, so shall I shove it up your God Damned Assholes into eternity if you KEEP IT UP.


You could not formulate a response then and now still the same from you pussies.  And no you did NOT shut me up.  Did you ?  Nor shall you now by God Above !  Keep it up Assholes.  Keep it up.


For no one can do it better than I.


I promise assholes.


I guaran damn T it.


I told you you would rue the day.


That day is NOW !



Today :

Russell Sauve “I’m having a hard time turning that corner towards being excited about next season or even in the program.”


You do not like what I have to say about Jake Eason Starting vs UNC because the fired guy started Joe Tereshinski III still in games 6 and 7 of 2006 and LOST BOTH !



Georgia Coliseum designed as Cow Palace – not lined-up for basketball renamed 1996 Stegeman 53 years later now the electricity FAILED tonight as The Lady Bulldogs 14-6 smashed Auburn 13-7 by 63-30 despite multiple electricity issues.

Stegesaurus electricity failed tonight halting the Nationally televised contest for over 15 minutes.  When the electricians could get the electricity back working again to the lighting system, they still had electricity issues for the broadcast crew including electric microphones which would not work.  It was as if there was a surge through the electrical systems because they shorted-out but there was no external influence on it since it was a clear day and not cold.  It is clear what caused it.  Faulty dangerous wiring.


It is not very good publicity that in really rather warm weather tonight – it’s going to be 68 degrees Monday and 71 degrees Tuesday – multiple electrical failures in the electrical systems at Stegeman under no strain at the time stopped the telecast.


And, here we are with over $ 150 million dollars in football revenue each year.  And, Ole Miss used their SEC Revenue Sharing annuity and built a small new gym for $ 100 million.  But we might all have to evacuate our 53-year old antiquated old gym in an electrical fire.


We come across as poor stewards of the monies The SEC shares annually.


If someone is injured as a result at Stegeman, it will be negligence after last night because The University of Georgia was certainly put on notice along with our fans and teams practicing and playing there, that there is something really rotten in the electrical systems that the microphones for the broadcast crew and the lighting system both failed together and only the lighting system came back online. Then, the microphones back long after that.


Nationally audiences were treated to over 15 minutes of other games.


Then, Stegeman came back online.


It’s 53 years old Coach Andy Landers said as to cause of the surprise halting of the national telecast with him the analyst in the studios where the electricity was fine.

The seating is not symmetrical for a basketball court.  This is because originally there was a deep stage at the end of the court where it was designed to be a Cow Palace.


It was called Georgia Coliseum at the time – that 53 years ago.


Auburn now is 13-8 and The Lady Bulldogs improve to 15-6 in the best defense The Lady Bulldogs have played against an SEC team EVER holding Auburn to the lowest total by an SEC team all-time for us.


Auburn was 0 for 10 from the 3-point line.


The game was halted at 42-20.


It was a lengthy delay.  No one associated with the facility offered any update on their stop-gap measures to get the game back underway.


Only Andy Landers offered-up the reason.


Well it’s over 53 years old.


He would know.


The seating is horrible :


It was designed for agricultural events :


And, with the help of the disconcerting multiple electrical failures on national TV, Auburn was held to our SEC all-time low 30 points.


Is the sorry facility even safe any longer and what will fire inspectors say about the multiple electrical failures at Stegeman Coliseum January 28 2016 ?





Everything is explainable.

13 billion years ago 100 billion galaxies formed in one nanosecond in the big bang with each galaxy having 100 million stars of which our sun is 1 – not something in 6 days which was formed 4.5 billion years ago and 9 billion years after the big bang.  Excuse me we know the speed of light.


Everything is explainable.







Update : Kirby adds U.S. Army All-America Punter Marshall Long out of North Carolina for the replacement of Brice Ramsey. See all commitments here at this URL Link.”Football%20Recruiting”&classYear=”2016″&team=”Georgia”&minimumInterest=”SoftVerbal”&sortBy=CommitDate

Update this URL Link updated at 2:55 p.m. to include Marshall Long to not 2017 but 2016 Class for Kirby.

Marshall Long might actually redshirt this 2016 season.  UPDATE : Now they have moved him to 2016 Signing Class 2:55 p.m. And, be our punter then. We certainly have plenty of Scholarships right now to give the East Punter for the U.S. Army All-America Game January 9th.


U.S. Army All-America 2016 :


Ben Cleveland

Isaac Nauta

Jake Eason

Julian Rochester

Marshall Long


3 others played in this U.S. Army All-America game we might well sign for THIS SEASON as well !


( )

If you pass the eye test, you start vs UNC for we have NOT DONE WELL for 8 years now averaging 4-losses a season and we LOST those games before Matthew Stafford finally was made the Starter.  Joe Tereshinski III lost to Vandie as Starter for example a team who beat no SEC team except us.

You can see the list of who is U.S. Army All-America here at this URL Link :



I do follow the recruiting because by God damn few of the guys change their commitments to The University of Georgia.  It really does NOT happen.  That’s bullshit that Bluto – get the picture -senator of nothing perpetrates on his blog as to why he does not follow recruiting.


Just imagine not following the recruiting for The Georgia Bulldogs ?


Personally I would find that a complete waste to miss out on this most exciting part of college football.


I do follow recruiting.  It happens to be the lifeblood of our program.  And, with all the 8 years now of averaging 4 losses per season, recruiting has been the 1 damn bright spot.


No wonder Kirby took this gig.  Yuk 1203.


Fran Tarkenton who minces no words either says : “I think it was a brilliant, great, right move to do,” Fran Tarkenton said about hiring Kirby. “We needed a fresh voice, a new voice.”


Jake Eason lives with Ben Cleveland, the 4-star lineman from North Georgia. Isaac Nauta, the nation’s No. 1 tight end. Mirko Jurkovic, another offensive line signee from 2015.




Ode to the fired guy – send his minions with him or to Hell – they the Internet Bullies. They’re too late in asking you Oh Lord as he has bolted for Miami leaving way too many crying for more of his last 8 years of 4 loss average. Be not you peaceful but comfortable being uncomfortable.

Oh Jesus it was so arduous

So long we wanted to not be the laughing stock

8 years of brunt of all the jokes


Oh Jesus it was so excruciating

All his last 8 years averaging 4 losses each


And after each

Nothing but excuses

From his minions


The top teams beat us like a red-headed step child

The Unranked as well


Oh Jesus so many times we traveled to lose by more than 3 TD

Seven times and all we had was wasted gas


And sadness painted all over our faces


Oh Jesus thank you for answering ALL our prayers

So long we endured the bullies on the Internet


We thank you Oh Jesus

Oh Jesus

For telling them he was fired


Oh Jesus oh Jesus

They keep it up still


All they do

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

Deliver them to Hell


For he never knew what the Hell he was doing


Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

Why do you make them such dunderheads to think he great


Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

Why this the cross they must bear ?


That they must daily

Go to the Internet

And tell us he great


When I but a child my Dad would bring me to Sanford

I learned to love to watch us play


And the campus so beautiful

And the guys so much fun watching

Even from the Railroad Tracks

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


Then we hired a QB I did not like to be our coach

He wasn’t my Favorite QB even on those teams


Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

We suffered so long there then


Finally he gone and we back on track


Then the president no one liked

He up and fired him

Maybe we could be better

It was said


I was fine with that Oh Lord

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


We hired an up and comer

Or so we thought


But he had a different set of goals Oh Jesus

Oh Jesus


And it caught up with him Oh Lord

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


He lost it Oh Jesus


And no longer could we win


We lost to the unranked

We lost to the Top 15

We lost to it was even any ole bowl team


We said stupid words Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


We recruited for numbers

And kicked them all off


We brought in another group Oh Jesus

Oh Jesus


And they too soon traveled the road out of here


We bragged of Dream Teams Oh Lord

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


We bragged something besides winning important

You didn’t tell him that in his Calling

Did you Oh Lord Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


You send us your wayward to coach us

And we show up like

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus we’re here

We’ll win


Or Excuses abound from those who cry greatness now


Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

But please Oh Lord not as our head coach too Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


At least have him

Want to win in his Calling Oh Lord Oh Jesus


And now Oh Lord that he’s finally traveled that long road to nowhere

Back they come these bullies here


Singing to the breeze daily


These Internet bullies



Tell them Oh Lord

Oh Jesus

That they’re too late in asking


He up and hauled his sorry buns

To where the bugs never go away


And left behind

Those too dumb to see


He was an abomination for 8 years too long


Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

They still make excuses Oh Lord

And put us through the grinder Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


They never end

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

Oh Lord Oh Lord

Pray give us back simpler times when our Coach said his goal is to Win


And all the fans said Thank you Jesus

Thank you Lord


Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

The progress of man

Is of no interest to we the fans


Win Oh Lord

That’s all we want


We care not to win the national championship

Just give us a team who plays 1 big bowl game again

Both us ranked top final AP Poll


Oh Jesus Oh Jesus



Tell them Oh Lord

Oh Jesus

That they’re too late in asking

He up and hauled his sorry buns

To where we’re 7-4-1 all-time against them


And to where they haven’t gone

They either Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

Haul their buns there too Oh Lord Oh Jesus



For fans of this program

Never were they

Or will they be


Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

Take them away

Send them right to Hell


For he never knew what the Hell he was doing

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


Give us ALL a Coach who wants to win

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


And a fan base not divided over a guy

Who could not beat his way out a wet paper bag

For 8 miserable years


Oh Jesus Oh Jesus !

Send them to Hell

Or to Miami whichever comes first


Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus


For the rest of us want to Win

As the Calling of Our Head Coach

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


Tell them Oh Lord

Oh Jesus

That they’re too late in asking

He up and hauled his sorry buns

To where they quickly can go

And join him

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


Or just send the lot to Hell

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

Thank you Lord !


For they can’t stand it when their way

They don’t get


But we did Oh Lord

Thank you Oh Jesus Oh Jesus !


But they’re too late in asking.

And we are not.

Send them to Hell his minions or Miami !

Oh Lord

Thank you Oh Lord Oh Jesus

Oh Jesus !


Tell them they’re too late in asking


Imagine Oh Lord Oh Jesus

The very same pussies you sent us to tell us

How great is he

Are the very ones now

Telling us his replacement

Is because he was pushed-out

And not fired of his Calling as coach

You Oh Lord Gave to him


And now they think we to

Take it from them

Like they in charge still


Oh Lord Oh Jesus

How delusional you send us Oh Lord



They the pussies

Expect us to be


And take it still

Oh Lord Oh Jesus


8 years of Hell Oh Lord

Oh Jesus

And now we to be the Pussies

As they all 8 years


For it has Oh Lord

Been in fact

8 years of average 4 losses

How that means he is great or the greatest ever

God only knows

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


But here we are 9 weeks later

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

And they TRY to tell us again even now

Oh Lord Oh Jesus

That STRUGGLING for 8 years

He wasn’t


Oh Lord Oh Jesus


And so our New Head Coach

Tell us all every Address to each of us



I want you to be learn to be comfortable

Being Uncomfortable.

For the fired guy told us that he took comfort

From his Walk with Jesus Oh Lord Oh Lord


And that he was measured not Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

By winning Oh Lord Oh Jesus

That not matter what happens here at Georgia

For him Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


That he took comfort from his

Walk with Jesus.


Be not comfortable Our New Coach says


To take no comfort Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

But to be comfortable Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

In being Uncomfortable Oh Jesus Oh Jesus



For once they saw dimly from the dark night

That even then Oh Lord that our Goal not to Win


But to Walk with Thee Oh Lord Oh Jesus

There’s something here besides winning that’s important

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus


“My identity is in Christ. That gives me peace, no matter what happens here at Georgia in winning or not”

Oh Lord Oh Jesus.

Be not you peaceful our New Coach tells us now

Take you instead

Comfort from being uncomfortable Oh Jesus Oh Jesus.


Take you now peace

From being uncomfortable

Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus



Be not you peaceful

“My identity is in Christ. That gives me peace, no matter what happens here at Georgia in winning or not”

Instead be you not peaceful but comfortable being uncomfortable


To want more Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

Not settle for struggling for 8 years

Oh Lord Oh Jesus

And nay even 9 weeks later to say

For 8 years now we did not struggle.


Oh Lord Oh Jesus


Want you more

Oh Jesus Oh Jesus

Not be you comfortable Oh Lord Oh Jesus

But instead be you comfortable in being uncomfortable

To want to strive to desire to be more.

Not settle for struggling

And call even that for 8 years not so


Not Struggling


Too comfortable

Too at Peace

Be you instead


Being Uncomfortable when we not winning and say what is.


Not say that which is



Be you comfortable saying you’re uncomfortable losing 4 games a season his last entire 8 years here


Oh Lord Oh Jesus


Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus !


Jake Eason’s dad Tony was WR at Notre Dame 1985 and 1986 and is very well spoken. I listened him carefully for 2 years now. The Maxwell Award was won by Derrick Henry actually twice. And, of course Herschel Walker and Charley Trippi both won The Maxwell Award. In 2007 The Maxwell Award High School started being awarded in March each year for the previous year, too.

You can see his dad’s stats at Notre Dame here :


He played 22 games 1985 and 1986 with Notre Dame and averaged 17 yards per reception for over 250 yards.


Notre Dame is an excellent school, one of the top Universities.  Although they have fallen on hard times in football, they used to be excellent at football.  The kids today do not remember that it was so long ago.


We lost Mike Bobo and everyone said we’d lose Jake Eason then.  We lost another offensive coordinator AND the head coach and everyone said if we fired the head coach we’d lose Jake Eason then too.


3.83 GPA Academic Scholar Jake Eason.


12 TD passes 2015 for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor 1 by Brice Ramsey

24 TD passes 2014 for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor 3 by Brice Ramsey


Jake Eason threw 43 TD just his senior season !


He threw 7 more TD in one year, in fewer games too, than Mike Bobo’s QB the year before last and this year’s QB combined – in fact, more than the entire team here has thrown in 2 each of the 2 years both more games than he had in 1 year in fewer games.


But we better watch out, you know how the sophomore slump is here in The SEC Bluto warns you and of course that says nothing about his freshman season.  God knows !


Jake Eason his dad Tony Eason calls him and you still call him Jacob Eason.


March 11 Friday 2016 Jake Eason will add then another award to his long list of awards.


The Maxwell Award comes in several flavors.  It generally is a better indicator of greatness than the Heisman Trophy because the Heisman Trophy voters are encouraged to send their votes in early.  November Heisman Trophy votes are sent in.  Thus the Heisman Trophy Award has been watered down through the years as a result because the voters are encouraged to send in their Heisman votes EARLY.  Well that is the excuse I have for why they are wrong so often with the Heisman Trophy and how the Maxwell Award has been a far better indicator through the years than has been the Heisman Trophy which has gone to nobodies who played no one and then when they finally did, got BEAT AFTER the Heisman Trophy was already awarded to them as the supposedly best player.

You can find the Official Site for the Maxwell Award list winners including Tommy Nobis for example at this URL Link.  I had seasons’ tickets to watch Tommy Nobis.  He was our ONLY player.  Drew Brees won the Maxwell Award.  Barry Sanders.  Roger Staubach. Tommy McDonald – you know I watched him too.  Chuck Bednarik . Doak Walker.   Here you read the list here :


You will note the Official Site has not yet added Derrick Henry for 2015.


The Maxwell Club also Awards the Chuck Bednarik Award won by David Pollack whom our former head coach did not even recruit.  Did not think much of him he said.  Also have said such things about him still to the day, even recently.  As he did with Cam Newton telling Cam Newton that Aaron Murray worst won/lost record of his quarterbacks with all that talent around him was his QB and Cam Newton if he wanted to come here only could play Tight End.


Cam Newton won the Maxwell Award too. Aaron Murray has NEVER thrown a pass in the NFL as I guaranteed to you he would NOT.


35-17 is all Aaron Murray was for us here not good and he was surrounded by great talent here.  Instead he fumbled threw interceptions and was sacked 10 percent of his plays here and called his own number half the time.  It was the beginning of the end for his coach.  But, Cam Newton could not be our QB the FIRED coach told him in recruiting that he ONLY could play Tight End for him because God knows Aaron Murray was a BETTER QB than Cam Newton.


God talked to our former head coach.


He told him what to do.


According to him he still does.


And when he made mistakes he told us all God told him he was forgiven for them.


A lot of forgiving.


A shit load of forgiving.


Aaron Murray drove me to the Internet daily.


He was abysmal with talent galore.  Acted like he was our only player.


Instead we had the ball in the hands of our WORST athlete half the time.


35-17 and 17 of our players are Starters in the NFL.


Aaron Murray did not win ANY awards for playing football.  None.  Nothing.  Nada.  Nichts.   Zilch.


He was not even 1st team All-SEC.


But Cam Newton can not play QB for us only TE Coach Kirby Smart’s stupid ass predecessor told him during the recruiting where he really wanted to come here.  He is from here you know ?  Right here.  Because Aaron Murray is our QB he told Cam Newton.


This same former FIRED coach jumped on a plane to go see Jake Eason the night before he was fired by his boss of 6 years.  He knew his boss was firing him the next morning.  He did it anyway.  Ben Cleveland had to call Jake Eason the next morning and tell him the dumbass former coach here was fired.  It squirreled-up the recruiting as much as he could do to it.


Coach Kirby Smart recruited Jake Jacob Eason to The University of Georgia.   He jumped on a plane the day he was made coach here to see him.  Then, he invited him here the day after that.  Then, he sold him on being Coach Kirby Smart’s quarterback.


The former now fired dumb shit had Mike Bobo Matthew Stafford AJ Green and Knowshon Moreno and did not win SHIT with them.  In fact, with all this talent he LOST 3 games getting to Play # 24 Michigan State in our meaningless bowl game THAT SEASON 2008.  He also told Matthew Stafford that Joe Tereshinski III was a better QB than Matthew Stafford.  Thus the loss to Vanderbilt who only beat 1 SEC team the entire season, us.  Matthew Stafford came and left as the # 1 QB in the nation.


He the dumbass piece of shit fired coach would be saying the same to Jake Eason and start Greyson Lambert against North Carolina game 1.


But I fired his sorry ass and he can do that dumb shit stuff down there where I will have you note he CAN NOT RECRUIT ANYWHERE NEAR AS WELL as he did here.


But, of course YESTERDAY I am told on approved blogs by that we did NOT struggle with the FIRED guy reported to you in same article that he was NOT fired but pushed aside.




We fired him.


I FIRED him.


Right here.


Didn’t I ?


Trent Thompson whom he barely played won this award last year.


Derrick Henry has won this award.


And, on March 11 2016 Jake Eason wins this Award.




( )


Gatorade Football Player of the Year

Rivals Junior Player of the Year last year

Maxwell Award NHS  March 11 2016 Player of the Year


6′ 5″ and 217 lbs.


43 Touchdowns just his last year in high school only 6 interceptions !

3,585 yards passing

Led his team to State Championship Game


And, now today it is announced by The University of Georgia that Jake Eason will join Cam Newton and Derrick Henry March 11 2o16 to get their Awards and he bring home then the Maxwell Award National High School Football Player of the Year Award.


God I am glad Coach Kirby Smart is in charge of this Academic All America QB for us and not the dumbass who tried to screw it up for us knowing full well his boss of 6 entire years would fire him the next day.


I am so sick and tired of the bullshit about what a great coach the FIRED guy is.




Please write more about what a great coach he is.


And, I will come in here tomorrow too and shove it up your ass






As I did he would be fired.


And, as I did each of just these few details about the dumbass who NEVER would’ve Started him against North Carolina.


Here read it yourself from UGA :




Randrecous Davis de-commit with his G tattoo sends our average rank of our commitments 2016 WAY UP to # 1 in the Nation 3.93 now 4.65 is not speedster 40-yard dash 5′ 9″ 159 lbs poor blocker – Back to 8 Scholarships Available now

Coach Kirby Smart did not want this guy ranked the # 74 wide receiver; we could have used him.  He is not close to the receivers he has added and his predecessor wanted to use him on special teams so he did not have to coach special teams AGAIN with his average 4 losses per season for his last 8 years here and his # 40 won/loss record vs top 15 teams at 18 losses in 24 games the last 8 years along with his 12 losses to unranked teams his last 8 years and along with his 7 blow-out losses his last 8 years of MORE than 3 TD, nearly all of which he was picked to win.


This is good that we have now gone back UP now to 8 Scholarships available.  I like that.  We have so many needs and like I say our WR now with us for 2016 are not looking for a 5′ 9″ 159 lbs. 4.65 average speed at best short, not particularly fast in fact NOT fast poor blocker.


Coach Kirby Smart just is not, not one who thinks he can not compete with that Coach Kirby Smart has lined-up for 2016 already now.


We have so many more pressing needs right now.  I believe with the WR lined-up now by Coach Kirby Smart for 2016 that any WR would think twice before throwing his name in the hat to compete with them.  And, I certainly do not consider this guy better than what we already have now lined-up for 2016.  He is a bit role player in The SEC against our size defenses here in The SEC and better suited to ACC play.


I hope he likes Cuban goulash.  I have been to Miami a bunch.  That is what is found to eat that and lots of hard bread.




It is not my cup of tea.


Nor him.


Sorry about that tattoo.  It’s going to be difficult to make a G into a U.


Click the far right column to sort by nation’s top average rank for each school’s recruits 2016 :


And, thanks for sending our average ranking of our recruits for 2016 soaring to the nation’s best



It’s hard to soar with the eagles when you are a turkey Randrecous Davis.  Tell the truth you really did not want to compete with Isaac Nauta , Cavin Ridley , Charlie Woerner , Javon Wims , Isaiah McKenzie , Michael Chigbu , Terry Godwin to catch passes from Jake Jacob Eason.

Isn’t that really what the problem is ?



They’re ALL faster than you and only 1 is shorter than you and even he outweighs you.

You would be # 8 on the Depth Chart, wouldn’t you ?  Is this your real concern with coming here Randrecous Davis ?  Other WR might consider they can compete – but, you do not.  That is the short of it.

1-26-2016 – week from tomorrow Signing Date 8 remaining Scholarships

Michael Collins – Fansided – Dawn of the Dawg – confirmed Apologist STILL – says Coach Kirby Smart is NOT taking over a struggling program his predecessor’s last 8 years here. Is there some reason then that we fired his predecessor you can NOT bring yourself to say out loud – only in private to your family and closest friends Michael Collins ?

I see you do not wish to put enough of what I said to show that in fact, what I said at the URL Link you provided, is completely the opposite of your Apologist viewpoint you are trying to paint here. You ALSO EDITED what I said in the words you did choose. I said “as” my goal is NOT to have 10-win seasons. Not to win The SEC East. These are NOT my goals. 29 teams made 10-win seasons this season just ended. Your hero had 9-wins. He was in Miami when we played the bowl game. It is NOT his win. He was working somewhere else then.

My goal is to play in a meaningful bowl game at the end of a season. To  play against a great team both of us ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll – while last season neither of us were ranked at all in the Final AP Poll Penn State or your hero’s team.  His did this half the time his last 8 years here Michael Collins sir – not be ranked in the Final AP Poll 2009, 2010, 2013 and then 2015.

Also, you discuss how at some schools a new Coach comes in to take over a program which has lost to their Rival.  Florida is our # 1 Rival and your hero went down there to the site of the annual Gator Bowl and HE lost 11 of the 16 games there.  You did not want to say that did you Michael Collins ?

Your hero over his last 8 years averaged 4 losses per season.  Your hero over his last 8 years was # 40 in the nation at beating Top 15 teams time of game – losing 18 of 24 such games for us.  We’re # 11 All-Time in Wins.  He did this too again his last season and was fired with this cause as well Michael Collins sir.

If that is NOT struggling pray tell what is Michael Collins ?

Coach Kirby Smart is taking over a program that just lost it with his predecessor over the last 8 years here.  He lost not only to the Top ranked teams, and not only averaged losing 4 games per season over his last 8 years, he had inexplicable losses as well.

Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor lost to 12 unranked teams time of game or for season his last 8 years.  He lost his last season Michael Collins to the vols who were 2-3 and unranked at the time in the AP Poll and in the Final AP Poll would not have been ranked then either had your hero not blown a 21-point lead against the vols his last season.

Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor lost 7 games his last 8 years by more than 3 TD.  Again, Michael Collins sir, 2 of these 7 losses by more than 3 TD his last 8 years here were again his last season allowing 4 and 5 unanswered TD.  He never did this 2001-2007 his first 7 years either EVER, so why add-in what he did his 1st seven years here to make it seem someone obviously made a mistake in firing him ?  We did not fire him for what he did 2001-2007, but for what he did he last 8 years here.  Folks like me fired him right here on this blog sir.  You read it.  Tens of thousands a day did.  I affected the outcome and my blog POINTS were used AGAINST him to get his sorry ass fired.

He was not “pushed out the door.”

He was fired summarily for this.

Michael Collins it was not what he did over 15 seasons, but what he did over his last 8 years that got him fired.  So, why quote what he did 9 to 15 years ago as to why you still think he should be here as you detail in this blog post by you Michael Collins ?

