Florida and Texas A&M lose while SEC remains atop Bowls. This morning we can leave Big 10 not having winning bowl record this season at Noon ESPN 846 vs Penn State. 8 pm tonight # 51 RPI UGA takes on # 19 RPI Florida men’s basketball ESPNU 883. James Coley a Nick Saban tree showed up with Coach Kirby Smart at Gator Bowl, and has been TE Coach the last 8 years at FSU and Miami of Florida. EVERYONE is down there in Gator Country.

ESPN has us all day today starting this morning at noon in TaxSlayer Gator Bowl vs Penn State team I really want to beat.  Then at 8pm tonight our SEC slate opens  for our men vs Florida in a game we’re predicted to lose by double-digits.  Both games on ESPN Channels 846 and 883 Comcast.


The best place to know what’s happening in the bowl games is this URL Link :




James Coley has been Tight Ends Coach for 8 years now at FSU with Jimbo Fisher and then at Miami of Florida, and he and Coach Kirby Smart arrived at the Gator Bowl last night.  He worked at LSU in the National Championship 2003 season, and in 2004 season with Coach Kirby Smart there at LSU, then both left with Nick Saban to Miami together – although Coach Kirby Smart spent the 1st Nick Saban Miami year 2005 here as our running backs’ coach first.  So, James Coley is a Nick Saban tree product.  And, a QB by trade has been TE Coach for 8 years in a row now currently unemployed being replaced by Thomas Brown.  Does James Coley replace John Lilly our TE coach today, who turned down the offer to work at Miami of Florida.


Our Record at the Gator Bowl is losing 11 of the latest 16 there, covering the entire span of the fired coach.


We didn’t make the trip this time, but have seen many of these 11 losses in 16 games there in person.


Nick Saban’s 1st phone call was to Jeremy Pruitt. So, when Coach Kirby Smart spoke with his friend Jeremy Pruitt, Jeremy Pruitt already knew and had already been offered and accepted the job at Alabama.  That’s the conversation they had.


Neither Penn State nor Georgia has beat a Power 5 Conference Opponent with a winning record, while James Franklin former Vandie Coach coaches Penn State, who fired their O.C.


And, of course, we’re 0-1 vs Penn State in another bowl game I did go to long ago.


Everyone in Bulldogs’ Nation has reacted to the startling revelation yesterday by Jordan Jenkins and Chris Mayes both seniors, that the fired coach never had intensity in bowl game practices and no intensity in any of his practices all season long this entire mediocre unranked season of beating no team of consequence.


2-6 SEC play Auburn is our best win this season.


Penn State thinks they have a good defense, and of course against our offense, they figure to appear that way.  Who hasn’t ?


Indeed while Coach Kirby Smart tries to win his 4th National Championship in the latest 7 years on January 11, all we have to show for it is 4 losses per season touted as satisfactory by the minions of the fired coach.


Were the minions fired too ?


This is not a solid year for us again indeed not so again over these latest 8 years.  What can be done while Ohio State’s seniors ended with 50-wins last night, is 40.


What can be done is that in 15-game seasons for the top teams still playing after us, is 10.


What can be done is a win to even with Penn State who 33 years ago, I watched whip us and it was no fun sitting behind a steel beam.


What can be done is that Bryan McClendon can take with him to South Carolina a 1-0 record as interim coach.


What can be done is that Bryan McClendon can raise us from unranked AP Poll and unranked Coaches’ Poll under the fired coach 4 of the latest 8 years half the time, and actually get us ranked.


What can be done is that only 4 other teams have played in more bowl games than us and only 1 of those has won more than us, and this is therefore VERY SIGNIFICANT !


What can be done is that the players themselves figured out with the fired coach around here to de-motivate them that they can motivate themselves better without him than with him here telling them there’s something more important than winning around here.


The piss there is.


This was NOT  a solid year.


The damn coach got fired for this NOT being solid year.


“I wonder what it is that always makes the Rodney’s choose the wrong side?”


James Coburn Our Man Flint


Men’s basketball, Florida leads us all-time 100-109 and 33-63 in Gainesville.  Florida is ahead of us in assists to turnovers, rebounds and defense.


So everybody today is down there in Gator Country.


I don’t give a shit what Alabama does or does not.  They’re our rival damn it.


They won.  We don’t get our Coach until 12 January.  We fired our coach 29 November and ESPN announced Coach Kirby Smart 36 hours later.  That’s 6 weeks and 2 days without him.  Jesus Christ !


The Lady Bulldogs play tomorrow at Texas A&M.


We had 12 inches of rain in December when we usually have 3 and 70 inches of rain for 2015 when we usually have 49.  So, Lake Lanier is 5 feet over Full Pool and 9 feet under flood stage.  We never had a chance to keep Jeremy Pruitt.  There never was ANY chance whatsoever that the fired coach would in fact be here indeed for this game, let alone next season.


So, why is it that you were so wrong that he would be here you bragged to me Bluto ?  That his performance was satisfactory.  Why are you always wrong about EVERYTHING ?


Biggest Day of the New Year.




Beat Penn State !

Beat Florida !


Go  Dawgs !




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