Losing 20 seniors and 2 juniors all who started for us, with 14 commitments, we have 8 scholarships available and so many needs. So many.

January 6, 2016 :


We must replace the ones we lose :


(1) Starting Right Offensive Tackle : John Theus Started all 13

(2) Starting Inside Linebacker : Jordan Jenkins, Started 10

(3) Starting Fullback : Quayvon Hicks, Started 3, 2014 6, 2013 6

(4) Starting Inside Linebacker : Jake Ganus, Started all 13

(5) Starting Wide Receiver : Malcolm Mitchell, Started all 13

(6) Starting Place Kicker : Marshall Morgan, played in all 13

(7) Starting Tight End : Jay Rome, Started 2015, 2014 and 2012

(8) Starting Wide Receiver bunch games here : Justin Scott-Wesley

(9) Starting Tailback 2013 and 2012 : Keith Marshall

(10) Starting Center : Hunter Long

(11) Starting Offensive Left Guard : Kolton Houston, Started all 13

(12) Starting Defensive End : Josh Dawson, Started 2014 and 2013

(13) Starting Defensive End : Sterling Bailey, Starter 11, 2014, 2013

(14) Starting Defensive Tackle : James DeLoach, Starter 3

(15) Starting Nose Tackle : Chris Mayes, Starter 12 and 8 2013

(16) Starting Cornerback : Devin Bowman Started 8 of 12 2014, 2012

(17) Starting Linebacker SLM : Junior Leonard Floyd leaving

(18) Starter as Kicker : Patrick Beless Started 2 in 2013

(19) Starting Punter : Collin Barber, was our Punter the 1st 10

(20) Starting Long Snapper : Nathan Theus

(21) Starting Outside Linebacker Junior Tim Kimbrough Up-coming Senior damn few of those Mark Richt left with 2 seniors and 6 juniors on the 2-deep Kirby got from Mark Richt.  Tim Kimbrough Started 7 games then Mark Richt demoted him then Bryan McClendon suspended him why ?  grades?



We need QB no more messing around # 104 Pass Offense Greyson Lambert

This bullshit of having # 104 acceptable and pussies say keep him there has cost his boss his job along with that same bullshit the year before too with Hutson God Damn Freaking Mason.

We need RB. We needed more RB this season. We lose bowl game without   Keith Marshall.  It was he that sustained the drives late when our wimp-ass QB refused to try to throw the ball so he could KEEP his job by NOT throwing an interception !  He alone that let us try to look like we were playing football on offense, special teams or defense !

Evander’s son – we need MORE !

Your RB are supposed to be returning kick-offs.  Can’t wait for Beamer Ball !

If he can figure out what we’ve got the way we jerked players around and never played them, or if played them, never threw the God Damn Ball to them.

We need WR  Isaiah Mackenzie fumbles too much and drops passes too small

Isaiah Mackenzie is also a liability off the field besides all his fumbles, drops, small

I cannot speak to the FB until I see our offense on the field but I can tell you this this bullshit offense we’ve run here for 15 years is out-of-date antiquated and no damn good, uncompetitive unless you like beating non-bowl teams 37-1 last 8 years ?  Well did you punks ?


Offensive Tackles  Shit we need Offensive Tackles We need 4 Offensive Tackles 3 at the minimum


Center Why do other teams recruit Centers who can snap and block ?  I have all the faith in the world in Sam Pittman, but we need to sign some damn OL besides the 1 we have committed Ben Cleveland and he is a probably a Offensive Guard too !  I have not seen him yet, but he probably is Offensive Guard.


We need a kicker to walk-on.


We need a punter to walk-on.


These are NOT scholarship players until one on the roster we have many of now and more coming 2016 from the previous commitments we have to keep, are gone – leave or quit.


We have WASTED scholarships 2016.  Guys who have no desire to prove their worth.  For God’s sake, if they want to leave, help them !


Greyson Lambert TOP OF THAT LIST !


Do it the right way and lose ?


The Georgia Way is to WIN God Damn it !


Every year, our fired coach recruited all kinds of FLUFF picks and wasted the roster spots.  You do not have that luxury and we have several commitments who fit that bill for 2016.  We have been TOTALLY SHUT-OUT on commitments since our SWOON from grace going from # 6 all the way out of the AP and Coaches’ Polls both.

As I have reported here this year, Bryan McClendon got Bryan McClendon’s team ranked in both the AP and Coaches’ Polls now.  Great for that, but that damn bowl performance sucked.  It demonstrated all the needs we have rolled up into one.


And the coaching was horrendous. Up by 1 score them zero time-outs remaining, us at their 22-yard line and Patrick Beless never missed an extra point or field goal made them ALL his entire career here including being our starter several games 2013 when Marshall Morgan was suspended.  And, we WENT FOR IT.  Handed them the ball at the 25-yard line on a play call that started too deep and right into the teeth of that which they hoped we would try against their stifling front 7.  That was bullshit.  1:52 left on the clock.  Give me a damn break.  You go up by 2 scores dumbass with 1:52 remaining and them no time-outs at their 22.


Jesus Christ !


If you do not know this stuff, shut the friq up so the rest of us who do know, can TELL YOU God Damn It !


We were up by 3 TD like we were when we LOST to the vols.


We could not run the ball when our 2 guys got tired.  We could not pass the ball unless someone other than Greyson Lambert tried to throw the ball down the field.


We went into a prevent defense and put no pressure on their back-up QB.


We did nothing on special teams.


We played like shit up by 3 TD !


We had no answer.


We quit playing.

God Damn it !


We have THAT to fix too.  Coaching decisions in the game.


We need a Tight End who will MAKE them throw the ball to him !