Why can’t you bring yourself to say these “accomplishments” I list here in this reply now for his last 8 years ?  To discuss these failings.  To discuss these obvious struggling problems Michael Collins ?

Did you think I would not reply Michael Collins ?


You are the same Michael Collins who called for a National Championship for us the year before this one we just finished :


( )


You were WRONG then Michael Collins.  I was right then Michael Collins.


You are WRONG now Michael Collins.


I am right now Michael Collins that you are a confirmed Apologist who every off-season predicted 15-0 followed by inexplicable loss after inexplicable loss.


If he did not average 4 losses per season for his last 8 years, why did we fire him ?


If he was not # 40 at beating Top 15 teams time of game his last 8 years losing 18 of the 24 such games, why did we fire him ?


If he was not loser down there at the site of the annual Gator Bowl 11 of his 16 games there, why did we fire him ?


If you can not address this Michael Collins how can you suggest the program is not struggling as it has been for 8 years now ?


You asked me to write for you Michael Collins.  Do you remember that ?  I told you then that you could NOT force me to write when and what you wanted that I would write when I thought it best and what I thought was the truth.


This article today Michael Collins is bullshit like all your articles ever :


( )


You are just yet again another of those pussies who is happy averaging 4 losses per season for his last 8 years here and losing 18 of his 24 vs Top 15 his last 8 years here # 40 in the nation at that.


I want Coach Kirby Smart yes sir to do MORE than this low bar of his last 8 years here Michael Collins.  Do not materially misrepresent and EDIT what I did say at the URL Link you provided -a writer whom you asked to write for you sir and who TURNED YOU DOWN sir.


If you are going to quote me, quote me.  If you are NOT do NOT edit my words to fit what you wish I had said.

You are a God Damned Liar, a confirmed Apologist, and a piece of shit who can not bring himself to say losing 4 games a season average for 8 years is struggling as is losing 18 of 24 games vs Top 15 teams for 8 years # 40 in the nation at that is struggling.


Just image the brass balls for you to EDIT what I did say Michael Collins and to use me as an example of what you are saying today you


And, let me know when my reply there to your post is APPROVED ?  I removed words like balls, pussies, God Damned Liar, piece of shit, his sorry ass, you son of a bitch and bullshit to the “approved by me” reply you have YET to allow be there on your blog post this morning you LYING son of a bitch.



We have MORE than Derrick Brown and Mecole Hardman Jr and E.J. Price coming here of the top uncommitted recruits ! Solomon Kindley not interested with our old coaching staff and the place he was going to go he is no longer interested in with their new coach Miami of Florida !

I have a LOT of respect for   .  On January 24, 2016 he states that we get Derrick Brown and Mecole Hardman Jr and E.J. Price !  Wow !


I do not have to tell you what that would mean for us.


I think we get MORE than that.


Here is his breakdown at this URL Link if you did not see it.


( )


Jamie Newberg at this URL Link also tells you where other top recruits end up as he analyzes what the young men have said and done along with inside information he is privy to.


That gets everyone’s attention Jamie Newberg saying it !


We picked up a commitment this weekend already with a OT who was going to go to Florida. He had really narrowed it down to Florida and Miami of Florida.  Now, he is coming here today.  We can use him on the basketball team.  I did that !  And, I did Baseball and Track.  Here at this URL Link you can listen to him say that he was going to Florida or Miami of Florida as his really only 2 teams he could really even name at the top of his dream team wish list.  He tells you in this video he is 6′ 4″ and 330 lbs. # 6 OT in the state of Florida they did not want to lose him down there.  # 23 OT in the South.  Solomon Kindley.  That was May 23, 2015 so Miami of Florida getting a new guy down there he does not like and bolts from them.  And Georgia got Coach Kirby Smart and Sam Pittman and Solomon Kindley says yes sir – UGA is the place for me !  Wonderful.


Solomon Kindley not interested with our old coaching staff.


( ) says these are the top uncommitted recruits :


Derrick Brown

Ben Davis

Mecole Hardman Jr

Nigel Warrior

Brian Burns

Demetris Robertson

Lyndell Wilson

Jared Mayden

Tre Nixon

Shyheim Carter

E.J. Price

Ahmmon Richards

Keith Gavin

John Simpson

Keith Gavin

Michail Carter

John Simpson

Jacob Mathis

Jaleel Laguins *

Bailey Raborn

Denzel Mitchell

Jauan Williams




“L” Fernando Velasco and Charles Johnson and Thomas Davis headed to Super Bowl 50 along with that guy who was not as good as Aaron Murray who was our QB so he could only play Tight End here Cam Newton,

Fernando Velasco  Charles Johnson Thomas Davis are headed to the Super Bowl.


39 Georgia Bulldogs have lifted the NFL Championship Trophy and 4 have taken away as well the MVP including Charley Trippi.


2 weeks



no L


Just 50



8 weeks 2 freaking months later and TODAY you grade the damned losing freaking FIRED coach a “B” for grade “admin” “JHD” FIELD STREET FORUM. Stick it UP YOUR ASS you son of a bitch. You lousy mother foker. He’s GONE ! Get over his ass already ! This is BULLSHIT and right after you post Coach Kirby Smart’s video ?

All you do is plagiarize !










You bullshit artist.  If you are going to COPY someone’s work then God Damn you friqin’ piece of shit, put on there where you STOLE it from.  List the URL Link to the stolen ideas.


Now, here we are more than 8 freaking weeks later and you say, I do not want to start anything or nothing, but here, I feel COMPELLED to give the God Damn freaking FIRED guy a God Damn friqin’ B for his grade.


Stick it up your sorry ass you son of a bitch !




a B








He was # 7 in the nation.  He averages the # 8 recruiting ranking, and he ended-up NOT RANKED at ALL in the Final AP Poll.




For that.


He got the shit kicked out of him 3 times.


4 5 and 5 unanswered TD given up.


# 100 Passing Game 2 years in a row one with Mike Bobo and one with ANOTHER GUY




as Offensive Coordinator.


He FAILED to prepare a back-up QB 2 years ago in 2013 and paid for that last year 2014 when he ALSO failed to prepare a back-up QB for 2015 and now this year OVER 2015 you give him a B for that.


He told us that there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.


B for that.


He told us before the Alabama game he was FAVORED TO WIN at HOME which he lost by BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS with all hands on deck that it was HIS JOB TO demotivate our players.


demotivate them before Alabama game.


He gave the ENTIRE TEAM the week OFF before the Florida game.  Told them no practice.


Showed-up down there against a sorry coach and useless team and did the same as he did against Alabama.


Got the shit beat out of him.


He started in THAT one, a guy whom he had given NOT ONE SINGLE SNAP all season long at QB.


He left him in.


He threw 4 interceptions and never yanked him.


Before that, every time he had EVER been brought in by him to play QB, he called ONLY RUNNING PLAYS.  He called NOT 1 running play all game long for him.


He is up by 3 TD against the vols and loses that one too.  A losing record 2-3 team who does not even end up in the AP Poll Top 25 for the season had he not BLOWN THAT TOO.


He had complete and utter MUTINY by the players.


Compete munity by the players over all this.


He had a coaching staff seen yelling at each other he hired.


He had no special teams’ coach again and did not even practice special teams in the G-Day Game AGAIN, nor did he even work on Special Teams until 4 days before Fall Camp was OVER !


He installed the Red Zone Offense on a day when his 1st Team Starting QB was # 3 and his # 3 QB  the 1 who had the Red Zone Offense installed with – who he NEVER gave ANY snap to all season long before making him start at the site where he ended his career here loser 11 of 16 games.


He bragged about how great Georgia Southern University was with their average # 112 recruiting talent.


He made the guy who LOST his job at Virginia mind you now, his Starting QB after only 5 practices he had with the # 1 unit.


So in disarray was the offense therefore, given all these FRIQIN’ FACTS about his “offense”, that they NEVER all season beat a single good team.


His best “win” was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


For crying out loud.


He lost 4 games per season for his last entire 8 years here !


He was # 40 in the nation at beating Top 15 teams time of game at 18 losses of 24 games his last entire 8 years here.  That is for us !  We the # 11 All-Time Wins’ program admin. JHD, bullshit freaking lying bastard who can not even put up a handle when you plagiarize EVERY SINGLE post you ever “write.”


Without referencing the URL Link like none of us have the wherewithal to read on the Internet that which you plagiarize and re-post without credit to the AUTHOR.


You take RESEARCH and POSTS and re-post them on your site like you do to EVERYONE on the Internet.


You are so full of shit !


B –


You give him a B –


Friq you


You do not want any discussion of it ?


Friq that too dumbass son of a bitch lying plagiarizing piece of shit.


He got blown out 7 times by more than 3 TD and his last season saw 2 more such.


And, you give him NOT ONLY A PASSING GRADE


But a damned freaking B –


Amazing you sack of shit.


Amazing boy.


Your whole entire blog is all NOTHING BUT your plagiarized posts and your bullshit grade for the FIRED guy as really quite wonderful job he did.  Not the best in class.  Pretty much right up there.


Nearly best ever !


Dean’s List.


Honor Roll.


B –


So full of shit !


29 teams FBS Division 1-A had 10-win seasons 2015-2016 season now over.




And, you brag that





had a 10-win season as 1 of the 29 who did.


With his # 8 average recruiting rankings.


He did not you lying sack of shit.


He was 9-3.


He was NOT even there at the bowl game.


He had ANOTHER FREAKING JOB at the time.




# 7 in the nation with # 8 talent and he beat as his best win 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


Oh, let me contemplate my navel and give him a B


Cushy damn job.


Excuse me dumbass he was FIRED WITH CAUSE.


That would be an






God Almighty friqin’ Damn there will not be needed a damned discussion of this Admin.


“There’s no reason to start a discussion that will re-hash old wounds, there needs to be a grade assigned”


Yes, there is a good damn reason to discuss your bullshit as there was for you to put it up there.



Red & Black can NOT even listen to the SAME MESSAGE Coach Kirby Smart has said 1000 times since the very day he was ANNOUNCED “UNITE” not ignite dumbass “I REALLY want to UNITE The Bulldogs’ Nation.” “I really want to UNITE the Bulldog Nation right now. The easiest thing in recruiting is when the fan base is UNITED and EVERY ONE is PULLING IN THE SAME DIRECTION. That is what we need. That is what we want. That is what we EXPECT !”


He says it again at the END of his MESSAGE at half last night.  AND, he ALSO said it before halftime on the Comcast Channel HD 792 SEC Network color commentating the game.


Good Lord.


“ignite” where the hell did you get that ?


Clean the damn wax out of your freaking ears !


( )


“I want to UNITE The Bulldogs’ Nation.”


  • Alex Makrides @amakrides00
  • Updated 5 hrs ago


What a freaking dumbass.


Kirby Smart addresses fans at Stegeman Coliseum


Jesus Christ son.  Are you even listening to Coach Kirby Smart EVERY TIME he opens his mouth from his OPENING STATEMENT to last night ?


Why write an article and MISS HIS FRIQIN’ POINT all together The Red & Black – Alex Makrides @amakrides00 ?


Do an interview with him and apologize dumb shit.


His entire message boils down to YOU being the only “APPROVED” story of his statement last night and you have




what his entire message is.


He wants to unite the bullshit artists to welcome back in to their clique that he walked on water, of all the fans who think that his predecessor should have done a LOT better last season than he did and a LOT better than he did his last 8 years here averaging 4 losses for 8 years then being FIRED.


Get with the program Alex Makrides.


Damn it boy.




You missed the bus entirely.


Now, print a re-write.






Moreover you write a story about a subject when you have not listened to 1 word out of his mouth since we named him head coach.

“I really want to UNITE the Bulldog Nation right now.  The easiest thing in recruiting is when the fan base is UNITED and EVERY ONE is PULLING IN THE SAME DIRECTION.   That is what we need.  That is what we want. That is what we EXPECT !”


Stick it up your ass Alex Makrides !


Now, make this right.


If you are getting my basic drift here Alex Makrides, you really pissed me off.


9 days left before Signing Date 8 Scholarships Available – who will take the last 8 we have ? Excellence Program calls for new gym.

Derrick Brown

Ben Davis

Mecole Hardman Jr

Nigel Warrior

Brian Burns

Demetris Robertson

Lyndell Wilson

Jared Mayden

Tre Nixon

Shyheim Carter

E.J. Price

Ahmmon Richards

Keith Gavin

Michail Carter

John Simpson

K. GavinKeith Gavin

Michail Carter

John Simpson

Jacob Mathis

Jaleel Laguins *

Bailey Raborn

Denzel Mitchell

Jauan Williams


There was never any splash with his predecessor on Signing Date.  Will there be splash with Coach Kirby Smart these last 9 days ?


There are certainly some great players we could get the next 9 days and we do have 8 scholarships available.


More than 3 times as many say they are interested in signing with us in with 9 days to go.  So, the ones who do want to play for Coach Kirby Smart might decide in the last 9 days, and 1 is going to wait until AFTER signing date – although I don’t see us saving any scholarships and going into the season short-handed.


We have 85 bolts to shoot.


Who wants the last 8 ?


Great school.  Go the NFL from here.  Fantastic fan base to follow you of millions of Bulldogs’ fans worldwide.  World Class City Atlanta 58 miles away and most of the really good places are on the North Side of the city making it even closer to get here.  We have more women than men and our belles are so beautiful.  Lot of talent here at Georgia and you would fit right in with them.  We fired our coach and our team won 10 games like 29 teams did this past season.  We have an Academic All-America whom we made our football coach.  He was not a back-up but 1st Team All-SEC.  Beautiful gals, beautiful campus, beautiful rankings as top colleges, beautiful opportunity to play now, beautiful opportunity to start in the NFL, beautiful party school, beautiful history of winning football, beautiful rankings of the recruits Coach Kirby Smart already has joining you here this season, beautiful bowl record we have here, beautiful stadium, beautiful full stadium, beautiful Bulldog Nation fans, beautiful mascot UGA, and you would be a beautiful fit for our last 8 this season !


It was great to watch the men last night beat Arkansas on the heroics of JJ Frazier, but it was even greater to hear Coach Kirby Smart color commentator for SEC Channel Comcast 792 HD tell everyone prior to half on the broadcast that he really wants the fan base united.  United he stated clearly and plainly.


Indoor Practice Field :


(×600.jpg?ts=1450824858 )




Coach what is the one message you want to say to the fans ? “United fan base.”

“I do not play Mary Beth in H-O-R-S-E.”


“She can fill it up.  No doubt, she can shoot.”


Coach, what is the one message you want to send to the fans ?


“United fan base.”


Rock star Coach Kirby Paul Smart and 1st Lady Mary Beth Lycett Smart showed-up a few minutes in to the game with the recruiting going on tonight welcoming Arkansas who does not turn the ball over much compared to us.


Mary Beth looked great tonight !


A fine-looking 1st Lady for sure !


They are a good-looking couple all eyes on them.


The Mayor


The Governor


J J Frazier has us ahead at the break over Arkansas.  Whichever team loses this game is OUT of the NCAA Tournament.  We just have had too many turnovers this season, and more tonight.


I hold little hope for Coach Kirby Smart getting his wish that the very ones who attempt DAILY




to divide this fan base


will do any differently.


You can not change the spots of a leopard.


They are what they are.


I tried to put it behind us.


They ?


Not a lick.

( )




Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor OVERPAID his staff averaging 4 losses season for 8 years !

Head Coach Kirby Paul Smart – $ 5,380,200 plus expenses plus retirement



Jim Chaney — $850,000 – Offensive Coordinator


Mel Tucker — $850,000 – Defensive Coordinator


Sam Pittman — $650,000 – Offensive Line Coach


Tracy Rocker — $525,000 – Defensive Line Coach


James Coley — $450,000 – Wide Receivers’ Coach


Kevin Sherrer — $375,000 – Defense Coach


Shane Beamer — $300,000 – Special Teams TE


Dell McGee     — $275,000 – Running Backs’ Coach


Glenn Schumann – $225,000 – Defense Coach



Scott Sinclair – $220,000 – Director of Strength & Conditioning


Marshall Malchow – $180,000 – Recruiting Coordinator



Ed Ellis – $160,000 – Senior Associate Director Strength & Conditioning


Mike Cavan – Special Assistant to Coach Kirby Smart


You can see the entire support staff here :

and here :



(,g_north_west,h_941,w_1788,x_0,y_221/c_fill,h_1078,w_2048/f_auto,q_80/v1452526883/Mike-Cavan-SMU_imanft.jpg )


I bet that these men do NOT average 4 losses per season the next 8 years.  Any takers ?


They have the nation’s best # 1 overall average for their recruit commitments.


I told you we would recruit BETTER with those LOSERS gone !


  1st Team All-SEC Coach Kirby Smart then Academic All-America



Bluto state senator “I don’t think he is losing his job this year. There’s too much money at stake and it’s shaping up as a bad time to go out and sign a new head coach.” After Florida Alabama and vols embarrassed us, AFTER mind you ! Cheerleaders

November 2, 2015 at 10:19 PM

“I don’t think he is losing his job this year.  There’s too much money at stake and it’s shaping up as a bad time to go out and sign a new head coach.”  After Florida Alabama and vols embarrassed us, AFTER mind you !


November 2, 2015 at 10:19 PM


Hey Bluto – dumbass !  How’d this work out for you, either sir ?


Well, punk ?


November 2, 2015 at 10:19 PM


( )


He thinks he can get away with this shit.


He doesn’t like it that I point this shit out to everyone.  So, he tried to shut me up.


How’d that go for you either Bluto you dumbass son of a bitch ?


Well punk ?


I can well appreciate that you’d like to not be reminded of all this Bluto.


Well appreciate why you wouldn’t.


( )

( )

( )


So when you wrote Bluto that “We obviously thought he was coming back.”


( )


Obviously your come-on blog title made us think that THIS is what you were referring to.






Shacobia Barbee wills The Lady Bulldogs to HUGE win over # 10 Mississippi State to make us 28-15 vs Miss State All-Time. # 39 RPI and moving up for The Lady Bulldogs !

Shacobia Barbee was everywhere tonight.  She did it all scoring her 7th Double-Double of the season and is # 31 All-Time for The Lady Bulldogs in scoring with 1100 points in her career despite breaking her leg last year vs the vols – at which point we lost every game after her injury.


This game she just insisted that we win.  Her defense was stifling and her all-around game is 2nd to none always.  She made only 2 turnovers and scored 17 points – twice as many as any of the other gals tonight.


It was a display of physical dominance by Shacobia Barbee who finished with 5 offensive rebounds and 6 defensive rebounds too.


How exciting for The Lady Bulldogs, who got after it tonight on ESPN Game Watcher on the Internet from



14-5 on the season # 39 RPI The Lady Bulldogs – looking great for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament this season !


This will be a big jump in the RPI beating # 10 Mississippi State who was in the Top 25 of the RPI too, but now we forced them out of the Top 25 in the RPI for the season.




That gives us 8 scholarships available now for 2 Wednesdays from now. Our average recruit ranking of the commitments WENT UP ! Thank you Aaron Dowdell. This moves us UP NOW THEN TODAY AS A RESULT TO : # 1 Average Recruiting Rankings of every school in the nation for our Recruit Commitments.

Great coaches and great families Aaron Dowdell ?  Excuse me ?


Thank you for sending our average ranking of our Recruit Commitments UP Aaron Dowdell.


Thank you.  I presume that you did not want to put in the work for Sam Pittman, looking at you boy.


Again, thanks for sending our average ranking UP Aaron Dowdell  that was real nice of you.


We are nearly averaging a 4-Star commitment for ALL our recruits now.  Our scholarships are great at a BETTER SCHOOL than you will end up, and a better team you allow now to improve with the quality of our recruits.


You need lift weights, not talk about pancakes Aaron Dowdell.


Obviously, you talked with Sam Pittman.


Obviously he told you we have to get you in shape and add weight not flab.


Obviously, this is why you have only the 2 offers.


Be a man.


Nah, think I’ll go to Memphis or Mississippi State where there will not be as much pressure and I will disregard the lousy freaking education they’re giving me by comparison.




Our family here is great and The Great Bulldog Nation is the # 1 fan base in the Nation !


Instead of telling us who you are NOT being recruited at, why not tell us who you are being recruited at with a better University, better coaching staff, better fan base and better winning family ?


Excuse me Aaron Dowdell  but the only 2 scholarships offers you have are from Memphis and Mississippi State – both shit ass schools with shit-ass coaching and shit-ass fan bases.


And, therefore I am quite certain they will not push you to lift weights which is what this is all about anyway, isn’t it looking at you boy ?


What kind of family is that that you will not be pushed to lift weights at Memphis cough cough or Mississippi State cough cough ?


What kind of school is that Memphis or Mississippi State ?


What kind of coaching staff is that compared to ours at Memphis or Mississippi State ?


They are your ONLY TWO OFFERS boy.


All you did is open up a slot for now 8 more of what we have been recruiting here instead.


We can use that 8th slot well.


Trust me.


Georgia now today with this announcement overnight has the


# 1 Average Recruiting Rankings of every school in the nation for our Recruit Commitments.


Click far right column to sort by average recruit commitment rankings for # 1 UGA Bulldogs of Coach Kirby Smart.




” Conclusion that Tennessee will be the preseason favorite to win the SEC East in 2016. Dayum. “

“Conclusion that Tennessee will be the preseason favorite to win the SEC East in 2016.  Dayum.”


“We obviously thought he was coming back.”


( )



Coach Kirby Smart is going to play 10 True Freshmen in Game 1 vs ranked team North Carolina in Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic Georgia Dome 10. What would you do with Sofía Vergara ? Olga Kurylenko ?

He has been quite clear that we do not have enough quality depth.  If you play your true freshmen you are building quality depth.  4 will be Starters.  This all will be a big plus between now and February 3 Signing Date to get some more in here – that they too can earn immediate playing time and even start game 1.  This establishes a precedent for his recruiting by doing this.  He will be able to say : See ?


Did anyone notice that the SAME VERY PUSSIES who said his predecessor would STILL BE HERE are the very ones NOW today who are saying that he can NOT start Jake Eason game 1 that heaven forbid in The SEC Freshmen make mistakes and sophomores have sophomore jinxes  ?


And the SAME PUSSIES then and now are also saying that he must win a national championship – did you notice that ?


Or did these anomalies escape you until I pointed it out ?


Why if they were so satisfied and still are does Coach Kirby Smart have to win a national championship ?


These very same pussies dragged our program down and put a fissure best they could in our Great Bulldogs’ Nation trying poorly to shut us up and tell us be afraid you might get what you want.  You are not as good a fan of this program as they they told you every time you expressed that 8 years of unsatisfactory results was too long.  Might end up like the vols they came back when you dared to speak-up not all dads wanted their sons to play for such a LOSER.  His recruiting is so great they said.  If he goes we lose Jake Eason.


Do you even remember what they said ?


What they CONTINUE 7 weeks’ later to say on their approved blogs amongst themselves ?


Doesn’t it make you sick they STILL FEEL that they can ram this shit down our throats that indeed they are not wanting to even be involved with our program ANY LONGER NOW TODAY they BRAG in PUBLIC ?




Remember every time you thought that he needed some criticism that they banded together to do their personal attack – not discuss your point ?


Remember this ?


They have not changed.


Can a leopard change its spots?


Neither can they do good now all of a sudden who have so accustomed all of us during his last 8 years here to their excuses and lies and settling for mediocre results and personal attacks – pussies.  


Coach Kirby Smart has to do what he could not they surmise.  No, all he has to do is to do  better than his predecessor’s last 8 years.  Nothing else.


Which is a low bar set his last 8 years.


But he was this or that over 15 years.  He wasn’t fired for what he did his 1st 7 years, was he ?


Coach Kirby Smart will surpass him easily.


Any seasoned head coach would’ve.


They compare one defensive coordinator with the next, one offensive coordinator with the next, but him good Lord knows they will hold Coach Kirby Smart to a HIGHER standard than that put up by his predecessor his last 8 years.


It was after all his last 8 years he was fired for, wasn’t it ?


You did not want him fired in year 7 here did you ?


But you did for what he did after his 1st 7 years, didn’t you ?


Well ?


Did we lose Jake Eason ?




We have added on to it.



What indeed would you do with Sofía Vergara ?


Well you would NOT throw her out of bed and you would NOT sit her on the sidelines while older lesser talented players instead played in a THROW-AWAY YEAR which I say Kirby Smart can NOT do to us AGAIN 2016 as we’ve had done unto us after 2007 around here.


Right ?


( )


With Olga Kurylenko ?


Not play the game with them ?  Count me as one who WOULD.


If you have such, you must prepare to take advantage.


It has NOTHING to do with winning national championships. It NEVER did.

I really am tired of your whining now that you LOST and I WON !


Quit saying that Coach Kirby Smart has to win a national championship to VALIDATE the FIRING of his predecessor.


He does not.


His predecessor was # 40 in the nation at beating top 15 teams the last 8 years here.


Coach Kirby Smart has to be better than THAT to be VALIDATED that ALL of US were sick and tired of losing badly every time we played a big game as the # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program here at UGA being # 40 beating Top 15 teams for 8 years’ time.


His predecessor was 37-1 vs non-bowl teams for 8 years and only 36-31 vs bowl teams.


CKS has to be better than THAT.  That is the opponent that year goes to a bowl game that likely as not his predecessor LOST to them his last 8 years for which he was FIRED.


His predecessor despite averaging the # 8 Recruiting Ranking lost 4 games on the average his last 8 years here.


CKS has to simply do better than THAT – better than averaging 4 LOSSES a year for the next 8 years.


If you can not see it, there is little I can do to make you see it.  This is because you have to be a moron to act like you LIKED what was happening to us these excruciating last 8 years.


The bar is NOT set very highly these last 8 years.




73-32 is all he was his last 8 years for which he was fired.


If you desire to obfuscate the obvious of how sickening his last 8 years by bragging now nearly 2 months now after we FIRED him about what he did since 2001, you are going to be told




that he was NOT FIRED for what he did here 2001-2007, but what he did his last 8 years.


You either can get over trying to add-in what he did 2001-2007 way back then and then shake your heads that he was FIRED or not.


1 day you will wake-up and (1) apologize to me and (2) say to me man-to-man that I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG !


Because you can NOT be THAT stupid to think we FIRED him for what he did 2001-2007.  So quit with your shit about what he did 2001 until he was fired.  You and I and EVERYONE else wanted him here still 2001-2007.



I personally love it that you do NOT and can NOT bring yourself to simply say he was unacceptable over his last entire 8 years !


It makes MY DAY !


Because I WON !


And, therefore because you LOST.


The guy we ALL LOVE ESPECIALLY ME just lost it his last 8 years here and I told you he was GONE would be FIRED for it and that it was unacceptable.


Those of your then DWINDLING Apologists group that had the balls to discuss it with me, ALL agreed with me that it was in FACT unacceptable to lose 4 games per season average for his entire last 8 years here at 73-32 with the # 8 Recruiting Ranking – that in FACT he UNDERPERFORMED.


For you to STILL be sitting there squirming in your seats trying to make up some EXCUSE for him these last 8 years, is wonderful for me.


Please keep it up.


Again, you and that make my day !


Thank you very kindly.


As a group, you tried to hide amongst yourselves allowing only your viewpoint to be heard.  But This Great Bulldog Nation did speak-up and we as a group wanted him gone for his lack of effort his last 8 years here.


It was NOT the case that you could hide amongst your Apologists’ buddies and just only speak excuses such as well the administration did not support him and all he needed was a 9th Coordinator, and all he needed was a QB, and oh my God the injuries because the facts are that he LOST to EVERYONE his last 8 years – all groups.


This blog MADE the case that he HAD TO BE FIRED.


It had nothing to do then, nor now, nor as goals then now either for Coach Kirby Smart that we win a national championship.


I would have been more than satisfied with us playing at the end of ANY season in a bowl game both teams ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll – like we did 15 times before he got here and NOT SINCE.


I love going to the bowl games like that.


Playing a team who did not beat a single solitary Power 5 Conference opponent with a winning record all year long is NOT my idea of successful.


This was yet again another DISASTROUS season when we did not beat a single good team – in fact, our best win was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


And, therefore we went UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll HALF his last 8 years here 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015.


If you can NOT see that that has NOTHING to do with winning a national championship, then that is your dense issue and I will just come back and say it again.


While you sit there whining that it is when you can clearly succinctly see that he was NOT fired for :

(1) not winning a national championship

(2) for what he did from 2001-2007.


He was in fact fired for what he did his last 8 years here.


Whop up side the head

Whop up side the head

hey hey


Nothing about winning national championships.


From your point of view that is why he was fired.


Bullshit it was why he was fired and YOU KNOW THAT !



And, what did he do for his last 8 years here ?



Absolutely nothing good.


THAT then is what Coach Kirby Smart has to do.


Better than that.


Better than no SEC Championships in a decade.


As for your BS about 10-win seasons :

(1) 29 teams had 10-win seasons this past season 29

(2) Being # 29 is NOT our goal nor now is it Coach Kirby Smart’s goal either.


And, it was not just that he was # 40 in the nation at beating Top 15 teams for us the # 11 team over his entire last 8 years here.  It was the way he LOST those games ruining our national image with bullshit from his mouth then afterwards that here at Georgia there’s something more important than winning.


The hell there is.


And, it was his losing 12 games to unranked teams either time of game or for the season his last 8 years here.


And, most notably as well it was the WAY he continued losing 7 games his last 8 years here by more than 3 TD – all on the national stage us picked to win and the shit knocked out of us instead.


He did not do that 2001-2007.


Whining about what he did do 2001-2007 is taking your eyes off the ball.


Either that or being stupid on your part.


While you sat and still do sit there and act stupid quoting his freaking record from 2001, you are attempting to act stupid that you did not know how badly we played the last 8 years of his reign.


This continues to just make you look badly in the eyes of The Great Bulldog Nation who TOO were totally pissed-off at just how badly we did his last 8 years.


I did not, nor did anyone else want him fired 2001-2007.


It’s what he did his last 8 years that cost him his job and you any sense of credibility on the Internet EVER AGAIN !




How low can the bar be set for Coach Kirby Smart than to simply do better than that and NOTHING about national championships which NEVER was is NOT and NEVER will be my goal


Nor why I FIRED him.


And, you KNOW I FIRED him here on this blog.


That is what rancors you.


You bullied me for this entire last 8 years while I increasingly got more and more disappointed in YOUR HERO.


The more you lied, edited my blog entries, and banded together to dream up yet more excuses calling me not as good a Bulldogs’ fan as yourself and whining it took just as much effort on your part to be satisfied and guarantee he would be HERE right now as it did for me to say he WOULD NOT BE HERE, the more I was determined to do my homework, present my research and make sure tens of thousands a day read it – so that they would know.


That’s right tens of thousands a day read my blog entries daily and MY BLOG was REFERRED then to GROUPS.


I get those reports.

I specifically sent it to my Athletics’ Director and to my University President.


In the meantime small people like you THOUGHT you had shut me up.




I redoubled my efforts and was successful.


So I am HAPPY as a pig in shit.


And, you are beside yourself still trying to save face and with each post about it nearly 2 months later now since I had him FIRED.  With your each post NOW DAILY STILL, you are just rubbing salt in YOUR WOUNDS !


I was not on our debate team here at Georgia to lose, and you have LOST as well by the same methods.


The same person.




But, thank you for keeping up your crybaby tactics – it’s most pleasing to yours truly !





You NEVER shut me up : You AMPLIFIED my every point.


You were and are made a fool of by me.


I ate you up and spat you out.


I still do !


You did not make your points; you did not have your way; you lost.


You were NEVER going to win.


You had no hope of winning.


He was ALWAYS going to be FIRED for what he did his last 8 years here.


You knew that.


No Hope.


You tried to ignore what he said.


I hung on his every word.


You wish that you could ignore what the dumbass did and said, just as you wish that you could ignore my response to each.






I WON  !


And, you HATE it !


Me ?


Happy as a pig in shit.





108 reasons why The University of Georgia needs a new multipurpose gym – build it and they will come



Assembly Hall Indiana University

( )


Dean E. Smith Center University of North Carolina Dean Dome :

( )


Jon M. Huntsman Center University of Utah

( )


Pauley Pavilion UCLA :

( )


McKale Center University of Arizona

( )


Thompson-Boling Arena University of Tennessee at Knoxville

( )



Memorial Gymnasium Vanderbilt University :

( )


XFINITY Center University of Maryland Terrapins :

( )


Moody Coliseum Southern Methodist University

( )


Carver-Hawkeye Arena University of Iowa

( )


The Pavilion at Ole Miss University of Mississippi

( )


Reed Arena Texas A&M

(,aM_Reed_Arena_1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.bvNNawe_P5.jpg )




Rupp Arena University of Kentucky :



( )


Carrier Dome Syracuse University :

( )


Phog Allen Fieldhouse University of Kansas Jayhawks :

( )


Bud Walton Arena University of Arkansas :

( )


University Arena WisePies Arena (aka The Pit) University of New Mexico Lobos :

( )


Gallagher IBA Arena Oklahoma State University :

( )


Maples Pavilion  Stanford University :

( )


Cameron Indoor Stadium Duke University :

( )


Dee Glen Smith Spectrum Utah State University :

( )


The Palestra University of Pennsylvania Quakers :

( )



Hinkle Fieldhouse Butler University :


FedEx Forum University of Memphis Tigers

( )


CenturyLink Center Creighton University Bluejays :


( )



Crisler Center University of Michigan :

( )


Frank Erwin Special Events Center University of Texas :

( )


Marriott Center Brigham Young University :

( )


KFC Yum! Center University of Louisville Cardinals

( )


And, we have the puny old antiquated small out-of-date crummy Stegesaurus :

Stegeman Coliseum

( )




Last hosted NCAA Men’s tournament 1971 built 1964 fifty-two 52 years old 46 years’ ago last hosted NCAA Men’s Tournament here.


46 years’ ago last NCAA Men’s Tournament held at Stegesaurus !


(1) Improve student life

(2) Enhance image of The University of Georgia

(3) Keep the top recruits of this great state in-state here for a change

(4) Make us more competitive in men’s and women’s basketball who contribute much to UGA

(5) Studies prove the student-athletes benefit and are excited to be a part of a new gym

(6) Without a doubt the entire University find those who go to the gym to work-out get better grades

(7) Supports health and wellness of everyone in Athens

(8) Is used by all 18 sports we sponsor at UGA

(9) Is a great investment which has a fast ROI faster than every other capital improvement other than football

(10) Gymnastics

(11) Bigger Concerts with Bigger names and more Revenue

(12) Graduation Ceremonies

(13) Fund raising Events

(14) Circus

(15) Olympics Venue

(16) NCAA Men’s & Women’s Basketball Tournament Site

(17) Integrate parking decks for all campus wide events put on major thoroughfare

(18) SEC Tournaments

(19) Monster Jams

(20) Christian Group Events

(21) University wide Events

(22) Social enhancement booking 2 and 3 events a day

(23) NCAA Regional Tournaments all sports

(24) Disney on Ice

(25) Nutcracker Suite

(25) Cirque du Soleil

(26) Country Concerts

(27) Rock Concerts

(28) Classical Music Concerts for Orchestras put in Organ with huge pipes

(29) A Center for The University of Georgia’s Center for the Arts

(30) Table Tennis Tournaments

(31) Comedians

(32) Ballets

(33) All Special Award Ceremonies for The University of Georgia and all surrounding hiring it out

(34) Christmas Events

(35) Hockey and Ice Skating Events

(36) Theatre Events

(37) Recitals

(38) Events for kids and Events for Senior Citizens

(39) Compete in some of these other sports besides our 18 now that these other schools compete in which the NCAA does count as National Championships since they do not count our sports of Equestrian and Women’s Gymnastics which the NCAA does NOT count in our National Championships which we have so many of and then add-on these other sports at this new Arena like Hockey, Field Hockey, Water Polo and their other sports they do count while they refuse to count Equestrian and Women’s Gymnastics and it is not just the NCAA who does not consider those sports but these others instead it is the governing bodies of Academia world who have their All-Sports Trophies we do well in but have zeroes in too many sports the others then are higher ranked than us NACDA Directors’ Cup Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup that we do not even discuss any more because of the silly sports they compete in and COUNT that we do not even try to compete in.

(40) A source of Pride for everyone in the state of Georgia and Southeast

(41) Quit allowing all these itty-bitty teenie-weenies puny colleges to one-up us in this most important sport

(42) Give us a chance to win at men’s and women’s basketball for a change

(43) Be 1 of the greatest football and basketball combination schools – the 2 largest revenue college sports

(44) Be talked about for a change and put us on the map finally in all these sports !

(45) Pep Rallies

(46) Make Everyone jealous of us

(47) Play catch-up on our gym

(48) Be an innovator with our gym

(49) Host high school tournaments

(50) Rodeos

(51) Arena Football

(52) Host Corporate Events

(53) We do not have a name for our new gym anyway, so SELL the NAME

(54) Coca-Cola at UGA Center

(55) Post Properties at Georgia Bulldogs Arena

(56) UPS Center at UGA

(57) Georgia-Pacific Arena at UGA

(58) Have place to park $ 150 million dollars annually the student-athletes at UGA bring in with higher ROI

(59) Book the Arena years in advance making great use of SEC Revenue-Sharing monies

(60) Think big by committing to these other sports our men and women compete in

(61) Lectures

(62) Sock-hops

(63) Cheerleading Tournaments

(64) Band competitions

(65) Grits-Eating Contests

(66) Boy Scouts of America Jamborees

(67) Girls Scouts

(68) Cub Scouts

(69) Webelows

(70) Academics

(71) Fitness Seminars

(72) Structured activities for students

(73) Faculty Meetings

(74) Conferences

(75) Gun Shows

(76) Special Olympics

(77) Terry College of Business to schedule filling the gym

(78) 24,500 seats

(79) Medical Seminars

(80) Real Estate Seminars

(81) Tell those at early events stay free for game afterwards

(82) Concessions and parking to UGA

(83) Movies

(84) Plays

(85) Creative Marketing

(86) Alumni Meetings

(87) Planetarium on Celing

(88) Firework Shows

(89) Big groups to buy tickets in blocks

(90) Make student activity fee zero by extra revenue huge gym from $ 78 now to nothing from $ 78

(91) Races

(92) Hot Dog Eating Contests

(93) Put it on College Station Road where Intramurals are incorporate into student life

(94) Dog Shows

(95) Weight Lifting Events

(96) Boxing Events

(97) Wrestling Events

(98) Outlet for each Major at UGA

(99) Music Majors

(100) Use it for Training and Testing Sessions & to sign-up for Classes & for Orientation

(101) Car Auctions

(102) Economic Seminars

(103) TV Shows

(104) Wheel of Fortune

(105) Casino

(106) Cooking Shows

(107) Impact Economy of Athens with multipurpose facility

(108) Employment arena staff




Keep Stegeman Coliseum for other smaller events and practice facility and expand its use for the students.




SEC set to share revenue of staggering two-thirds of a billion SEC Revenue dollars after August 31, 2016. The SEC kept 14 % of that SEC Revenue last year or $ 72 million. We are SO FAR behind other colleges and their gyms which enhance The University and all the students.

Nearly two-thirds of a billion dollars is SEC Conference revenue sharing figure for the 2015-2016 fiscal year ending August 31 and of that figure it is expected that The SEC itself will share with itself about $85 million whereas last year The SEC shared with itself $ 72 million dollars.  This makes The SEC the most valuable conference by a long wide margin.  Easily the most valuable conference.


The 14 member institutions of The SEC are set to receive approximately between $ 40 and $50 million dollars each in late August 2016 distribution this year.


The total sports’ revenue for UGA is $ 150 million 2016 fiscal year of which The SEC payments are one-third the total we get.   The total includes local media packages, the TV rights with multiple Network agreements The SEC has hammered-out, the NCAA payments of about a million per school slated for Academic Enhancements, post-season bowl games, The SEC Championship Game, College Football Play-Off Revenue, NCAA Championships’ Revenue, March Madness Revenue, The SEC Basketball Tournament Revenue, the amounts retained by each SEC member school in Bowl Games’ Revenue, the supplemental surplus distribution.  Georgia gets each year from its student fees as a Subsidy to our annual Revenue $3,200,000 per year which some schools do not collect.  Tickets and donations/fees we pay to buy tickets and marketing revenue for some of our sports make up the majority of the balance of approximately $ 100 million for fiscal year ending August 31 of 2016 upon which the between $ 40 million and $ 50 million The SEC will revenue share with Georgia 2016 fiscal year.


The SEC will retain what would be another $ 6 million dollars maybe per SEC member school to operate The SEC in its next check to us.


These are staggering sums August 31, 2016 for The University of Georgia and will drive up our Total Revenue to about $ 150 million dollars.


This figure of between $ 40 to $50 million dollars annually in SEC revenue-sharing monies is only one-third of the total revenue for sports at The University of Georgia.


This is an increase in revenue sharing of maybe 20 percent by The SEC over last year when last August 2015 The SEC distributed then the record amount of nearly half a billion dollars – staggering figure in its own rights when $ 455 million was shared with the 14 member schools of The SEC $ 527 million Revenue The SEC paid taxes on according to tax records yesterday January 17, 2016.  This would put the January 2017 SEC Revenue at at least $ 632 million.


The figure for August 2016 distribution includes nearly half a billion dollars from TV revenue alone for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.


Last year August 2015 The SEC TV revenue component was $ 350 million dollars from TV alone of the then record total shared amongst the 14 SEC member institutions of nearly half a billion total.


Easily the most valuable conference.  Notably the Pac-12 is lagging way behind out there in the land of fruits and nuts where nobody cares and nobody bothers about college football.


College Football FBS Division 1-A represents 85% of the total college sports revenues which ranks 3rd behind NFL and MLB revenue for sports revenues and equal to NBA revenue.


College Basketball both men and women represents 9% of the total college sports revenue and the remaining 6 % comes chiefly from baseball and golf.



SEC schools are in an arms race to see who can best spend such staggering sums each year – an annual annuity to fund significant capital projects to enhance their school’s competitive position in the primary sports and to distribute the wealth to all the 18 sports our 300 student-athletes compete in.


Each group of our 300 student-athletes annually of the University of Georgia in our 18 sports then generate in their lifetimes 2 billion dollars – most of them in something other than competing in sports professionally at $ 5 million dollars each during their lifetimes.


Approximately 9 % of our draft eligible football players here are drafted, but the other sports do not offer such opportunities because the revenue for those sports dwarfs in comparison to the football revenue.  The football revenue and to a far lesser degree basketball revenue must support all 18 of our sports.


So why is that we cannot have a new gym for them then but Ole Miss can ?


We are so far behind the other colleges with their gyms.


Do you even know what a gym is used for and its benefits  ?


It is shameful how no one discusses even our new gym.



Stick it up your ass, both of you ! Russell Sauve and Hunker’d Down by Bernie Bernie’s Dawg Blog – confirmed Apologist STILL and haven for such still too. “I’m still in mourning over Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor here and how everything transpired.” “I’m having a hard time turning that corner towards being excited about next season or even in the program.” Russell Sauve

Freaking assholes !


I’ve heard more than a few start to wonder how quickly Kirby Smart’s staff can turn things around build on what was given to him.”


Smart Era brings with it a seat at the big boy table. Georgia Football is no longer a casual poker game with occasional highs and sustained stacks of chips. You either play out your hand and add to those stacks or the House will find someone else who will.


Smart ass !


Friq you Bernie.  What kind of a God Damn Frigin’ name is Bernie anyway ?  Are you a queer or something ?  You and Elton John.


Hunker’d Down by      1 Comment


Bernie’s Dawg Blog – confirmed Apologist STILL and haven for such still too


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    “I’m still in mourning over CMR and how everything transpired. I’m having a hard time turning that corner towards being excited about next season or even in the program despite the recruits and seemingly good coaching hires. It seems “the Georgia way” ended with ADGM. Despite these feelings your post brightened my day and gave my emo-esque soul some excitement. Thanks, Bernie.”

Mourning over that lovable loser ?  God damn it boy, he lost 32 games his last 8 seasons here averaging 4 losses per season for 8 freaking years butthole.  He had plenty of talent but for # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program my beloved Georgia Bulldogs with your friqin’ hero went only 37-1 vs non-bowl teams and 36-31 vs bowl teams his last entire 8 years !  Great googley-woogley !  And, he lost 15 of 24 games these same latest 8 years against ranked teams – not even is that in the Top 25.  He won only 9 games his most recent year, yet 29 in fact had 10-win seasons 2015-2016 season.


29 for 2015-2016 had 10-win seasons.  Shut the freaking hell up about 10-win seasons and you whining about YOU being WRONG and little ole ME being RIGHT AS RAIN this grueling last 8 sorry-assed years !


Both of you STICK IT UP YOUR ASS !


Personally for the first time in 8 years’ time now, I am TRULY EXCITED about the prospects for the new season !


Coach Kirby Smart’s goals are to (1) win The SEC Championship more frequently than NONE in a freaking decade.  (2) To get us to a bowl game at the end of ANY friqin’ season against a team both of us ranked a the Top of the Final AP Poll as my alma mater Georgia has done 15 times – all before the Charlie Brown of college football making us a laughing damn stock of college football.  (3) NOT have us UNRANKED at all in the Final AP Poll half the next 8 years as his predecessor did the most recent 8 years 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015.  (4) To NOT lose by more than 3 TD the next 8 years 7 times as his FIRED predecessor did these most recent depressing mourning 8 years.  (5) As # 11 All-Time in Wins to actually beat Top 15 teams better than his predecessor’s ranking of # 40 at that the last 8 freaking mourning depressing seasons as well.


You 2 get that ?


I doubt it.


If that is not turning it around, I do not know what the hell is.


We FIRED him for it.


I was right and you 2 both WRONG.


Go root for Miami of Florida.  You are NOT Georgia Bulldogs’ fans – NEITHER of you.


What really galls you BOTH is that you BOTH were wrong and that I was then right these last 8 years.


After I win my argument and FIRED the underachiever for 8 long excruciating years, you STILL want to have your way with him to TRY and save face.


You are both just making it worse on yourself keeping it up reminding yourselves, ME, and EVERYONE how you really were only a fan of HIS and NOT this damn program.


There are no excuses for his record for these latest 8 years.




Pussies like you 2 are the problem around here.


And, just what the hell is this bullshit ?


“I’m having a hard time turning that corner towards being excited about next season or even in the program.”  


You are having a hard time being even in the program ?


Leave.  Do you and me BOTH a favor !




Lady Bulldogs take on Alabama on SEC Network 5 pm Eastern Time tonight 1-17-2016 Comcast Channel 792 . We won our last road game at Florida Thursday 14th but since Marjorie Butler has been made starter that is the only win on the road for us against a ranked team. We’re 13-4 Alabama 12-5. Our women # 33 RPI our men # 68 RPI. Elle Macpherson.

2013 we beat Kentucky a ranked team on the road but Marjorie Butler did not play at all.  In fact, she did not start at all in 2013, only a bit role as a poor shooter.


2014 Marjorie Butler started 5 of 32 games and 7 games did not play at all because she can not shoot yet jacks it up.


Last year 2015 Marjorie Butler became the Starter at Point Guard for Andy Landers and he quit coaching all together because of the bad example she sets bringing the ball up court for us and jacking it up.  And missing.  She is an awful shooter.


Joni Taylor took over the team this year for Andy Landers who could not take another year of her shooting and Joni Taylor  has made no changes to the line-up because she has zero experience and still today does not see what a pariah Marjorie Butler is to her own job of getting the team to take good shots – shots they have some prayer of making.


If you look at her shooting, Marjorie Butler in her career here has shot the worst of any player in the history of the game.  She is 19 % from the 3-piont line for her entire career now a senior and jacks them up from there EVERY game her entire career.  Clank.


I hate to admit that she has taken the joy out of watching them last season and this for the 1st time in my life yet I am so addicted. So addicted.


The team can not win with her.  We do have the # 33 RPI because the rest of the team is really really good this their senior seasons for the entire team.  We lose everybody after this season.  Everyone.


The bad news is we lose all our players after this season.


The good news is that we lose Marjorie Butler who is on to medical school.


I presume we are Starting her because you must be the Starter to be Academic All-America.


There are 131 UGA Academic All-America in all 19 sports which is # 11 All-Time all schools winning Academic All-America.  Coach Kirby Smart is 1 of the 131 in 1998.


I do not see the Big XII Big 12 surviving in ANY sport although we have propped them up for years to support this inequity of Texas getting so much revenue.  I remain amused that Oklahoma has remained this long.  Adding Podunk teams to their only 10 would be bad for the Big XII.  When we study these minute details of EVERY sport what we find is that The SEC is just so damn strong !  Imagine a 9-2 Bowl Record this year again in football ?  Still it pisses me off that Ole Miss gets a new $ 100 million dollar gym with their SEC revenue-sharing monies and we don’t when their old gym was the same age as our gym still is.  We must do something for our men and women in basketball to get our players in-state to want to play here.  Now that we have our over $ 30 million dollar 20-yards longer Erk Russell Indoor Practice Facility than Georgie tek yellowjackets have, we must turn our attention quickly to catching-up with the other SEC schools in our gym.  Something showcase with all this money we get from The SEC that for the 1st time in over 50 years’ time now will make us competitive again with this antiquated old gym.  If it were bigger then better recruits would flock here and fill it !


Some other of the 131 Academic All-America at UGA All-Time include Bill Stanfill, Kevin McClee, Jeff Pyburn, Terry Hoage, Chad Kessler, Alec Kessler, Matt Stinchcomb, Jon Stinchcomb, Coco Miller, Kelly Miller, Courtney Kupets, Gordan Beckham, Ty Frix, Aaron Murray, Drew Butler, and Fran Tarkenton was our 1st Bulldog Academic All-America in 1960.  1960 is when we decided we needed a new gym.  I remember it well.


131 in 56 years is more than 2 a year for us which is GREAT !


But also VERY RARE.  To be a Dean’s List Honor Roll Scholar and STARTER on your team is as you can see .000 percent.  Have to take it out 4 decimal places to see how infrequent it is that a Starting Athlete would also be a top scholar !


Utterly amazing feat.


I will just be glad when the career 29 % from the field shooter 19 % career from the 3-point line is gone.


You can use this URL Link to look-up ANY player ANY sport and goes back at least to 1964 for the major sports and goes back to 1932 for football and 1947 for men’s basketball.  Very cool useful URL Link I use all the time when I want to know about a student-athlete’s entire career up-to-date to the moment, not just looking at a single year.  Thank you NCAA for adding this for us.


If she would just quit shooting !



Unfortunately this does NOT bode well for the career of Joni Taylor here because next season is going to be STARK.


And not because she loses Marjorie Butler.


We might actually beat Alabama on the road tonight on National TV, but only if Marjorie Butler never takes a 3-point shot ever again in her lifetime and only if she limits her shots from the field to 4 one of which she MIGHT make.  Might not based on her career here.  Otherwise we are doomed even against a lesser foe we own like Alabama.


It is sad when one who is so smart as Marjorie Butler can be so damned selfish and set such a hideous example to all her teammates taking the ball down the court and jacking it up.


So when 1 of the others gets into the game, they have to do the same to get any shots.




And, very aggravating.


Our football team got to this point too where if the opponent was ranked and we played them away from Sanford for these last 8 years we lost 15 of 24 games going into this 2016 season, which is not even Top 25 in the nation away from Home for # 11 All-Time Football Wins’ Georgia.  It is a measure. How well you do against ranked teams away from Home.


The Lady Bulldogs used to be great.  We’re the # 5 women’s basketball program of All-Time !


Our men have an RPI of 68.  So our women # 33 RPI are far more likely to make the NCAA Tournament than our men.


Our men because they can shoot but too many turnovers not enough rebounds and no defense.

Our women because despite being unable to shoot do play defense and rebound and do not turn the ball over.


There is a lesson there somewhere.


Last night for example our men lost in basketball at the Stegesaurus because we had 150 % more turnovers than Texas A & M committed, because we were outrebounded again and because we played absolutely no defense allowing Texas A & M all kinds of open shots making no effort to play defense again.  Texas A&M plays defense, rebounds and does NOT turn the ball over.  Result only 45-points we score in a 34-point then blow-out of Biblical Proportions as I have maintained about this team, also suffering greatly after this season with us also losing all our players as we do in women’s basketball after this season.


The Dawgbone for the last 8 years of Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor here, refused to allow any updates on its site if he LOST AGAIN fearing that someone might actually 1-line the poor efforts of our “coach” cough cough.  They make no such effort when not Apologizing for HIS sorry ass – please note.  The Dawgbone waited 24 hours after every loss before updating a DAY LATE then anyone’s and everyone’s efforts to discuss his bullshit coaching these last 8 years before he was finally FIRED as I predicted all along had to happen.


Men’s Basketball – Fair Game !


That certainly is one-sided, isn’t it ?


Mr. Blue’s The Dawgbone – he gives you some URL Links mostly to pay-per-view sites notably during 8 years of unsatisfactory results refused to provide that news until one full day out-of-date !  Freaking Apologist to THIS VERY DAY !


Isn’t he ?


And, you look at Coach Mark Fox on the sidelines and he is just peeved at the players.  He stands there shaking his head, bemused at the bullshit efforts by his troops – unlike his predecessor’s counterpart in football ever was.


But it is ok for us to say that about Coach Mark Fox but not ok to say that about Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor until no one bothered to look that deeply into the archived URL Links Mr. Blue decides when and if he will show you the URL Link to the real news on our football team.  He still does choose the URL Links the damn Apologist – and biased son of a bitch.


He wants to control what we think.


How did that work out for you Mr. Blue ?


Asshole !


I will tell you how that worked out tens of thousands flocked HERE instead and read what I had to say.


Because I predicted it ALL ALONG and why daily.


Shit lick.




I will be watching us tonight at 5 pm to 7 pm Comcast 792 HD.  Will you ?


There is a lesson there somewhere too.


Joni Taylor played at Alabama from 1997 to 2001 but only has the 1 SEC win all season against # 20 Florida Thursday.  When they look back at Georgia under Andy Landers who up and quit entering this season facing these prospects again this season of our horrible shooting and a ball hog jacking it up bringing the ball up the court setting such a horrid example and she so smart what is always found is that Georgia is # 5 in the nation all-time with The Lady Bulldogs.  It is quite a precedent !


With all the resources we have except a new gym we could’ve been even more.  Instead we are in a no-win scenario for both Joni Taylor and Coach Mark Fox who is great.  But I would not have taken this gig without assurance The University of Georgia would build me a new gym before they fired me or pay me a penalty of one million lump sum cash. I call it my one percent penalty tax because the new gym is going to cost one hundred million dollars – certainly not chump change – but if Ole Miss can pony-up a hundred million for a new gym to replace their gym also which opened in 1964 as ours did then by God we HAVE TO !


1 year now to the day from now, our Erk Russell Indoor Practice Facility opens at which time I sincerely hope the entire University pushes hard for the new gym our men and women have such richly deserved – a long time coming !


We have been rubbing salt in the wounds of our richly deserving men and women basketball fans with all the traffic getting into and out of the Stegesaurus due to the construction of the Erk Russell Indoor Practice Facility closing down all the streets to traffic.


This also is the reason why the new gym can not be on the site of the Stegesaurus.


We can use the Stegesaurus for other events besides basketball, which the Stegesaurus never was built for specifically anyway.  And, we can keep wasting money on it until the cows go home.  If you have never been on a dairy farm, the cows go home when they decide amongst themselves.


We have momentum in football because we dared to be great yet all we have in basketball is that we have a great Coach for the men.  Unfortunately he would be so much even better somewhere else and he would be so much far greater here if he had a new gym as well.


If we gave a shit about trying to win around here.


Maybe Fran Tarkenton would give us some money for a new gym too since we are content to sit on all this cash The SEC gives us every year in the over half a billion annual SEC revenue-sharing which is going WAY UP beyond that now with the SEC Network kicking-in finally now.  Fran Tarkenton remembers when the new gym was built as do I.  And, we can not buy a new gym but Ole Miss can.


( )

( )


Dare to be great !  Elle Macpherson shown in the 2 pics was born in Sydney where I lived for 3 years the day we opened the Stegesaurus !


Billy Joel wrote 3 songs about his dating Elle Macpherson but no one writes shit about the Stegesaurus in 52 years !



The Stegesaurus has not been an up-town girl in 52 years – half a century.


This is Christie Brinkley in the video of the song, both in Billy Joel’s entourage.


We need an uptown girl for our gym.



Coach Kirby Smart ranked # 20 pre-season Athlon Sports’ Poll Alabama # 1 (Game 13 ? ) vols # 8 (Game 5.) LSU # 9. Ole Miss # 13 (Game 4.) North Carolina # 18 (Game 1.) Florida # 25 (Game 8) And, Auburn (Game 10) if they can find QB ? Bowl Game (Game 14) better be a ranked team for a change. 7 ranked teams ? 12-2 ?

# 18 North Carolina Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic PAGEANT 9-3-2016

# 13 @ Ole Miss 9-24-2016

# 8 vols HOME 10-1-2016

# 25 Florida JAX hellhole 10-29-2016*

# ? Auburn will be ranked all that talent if they find a QB HOME 11-12-2016

*predecessor lost 11 of 16 at hellhole JAX site of annual Gator Bowl


6 ranked teams if we make it to SEC Championship and 7 if Auburn finds QB.


Too tough.





2016 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Schedule :

Sept. 3    North Carolina (Atlanta)
Sept. 17  at Missouri
Sept. 24  at Ole Miss
Oct. 1     TENNESSEE vols
Oct. 8     at South Carolina
Oct. 29   Florida (JAX) at site of annual Gator Bowl wish it was NOT !
Nov. 5    at Kentucky
Nov. 12  AUBURN 1-game UP all-time Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry !
Nov. 26  GEORGIe tek yellowjackets

SEC Championship Game – vols @ Home can we beat & Florida or 1 & Ole Miss?

Bowl Game January 2017 vs ranked team



Coach Kirby Smart ranked # 20 pre-season Athlon Sports’ Poll Alabama # 1 (Game 13 ? )  vols # 8 (Game 5.)   LSU # 9.  Ole Miss # 13 (Game 4.)  North Carolina # 18 (Game 1.)  Florida # 25 (Game 8)  And, Auburn (Game 10) if they can find QB ?  Bowl Game (Game 14) better be a ranked team for a change. 7 ranked teams ?  12-2 ?



We have no options at QB for 2016. There is no competition. Can NOT be. Greyson Lambert was made starter here last year after only 5 practices with the # 1 unit. Therefore that is the same way he can LOSE his job. INSTANTLY ! No choice.

Greyson Lambert lacks the spark to be a QB.  He is afraid to throw the ball downfield because he does not want to turn the ball over.  His passes are way off target.  If he did not have all this talent around him he would be deemed horrible as a QB.  He has no hope of any ability to run.  He is really slow back there making decisions – all day !  Still the line blocked well for him and so did everyone else !  He stood back there and locked-in on 1 receiver.  He stared the receiver down.  He can throw the ball farther than Hutson Mason but both were # 100 Passing Offense.


One because he could NOT THROW the ball downfield – Hutson Mason

One because he REFUSED TO TRY TO THROW the ball downfield – Grayson Lambert


THIS is why Coach Kirby Smart yesterday told us all that we MUST BE ABLE TO THROW THE BALL BETTER.




And, not just the fans.


The players.


The COACHES on this staff last year.


EVERY blog and newspaper writer.


Even Greyson Lambert said he had to throw the ball better.


When you are NOT TRYING you have no hope to improve.


He is stuck in his old man ways of NOT TRYING.  Rather keep my job and make entire team look bad than I would not be afraid to throw the ball downfield that it might get intercepted.


This keep your job is over Greyson Lambert.


It just has to be.


Greyson Lambert is NOT CLUTCH.


3rd and long, he throws UNDERNEATH.


We saw Malcolm Mitchell and Terry Godwin both wide open down field and no efforts to throw to either.


We saw this EVERY GAME !


Tight Ends open.


Never threw to them either.


It’s no good.


Sony Michel is great out in space.  He never threw to him either.


Nick Chubb is a beast in space.  Never made any effort to him either.


Michael Chigbu ran great routes and Greyson Lambert would throw him the ball out of bounds.


UNACCPETABLE and cost his boss his job.


All the talent we have at Tight End and no passes to them !






We are front-end loaded.


3 top 15 teams at the beginning of the season.


Can NOT wait until mid-season, like we did with Matthew Stafford and we LOST those games before he finally was made the starter.


Greyson Lambert and Isaiah McKenzie led the Bulldogs in fumbles too.


We can ill-afford to have reservations of WHAT IF Greyson Lambert has to start until Jake Eason learns the offense ?


Greyson Lambert was made starter here last year after only 5 practices with the # 1 unit.




Since that is how he got the job, that is how he can LOSE IT.






“Got throw ball better. Our QB environment we’ve got compete find best. Hard play good SEC football without great offensive defensive linemen. Working on culture here now. That’s point of offseason — create toughness. More and more dual threat guys in the NFL. That’s opened the door to it. Would we be open to it? Absolutely ! I do think that creates challenges for the defense ! Shane Beamer will do good job special teams – I’ll be very involved with that. I’m very involved defensively.” We have not done ANY of this.

“What’s the one thing we’re going to have to improve? We’ve got to throw the ball better than we have in the past here.”


“We’ve got to win football games.  What we have here right now is a situation with our quarterback environment where we’ve got to compete to find the best guy for the job. Of the three guys four guys we’ve got here we’ll be able to compete and find that out. ”


“To pinpoint one area, I think as a whole we always have to build from the lines. It’s hard to play good SEC football without great offensive and defensive linemen.”


“I do know that we have to go out and get great players, and there’s a lot of great players in this area.”


Shane Beamer will do a good job with special teams.   I’ll be very involved with that.”


I’m very involved defensively.”


“We’re working on the culture here now in the weight room from day one. We’re going to make sure every kid understands that. It’s a tough competitive culture.  That’s what we want to establish in the offseason. That’s the point of the offseason — create toughness.”


“If a dual guy comes along that we’re going to recruit – I’ve played against Jim Chaney. I’ve coached against him. You go back to his history at Tennessee and he had some quarterback runs. He had some things where he had to use that. If that’s your best way to run the ball is with your quarterback then you’ve got to use that !  I do think that creates challenges for the defense !  If you find the right guy and I agree with you there have been a lot of good ones to come out of this state – then you use that ! More and more dual threat guys are doing that in the NFL. That’s opened the door to it. Would we be open to it? Absolutely !”


Coach Kirby Paul Smart 1st Press Conference today when he is here now.  I have not seen someone sit down and analyze all he said today.  And we need to do that.  Someone needed to for us know what it was he said today.


We have not done ANY of this.


We have been playing-around telling reporters whatever will get them off our back having fun talking about something here more important than winning swimming not having productive practices taking the offseason Off playing not to lose demotivating our players sending mixed messages not emphasizing OL DL trying not to make mistakes on special teams not throwing the ball well not calling timeouts well not having a strategy eschewing dual-threat quarterbacks all together saying we run a Pro-Style Offense not committed to the run not converting 3rd downs having no discipline just punishment and losing 4 games per season average for 8 years totally losing to nearly all Top 15 teams as # 11 All-Time in wins.


That’s what we’ve been doing by direct stark contrast.




( )

The next freaking coach that wants to take a vacation for 6 weeks and 2 days before he shows up exhausted will be told HELL NO ! It’s déjà vu all over again.

Coach Kirby Smart’s defense is not why they won.  They won because Nick Saban had to resort to an on-side kick-off.


In fact, Coach Kirby Smart’s freaking defense couldn’t stop shit.


The ONLY reason why Alabama won was because Alabama SCORED 45 POINTS !


It was, therefore EXACTLY as I demanded pre-game that he get his ass here instead that it did not turn out well for his predecessor here EITHER getting SHUT-OUT as the Offensive Coordinator at FSU.


We waited 6 weeks and 2 days after we fired the last guy for NOT being interested in winning here EITHER !


And, he started off poorly as well, wanting to show up here February 17 and finally just did prior to the Signing Date.  Then, he promptly knocked the lid off this # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program going 8-4.


Behind the damned proverbial 8-ball all season long.


I told him, too, to get his ass here on December 20, 2000 when Vince Dooley then gave him this job.


Y’all told me THEN how it would be free publicity for US that he does so well in the national championship game !


I told you he would NOT.


That we needed him here December 20, 2000 and that Bobby Bowden would be better-off turning him loose to get here and do his new job that he should be excited to be here for !


Fast forward again now 15 years 6 weeks and 2 days later now today, and


It’s déjà vu all over again.



Coach Kirby Smart gets RANKED in his 1st Poll ! ESPN ranks us for 2016 Season ! That’s something the FIRED loser (4 loss AVG last 8 years) did not do for us last season Final AP Poll even after we beat Penn State.


( )


Mark Schlabach ESPN Senior Writer used to be our BEAT WRITER here when he started out at the AJ-C.  Honestly, he and I had it out on his blogs quite a bit when he was here.  But he has mellowed in his old age.


The same can NOT be said about me, however.


I find myself agreeing with Mark Schlabach NOWADAYS !


That’s a good improvement !


ESPN Pre-Season Poll January 13, 2016 :


# 2 Alabama

# 7 LSU

# 11 vols

# 13 Ole Miss

# 17 North Carolina

# 23 Coach Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs !


So we are ranked last of 5 SEC teams 2016, and we hopefully face-off against another in SEC Championship Game and ANOTHER in a bowl game.  I certainly am looking forward to playing in our 1st Meaningful Bowl Game to end ANY season both teams ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll instead of both NOT ranked at ALL !


Regular Season Games 2016 :

# 17 North Carolina Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic 9-3

# 13 Ole Miss 9-24

# 11 vols 10-1


So we will know all about this team, our Coach, and Jake Eason by October 1 2016.


Front-end loaded.


I believe most other observers will rank Florida as well both pre-season and by the time we play them although I agree with Mark Schlabach that they were NOT very impressive 2015 with this new guy Jim McElwain and he is desperate for a QB.


Halloween is a day and a half after we play Florida on Monday October 31 this 2016 year.


We play them Saturday October 29 2016.


His predecessor went there to that hellhole 16 times and lost 11 times.


Auburn is November 12 and we have them here along with Georgie tek yellowjackets here November 26.


1 of those 2 will be ranked as well along with Florida and it shall not be Georgie tek yellowjackets.


Missouri and South Carolina also will be fun games with new coaches like we have.


So, lots of tests.


Sept. 3    North Carolina (Atlanta)
Sept. 17  at Missouri
Sept. 24  at Ole Miss
Oct. 1     TENNESSEE vols
Oct. 8     at South Carolina
Oct. 29   Florida (Jacksonville) at the site of the annual Gator Bowl wish it was NOT !
Nov. 5    at Kentucky
Nov. 12  AUBURN 1-game advantage all-time Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry !
Nov. 26  GEORGIe tek yellowjackets



( )


12-2 Georgia Bulldogs of Coach Kirby Smart 2016 season.


I do NOT want to average 4 losses the next 8 years.



“You’re replacing a guy who was fired despite having numerous seasons with double-digit wins. Of course, Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor wasn’t fired for not winning enough games; rather, for not winning enough big games or championships.” No. Dumbass. He was FIRED because he averaged 4 LOSSES a year for the last entire 8 solid God Damn Freaking YEARS ! Jesus Christ !

Dumb Shit Bill King :


How is your son’s Frisbee baseball team doing ?


You have not updated his status at that for us.


Why not ?


( )


All these 7 weeks month and half later, seriously, you are STILL sitting there fawning over this FIRED GUY.


Hey, Bill King, you TRIED to shut me.


How’d that go either dumbass ?


I’ll tell you how that went Bill King.


I won.




I FIRED his sorry ass.


Get that ?


“to win an SEC title within two years. Your predecessor did it.”


Excuse me ?


Again ?


His predecessor did NOT win The SEC in 10 Consecutive friqin’ years – the 3rd longest stretch in our entire history dating back to 1932.


The bar is set THAT HIGH.  That he win The SEC more frequently than NONE in 10 years’ time.


That’s how high.


Dimwit !


“He was fired because he hadn’t won a conference title in a decade, presided over embarrassing losses in high-profile games, and, thanks to a tendency to make questionable in-game decisions and his very poor personnel choice”


At least you got that part right.


And, for averaging 4 LOSSES a season for 8 years’ time now !


And, for being a dumbass !


Huge moron.




Well, you got that right too !


“Played not to lose and failed to take advantage of the wealth of talent and resources available at UGA.”


Got that right as well !


“Georgia became known as college football’s biggest underachiever.”




“You’re replacing a guy who was fired despite having numerous seasons with double-digit wins. Of course, Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor wasn’t fired for not winning enough games; rather, for not winning enough big games or championships.”


Double-digit win season ?  You mean like the 9-3 he had this latest season.  # 29 in the nation – 29 teams who won 10-win seasons or more this season.  Not that he did, because he did NOT.  9-win season.  He was in Miami of Florida down there because I FIRED HIS ASS while you sat up here and still do whining and LYING about the sorry sucker.




Bill King AJ-C Apologist to the DAY !


I am just glad the son of a bitch is GONE !


Now, if the rest of you can get over him – that would be a damned plus.


If not I will be here to remind your sorry asses all you freaking pussies who KEEP IT UP despite Coach Kirby Smart TELLING YOU IN HIS OPENING REMARKS to KNOCK IT OFF !


“numerous seasons with double-digit wins. Of course, Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor wasn’t fired for not winning enough games”


Freaking YES he was dumbass !


He was fired because 29 FBS coaches 10-wins this season and he had 9 was unranked for the 4th time in 8 years in the Final AP Poll again AND because he averaged 4 LOSSES a God Damn Friqin’ season, and because a CLIQUE of PUSSIES banned together and still do to whine about EXCUSES and how great he was when he SUCKED.





“Let me stop for a moment and say it’s funny that anyone feels they have an idea what’s “good enough” for Georgia where a coach is concerned. I mean, not to be glib (as Tom Cruise might say), but we ran one of the winningest coaches, over the last decade, out of Athens on a rail. The concept of “good enough” is getting tougher to understand and harder to navigate.”

“Let me stop for a moment and say it’s funny that anyone feels they have an idea what’s “good enough” for Georgia where a coach is concerned.   I mean, not to be glib (as Tom Cruise might say), but we ran one of the winningest coaches, over the last decade, out of Athens on a rail. The concept of “good enough” is getting tougher to understand and harder to navigate.”


She wrote this ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT last night !  Usually, you can count on her to say something about how great he STILL IS despite leaving us UNRANKED half the last 8 years in the Final AP Poll with his # 40 record vs Top 15 teams the last 8 years and averaging 4 losses per season these last 8 years.

And, then you can count on her to say : “That said” when she then TAKES IT ALL BACK SHE JUST SAID !

1 of her famous lines, every blog : “That said.”  Like she is clearing her throat or something ?  “That said.”


Apologist to the Day !

( )



The Lady Sportswriter

29 Teams make 10-win season and being # 29 not even in the Top 25 is NOT one of our Goals. AP Poll does NOT rank Georgia in the Top 25. 5 SEC teams did make the Top 25 Final AP Poll but we did not. 29 teams 10-win season 2015-2016 season our best win over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


AP Poll released and we are NOT Top 25 for this season. Another UNRANKED season.  Half the time after 2007 we were NOT ranked : 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015.



10-Win Season 2015 FBS  


Pos Team Record
1. Alabama (14-1-0)–0.9333
2. Clemson (14-1-0)–0.9333
3. Houston (13-1-0)–0.92857
4. Ohio St. (12-1-0)–0.92308
5. Michigan St. (12-2-0)–0.85714
6. Stanford (12-2-0)–0.85714
7. Iowa (12-2-0)–0.85714
8. Western Ky. (12-2-0)–0.85714
9. Oklahoma (11-2-0)–0.84615
10. Navy (11-2-0)–0.84615
11. TCU (11-2-0)–0.84615
12. Appalachian St. (11-2-0)–0.84615
13. Toledo (10-2-0)–0.83333
14. San Diego St. (12-3-0)–0.80000
15. North Carolina (11-3-0)–0.78571
16. Mississippi (10-3-0)–0.76923
17. Northwestern (10-3-0)–0.76923
18. Notre Dame (10-3-0)–0.76923
19. Michigan (10-3-0)–0.76923
20. Florida St. (10-3-0)–0.76923
21. Oklahoma St. (10-3-0)–0.76923
22. Utah (10-3-0)–0.76923
23. Baylor (10-3-0)–0.76923
24. Wisconsin (10-3-0)–0.76923
25. Marshall (10-3-0)–0.76923
26. Temple (10-4-0)–0.71429
27. Bowling Green (10-4-0)–0.71429
28. Florida (10-4-0)–0.71429
29. Georgia (10-3-0)–0.76923



# 29 and NOT even in the Top 25 is NOT our Goal.  NOT !


Hell 9-win teams are ranked ahead of us.  That makes us not even # 29.


Of course, LSU a 9-win team this season BEAT Florida.  We got the shit beat out of us 3-27.  That is why we’re not ranked and why 5 other SEC teams ARE !


And, why we FIRED the God Damned Coach, despite all your bullshit to prop him up as having a 9-win season here.


Bryan McClendon beat Penn State but they are 7-6 and beat not 1 single Power 5 Conference team with a  winning record this season.


NEITHER did we !


And, so we are NOT ranked in the AP Poll for the 4th time in the most recent 8 years.


And, we’re # 29 with our 10-win season 9-win season for FIRED coach.


With 9-win teams ranked AHEAD of us for BEATING SOMEONE !


We are NOT RANKED Final AP Poll Top 25 :

Bryan McClendon gets Georgia RANKED # 22 Final Jeff Sagarin Poll for 2015-2016 with the Win over Penn State ! # 24 Final Peter Wolfe Poll 2015-2016

Final 2015-2016 Polls :

# 23  Final Jeff Sagarin USA Today Poll 2015-2016

# 24 Final Peter Wolfe Poll 2015-2016





Jake Eason is enrolled at UGA. You need to know about Chad Clay. We have 7 Scholarships today with whining baby leaving. We NEED another Offensive Tackle with Ben Cleveland ! We NEED a Center ! We need DT. These are our needs, not Wide Receiver now where we’re set. It’s Georgia Time Now ! Go Dawgs !

Jake Eason is enrolled at UGA.  So, too is his Left Offensive Tackle Ben Cleveland.  They will play 3 years and move on together to the NFL, but not until both Start September 3, 2016 against Top 10 North Carolina in the Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic.


Chad Clay is the REAL DEAL !  His bloodlines are ALMOST as good as Charlie Woerner.  Chad Clay is our FASTEST RECRUIT.  Chad Clay will be a GREAT BULLDOG for 5 seasons !  He will play special teams maybe this season.  His Dad was HUGE on SPECIAL TEAMS.  This is a GREAT GET !  Speed never takes a down off.  He is not the fastest on the team, but this entire recruiting cycle, he is our ONLY 1 with SPEED !  We can teach him secondary and play him next season.  We can redshirt Chad Clay.  He is REAL SMART !  He will have a chance to get his master’s degree before he is done here.  You have to have guys like Chad Clay.  His Dad was NOT ONLY starter at our Rival in Atlanta who calls us their # 1 Rival, but he also kicked our butts !  He was GREAT there.  And, his son plays the SAME POSITION.  Cornerback.  We need secondary players badly.  Then, his Dad played a decade in the NFL.  Not only as Starting Cornerback but ALSO returned punts and kick-offs, and when he intercepted, he took it to the house.  In college and the NFL !  His entire FAMILY are great athletes.  Professional Athletes.  Do NOT look at his 3-Stars and say this guy is ho-hum.  Do NOT.




We have 6 remaining scholarships and today picked up Johnathan Abram leaving so that gives us 7 now !  Yeah !


He wants to whine about Jeremy Pruitt.


Good God !


We got Coach Kirby Smart here dumbass !


Jeremy Pruitt or Coach Kirby Smart ?


Leaves over that.


I am sorry but we do not need him if he thinks Jeremy Pruitt is better than Coach Kirby Smart.  We don’t !  He is too stupid to know this.  Go.  Hit the door.  Piss off.  We will replace his Scholarship with ANOTHER Offensive Guard 5-Star like Ben Cleveland.


We have NO ISSUES at Wide Receiver any longer !


That is HISTORY.


Anyone you read saying we need wide receivers is out of his mind.  Love to have another, but we are SET !


The problem is NOT Wide Receiver it is QB !


Not enough desire on any QB recruited here now.


We have Jake Eason and that sets us for 3 years.  Do not need one more this year at QB.  Next year, yes.


Another Great QB want to join here ?  Love to have him.  We have 7 slots open.  That would be a good use of one.  Very top players ONLY now.


Last 7.


Julian Rochester 312 lbs. 6′ 5″ Defensive Tackle one of the very best football players in All of America !


Also ranked in the Top 10 at Defensive Tackle nationally !


Cavin Ridley certainly comes across as a very smart man !  I like his choices !  He’s long at almost 6″ 2″ and 200 lbs. and he is one of the top 17 best receivers in All of America !




These guys are great !


This blog detailed Charlie Woerner 2 nights ago here  # 5 Athlete in the nation 6′ 5″ 228 lbs.  I am sure Erk Russell would win to have him on Defense, but Erk is NOT here.  I look for special stuff from this man who is one of the top 50 football players in America !


Isaac Nauta the # 1 Tight End in the Nation !  1 of the Top 25 football players in America !


Jake Eason the # 2 QB in the Nation !


This is going to be a great Recruiting Class for Coach Kirby Smart, who I thought did not look very good at the national championship game although this blog has extolled the virtues of Deshaun Watson since we first played him last season.  Had Dabo not taken him out, he beats us last season 2014 season.  The SEC finishes 9-2 Bowl Games while ACC is 4-6.


A beast.


It’s Georgia Time Now !



Clemson beat Alabama last, over 110 years ago.


I will NOT be rooting for Clemson.


I do not care who wins, but I will be dipped in shit if I am rooting for Clemson.


I also think Clemson has no chance.


This is a ROUT.


It will be a blow-out of Biblical Proportions.


This game means NOTHING for Coach Kirby Smart other than after the game tonight, we finally get his ass in here.


It was pretty God Damned SELFISH of Coach Kirby Smart.


6 weeks and a day ago we FIRED the horrendous showing the last 8 years by our FIRED coach.


36 hours later, we got Coach Kirby Smart.


That was 6 weeks and a day ago with 36 hours it took us.


Well, truthfully, he was OFFERED and ACCEPTED the job BEFORE his predecessor was FIRED.


And, here we are 6 weeks and a day without him.




This puts us behind the 8-ball in a program which has lost 7 games by more than 3 TD in the last 8 years.

A program which has lost 12 times to UNRANKED TEAMS in the last 8 years.

A program # 11 All-Time in Wins who has been instead # 40 beating Top 15 teams the last 8 years.

A program with the last remnants of the Dream Team a total of 22 leaving all 22 of whom Started here.

A program facing Top 10 North Carolina in Game 1.

A program facing Top 10 Ole Miss ALSO in September.

A program facing Top 10 Florida.

A program facing Top 15 vols as well in fact directly after Ole Miss !

A program who has not done shit right.

A program who is desperate for a real God Damn Coach.

A program therefore with a HUGE rebuilding job.

A program missing depth on BOTH LINES.

A program with NO QUARTERBACK.

A program which has had NO QUARTERBACK 2 years running now.

A program with running backs who are deep who did not play.

A program with NO SPECIAL TEAMS whatsoever in 8 years.

A program who has lost to our # 1 Rival 10 of the most recent 15 games.

A program who has been told it was the coach’s job to demotivate his players before playing Alabama.

A program who has been told it was the coach’s job to insure everyone knows there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.

A program that has not been on the Big Stage at the end of ANY season both teams top Final AP Poll all 15 of said years.

A program whose best bowl wins were 2002 over # 21 FSU 5-loss team and # 19 Hawai’i 2007 – neither the last 8 years EITHER !

A program with LOADS OF WORK to do HERE.



This NOT ONLY is no good for Coach Kirby Smart but more to the point this is NO GOOD for Georgia.


Not at ALL !


I am NOT stupid.


I can FIGURE this out.


In fact, if you look back, I figured this out 36 hours after 6 weeks and a day ago.


Since then you have talked about it.


Where is our God Damn Coach we are paying $5 million 380 thousand and 200 dollars a year not counting retirement or his unlimited expense report ?


Hope you had a NICE VACATION the last 6 weeks and a day Coach Kirby Smart.  We sure as shit needed your ass HERE !


Known for NOT mincing words, thought I would share that Coach Kirby Smart, sir.






6 weeks ago we fired a guy who was NOT 1 of the top coaches over his last entire 8 years here a miserable freaking FAILURE vs top teams, a poor recruiter of Elite talent, and a guy who went from win 4 lose 1 game 5 of 2008 at 76-19 to win 3 lose 1 since. Ole Miss can have a $100 million gym to recruit talent and we can NOT ? Tomorrow night after the game we get our Coach Kirby Smart yet was hired 36 hours after FIRING the damn LOSER who really thought that there was something besides winning that’s important here. No there is NOT. Left us with the # 17 recruiting class Coach Kirby Smart has vaulted us to # 9 this morning ! We have 6 Scholarships remaining now.

We lose in the Great Exodus of the last remnants of the Dream Team 22 from this team this season, and have 16 Commitments this morning.


Coach Kirby Smart has Commitments from the # 1 Tight End this morning in the nation and he is the # 23 best football player in all of America and yesterday from another of the top recruits – both from Florida.


We are in fact now averaging with the bolster of these guys 4.5 stars for the guys Coach Kirby Smart has ADDED !


We did not lose anyone.



Isaac Nauta is really SMART.


Listen to him.


Soft hands and next year great special teams’ player for us too Isaac Nauta will play for 3 seasons and be one of the NFL Draft’s top picks followed by a 15-year NFL career.


6′ 4″ and 237 lbs he even LOOKS SMART !


But, listen to him !


This guy is really really SMART !


If you can not listen to someone and determine they are SMART as shit, let me tell you he proves it in this video at this URL Link.


He will play and force our QB to throw him the football.


Know why ?


Because he will catch EVERYTHING thrown to him.




The # 1 Tight End in the Nation.


And with the great Wide Receiver whose brother you will see be Alabama’s # 1 Wide Receiver tomorrow night again instantly we have HUGE MOMENTUM in RECRUITING for Coach Kirby Smart.


Yesterday I detailed Charlie Woerner and his Uncle Scott.


I have explained our schedule of Ole Miss next year and North Carolina one of the nation’s top teams in the Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Classic in Game one September 3.


Still in September we travel to Ole Miss.


These are 2 Quality foes !


Next after Ole Miss we face the vols who clearly are a Quality foe 2016.


We have to go to Jacksonville where our fired coach ended his career there LOSER of 11 of 16 games there at the damned Gator Bowl.


I have predicted 12-2 for Coach Kirby Smart his 1st season here.


That means we are going to WIN these type games for a change.


You obviously do not care about our program.


Guess what ?


The ELITE prospects DO !


And I have been telling you why for 8 years now !


( )


I told you the RECRUITING would get better after we finally fired him being as patient as we could these 8 years of HELL most recently.


You said I was wrong.


I studied it.  I researched it.  I provided the URL Links to the facts.


The state of Georgia is # 1 in sending recruits to The SEC.

The state of Georgia is # 3 in sending recruits to the Power 5 Conferences.

The state of Georgia is # 4 in sending recruits to any college.


Now all of a sudden as soon as he is FIRED Coach Kirby Smart has moved us up from # 17 in RECRUITING all the way to # 9 !


Cavin Ridley committed to us yesterday.


We have 6 remaining Scholarships with 21 maybe 22 gone all of whom started for us – the last of the Dream Team – and 16 Commitments leaving us with 6.


Look for these last 6 to be invested on guys who will play September 3.


4 and 5-Star guys.



( )


When our Coach does get here it will be finally The Good Ole Days !  And, he is not even here.  He was hired 36 hours after we FIRED your overrated guy propped up by mantras such as DREAM TEAM, there’s something more important here at Georgia than winning, and his record since 2001 was good when in his last 8 years he was a shell of the man prior.    You knew that.


We are set to fill our remaining 6 slots very well.


Guess what recruits say ?


That the Great Bulldog Nation is GREAT !


It would be nice if you could FINALLY get over the old FIRED COACH.


See if you can direct yourself to THAT !


The fired coach did all he could do to squirrel-up the # 2 QB Jake Eason flying out there the day before his boss of 6 entire years fired him which he knew therefore.




Coach Kirby Smart got him here anyway !


We are going to recruit BETTER now !


And, we will WIN !


I went to and read all yesterday’s blogs.  It was crazy how everyone still acts like the guy was NOT fired.  Yes he was.

We’re # 11 All-Time in Wins, and have all the resources certainly to be even better than that.

Instead, against other Top 15 teams, we’ve been # 40 nationally these most current 8 years !

# 40.


# 11


Elite prospects across the board have failed to want to come here.  And, you told ME to shut-up because I was telling folks just how miserable he was against these said Top 15 teams such as we are supposed to be at # 11 All-Time in Wins.  You told me I was telling the recruits something they did NOT know.  That if I were silenced they would flock here.  That THEY ALL were stupid as shit !  That they did NOT know.

I told you daily for 8 years that Elite Football Players want to WIN.


You are NOT winning when you play over the course of his last 8 years here 105 games 37-1 vs non-bowl teams and 36-31 vs bowl teams, which by the way then is 73-32 averaging therefore 4 losses a season for 8 years for which he was FIRED !


That SUCKS !


But not as badly as YOU do that 6 weeks ago today 29 November Sunday we fired the son of a bitch lying loser and here you ARE bragging on the bastard STILL.


You continue today to say the same bullshit about how he is you maintain 6 weeks later now a great college football coach.


No he is NOT.


He has not been for 8 years’ time now, and he isn’t going to be any better at Miami of Florida whom we are 7-4-1 against All-Time either.


He wants to go after our recruits with Thomas Brown ?  Who is he really going to get ?  Go ahead – who ?






He did not need a 9th Coordinator in 15 years, or a QB.  He needed to get the hell out of here.


Face the facts.


Your lies about him NEVER worked except amongst yourselves.


The recruits ALL KNEW.


That is why they did NOT come here.


Because collegiate recruits are SMART.  They do keep up with the sport.  They KNOW who are the teams winning.  They are NOT LIED TO ABOUT WINNING.


It is after all what they really focus on.


Who wants to go to a team that lost 12 times to unranked teams the most recent 8 years ?


Who wants to go to a team that lost 7 times by more than 3 TD the latest 8 years ?


6 weeks ago we fired a guy who was NOT 1 of the top coaches over his last entire 8 years here a miserable freaking FAILURE vs top teams, a poor recruiter of Elite talent, and a guy who went from win 4 lose 1 game 5 of 2008 at 76-19 to win 3 lose 1 since. Ole Miss can have a $100 million gym to recruit talent and we can NOT ?  Tomorrow night after the game we get our Coach Kirby Smart yet was hired 36 hours after FIRING the damn LOSER who really thought that there was something besides winning that’s important here.  No there is NOT.  Left us with the # 17 recruiting class Coach Kirby Smart has vaulted us to # 9 this morning !


Erk Russell will be # 19 College Football Hall of Fame and Charlie Woerner’s Uncle Scott just made 18

Erk Russell, every year would go to Vince Dooley and they would have it out over a player.  Erk would want him on Defense, and Vince complied.  Erk had this position he called Rover.  A guy who was back there to ruin the other team’s day.


18 times in 17 years here, Erk Russell’s Junkyard Dawg Defenses gave up 28 points.




We would leave our Seasons’ Tickets and go to the Railroad Tracks, and sometimes back.  Sometimes, we just reported to the Railroad Tracks by the Graveyard – and, stayed there eating our Seasons’ Tickets.


It was SO MUCH FUN !


THIS was THE GUY that made it so much FUN on the Railroad Tracks.


Trust me on this.




We had tons.




Charlie Woerner is enrolling now to catch passes from Jake Eason, but his uncle did everything !


He is bigger than his uncle.


Scott Woerner is so legendary in my life that I will never forget his exploits !


He not only had 13 interceptions for us, but when he got them, he took them back !


He returned punts for over 1,000 yards for us.


He returned kick-offs for another thousand.


He tackled.


He broke-up passes.


He took over games.


In the 192 games his Boss, Erk Russell, coached for us 135 were 17 points or fewer.


We never win the 1980 National Championship without the Consensus All-America and graduate of The University of Georgia Bulldogs Scott Woerner.


Scott Woerner is only 57.


He had 488 punt return yards 1980 alone for us.


He had 190 yards kick-off returns in one game.


When Erk Russell left after 1980 Scott was drafted by the Falcons.


I will never forget Scott Woerner !


Scott Woerner makes 18 College Football Hall of Fame !


Erk Russell will be # 19.




Glenn “Pop” Warner, 1951;

Bob McWhorter, 1954;

Frank Sinkwich, 1954, # 1 overall NFL Draft Pick;

Charley Trippi, 1959, # 1 overall NFL Draft Pick;

Vernon”Catfish” Smith, 1979;

Vince Dooley, 1994;

Bill Hartman, 1984;

Fran Tarkenton, 1987;

Wally Butts, 1997;

Herschel Walker, 1999;

Bill Stanfill, 1998;

Terry Hoage, 2000;

Kevin Butler, 2001;

John Rauch, 2003;

Pat Dye, 2006, 1st Team Consensus All-America 1958-1960;

Jim Donnan, 2009.

Jake Scott, 2011;

Scott Woerner, 2016.


Scott Woerner played in Jonesboro as both QB and DB.  Erk Russell had these conversations with Vince Dooley EVERY YEAR !


I want him.


No, I want him !


You always get the best ones Erk !


Scott also lettered at Jonesboro in Track, Basketball and Wrestling.


So, he lettered in 3 of the 4 sports I did, and 4 as well !


There are only 3 seasons.


I do not know how Scott Woerner lettered in both basketball and wrestling.  I was able to letter in both Baseball and Track because if there was a baseball game, I was the Starting Catcher my Junior and Senior Seasons.  If there was a Track Meet and no baseball game, I lettered in Track.  If there was baseball and track practices, I went to baseball.  My speed as 8th fastest in the state wasn’t going anywhere.


You have no idea how hard that is to letter in both basketball and wrestling as Scott Woerner did 3 times at Jonesboro High School !


Someone will have to ask him how he did it.  It would be one of my 1st questions to Scott.


Scott lettered here at UGA 4 times 1977-1980, was 1st Team Consensus All-America, 1st Team All-SEC Rover and # 1 Punt Returner in the United States of America !


1,916 return yards for Scott Woerner for us !


Scott Woerner intercepted a pass and defended a pass in the end zone during the fourth quarter of the 1980 Sugar Bowl to secure Georgia’s victory, and I recall yelling who caught that ball for us !  Everyone around us in our seats Scott Woerner !  Who else, I exclaimed !


Who else !


Scott Woerner was also on our Dean’s Lists and Honor Rolls and represents the Very Best of Scholastic Athletics !


( )


Scott Woerner the Proud State of Georgia’s # 1 College Football Prospect 1977 !


Instantly, in 1977 season for us, Scott returned 22 kick-offs for 546 yards !


Vince Dooley never started freshmen, not even Herschel Walker 3 years’ later, either !


Bragged about it !


But, his sophomore season Scott intercepted 4 passes and returned 22 punts for # 2 best in The SEC at 277 yards.


As a Defensive Player, Scott Woerner was listed on All Purpose Yards Top Annual Performances in The SEC !


Junior Season, 4 interceptions and again 2nd in The SEC Punt Returns.


He then beat Clemson by himself his Senior Season.  I am so proud of Scott Woerner and so happy to share my memories watching him mostly from the Railroad Tracks.


47 tackles 5 interceptions his Senior Season 1980 along with 15.7 yards per punt return – only defensive player listed in Top 10 All-Purpose Yards in The SEC !


He could have been our Quarterback.


Erk Russell, his boss, final season here.


Erk passed away in 2006 and has not yet been named to the College Football Hall of Fame, but he will be.


If anyone ever was, it was Scott Woerner and Erk Russell, his Boss.


They left together and forever are in my memory together.  Hopefully, in December this year 2016 Scott Woerner will say something about Erk Russell, how Vince and Erk fought over him, and how Erk played defense.


You are watching Coach Kirby Smart this season, and he too will make the College Football Hall of Fame as a Coach.


147 tackles 13 interceptions 1077 punt return yards can you even imagine watching him from the Railroad Tracks !


Oh, boy !


His nephew just enrolled in classes here and said : “I’m from Georgia, always been a fan, and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” Charlie told the AJ-C.


Breaking: Charlie Woerner commits to UGA (UPDATED)



( )


Uncle named College Football Hall of Fame 18th for us the very day he is enrolling in classes at UGA.


Imagine that !


How exciting !


And, humbling.


6′ 5″ 228 lbs 4.78 40-yard dash !  Beast. Good Lord !


Rabun County.


5th best Athlete in the United States of America !


45th best overall football player in the nation !




I know what Erk would say if he were here !,_L%E2%80%93Z)


I thought you should know from one who watched him every game from my seasons’ tickets and went to his bowl games, all of them !

Way to go Scott Woerner all-time HERO for me, and his brother’s son, Scott’s nephew,  can play DEFENSE Erk would be arguing right now !


He’s MY MAN !


No Tight End.


No Linebacker.


No Wide Receiver.


No Running Back.  Make him one of the Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016 and he will rush for over 1000 yards easily.  Rolls over them.  Have you seen him run the football ?


Good Lord what a beast running the ball.


No Rover !




Clemson has no business playing Alabama.

I like Deshaun Watson     whom our fired coach did not even offer until he had ALREADY COMMITTED TO CLEMSON because he said Hutson Mason and then Greyson Lambert were his choices instead.


He went to Gainesville High 39 miles away for the proven stupid fired “coach.”



He weighs maybe 199 lbs.




But Texas beat Oklahoma and Texas lost to 3-9 Iowa State even.


Clemson’s Official NCAA Strength of Schedule is NOT even in the Top 25 nationally.


Over there in the decrepit All Cupcake Conference, every year they produce some team who averages the # 17 recruiting class nationally and think they can play an SEC schedule with their slightly-built players.


Now, we learn that Dabo is his brother Tripp probably named for tripping all over himself, slobbering while he tries talk, trying to say that boy.  And, 3 days’ time before The National Championship Game, Dabo refuses to discuss Tripp’s arrest.





Alabama gets 6 Deshaun Watsons a year, every year across the board on their offense and defense.  Clemson maybe gets 1.


That’s why one team averages the best recruiting class in the nation and the other averages # 17.


# 1 Average Recruiting Ranking Alabama 6 top every year

# 17 Average Recruiting Ranking Clemson 1 top maybe a year


Alabama has played the # 1 Toughest Schedule Official NCAA Strength of Schedule this season.


Clemson not even top 25.


Alabama is going to destroy Clemson.


And, nice distraction for Dabo’s mental midget older brother Tripp.


3 days’ time before The National Championship Game while that horrible school Clemson, joke of a University, has requested that the NCAA not enforce their 20-hour limit on Clemson this week.


So they can TRY to prepare for Alabama.


Nice dedication to your Academics ACC !


You are NOT ready for Alabama.


SEC has the top Bowl Games’ Conference AGAIN this season and the stinking America’s Cupcake Conference AGAIN has the worst at 4-5 losing record ACC in Bowl Games this season to SEC 8-2 soon to be 9-2 SEC Bowl Game record this season.


I thought the ACC was supposed to be all these itty-bitty small schools with BETTER Academics than us ?


That’s what they say every day.


Isn’t it ?


U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges Rankings 2016 :


# 1 Princeton

# 47 Florida

# 61 U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges The University of Georgia

# 61 Clemson University


Deshaun Watson was 2-4 for 59 yards and a TD Pass against Georgia in his 1st game at Clemson last season and Dabo TOOK HIM OUT !


Clemson lost to EVEN us last year as a result.


This blog reported Deshaun Watson as a BEAST August 30, 2014.


I maintained having seen him then in person then that he was in fact the Best Quarterback on the Field last season for Clemson or for us.


But, Dabo Swinney took Deshaun Watson out of the game, and I criticized him the nanosecond he did.


Oklahoma isn’t any good Choke-la-homa.


North Carolina isn’t any good either.


Florida State isn’t any good.


The ACC isn’t any good.


Clemson isn’t any good.


Notre Dame isn’t any good.


# 1 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule Alabama

NOT even Top 25 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule Clemson




When your schedule is not even in the Top 25 and you are playing in The National Championship Game the last distraction the coach can afford is for his older brother who could not even say that boy Dabo came-out instead and now he Tripp is the topic of the day for his arrest 3 days’ prior while Clemson University asked for and gets special rules for them to practice more than 20 hours this week with their # 17 average recruiting ranking the 5 years’ worth with redshirt that make up their team of maybe one top player a class to Alabama’s 6 a class and # 1 Average Recruiting Ranking the 5 years’ worth making up their team this season who by the way has the # 1 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule to Clemson’s NOT even in the Top 25


Clemson Loses !


Alabama is picked by a TD.




It will not be that close.


National Championship Game: Alabama vs. Clemson – Picks Against The Spread, Total, Props



Men too many turnovers, not enough rebounds, no defense. Lady Bulldogs can NOT shoot !

Nothing new about either one.


Marjorie Butler Watch : 1 of 6  That is 16 % shooting Marjorie Butler .


Again !


Quit jacking the ball up.


I would bench your ass.


I do not care that we do not have a point guard.


Benched gal.


Caliya Robinson can shoot !


Pass the ball to her.  I told you she is a budding superstar !


Instead, 1 of 6 shooter shoots ?


Caliya Robinson 3 of 5.  60 %.




This is bad coaching.  This has gone on the entire career of our point guard, who was recruited here by Joni Taylor our coach.


Yet, Joni Taylor puts her right back out there.


And she JACKS it UP !


Doink !


She throws up bricks.


Worst shooter on the team takes 6 shots and the budding superstar takes fewer shots yet makes 3 times as many baskets.








This is where we Lost the game again tonight, again.  It sets a horrible example for the team when the man with the ball, dribbles the ball up-court and selfishly takes 6 shots while our budding superstar gets fewer shots when she is 1 of 6 EVERY FRIQIN’ game.


Same EVERY game.




I am the ONL Y person who can see this ?


Coach Andy Landers QUIT this team because of this kind of shooting for 4 years’ time now by Marjorie Butler.


No different last year, or year before or year before that, or this year.




Caliya Robinson plays 10 minutes and Marjorie Butler plays 40.


Not on my team.


I take her aside and have a talking to.


I then say it again to her in front of her teammates next.


Then, I bench her.


And, she sits.


Do NOT shoot the ball Marjorie Butler.


Whip-Around coverage by SEC Network tonight, and I saw really all of it.  It was good.  I like that !


29 % for the season this season, Marjorie Butler.


WTF are you doing gal ?


Forty (40) Three-point shots on the season.


Guess how many Marjorie Butler, who can NOT shoot, made of the 40 ?




17 % from beyond the arc.


Good Lord gal, how damn selfish !


Get lost Marjorie Butler.


Pack your bags.


Go to medical school.




We will suffer through it without a point guard.


Bye-bye now.


Don’t let the screen door slam on your sorry ass on the way out !


You pass the ball off those 6 shots to Caliya Robinson, we WIN !




Selfish !




Yes, Griffin was fouled on the arm on the baseline final shot.  She was all over her arm.  Defender reached out with her left arm and hacked her in the act from 3-point line down by 2 with 3 seconds remaining.  3 free throws.  We win that game !  Horrible officiating !


Doesn’t ALTER the fact that the game should have been won at HOME before that.




We have 29 more turnovers than our opponents.  And, it gets WORSE every game !


Look guys this is unacceptable.


If we pass you the ball and you are SO OUT OF CONTROL that you lose the ball to the opponents instead of this great shooting team around you making a basket, you are giving them 2 points and taking 2 points away from us.


Pretty simple game guys.


You throw the ball through the hoop, not throw the ball to the opponents, and you have 2 courts to PLAY.  Half the time you are playing defense trying to get THEM to turn the ball over to you, or miss.  DEFENSE.  We have no Defense.


Jeez Louise !


Men won last night against Missouri.  Missouri.  That hardly counts.


You LOST to Florida.








This is not working guys.  You need to look at little Frazier, J.J. as he gets 5 boards a game.  5 !


I would be ashamed of myself, if I played defense that poorly and could not block out underneath any better than that.


Disgraceful guys !


Frazier, J.J. gets 5 rebounds EVERY GAME and you sit there resting on defense, and let him get more rebounds than you.




Shame on YOU !


One guy only on the whole entire team gets more rebounds than what is he 5″ 9″ Frazier, J.J.  It has nothing to do with height it is ALL defense and staying between your man and the basket.  And, blocking out.


Move your feet.


Rest on the bench.


NOT on defense !


The Ladies can not shoot to save their souls and the Men turn the damn ball over play no defense and do not position themselves for rebounds.  I presume you neither are pleased ?


It is going to be a long season if y’all keep this up.


You’re not winning any fans over like this.  And, we won’t get our new gym playing like this Men or Ladies.



Why does NO BLOG and NO NEWSPAPER tell you Bryan McClendon got HIS TEAM ranked # 15 Massey Ratings # 19 Billingsley Report # 21 Colley Rankings # 22 Jeff Sagarin Ratings USA Today. 4 polls rank Bryan McClendon’s team from # 15 to # 22 in their final polls before Monday night’s 830 pm blow-out of Clemson by Coach Kirby Smart


# 15 Massey Ratings


# 21 Colley Rankings


# 19 Billingsley Report


# 22 Jeff Sagarin Ratings USA Today


Beating Penn State was huge for us.  Thank you Bryan McClendon !



Beating Penn State insures that Coach Kirby Smart will have our team ranked to begin the season.  All the polls will be updated after the mauling of Clemson January 11 2016.


That will be 4 of the last 7 for Coach Kirby Smart National Champion and 5 for Nick Saban (LSU.)



As you can see in the photo Georgie tek yellowjackets’ John F. Brock III and his wife Mary R. Indoor Practice Facility is 20-yards shorter not safe for the players “football field” poorly engineered while the new Erk Russell Indoor Practice Facility is 20 yards longer and a full football field with proper distance for run-off past the end zone. Far safer. 87600 square feet compared to our new 100800 square feet Erk Russell Indoor Practice Facility.

20 yards longer at 4 times the cost say you went and saw both : Which would you feel is a safer design ?  You do intend to get into the end zone right ?  Hit the steel wall at the back of the end zone or have another extra 10-yards at Georgia.  Which do you prefer ?  Which is better engineered ?

( )




( )


You tell me ?  Is that a full indoor practice facility or 80 % of one ?


Chairman and CEO of Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Enterprises CCE John F. Brock III and his wife Mary R. donated half the cost of the $ 7 million Brock Football Indoor Practice facility shown above.  They also donated twice that amount to Emory University.


Aren’t the garage doors sweet !


Our new Erk Russell Indoor Practice Facility is considerably newer and improved over the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ kinda sorta indoor practice facility at more than 4 times the cost.


87600 square feet compared to our new 100800 square feet Erk Russell Indoor Practice Facility.


Fran Tarkenton donated monies towards ours.


Coach Kirby Smart will not be able to use this 2016-2017 season, since they just broke ground now as they said they would.


Why in the world would you engineer and build one for kids nowhere near a whole football field with proper areas for safety for the kids at the ends before the kids run into a steel and cement wall head-on ?


What a joke.


Joke by Coke.




Losing 20 seniors and 2 juniors all who started for us, with 14 commitments, we have 8 scholarships available and so many needs. So many.

January 6, 2016 :


We must replace the ones we lose :


(1) Starting Right Offensive Tackle : John Theus Started all 13

(2) Starting Inside Linebacker : Jordan Jenkins, Started 10

(3) Starting Fullback : Quayvon Hicks, Started 3, 2014 6, 2013 6

(4) Starting Inside Linebacker : Jake Ganus, Started all 13

(5) Starting Wide Receiver : Malcolm Mitchell, Started all 13

(6) Starting Place Kicker : Marshall Morgan, played in all 13

(7) Starting Tight End : Jay Rome, Started 2015, 2014 and 2012

(8) Starting Wide Receiver bunch games here : Justin Scott-Wesley

(9) Starting Tailback 2013 and 2012 : Keith Marshall

(10) Starting Center : Hunter Long

(11) Starting Offensive Left Guard : Kolton Houston, Started all 13

(12) Starting Defensive End : Josh Dawson, Started 2014 and 2013

(13) Starting Defensive End : Sterling Bailey, Starter 11, 2014, 2013

(14) Starting Defensive Tackle : James DeLoach, Starter 3

(15) Starting Nose Tackle : Chris Mayes, Starter 12 and 8 2013

(16) Starting Cornerback : Devin Bowman Started 8 of 12 2014, 2012

(17) Starting Linebacker SLM : Junior Leonard Floyd leaving

(18) Starter as Kicker : Patrick Beless Started 2 in 2013

(19) Starting Punter : Collin Barber, was our Punter the 1st 10

(20) Starting Long Snapper : Nathan Theus

(21) Starting Outside Linebacker Junior Tim Kimbrough Up-coming Senior damn few of those Mark Richt left with 2 seniors and 6 juniors on the 2-deep Kirby got from Mark Richt.  Tim Kimbrough Started 7 games then Mark Richt demoted him then Bryan McClendon suspended him why ?  grades?



We need QB no more messing around # 104 Pass Offense Greyson Lambert

This bullshit of having # 104 acceptable and pussies say keep him there has cost his boss his job along with that same bullshit the year before too with Hutson God Damn Freaking Mason.

We need RB. We needed more RB this season. We lose bowl game without   Keith Marshall.  It was he that sustained the drives late when our wimp-ass QB refused to try to throw the ball so he could KEEP his job by NOT throwing an interception !  He alone that let us try to look like we were playing football on offense, special teams or defense !

Evander’s son – we need MORE !

Your RB are supposed to be returning kick-offs.  Can’t wait for Beamer Ball !

If he can figure out what we’ve got the way we jerked players around and never played them, or if played them, never threw the God Damn Ball to them.

We need WR  Isaiah Mackenzie fumbles too much and drops passes too small

Isaiah Mackenzie is also a liability off the field besides all his fumbles, drops, small

I cannot speak to the FB until I see our offense on the field but I can tell you this this bullshit offense we’ve run here for 15 years is out-of-date antiquated and no damn good, uncompetitive unless you like beating non-bowl teams 37-1 last 8 years ?  Well did you punks ?


Offensive Tackles  Shit we need Offensive Tackles We need 4 Offensive Tackles 3 at the minimum


Center Why do other teams recruit Centers who can snap and block ?  I have all the faith in the world in Sam Pittman, but we need to sign some damn OL besides the 1 we have committed Ben Cleveland and he is a probably a Offensive Guard too !  I have not seen him yet, but he probably is Offensive Guard.


We need a kicker to walk-on.


We need a punter to walk-on.


These are NOT scholarship players until one on the roster we have many of now and more coming 2016 from the previous commitments we have to keep, are gone – leave or quit.


We have WASTED scholarships 2016.  Guys who have no desire to prove their worth.  For God’s sake, if they want to leave, help them !


Greyson Lambert TOP OF THAT LIST !


Do it the right way and lose ?


The Georgia Way is to WIN God Damn it !


Every year, our fired coach recruited all kinds of FLUFF picks and wasted the roster spots.  You do not have that luxury and we have several commitments who fit that bill for 2016.  We have been TOTALLY SHUT-OUT on commitments since our SWOON from grace going from # 6 all the way out of the AP and Coaches’ Polls both.

As I have reported here this year, Bryan McClendon got Bryan McClendon’s team ranked in both the AP and Coaches’ Polls now.  Great for that, but that damn bowl performance sucked.  It demonstrated all the needs we have rolled up into one.


And the coaching was horrendous. Up by 1 score them zero time-outs remaining, us at their 22-yard line and Patrick Beless never missed an extra point or field goal made them ALL his entire career here including being our starter several games 2013 when Marshall Morgan was suspended.  And, we WENT FOR IT.  Handed them the ball at the 25-yard line on a play call that started too deep and right into the teeth of that which they hoped we would try against their stifling front 7.  That was bullshit.  1:52 left on the clock.  Give me a damn break.  You go up by 2 scores dumbass with 1:52 remaining and them no time-outs at their 22.


Jesus Christ !


If you do not know this stuff, shut the friq up so the rest of us who do know, can TELL YOU God Damn It !


We were up by 3 TD like we were when we LOST to the vols.


We could not run the ball when our 2 guys got tired.  We could not pass the ball unless someone other than Greyson Lambert tried to throw the ball down the field.


We went into a prevent defense and put no pressure on their back-up QB.


We did nothing on special teams.


We played like shit up by 3 TD !


We had no answer.


We quit playing.

God Damn it !


We have THAT to fix too.  Coaching decisions in the game.


We need a Tight End who will MAKE them throw the ball to him !




And, trophy for everyone walk-ons on Special Teams not our best players.


In the bowl game ahead by 3 TD, and us with pussies at QB we need to MOVE THE BALL away from our goal line for our quickly tiring defense sent out there time and again to bail-out our FAILED QB and failed special teams.


And, our special teams has a kick-off pooched kicked to them at the 32 and we call a fair catch and stand around for 5 seconds before ANYONE is ANYWHERE NEAR THEM.


Put our hands in our pockets and wait for them to even show up to make us sway-side-from-side and look stupid – like well I think I called a time-out, didn’t I when I raised my arm for the fair catch ?


I dunno.


Let me shuffle my feet and see what happens.


Maybe I should have tried to go downfield 3 feet ?


Our ball !


We win !


Them all the momentum and that just ADDING TO IT !


Being pussies  and practicing like pussies and acting like pussies and God Damn Demanding Excellence at obeying the rules on and off the field.  Discipline.  Punishment, which is NOT discipline, we had down pat.


Top teams, especially not at Sanford – shit for 8 years, we lost them all.


Bowl Teams – God Damn it, if they were a bowl team, for the last 8 years here now, we won but 36 while losing 31 with that son of a bitch washed up bullshit artist liar.


This is totally unacceptable and is going to require an entire attitude adjustment by those other than the 22 leaving in The Great Exodus after beating Penn State.


As the players, multiple senior leaving players reported pre-bowl game, we NEVER had reasonable practices in the old regime – especially for Bowl Games, so he would’ve lost that damn game.  Glad as Hell he is friqin’ gone, but other than the 22 leaving after that game in The Great Exodus – the END and LAST of the bullshit named DREAM TEAM, we have an entire CULTURE CHANGE this new coaching staff faces for EVERYONE other than the 22 LOST in The Great Exodus.


All of whom STARTED for us.


This is 2016.  You throw the God Damn Freaking Football !


This is not 1942.


This is college football.


You have DYNAMIC QUARTERBACKS in college.




Slot Cam Newton at Tight End only.


Aaron Murray cough cough better than Cam Newton, so TE only for him!


He beat the ever-living shit out of Aaron Murray with his # 27 won/lost record with ALL THIS DAMN WASTED TALENT all around him both sides of the ball and could’ve been Special Teams too.


The bullshit NOT MISSES but game manager type the previous FIRED regime warmed up to and defended against all comers as BETTER Quarterbacks was such bullshit when EVERY OTHER COACH in America goes with the more talented, and taught them.  If that was under fire on the job teaching, it was ONLY because the God Damn Coach CARED and tried in practice but needed game experience.


We have to practice Special Teams in the freaking G-Day Game coming-up.


We need to manage these roster spots far better.  One we need to quit kicking them off.  And, two, we need better depth at all positions, not lies that the ones we have at weakened positions we will STAND-PAT WITH.


We need to move players around.


How can we stand-pat at RB ?  How ?


How can we stand-pat at QB ?  Good Lord, you are ninnies writing that bullshit.  God Damn You dumbasses !


How can we stand-pat on EITHER LINE ?


How in the name of God ?


All these LOST Linebackers, and there is NO SENSE OF URGENCY on our blogs about WHAT THE HELL WE NEED there either ?


Dumb shits.

Just shut-up then, and let the rest of us speak.


The Bulldog Nation is made up of a clique of pussies who never played the game and have nothing but URL Links to OTHERS where they copy the URL Link and don’t even understand what they’re freaking reading and it is made up of a quite a few very knowledgeable ones who tried to tell you that he WOULD BE GONE, not here, as you promised AFTER the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game.


Who know what we need !


How can we stand pat at WR ?  How ?


How can we stand-pat with that which we have who have not beat shit in 8 years’ time now ?


We need players on the roster taking a damn Scholarship to either get on the field and produce or friqin’ piss off.


Or, find a spot on the roster where they can contribute.


We need to act like MEN not pussies about our valuable Scholarships.


We need Coaches who are going to work with what we have, and play to the strength of the players ON THE ROSTER.  Not put guys in to give Starter a blow, and have them run the same freaking plays, if they are different skill set.


We had no brain trust, but dumbasses !


We need to have someone hold a class on time-outs.  Surely someone has developed a program where coaches are taught the NFL book on what the friq to do given score, time-outs, and distance.




Time-Outs BELONG ONLY to the Head Football Coach Kirby Smart !


They do NOT belong to Greyson Freaking Lambert to use-up whenever he fiddle-foks-around and lets the damn play-clock run down.

He has NO sense of urgency and he is NOT a Starting QB.


Aggravating as hell watching this freaking team for 8 freaking years.  And, God Damn you PUSSIES supporting that bullshit as great.  God Damn You !


4 losses a season for 8 years is NOT FREAKING GREAT assholes.


It is NOT “solid.”


“Solid year 2015”  ?


Friq you for saying that !


Our best win was over 2-6 SEC Auburn !


Quit trying to wiggle in your seats to come-up with some term you rename when you have PROVEN beyond a shadow of the doubt that you KNOW nothing about this freaking game.




29 teams 29 have 10-win seasons 2015 and our best win is over 2-6 SEC Auburn.


God Damn it.


God Damn you.


Our goal here at Georgia is NOT to be # 29.


And, YOU are “AMAZED” we could get to even a 10-win season with this bickering amongst itself coaching staff and players in mutiny ?


You are so FOS saying that !


26 seasons The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs have won 80 % of our games.


26 times


16 times we played and mostly won bowl game end of the season with  both teams top final AP Poll.


We have the # 1 State for sending recruits to The SEC.


We have the # 3 State for sending recruits to the Power 5 Conferences.


We have the # 4 State for sending recruits to ANY college any level.


# 29 is NOT my freaking God Damn Pissant Frigin Goal !


You pissant mother fokers.


Quit talking about 10-win season as some goal for pussies like you !


Shut the friq up !


Not with this talent in this state.


Unacceptable, and nothing else fits the description of it, especially with 7 blow-out losses these 8 years by MORE than 3 TD.


12 losses to unranked teams time of game or for season 8 years.


Lost nearly every game not at Sanford against ranked teams.


Lost nearly every ranked game.


Could not beat our way out of a freaking God Damn Paper Bag.


Stick it up your ass supporting that bullshit and bragging on him still today.




Such a huge God Damn Rebuilding effort ahead of us.

And, 6 weeks and 2 days without a freaking coach, although 36 hours after 29 November, we named him hired him paid him.


We are behind the God Damn Freaking 8-Ball !


12-2 for 2016.


And, no that is NOT acceptable !




It is what it is because of YOU !  You have personally done ALL YOU COULD POSSIBLY MUSTER to Friq up this God Damn Football Program # 11 All-Time in Wins and Top 5 in Bowl Games.


I want to play a top team ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll at the end of the season, ANY freaking season – like we’ve done 16 times prior to this freaking FIRED regime now gone with YOU in here on the Internet BRAGGING on the son of a bitch !


We won nearly all 16 of those huge bowl games everyone watching national elite status on the line.


Big Games.


To end the season.


Not ones during the season, all of which we freaking LOST !




You’re the problem around here.


Have been.




Will be !




# 104 Passing Offense and we need to start Greyson Piss-Off Freaking Lambert because a Freshman God Damn it is not as good as he is.


Friq you dumbasses.


Holding us back.


Look at what THIS BLOG wrote when we played Clemson years ago !


Go ahead and look.


I said THEN during the game that Deshaun Watson was a beast. That they were playing the wrong God Damn Quarterback as we did too in that game against Clemson.  We lose that game if they had not taken Deshaun Watson OUT of the game.


I saw IT !


He was a LOT better than ANY other QB that day.


I don’t know or care what you watch.


But, you are PUSSIES.


The freaking lot of you.


You have held this program back for 8 years now.


You can stick it up your ass !


I am tired of the bullshit in the Bulldog Nation.  The Bulldog Nation is splintered into freaking factions because of you !


Did you hear me ?


You have done all you can to RUIN this Proud Program and NOW we have to FIX IT because of you.


Making his job such a cushy one that EXCUSES and goals besides WINNING that you heralded TOO as that which we aspire !


The hell we have goals besides winning that’s important here !


The freaking hell !


We have a lot of needs and 8 scholarships remaining.


Unless some of these pussies want to leave wasting spots on our roster.


You need a starter at every position and a FRESH guy on the bench to give him a blow.


Not some other starter you can move into that position.


We don’t even know what a 2-deep is.


It is 2 accomplished guys, with a back-up to them trying with all his heart !


That’s what a 2-deep is in The SEC !


It’s 3-deep !


We don’t have that and play around on the OL going years and years letting EVERYONE else come in here and take our OL in Georgia FROM US !


I am damn tired of your bullshit when you don’t know shit about college football.


Not shit.


Quit writing blogs where you copy some freaking URL Link from someone who does and add 1 sentence off the frqiin’ topic.


Quit telling us, our coaches, our players, and our Dysfunctional Bulldog Nation squabbling amongst ourselves who are the real fans of the program and how you are better than they as fans because you support the bullshit FIRED freaking coach, how GREAT WE ARE every off-season.


Followed by your EXCUSES after we average 4 losses a season for 8 years.


Shut the friq up.


We have work to do !


And, you are holding us back.


We need the Elite high school football players to come here and for us to  hand them the ball, and you would not know a player or a coach if one bit you in the ass.


The reason why we’re # 16 in the Recruiting Rankings is because like Todd Gurley II told you his final season here that he too was sick and tired of losing and being God Damn Freaking Mediocre and because ONCE AGAIN this season we got the shit knocked out of us twice on the Big Stage with all the marbles on the line and a 3rd time against a team who we had a 3 TD lead against who was unranked and still was until their bowl game who would’ve then been unranked for the season too – had we not lost all these games, AGAIN !


God Damn it !


One of the guys we want really badly now is the # 1 athlete in the nation, and we invited him to our house to watch the game with me in the driving rain and HE SAID WE DID NOT COME READY-T0-PLAY.


He might come here now, now that Coach Kirby Smart HE SAID DID BRING HIS PLAYERS READY-TO-PLAY.


That’s what he said at the game !


So, shut the friq up and let the rest of us who do know and have proven for years how silly childish and STUPID your comments online on the Internet about our Program have been are.  Let us have our say.


You feel sorry for us ?


Jesus Freaking Christ numbnuts !


You have no motivation now ?


Poor little God Damn Freaking Pussies !


Let us talk.


Your guy got FIRED.


And, so were you with him therefore supporting his sorry ass and BRAGGING that you WOULD BE RIGHT that he’d be back after the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game you GUARANTEE !


Now, whining TODAY that you’re freaking amazed we could even GET TO 10-win season amid the turmoil of the FAILED regime’s staff amongst themselves and the resultant therefore MUTINY by the players.


Shut up !


We have work to do.



I love this Man Coach Dell McGee ! Now, what is this bullshit of competing with Jake Eason ? What you think you’re in charge still ? You got FIRED when I FIRED your wimp-ass liar you bragged would still be here coaching. You ain’t in charge of shit. I know who this Man is Coach Dell McGee. Here, let me tell you just whom it is this Man is Coach Dell McGee.

Again, now Thomas Brown is my hero.  Here 1 year, he chooses to get a title and a raise to work for a dumbass.  Head-scratching to me when Coach Kirby Smart was SO OPEN about his love of Thomas Brown too !


2 of my personal heroes, battling it out in public to one show no love to and the other nothing but the highest of praises.


Trade Thomas Brown for this man’s Man Coach Dell McGee ?


Do you even remember who this Coach Dell McGee is ?


HE is the MAN who stepped-up to the table and gave Coach Kirby Smart’s FIRED PREDECESSOR such hell.


I mean.


He booted that dumbass off his campus.   He picked up his considerable toys and picked up his welcome mat and left us holding the bag.  He made us look bad.


I have NOTHING BUT RESPECT for this Man Coach Dell McGee !


You pussies should take note !


Division 1-A FBS Head Football Coach Dell McGee.


Undefeated college football coach.


One of the most accomplished coaches in all of America !


Carver-Columbus State Champions AAA Georgia Head Football Coach too.


I was certain Georgia Southern University would make him their head coach.


They did.


Then, they left him there undefeated, and did not hire him as head coach for next year.


Big mistake.


Not sure Coach Dell McGee will quickly forget that, either !


But, Coach Kirby Smart scooped him up.




I love this man, Coach Dell McGee !


He has been my hero for a long while now.  He got on MY RADAR when I was having problems with Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor’s dumbass stupid shit myself.


Booted him from EVER stepping foot on his campus.  NEVER allowed to recruit one of his players EVER AGAIN !


Thank you Coach Dell McGee, sir !


We needed people like you to help men like myself make this Great Bulldog Nation realize what was going on here at my alma mater, necessitating you being hired here to replace that staff, now finally all these years of bullshit since sir !


How ironic !


You hired to replace that staff that PISSED YOU OFF !


I used you as fodder against the old regime here since.


Now, Georgia Southern University hires you as HEAD COACH, lets you coach the team and you go UNDEFEATED !


Nice !


Now, we get you a seasoned veteran head football coach.  As our Running Backs’ Coach.


Oh, boy !


I can’t wait !


Maybe this will convince graduate scholar-athlete 6th year eligibility Medical Redshirt Keith Marshall to return for his final year ?


If not, I am quite sure the kids will FLOCK as running backs to have THIS MAN COACH them.


For as long as we can groom him, and then the Coach Kirby Smart tree can begin because Coach Dell McGee is the next College Football Head Coach.


Whiff by Georgia Southern University Eagles !




Coach Dell McGee played at Auburn in The Mighty SEC !


Auburn grad.


Drafted NFL Draft 5th Round !


Football Player at the HIGHEST LEVEL !


Smart, this man is SMART !


This is a man of Extreme Integrity !


Do you know what folks say about this MAN, this Coach ?


Coach Dell McGee COMMANDS respect !


You let him slip through your fingers, you just messed-up !


He played against us and I watched him.  He played us just before Coach Kirby Smart played for us.  Ray Goff era.


Coach Dell McGee is young, only 42.  He played in the NFL.


Played NFL.


Born September 7, 1973 Columbus, Georgia !


Georgia boy like myself.


He is a lifetime football coach.


He coached on OFFENSE at Auburn !


89-19 Record Head Coach High School and College Head Coach Record !




That’s better than Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor ever did !


Anytime !


I am telling you this is the next college football head coach.


We will pay  him a TON to stay here !


Coach Kirby Smart might name him Assistant Head Football Coach.


I would.


Now !


Here’s his Twitter :



The Recruits are LINING-UP NOW !


Wait for the announcements !






Columbus, GA


That’s where


Don Bessillieu


went too !


Remember Don Bessillieu ?


I sure do.


He played with Miami Dolphins’ Jake Scott !


He was on all those teams, and played for Georgia tek yellowjackets before Don Bessillieu went to Miami in the NFL too.


Coach Dell McGee played in the games in the NFL for the 1998 Arizona Cardinals.


Carver-Columbus had not had a winning record in 9 years when he took over.  His 88-19 there got everyone’s attention.  He went undefeated one year, 2007 and won the Georgia State Championship !


8 years he was their head coach.


Then, he worked at Auburn on the Offensive Side of the ball.


Stand-out player for Auburn.


He and Coach Kirby Smart both played the same position.




State semi-finals 5 years in a row !


All-America Jarvis Jones and Georgia Bulldogs’ Favorite player, was his player !


That’s right.


Coach Pat Dye recruited Coach Dell McGee to Auburn !


He lettered there all 4 years, and graduated as the Starter at Auburn his Junior and Senior Seasons.


He played on Auburn’s undefeated team !


They would not have been undefeated without him.


He is an Auburn HERO !


He is my hero.


Like Tracy Rocker !


Coach Dell McGee is also a track star, like myself.


He beat the shit out of his Bowl Opponent 58-27 as Head Coach for Georgia Southern University Eagles !


It was like watching Georgia Southern of Erk Russell !


They were picked to LOSE !


I thought Sam Pittman was a great hire !


Coach Dell McGee is a great football coach !


The kids adore and worship this MAN Coach Dell McGee !


The kids will follow Coach Dell McGee wherever he leads them !


Sight unseen.


No questions asked.


I listened to all those interviews back in 2009 and watched him stand up for his men at Carver-Columbus on Atlanta News’ stations.  It was a BIG DEAL !


He has had MY RESPECT since.


His coaching career is fixing to TAKE-OFF !


Up and COMER, arrived ALREADY !  Coach Dell McGee !


Yeah !


Yeah !


Yeah !


Want to be 1st Team in The Mighty SEC !


Want to be Drafted in the NFL Draft !


Want to play in the NFL !


Coach Dell McGee can tell you how to do that and graduate !


All that !


Coach Dell McGee also was the Athletics Director at Carver-Columbus !


“He just made guys jell together.” Riyadh Jones, who graduated from Carver in 2011 and just signed to play at the University of Tennessee out of junior college, said McGee’s impact came in a lot of ways.  “It starts with him being a great person,” Jones said. “Also, he’s a great coach. He had a great staff and everything. He saw great things in us and he made us keep working hard. I’ll never forget that.”   D.J. Jones, former Tiger, Georgia Bulldog and current Bi-City radio personality, spoke of McGee’s ability to take Carver to the next level among the state’s elite.  “Dell took Carver to the next level,” he said. “Once he got his system in place, the program took off.   “I’ve had the opportunity to watch Dell come in as a young coach and see his maturity and growth. He called on former coaches, myself, other guys that were respected in the football community, and he was just a sponge. Watching him grow each and every season, it’s no surprise Auburn scooped him up. He took his team to the next level, and now he’s ready to go to the next level.”   Former players and colleagues also spoke highly of the impact McGee had on his student-athletes off the field as well.”

“Sometimes he’d even give you a call,” Riyadh Jones said. “Not all coaches do that. He’s always looking out for his guys.” “A lot of guys didn’t have fathers period,” Furr said. “A lot of guys looked up to him as a father figure. He’d help the team bond as a family. It let’s me know he cares. There are people who have been in my life a lot longer than Coach has, and I’ve received more texts and calls from him. It means a lot.”  Lindsey and Muscogee County athletic director Gary Gibson spoke similarly of the impact McGee had on academics at the school, as well.  “What I saw is Coach McGee giving kids an avenue to higher education,” Gibson said. “He gave students the tools they needed to make that possible.”  “People don’t realize athletics and academics go hand in hand,” Lindsey said. “He came in with an attitude of discipline and that he wouldn’t put up with a lot. He made the kids work hard in everything they do.”

“He made players like me learn how to step up and be leaders on and off the field,” he said in a message to the Ledger-Enquirer, adding in a post on Twitter that McGee named certain players leaders so that they could carry on the tradition going forward.”

Head Coach Dell McGee at Carver:

2005: 3-7

2006: 12-2 (AAA state semifinals)

2007: 15-0 (AAA state champions)

2008: 11-3 (AAA state semifinals)

2009: 11-2 (AAA state quarterfinals)

2010: 13-1 (AA state semifinals)

2011: 12-2 (AA state semifinals)

2012: 11-2 (AAA state quarterfinals)

CARVER RECORD | 88-19 (67-13 reg season, 21-6 playoffs)

Head Coach Dell McGee Georgia Southern University Eagles
2015:  1-0 ( Bowl Game 58-27 over favored opponent !)
Overall Head Coach record Division 1-A FBS and AAA Georgia High School 89-19.
They did not know who Coach Dell McGee is.
I have for all his life.
I have watched him play.
I have followed his coaching career.
I listened to what the recruits to Georgia have SAID about him.
I have watched Atlanta News Stations on TV interview him.
I know who he is.
Auburn’s cornerback.
I will tell you this, any recruit will fall in love with Coach Dell McGee.
And, I thought Sam Pittman was a great hire !
Coach Dell McGee’s opponent had already beat teams like Purdue this season, and they had NO IDEA what they were running into in Coach Dell McGee in the GoDaddy Bowl.
Now, Purdue’s QB in that game who LOST to Georgia Southern University Eagles’ Bowl Game Opponent to Coach Dell McGee, is being traded from Purdue to Florida, instead of the QB Coach Dell McGee on Offense here at Georgia gets to work with # 2 QB nationally, Jake Eason.
Purdue won 2 games all season.  Nice trade there Florida Jake Eason for whatshisname :
Purdue Boilermakers quarterback Austin Appleby transferring to Florida Gators after he lost to Georgia Southern’s Bowl opponent as Purdue won 2 games all season.
Nice Florida.
So you thought you were getting Jake Eason Florida instead you are left with but Austin Appleby.  Good coaching job there Jim McElwain.
Got the short end of that stick boy.
You call him Jacob Eason because you are a dumbass.
Buzz saw.
That’s what they ran into.
A seasoned veteran head football coach with EVERTHING ready for them.
They’re still turning over in their sleep watching his RUNNING BACKS ram it down their throats !
Coach Dell McGee scored TWICE every quarter !
Coach Dell McGee sent 7 guys out there to run for 452 yards on their asses !
He poured it on.
Coach Dell McGee scored eight (8) Touchdowns on them.
After he scored the 1st TD, they drove the ball for the tying score and noticed the attention to detail Coach Dell McGee BLOCKED the extra point.
And, returned that
All the way for the 2 points !
This MAN can COACH !
He put his fastest man on the left corner and prepared for how he wanted their extra points, blocked !
He had 26 First Downs and had the ball more than TWICE as long as they.
They were supposed to LOSE !
Coach Dell McGee was cheated out of his 1st Bowl Game last season.  He damn well earned it.
Make Coach Dell McGee our Special Teams’ Coach.  He can handle two duties !
Coach Dell McGee led the nation in rushing as the RUNNING BACKS’ Coach last year and this year !
His 1-year at Auburn where he was hired as coach there from Carver-Columbus, he helped Auburn make it to the Final BCS National Championship Game !
Head Football Coach Under Armour High School All-America Game Coach Dell McGee !
I lettered in track 4 years.
So did Coach Dell McGee !
Another of my heroes Tom Herman won the 2014 Broyles Award as the top assistant coach in The United States of America.  Coach Dell McGee was in the running for that.
Coach Kirby Smart won that Broyles Award too !
They officially recognized Coach Dell McGee.
I officially recognized Coach Dell McGee a LONG time ago !
At half-time in the Bowl Game Coach Dell McGee had a come to Jesus meeting in the locker room with his players.
They SHUT THEM OUT in the 2nd half.
It is the MOST points scored in a Bowl Game by a Sunbelt Conference team, ever !
And, they were supposed to LOSE !
I would NOT have bet against him !
The fans of MANY other programs love this MAN Coach Dell McGee !
Charles Odum is a famous sportswriter on THIS BLOG and has many great articles we have followed and he interviewed Coach Dell McGee a few years ago now that I wrote about a LOT at the time and since about THIS MAN Coach Dell McGee !
“Carver-Columbus coach Dell McGee said Wednesday he exchanged text messages with Crowell after the suspension was announced.    “He made a mistake. Hopefully he’ll learn from it,” McGee told The Associated Press. “He said it won’t happen again. Only time will tell.”
No one seems to notice this stuff except for me.  I talked about it quite a bit, that his Coach Dell McGee told him in PUBLIC how WRONG he was and needed to FIX IT !
This is a FINE MAN Coach Dell McGee.
We all know who he is !
I sure as shit do !
Our dumbass former “coach” told him that he loved him.  That he was sure he was great and no issues.  All forgiven.
Read again what Coach Dell McGee said to him in PUBLIC to Charles Odum ?
Time will tell if he has learned his damn lesson or not.  This is bad, and promised me that he understood me that he had DONE WRONG !
I love you.  You are great.  I will play you all the time instead of the other hard-working student-athletes who failed no drug test prior to Florida game.
I will hold the news that this happened.
You are forgiven !
Wimp-ass son of a bitch.
Play you against Florida.
Then admit you failed the test Thursday BEFORE Florida game !
NEXT Coach Dell McGee story :
Carver-Columbus head coach Dell McGee said. “He apologized. I just stated, you know, you won’t be welcome on our campus for a while. He understood that and he actually stated that he would do the exact same thing. He said he respects us, respects our program, and respects us for standing up for our kids in our program.”
Why is there NO BLOG no newspaper no one who remembers ALL this ?
Why no blog discusses any of this ?
Just me ?
Hell, it was BIG NEWS !
I damn sure remember it !
You guys suck writing blogs and newspaper stories about Coach Dell McGee !
What would you do without me ?
Have nothing to say ?
Uh, yes.
He banned the dumbass from his freaking campus !
A MAN Coach Dell McGee !
I have a LOT of respect for ALL this !
If you all wanted LITTLE ole ME to write a write-up a BIO of Coach Dell McGee, I believe I have done so !

“I say that to show them that the incident that occurred wasn’t appreciated,” McGee said. “The biggest thing is, the University of Georgia knew, they had knowledge of he and his parents coming there for the weekend. For them not to communicate that they had rescinded that offer before that was not very professional.”


“We have a lot of kids and just being from Georgia, we’re going to have a lot of kids that want to go there as Georgia Bulldogs fans. When an incident like this occurs with one of the players and we still have those remaining players in our program, it opens their eyes and could deter them from going to Georgia.”

You’d have to be a moron to write about Coach Dell McGee and not say all this, wouldn’t you ?
It is who he is !
We are in EXCELLENT hands with Coach Dell McGee.
Is he better than Thomas Brown as Running Backs’ Coach for The Georgia Bulldogs  ?
Want me to change the name of this blog ?
I don’t know.  Maybe y’all don’t read the news.
Maybe you can not remember a damn thing.
I don’t know what your problem is.
I frankly don’t give a shit.
Damn it, this is a Great MAN Coach Dell McGee !
I thought you should know just whom it is we hired since no one on the Internet has so much as bothered to TRY to tell you.
No one.
Read this.
Take you 5 minutes.
Follow the MAN Coach Dell McGee the rest of your life, as I have !
Now, what is his bullshit that we don’t know who our damn Quarterback is for North Carolina September 3?
Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic.
This guy we got lead the team in fumbles this season.  He is # 109 in Passing nationally.  He has no balls and refuses categorically to TRY to throw the ball downfield afraid to throw a pick !  He has no mobility.  His forearms are under-developed.  His hands are under-developed.  He has no ability to escape.  His is totally incapable of going through his progressions.  He LOST his starting job to a guy who has now LEFT the program who at game time had ZERO snaps at QB all season.  Forget starting experience, he had NO SNAPS at QB ALL SEASON LONG, and took his job.  What the hell does that tell you ?  He fails to throw to his open Tight Ends.  I see guys downfield as a db, and he NEVER LOOKS at them !  He stands back there ALL DAY staring-down his one guy he tries to look at.  I never saw a QB stand back there that long.  It has NOTHING to do with WR.  He had Terry Godwin and Malcolm Mitchell.  It has NOTHING to do with OL.  He had ALL DAY, every snap.  He throws the ball horribly.  He misses his target by a freaking mile !
You want another Matthew Stafford and Joe Tereshinski III bullshit where we were TOLD that Joe Tereshinski III is a BETTER QB than Matthew Stafford and start Joe Tereshinski III instead you bunch of pussies ?
You start Jake Eason.  Jacob you STILL call him despite his Dad.
You’re dumbasses !
You’ve proven it again and again.
You only get Jake Eason for 3 years.
THIS no different !
I don’t care what kind of bourbon you drink.  I don’t drink alcohol.  What I care about is getting the top players in here and getting them the damn ball for a freaking change !
You do what you friqin’ want.
You will anyway.
You would NOT know a football coach if he bit you in the ass !
This coaching staff of Coach Kirby Smart, Tracy Rocker, Coach Dell McGee and Sam Pittman are going to be GREAT for Jake Eason.
I can’t wait to share with you about it all.
Congratulations on this BIG PROMOTION for you Coach Dell McGee, sir.  I am so proud to have you join us here after all these years of following all your unreal exploits !
We’ll have you for as long as you will have us, sir.
We’ll pony up the cash !
And if I wanted to know about someone – you’d be the last person on earth I’d ask with YOUR DAMNED TRACK RECORD !
On all these other blogs who can not even be bothered to remind you of this HISTORY of Coach Dell McGee because it hurts their pride to discuss Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor frqin’ it up with dumbass shit time and time again against Coach Dell McGee.
Finally 2009, Coach Dell McGee had it out in PUBLIC with Coach Kirby Smart’s dumbass predecessor.
Now, Sam Pittman is a rock star.  You want a rock star, do you ?  Coach Dell McGee is a rock star.  Coach Kirby Smart is a rock star.  Tracy Rocker is a rock star.
This is a LOT better staff than ANYTHING Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor ever put together !

Jake Eason’s Dad says Sam Pittman ! Drudgery until after next Monday start anew ? Good Lord ! Just quit then. You are so FOS. Give it up! And, just when I am so pumped ! Now, Jeff Sagarin Poll moves Bryan McClendson’s team up to # 22. And, so we bid adieu to 21 and maybe 22 all whom Started for us. The last of the Dream Team. # 14 Malkom Parrish leaps 42″ and Lorenzo Carter then jumps 42″ and they both then bat the ball down with BOTH HANDS EMPHATICALLY after Sterling Bailey was all over Trace McSorley who had to heave the Hail Mary through his arms as Blue Bloods Penn State Nittany Lions and Georgia Bulldogs battle it out to the buzzer 24-17 UGA ! Bryan McClendon gets Georgia ranked in AP and Coaches’ Final Polls ! How exciting ! 29-19-3 UGA Bowl Record which is Top 5 All-Time in Bowl Games. We beat Penn State ! The SEC Wins Bowl Challenge 2015-2016 at 8-2 while Pac-12 pedestrian 6-4, and while Big 10 does NOT have winning bowl record, and while Big XII Big 12 and ACC both have LOSING BOWL RECORDS again. 29 teams 10-Win Season. Massey Rankings Top 25 Poll former Official BCS Rankings Polls just after the win, updated its Top 25 so far this season with one game to go and ranked Bryan McClendon’s team all the way to # 15 ! Wow !


Academic Honor Roll  Malkom Parrish # 14, leaps out of his skin as time expires today at the Gator Bowl to beat Blue Blood Penn State 24-17, leaping 42 inches and with both hands smashing the ball downwards so hard that it bounced to Daytona Beach !


Fine-looking young man, isn’t he ?


Sterling Bailey    was all over their back-up QB Trace McSorley as he tried to heave it through his out-stretched arms on the Hail Mary Pass to end the game.  First, Malkom Parrish leaped and then Lorenzo Carter repeated a 42″ leap both smashing the ball into and through the turf.


Penn State fans have been typing on the Internet after the game that they are glad their Starting QB did not play further, that their back-up QB did very well, better than he.


I find myself thinking the same about our former coach.


That we did better WITHOUT him.


Leonard Floyd picked up their little back-up QB  Trace McSorley  # 9.


They ran no replay of that !


Trace McSorley had a better day than Greyson Lambert !


Dominick Sanders, Tucker High School, got an interception – his 7th for the season !  One of the national leaders listed on EVERY LIST !  At the time, Penn State was taking the opening drive right down the field on the strength of their NFL High Draft Pick QB and long pass after long pass.  So much so, that I and many others were getting a bad feeling about this game to begin with.


Then, instead of Penn State going ahead 0-7.  We kicked a field goal, and instead we were not behind 0-7 but AHEAD 3-0.


10-point swing on that one play.


Difference in the game.


Hero again Dominick Sanders, Tucker High School.


You know ?


Tucker High School, like Thomas Brown !


Keith Marshall had the game of his life with huge big runs at the end of the game for us, with no one else to turn to !  Keith Marshall has 62 yards on 14 gutsy up-the-gut carries against Penn State to save our bacon today I can tell you !


You’re a good man Keith Marshall, sir !


Best of everything to you sir !  What a game !


Terry Godwin made a spinning behind the back spin-around and leap in the end zone to make a TD grab and threw the longest pass of the season for us as Todd Gurley II did last year for us to a wide-open Malcolm Mitchell who just really punctuated his career here with well over 100 yards receiving.  It was in the air 44 yards from the former high school WR and QB who also lettered as I in basketball and in baseball.  There were 48-yard passes by Greyson Lambert this season, but they were a catch and run not end zone TD throw from mid-field.


Sony Michel was worked to the bone against the tough Penn State Nittany Lions’ # 1 ranked defense.  In the end it was Sony Michel’s gutsy score for the final margin.  And, this leaves Sony Michel with his name # 12 all-time in rushing for Georgia in a season, 1 ahead of Frank Sinkwich.


Sony Michel this season makes 16 Georgia Bulldogs who have rushed for over 1000 yards in season !


16 !


Sony Michel dragged his defender # 90 for Penn State Garrett Sickels from the 10-yard line all the way 3 yards deep for the winning 21-yard romp for the winning score today at the Gator Bowl where we had previously been under the fired coach, losers of 11 of 16. states on its WebPages that it is the sponsor for what it calls the “Gator Bowl.”


It was OUR DEFENSE that showed their strength in speed and depth all season trying to bail out our QB Greyson Lambert, who is just damn maddening.


At halftime, Coach Kirby Smart in a new Blue Blazer with brass buttons, swaying side-to-side throughout, was interviewed and said we played with a lot of energy today and a lot of passion !  When the ESPN announcers double-teaming him said the interview was over, you could see Coach Kirby Smart who is a fine-looking gentleman standing there swaying side-to-side nervous energy 39 years’ old when we hired him as our Coach, just exhale and you could see the palpable relief on his smile in front of 100 million watching him live with no competition on TV for our very exciting game.


We got up by 24-3.  We lost one like this to the vols earlier this season, up by 21 or more.  Greyson Lambert did all he could do to let Penn State back in it with their QB racked across the shoulder as he hit the ground on a penalty against Penn State behind that play.  He left and never came back, ending his career on the sidelines.  Junior Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg is draft eligible and I sure hope he is ok and just a shoulder separation.  They said they took X-ray, but did not share results yet.  Just that he wouldn’t be back in this game, per James Franklin.


In the 4th Quarter, we were still ahead 24-3.


4th quarter.


Penn State was unranked, is unranked, and will be unranked at 7-6.


Bryan McClendon gets Georgia ranked in AP and Coaches’ Final Polls !


Bryan McClendon has balls !


He went for it on 4th down in field goal range ahead by but a score.


We failed.


It was a horrible play call, too deep, and right into the teeth of the stifling front 7 of Penn State led by their Consensus All-America Carl Nassib Consensus 1st Team All-America 2015.  We certainly had no one honored like that this season.


This gave Penn State the ball at our 25-yard line with 1:52 left in the game.


Austin Johnson  # 99 for Penn State Nittany Lions came up behind Sophomore  Isaiah Wynn  for Georgia after the whistle and shoved him hard from behind and tried to knock him down.  He spun around quickly to see who took the cheap shot, and it was this play that let us escape !


Penn State is ahead of Georgia All-Time in Wins once again after the NCAA re-instated their wins, but upheld their NCAA Probation in Football they are still suffering from.


Georgia Bulldogs 787-413-54 All-Time # 11 in Wins !


Blue Bloods ?


Bad blood.


Maybe Penn State was not the better defense on the field.  Penn State players said it was, pre-game.  And, John Theus said the game has not been played in reply.


It has now.


Click on these guys’ names below to see what they’ve done :


Starting Right Offensive Tackle : John Theus Started all 13 games this season, has great future ahead of him in the NFL, will be invited to combines.  Invited to Senior Bowl and accepted to Senior Bowl Saturday January 30. Working out at Ryan Goldin at GATA Training in Duluth after the Penn State Bowl Game !

Starting Inside Linebacker : Jordan Jenkins, Started 10 of the 13 games including all the last 4, will be invited to combines. Invited to senior bowl and accepted to Senior Bowl Saturday January 30.  Has Great NFL career ahead of him !

There are the only 2 of the 22 in The Great Exodus (maybe 21 – see last entry below in this list) who are rumored to be NFL Draft Picks.  Leonard Floyd and Jordan Jenkins.  Of course that graphic during the telecast by ESPN, is wrong.


ESPN spent the entire game, rooting for Penn State.


Friq Penn State Nittany Lions.

Starting Fullback : Quayvon Hicks, Started 3 games this season, jerked around his whole career here and never properly utilized because of some penchant for playing walk-ons in this we’ve got something besides winning that’s important here B.S.  Started 6 of his 13 games in 2014, Started 6 of his 13 games in 2013.

Starting Inside Linebacker : Jake Ganus, Started all 13 games this season, declared by entire staff as the Most Valuable Player of this football team this season and I might add without ANY doubts, not yet invited to combines or Senior Bowl, holding out hope, got Married, great guy !

Starting Wide Receiver : Malcolm Mitchell, Started all 13 games this season, has tremendous numbers, one of everyone’s Most Favorite Bulldogs of All-Time !  Great all-around guy too !  Outspoken in a good way.  Fun to watch by God !  When he gets the ball he turns upfield and gives it his all !  Great blocker and prides himself on his blocking like Hines Ward.  Has a swagger about his stance where he leans his head and takes off.  Hard to describe but it is Signature.  Like a dogged determination to be great.  Suffered from NOT having a damn QB both his Junior and Senior Seasons !  # 103 passing game and this man is IT.  Has IT.  Is IT. Great future in the NFL awaits.  Can do anything he wants to do.  Invited to Senior Bowl and accepted to Senior Bowl Saturday January 30.  Will be invited to Combines.

Starting Place Kicker : Marshall Morgan, played in all 13 games, great personal tragedy

Starting Tight End : Jay Rome, Started this season, never had ball thrown to him.  No concept about all that.  Has 40 catches for 400 yards. Biggest question mark about this team is how Mike Bobo refused to throw to the Tight Ends last season and then this year the new guy – well, we all know Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor called all the plays for 15 years.  We threw a weak assed pass toward him in the bowl game.  Starter Several Games 2014 too, and Started in 2012 as well. This is the type of guy who surprise you.  Seen it a lot.  He goes out and proves himself and someone gives him a shot.  He has nothing but pride for his accomplishments here, despite all the B.S. to not throw the damn ball to him.

Starting Wide Receiver : Justin Scott-Wesley, an exciting Starter for us Started a bunch of games in his career here.  Thank you Justin !

Starting Tailback : Keith Marshall, dear God what is it that Keith Marshall is the guy who no one made any effort toward getting him the ball in space ? I pegged him for the NFL on day 1.  So many big injuries vs vols.  He has been ready to play this season.  We didn’t give him the ball.  He quits after this bowl game.  He has a full season left and he quits after this game, but he could come back.  He is declaring for the NFL Draft. Maybe they will see in him what I do.  2 of his last 3 games here, this God Damn Coaching Staff did not give him a single freaking carry until his heroics in this Bowl Game vs Penn State where he willed us to the win !  I’d quit too damn it.  Love you Keith Marshall sir !  Keith Marshall was a Starter here for us at Tailback in 2013.  He was a Starter here for us at Tailback in 2012 too.  Has a Medical Redshirt Year 2016 for us if he only wants it !  Please want it sir !  Really hoping he is invited to Combines.

Starting Center : Hunter Long,  Started Several games for us this season.

Starting Offensive Left Guard : Kolton Houston, Started all 13 games for us this season. NFL beckons. Working out at Ryan Goldin at GATA Training in Duluth after the Penn State Bowl Game !  Under-sized but frame can handle more weight.  Invited to Combines ?

Starting Defensive End : Josh Dawson, Started 4 games in 2014 and Started in 2013 too, played in all 13 games this season.  Thanks Josh !

Starting Defensive End : Sterling Bailey, Starter 11 of the 13 games this season. Also was a Starter last season in 2014 and he Started 9 of 12 games in 2013.   Great guy !  Best of luck in the NFL sir !  Invited to Combines ?  His QB pressure on the last play vs Penn State is what gave us the win !

Starting Defensive Tackle : James DeLoach, Starter 3 games this season !  Way to go sir !

Starting Nose Tackle : Chris Mayes, Starter 12 of the 12 games he played this season.  Started 8 of his 11 games in 2013 too !  Best of luck in the NFL sir !  All the best ! Invited to Combines ?  Said we never had spirited practices until the fired coach, was gone.

Starting Cornerback : Devin Bowman, played in the 1st 5 games this season after being Starter in 8 of his 12 games last season !  Also was a Starter in 2012.

Starting Linebacker SLM : Junior Leonard Floyd, not a sack machine.  Does have a motor when he comes to play.  Harasses the QB, not sack him.  When he gets his ass in gear can take over a game by himself.  Tremendous upside with the right coaching.  Starter every game after he faltered on grades getting-in.  Will be invited to Combines after he declares.

Starter as Kicker : Patrick Beless, got to play vs Southern University Baton Rouge, also was our only Starting Kicker the 1st two games of 2013 when Marshall Morgan was suspended those 2 games.  Made all his field goals and extra points !  Thanks Patrick !  Sorry, we did not ask you instead of the fired punter, to try the field goal in the bowl game.

Starting Wide Receiver 2015 season Kenneth Towns !  He personally won 2 games for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor.  Imagine how those 2 games go without Kenneth Towns and his season.  My God, his season !  Thank you Thank you Thank You !  Kenneth Towns Started for us 2015 !  A real success story in my book !

Starting Punter : Collin Barber, was our Punter the 1st 10 games then we made our Starting QB the only Starting QB on the roster, the Punter and watched him throw a pass off his back foot no follow through on a botched-fake punt.  Just junk.  Collin, thanks for your efforts. Sorry your career ended like that sir !  And, your bowl game wasn’t any better this time either, was it ?

Starting Long Snapper : Nathan Theus.  Great job in the classroom too Nathan !  Yes, I noticed.  Has been Invited and Accepted to play in the NFL Players’ Association Collegiate Bowl Saturday January 23.  This All-Star Game sponsored by the NFL Players’ Association is to showcase collegiate seniors to the NFL.

Starting Outside Linebacker Junior Tim Kimbrough Started last 7 games of the season 2015 for us with strong NFL future, then before the exams lost his Starting Job last game regular season and came in off the bench hiding it from us that what ?  Then, the day after the Final Exams, he was not allowed to practice and the interim coach could no longer lie about it and announced he was suspended for this game.  He may have played his last game if it’s grades, and can not study between now and Fall.  You can do it Tim !  We believe in you !


And, so we bid adieu to 21 and maybe 22.  The last of the Dream Team.


These 2 teams do NOT like each other.


James Franklin beat again !


ESPN put up all the recruiting talent this team has, and we’re loaded and deep !  And, then about 10 minutes LATER, someone nudged them that hey Penn State has done just as well with James Franklin, as everyone knew they would when they hired him from Vanderbilt.  Put up Penn State’s recruiting !  It’s just as good.  Finally ESPN did.


They were biased in favor of Penn State in the call of the game anyway, so why not ?


Able to go ahead by 2 scores with them out of time-outs and the clock down to 1:52 after the go for it, Bryan McClendon says nah.  Go for it !


Patrick Beless never missed an extra point or field goal for us, 100 % but was not given the opportunity to kick field goals this game ?


Why ?


Sterling Bailey    was all over their back-up QB Trace McSorley as he tried to heave it through his out-stretched arms on the Hail Mary Pass to end the game.  First, Malkom Parrish leaped and then Lorenzo Carter repeated a 42″ leap both smashing the ball into and through the turf.


Player of the Game, Terry Godwin whose sister played the last game for The Lady Bulldogs and whom The Bulldog Nation gave much praise to in recruiting, is our 2nd leading receiver for the Year !


And, our # 1 QB.


Terry Godwin !


100 Terry Godwin QB Rating for 2015-2016 season 100 !

31 Greyson Lambert QB Rating 31  vs Penn State Nittany Lions.




1,000 Yards Rushing Season Georgia Bulldogs :

  • 1,891 – Herschel Walker, 1981 SEC Record
  • 1,752 – Herschel Walker, 1982
  • 1,616 – Herschel Walker, 1980
  • 1,547 – Garrison Hearst, 1992
  • 1,547  Nick Chubb, 2014
  • 1,400 – Knowshon Moreno, 2008
  • 1,385 – Todd Gurley II, 2012
  • 1,334 – Knowshon Moreno, 2007
  • 1,324 Musa Smith, 2002
  • 1,312 – Willie McClendon, 1978
  • 1,216 – Tim Worley, 1988
  • 1,161 – Sony Michel, 2015
  • 1,103 – Frank Sinkwich, 1941
  • 1,059 – Rodney Hampton, 1989
  • 1,058 – Kevin McLee, 1976
  • 1,016 – Lars Tate, 1987



The SEC is # 1 in Bowl Games 2015-2016 at 8-2, and the Big 10 is 5-5 their season over with not a winning record in the bowl games but ahead of the lowly ACC with their losing bowl record 4-5 again as they always do in the ACC.

They have no hope against Alabama.


The SEC still has that game left.  The ACC with a win can NOT have a winning bowl record this season again.


The Mighty SEC also has the MOST BOWL GAMES 2015-2016 with 11.  No other conference has as many !


Our 8 Wins already is the Winning Number, 8-2.


Pac-12 is better than The SEC at 6-4 ?  What kind of bullshit is that that 6-4 pedestrian Pac-12 is better than 8-2 or maybe 9-2 SEC ?


Or, even close.


You make the comparison.  I already have.  Your teams already have.


Tell us again how The SEC is OVER-RATED !


Overrated ?


Who’s overrated ?


“Power 5” Conferences of The Mighty SEC and then the also rans.  The nobodies.  The Mighty SEC and then all the rest of the LOSERS !


This means that The Mighty SEC Wins the Bowl Challenge no matter the result of that remaining 1 Bowl Game.  The 41st Bowl Game.


Pac-12 ends their season with a pedestrian 6-4 mark in the bowl games.  Their season over.


So many ranked teams lost their bowl games, that Bryan McClendon is assured of having HIS team ranked after this electrifying rousing titillating win over Blue Blood Penn State and their # 1 defense in the nation they said to US pre-game.


The list of who lost their bowl game among ranked teams is so long that I will not bother to try to list them all.


The Big XII Big 12 also put forth a losing bowl record AGAIN TOO this bowl season at 3-4.


I thought this was the Power 5 Conferences in some attempt to state that these other “conferences” were close to equal with The Mighty SEC ?


Uh, no !


Not so fast.


The SEC Wins Bowl Challenge 2015-2016 at 8-2 while Pac-12 pedestrian 6-4, and while Big 10 does NOT have winning bowl record, and while Big XII Big 12 and ACC both are sporting LOSING BOWL RECORDS again.


The Power 5 Conferences ?


You mean The Mighty SEC and then all the others adjusting their glasses as the Xerox commercial years’ ago now that said almost as good as a Xerox ?


Maybe I will list the losers of their bowl games for these ranked teams ahead of The Georgia Bulldogs who find Bryan McClendon is NOW RANKED in both the AP Poll and the Coaches’ Final Polls.


Temple ranked team, lost.

North Carolina ACC ranked team, lost.

Southern California Pac-12 ranked team, lost.

Choke-la-homa Big XII ranked team, lost.

Michigan State ranked Big 10 team, lost to The Mighty SEC 38 to nothing!

FSU ranked ACC team, lost.

Iowa ranked Big 10 team, lost blown-out 45-16.

Notre Dame ranked team independent, lost.

Oklahoma State ranked Big XII team, lost blown-out by SEC 48-20.

Northwestern Big 10 ranked team, lost, decimated 45-6 by SEC.

Florida ranked SEC team, lost 41-7 in a drubbing 1 of 2 SEC losses.

Oregon ranked Pac-12 team, lost.


The SEC might have 7 SEC teams ranked in the Final Top 25 Polls, 6 for certain !


Bowl Standings :


Team Apps First Last W-L-T Pct
Alabama 63 1925 2015 36-25-3 0.595
Texas 53 1942 2014 27-23-2 0.538
Southern Cal 52 1922 2015 34-18-0 0.653
Nebraska 52 1940 2015 26-26-0 0.500
Georgia 51 1941 2015 29-19-3 0.598
Tennessee 51 1938 2015 27-24-0 0.529


As you can see, only 4 teams have played in more bowl games than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs !  Of these 4 with more bowls, while 3 of even those are just not as good as our results and 1 barely better than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs and that is Southern California.


If you are wondering about Choke-la-homa, Ohio State, LSU, FSU and Penn State, here they are :


Oklahoma 49 1938 2015 28-20-1 0.581
Ohio State 45 1920 2015 21-24-0 0.467
LSU 47 1935 2015 24-22-1 0.521
Penn State 46 1922 2015 28-16-2 0.630
Florida St 44 1954 2015 26-16-2 0.613


Dale Earnhardt, Junior says he is a South Carolina Gamecock fan and has won the Daytona Firecracker 500 twice which used to be raced on July 4th,  in his 26 NASCAR Wins in 18 seasons.


He is worth a third of a billion dollars !




He has Washington Redskins NFL updates radioed to his car during the races, an avid fan of the game.


He has also won The Talladega 500, as these are the 2 Superspeedways in NASCAR.


I also have driven Talladega.




His sponsor now is a company in Evans, Georgia (suburb of Augusta) that wrote and provides an online software program where you enter your information online to the IRS, rather than a program on your PC.


“ is the sponsor for the Gator Bowl.”


Richard Petty The King has 200 NASCAR wins # 1.

David Pearson has 105 for # 2.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is # 27 with 26 wins.


He drove his Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet on the field and was interviewed with a scraggly beard.




We’re 40 wins for our seniors, not nearly our best.  1 of 13 teams to accomplish this.  Not that the previous coach accomplished this because he did NOT.  This is NOT his win.  He was NOT here, fired.


29 teams have 10-win seasons this season :  29




Again, not that the previous coach accomplished THIS EITHER, because he did not by God because again he was NOT HERE for this win.  He did NOT have a 10-win season nor win 40 games in 4 years nor 50 games in 5 years.


He did, most assuredly, however, lose 4 games a season average for 8 years now.  THAT, he did ACCOMPLISH !


For which he was summarily fired !


This is not a goal for Coach Kirby Smart to be one of 29 :


Not ANY year is this a goal


10-Win Season 2015 Record
Team records (Current FBS Teams) Years 2015-2015
Showing Actual Game Results


Pos Team Record
1. Clemson (14-0-0)–1.00000
2. Alabama (13-1-0)–0.92857
3. Houston (13-1-0)–0.92857
4. Ohio St. (12-1-0)–0.92308
5. Michigan St. (12-2-0)–0.85714
6. Stanford (12-2-0)–0.85714
7. Iowa (12-2-0)–0.85714
8. Western Ky. (12-2-0)–0.85714
9. Oklahoma (11-2-0)–0.84615
10. Navy (11-2-0)–0.84615
11. TCU (11-2-0)–0.84615
12. Appalachian St. (11-2-0)–0.84615
13. Toledo (10-2-0)–0.83333
14. San Diego St. (12-3-0)–0.80000
15. North Carolina (11-3-0)–0.78571
16. Mississippi (10-3-0)–0.76923
17. Northwestern (10-3-0)–0.76923
18. Notre Dame (10-3-0)–0.76923
19. Michigan (10-3-0)–0.76923
20. Florida St. (10-3-0)–0.76923
21. Oklahoma St. (10-3-0)–0.76923
22. Utah (10-3-0)–0.76923
23. Baylor (10-3-0)–0.76923
24. Wisconsin (10-3-0)–0.76923
25. Marshall (10-3-0)–0.76923
26. Temple (10-4-0)–0.71429
27. Bowling Green (10-4-0)–0.71429
28. Florida (10-4-0)–0.71429
29. Georgia (10-3-0)–0.76923




Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor was 73-32 his last entire 8 years here for the # 17 won/lost record for # 11 All-Time Wins’ UGA :


Of course, his record against ranked teams was NOT Top 25 his last 8 years, and this more than anything is why Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor was fired, why he is NOT here any longer.


What happened to him ?




He lost control of this team.


Not only averaging therefore 4 losses a season for his last 8 years here; but, also 37-1 vs non-bowl teams and 36-31 vs bowl teams – which ALSO is unacceptable with our # 8 Average recruiting ranking vs bowl teams record his last 8 years here.


And, he lost 11 of his 16 games at THIS stadium, the Gator Bowl.


They did not interview him, if he was there.  There were 16 empty SECTIONS, so if he had been there, ESPN would have shown him.


He didn’t give a shit to show up.  So, don’t add in this game as his game because he was not coach and not here.


In fact, coach of a different team even.  The bad boys of college football.  The ones who strut around on the field.  The ones who are on NCAA Probation in Football as we speak and who continue to be until October 21, 2016.


January 16, 2015 Penn State had its wins restored by the NCAA and they were able to recruit a full class for 2015 for the 1st time since their NCAA Probation.


Coach Kirby Smart is to keep Georgia out of any NCAA Probation of any and all kind.


Coach Kirby Smart I thought looked good in the interview at halftime.  I think the kids will love him.


Massey Rankings Top 25 Poll former Official BCS Rankings Polls just after the win, updated its Top 25 so far this season with one game to go and ranked Bryan McClendon’s team all the way to # 15 !  Wow !


None of the other polls, nor the NCAA on its Official stats, nor even have updated their stats yet.  Check back right here.  Or, click the URL Links on the right here as you read this called “POLLS” and check yourself from time to time, as I do !  Imagine is still partying from the win !   And, have not posted the stats yet all night long ! I have certainly as you can see in this post and in the Categories on the right here, up-dated this entire site to the proper stats and proper URL Links to the facts, by God !


Not some bullshit theory that well only provide the good news.


Sadly both the men and women played like shit in their basketball games, jacking it up.  Neither coach took control early enough.  Neither called time out and said, God Damn It !


The Lady Bulldogs’ Coach Joni Taylor is not dealing with this four 10-minute quarter, which frankly I have a problem articulating as well.


We got way up early, and were off to the races against Texas A&M a really deep, well-coached long time, ultra-talented team of ruffians.


We sprinted out on fast breaks and made easy lay-ups.  We’re deep this year, Joni Taylor unlike next.


You let the entire Starting 5 stay out there too long.  You saw their veteran coach, get 3 players in VERY EARLY.  You sat there smug Joni Taylor mam.


When you did get a TV time-out, you were looking all around the gym.  You never said a damn word to the team, jacking it up as soon as they ever touched the ball, from anywhere, with any coverage.


You needed to at about the 4 minute mark, CALL TIME-OUT Joni Taylor man.


Put in 5 more players !


Give your gals a blow.


Instead, you let them get their own blow on the court !


On defense.


So, Texas A&M got back and ran off 20 points to our none.  From ahead by double-digits to behind by at one point 20 points !


Bad coaching.


Massey Rankings has 9 SEC teams in its Top 23 with # 23 being Florida who beat us.


Massey Rankings also ranks our Defense # 8 in the nation – not bad for no Defensive Coordinator and none hired for next year either.


Now, Jeff Sagarin moves Bryan McClendon’s efforts inside the Top 25 to # 22 after the exciting win !


USA Today


And, he also was an Official BCS Poll.  I think Bryan McClendon now has raised us to a ranked team in ALL POLLS as they come out !


Yeah !


Way to go guys !


Nice job.


Fun game !


Just let them motivate themselves and play by themselves !


Who needs a stinking coach, or Offensive Coordinator, or Defensive Coordinator – or, anyone indeed ?


The players certainly earned that ranking this game coaching themselves, and they certainly did JUST AS WELL WITHOUT Jeremy Pruitt as they did WITH.


Stick that in your craw Jeremy Pruitt !


Jeremy Pruitt who was the 1st phone call from Nick Saban, and who then after when friend Coach Kirby Smart and he talked, told Coach Kirby Smart that “Yes, I know Kirby.”  “How did you know Jeremy?” “Nick offered me your job and I accepted Sunday 29 November.  They are vetting me now.”  “Me too,” Coach Kirby Smart replied. “Congrats.”  “You too!”


Mutiny ?  Well, yeah, when Todd Gurley II top NFL player now said then his last season here that he was sick and tired of losing and being mediocre.  When David Greene has to speak up and say  “Here we are in November and we still don’t know which direction they’re going in. It’s tough to be this deep in the season really without any identity offensively. Unfortunately it’s not just one thing.  Offensively right now it’s very stale.  Special teams has really struggled. There’s a lot of talent on the team.  As an entire team they just kind of seem lost…like they just don’t know what they want to do and how they want to do it.  A good example of that is starting Faton Bauta when he has zero starting experience. It just goes to show that what they’ve been trying to do just isn’t working.”  When Chris Mayes and Jordan Jenkins both seniors this season speak up the day before the bowl game and say that there never was a spirited practice in ALL their years here until after the fired coach was GONE.  When Tracy Rocker has to speak up after the bowl game and label it what is.  When the pussies who tried to ruin this Proud # 11 Program All-Time telling us that we’re just not as good of a fan as they and that it’s just as easy to call it like it is as it is to be on the bus get on their damn bus that losing 4 games per season for 8 years now 32 losses current 8 seasons is just fine satisfactory best Bulldogs’ coach of all-time and I guarantee he will be back after the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game.  When the coaches he hired are so damn mad and fed up with it too that they are fighting amongst themselves in public.

Yes, you have a freaking mutiny.

Damn right it was a frigin’ mutiny.

Good word for it Tracy Rocker.

Who had to live through it in his home.

Like I did.

If it was up to you, he’d STILL BE HERE.

And, we’d of lost this game.

Sure as shit.

Terry Godwin is the # 1 recruit in this damn state !

It was NOT UNTIL I SPOKE UP HERE game 8 that he had NOT BEEN GIVEN ONE SINGLE carry all season long, that he finally GAVE him even one snap.

We were dumbasses for 8 years after 2007.

It drove the real freaking fans of this program God Damn Friqin’ crazy.

The players.

The coaches.

Every God Damn Freaking media.

It drove us all wild.


ALL of us.

Except for you.

And, you sat there with your God Damn Bullshit FREAKING EXCUSES.

And, ball less bullshit.

Like Pussies !

Grow a pair I told you.

Shut him up !

Ban his ass !

Delete his post !

Don’t let him say that.

I feel sorry for him. I just can’t let him have his say !  There are too many who want a Christian to do it the right way and lose.   That bullshit wimpy-ass lying son of a God Damn Bitch Friqin’ coach will be back.  He’s not going ANYWHERE !


I know because there are too many on my blog who tell me that this is the best ever !


For God’s sake look at what he’s done since 2001 ?  2001-2007 in fact game 5 of 2008 he was 76-19.  Win 4 lose 1. 80%.  Since win 3 lose 1.  And, if they ranked, he lost.  How is that going to work for # 11 All-Time ?




You didn’t want to hear it.


He posts his diatribes all the same, sad man, all over the Internet.  Don’t let him post here !


It’s just as easy to be happy !


Takes just as much energy.



Stick it up your asses


An open rebellion against the captain led especially by the sailors against said egregious captain, an up-rising, to rebel, to refuse to obey defiantly, to violently rise up as a group against clear undeniable grievances wreaking untold harm to the good of the common !


God Damn Mutiny.


Too bloody right it was !


And, I.








And, you were WRONG.


Weren’t you, you pussies !


Walk like a man !

Talk like a man !

Call it what it is !


You’re not feeling well today ?

No friqin’ wonder !



Jake Eason’s Dad says the reason why Coach Kirby Smart got his son’s commitment to stick when the old coach did all he could to squirrel it up for us flying out there the day before he got fired and KNEW IT, was that we hired Sam Pittman to protect his son so that he could play football and not baseball from concussions.  He will be here on Monday 11th for classes.


Bluto – get the picture – state senator and Mr. Blue are down unmotivated and lackluster ?


Give it up !


You never were a damn fan of this program anyway !  Just fans of a guy I had a vendetta against for 8 years.


The cutest little girl on the sidelines yelled right on cue to the camera crew that :

“We’re # 1 !”



Florida and Texas A&M lose while SEC remains atop Bowls. This morning we can leave Big 10 not having winning bowl record this season at Noon ESPN 846 vs Penn State. 8 pm tonight # 51 RPI UGA takes on # 19 RPI Florida men’s basketball ESPNU 883. James Coley a Nick Saban tree showed up with Coach Kirby Smart at Gator Bowl, and has been TE Coach the last 8 years at FSU and Miami of Florida. EVERYONE is down there in Gator Country.

ESPN has us all day today starting this morning at noon in TaxSlayer Gator Bowl vs Penn State team I really want to beat.  Then at 8pm tonight our SEC slate opens  for our men vs Florida in a game we’re predicted to lose by double-digits.  Both games on ESPN Channels 846 and 883 Comcast.


The best place to know what’s happening in the bowl games is this URL Link :


James Coley has been Tight Ends Coach for 8 years now at FSU with Jimbo Fisher and then at Miami of Florida, and he and Coach Kirby Smart arrived at the Gator Bowl last night.  He worked at LSU in the National Championship 2003 season, and in 2004 season with Coach Kirby Smart there at LSU, then both left with Nick Saban to Miami together – although Coach Kirby Smart spent the 1st Nick Saban Miami year 2005 here as our running backs’ coach first.  So, James Coley is a Nick Saban tree product.  And, a QB by trade has been TE Coach for 8 years in a row now currently unemployed being replaced by Thomas Brown.  Does James Coley replace John Lilly our TE coach today, who turned down the offer to work at Miami of Florida.


Our Record at the Gator Bowl is losing 11 of the latest 16 there, covering the entire span of the fired coach.


We didn’t make the trip this time, but have seen many of these 11 losses in 16 games there in person.


Nick Saban’s 1st phone call was to Jeremy Pruitt. So, when Coach Kirby Smart spoke with his friend Jeremy Pruitt, Jeremy Pruitt already knew and had already been offered and accepted the job at Alabama.  That’s the conversation they had.


Neither Penn State nor Georgia has beat a Power 5 Conference Opponent with a winning record, while James Franklin former Vandie Coach coaches Penn State, who fired their O.C.


And, of course, we’re 0-1 vs Penn State in another bowl game I did go to long ago.


Everyone in Bulldogs’ Nation has reacted to the startling revelation yesterday by Jordan Jenkins and Chris Mayes both seniors, that the fired coach never had intensity in bowl game practices and no intensity in any of his practices all season long this entire mediocre unranked season of beating no team of consequence.


2-6 SEC play Auburn is our best win this season.


Penn State thinks they have a good defense, and of course against our offense, they figure to appear that way.  Who hasn’t ?


Indeed while Coach Kirby Smart tries to win his 4th National Championship in the latest 7 years on January 11, all we have to show for it is 4 losses per season touted as satisfactory by the minions of the fired coach.


Were the minions fired too ?


This is not a solid year for us again indeed not so again over these latest 8 years.  What can be done while Ohio State’s seniors ended with 50-wins last night, is 40.


What can be done is that in 15-game seasons for the top teams still playing after us, is 10.


What can be done is a win to even with Penn State who 33 years ago, I watched whip us and it was no fun sitting behind a steel beam.


What can be done is that Bryan McClendon can take with him to South Carolina a 1-0 record as interim coach.


What can be done is that Bryan McClendon can raise us from unranked AP Poll and unranked Coaches’ Poll under the fired coach 4 of the latest 8 years half the time, and actually get us ranked.


What can be done is that only 4 other teams have played in more bowl games than us and only 1 of those has won more than us, and this is therefore VERY SIGNIFICANT !


What can be done is that the players themselves figured out with the fired coach around here to de-motivate them that they can motivate themselves better without him than with him here telling them there’s something more important than winning around here.


The piss there is.


This was NOT  a solid year.


The damn coach got fired for this NOT being solid year.


“I wonder what it is that always makes the Rodney’s choose the wrong side?”


James Coburn Our Man Flint


Men’s basketball, Florida leads us all-time 100-109 and 33-63 in Gainesville.  Florida is ahead of us in assists to turnovers, rebounds and defense.


So everybody today is down there in Gator Country.


I don’t give a shit what Alabama does or does not.  They’re our rival damn it.


They won.  We don’t get our Coach until 12 January.  We fired our coach 29 November and ESPN announced Coach Kirby Smart 36 hours later.  That’s 6 weeks and 2 days without him.  Jesus Christ !


The Lady Bulldogs play tomorrow at Texas A&M.


We had 12 inches of rain in December when we usually have 3 and 70 inches of rain for 2015 when we usually have 49.  So, Lake Lanier is 5 feet over Full Pool and 9 feet under flood stage.  We never had a chance to keep Jeremy Pruitt.  There never was ANY chance whatsoever that the fired coach would in fact be here indeed for this game, let alone next season.


So, why is it that you were so wrong that he would be here you bragged to me Bluto ?  That his performance was satisfactory.  Why are you always wrong about EVERYTHING ?


Biggest Day of the New Year.




Beat Penn State !

Beat Florida !


Go  Dawgs !