And, trophy for everyone walk-ons on Special Teams not our best players.


In the bowl game ahead by 3 TD, and us with pussies at QB we need to MOVE THE BALL away from our goal line for our quickly tiring defense sent out there time and again to bail-out our FAILED QB and failed special teams.


And, our special teams has a kick-off pooched kicked to them at the 32 and we call a fair catch and stand around for 5 seconds before ANYONE is ANYWHERE NEAR THEM.


Put our hands in our pockets and wait for them to even show up to make us sway-side-from-side and look stupid – like well I think I called a time-out, didn’t I when I raised my arm for the fair catch ?


I dunno.


Let me shuffle my feet and see what happens.


Maybe I should have tried to go downfield 3 feet ?


Our ball !


We win !


Them all the momentum and that just ADDING TO IT !


Being pussies  and practicing like pussies and acting like pussies and God Damn Demanding Excellence at obeying the rules on and off the field.  Discipline.  Punishment, which is NOT discipline, we had down pat.


Top teams, especially not at Sanford – shit for 8 years, we lost them all.


Bowl Teams – God Damn it, if they were a bowl team, for the last 8 years here now, we won but 36 while losing 31 with that son of a bitch washed up bullshit artist liar.


This is totally unacceptable and is going to require an entire attitude adjustment by those other than the 22 leaving in The Great Exodus after beating Penn State.


As the players, multiple senior leaving players reported pre-bowl game, we NEVER had reasonable practices in the old regime – especially for Bowl Games, so he would’ve lost that damn game.  Glad as Hell he is friqin’ gone, but other than the 22 leaving after that game in The Great Exodus – the END and LAST of the bullshit named DREAM TEAM, we have an entire CULTURE CHANGE this new coaching staff faces for EVERYONE other than the 22 LOST in The Great Exodus.


All of whom STARTED for us.


This is 2016.  You throw the God Damn Freaking Football !


This is not 1942.


This is college football.


You have DYNAMIC QUARTERBACKS in college.




Slot Cam Newton at Tight End only.


Aaron Murray cough cough better than Cam Newton, so TE only for him!


He beat the ever-living shit out of Aaron Murray with his # 27 won/lost record with ALL THIS DAMN WASTED TALENT all around him both sides of the ball and could’ve been Special Teams too.


The bullshit NOT MISSES but game manager type the previous FIRED regime warmed up to and defended against all comers as BETTER Quarterbacks was such bullshit when EVERY OTHER COACH in America goes with the more talented, and taught them.  If that was under fire on the job teaching, it was ONLY because the God Damn Coach CARED and tried in practice but needed game experience.


We have to practice Special Teams in the freaking G-Day Game coming-up.


We need to manage these roster spots far better.  One we need to quit kicking them off.  And, two, we need better depth at all positions, not lies that the ones we have at weakened positions we will STAND-PAT WITH.


We need to move players around.


How can we stand-pat at RB ?  How ?


How can we stand-pat at QB ?  Good Lord, you are ninnies writing that bullshit.  God Damn You dumbasses !


How can we stand-pat on EITHER LINE ?


How in the name of God ?


All these LOST Linebackers, and there is NO SENSE OF URGENCY on our blogs about WHAT THE HELL WE NEED there either ?


Dumb shits.

Just shut-up then, and let the rest of us speak.


The Bulldog Nation is made up of a clique of pussies who never played the game and have nothing but URL Links to OTHERS where they copy the URL Link and don’t even understand what they’re freaking reading and it is made up of a quite a few very knowledgeable ones who tried to tell you that he WOULD BE GONE, not here, as you promised AFTER the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game.


Who know what we need !


How can we stand pat at WR ?  How ?


How can we stand-pat with that which we have who have not beat shit in 8 years’ time now ?


We need players on the roster taking a damn Scholarship to either get on the field and produce or friqin’ piss off.


Or, find a spot on the roster where they can contribute.


We need to act like MEN not pussies about our valuable Scholarships.


We need Coaches who are going to work with what we have, and play to the strength of the players ON THE ROSTER.  Not put guys in to give Starter a blow, and have them run the same freaking plays, if they are different skill set.


We had no brain trust, but dumbasses !


We need to have someone hold a class on time-outs.  Surely someone has developed a program where coaches are taught the NFL book on what the friq to do given score, time-outs, and distance.




Time-Outs BELONG ONLY to the Head Football Coach Kirby Smart !


They do NOT belong to Greyson Freaking Lambert to use-up whenever he fiddle-foks-around and lets the damn play-clock run down.

He has NO sense of urgency and he is NOT a Starting QB.


Aggravating as hell watching this freaking team for 8 freaking years.  And, God Damn you PUSSIES supporting that bullshit as great.  God Damn You !


4 losses a season for 8 years is NOT FREAKING GREAT assholes.


It is NOT “solid.”


“Solid year 2015”  ?


Friq you for saying that !


Our best win was over 2-6 SEC Auburn !


Quit trying to wiggle in your seats to come-up with some term you rename when you have PROVEN beyond a shadow of the doubt that you KNOW nothing about this freaking game.




29 teams 29 have 10-win seasons 2015 and our best win is over 2-6 SEC Auburn.


God Damn it.


God Damn you.


Our goal here at Georgia is NOT to be # 29.


And, YOU are “AMAZED” we could get to even a 10-win season with this bickering amongst itself coaching staff and players in mutiny ?


You are so FOS saying that !


26 seasons The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs have won 80 % of our games.


26 times


16 times we played and mostly won bowl game end of the season with  both teams top final AP Poll.


We have the # 1 State for sending recruits to The SEC.


We have the # 3 State for sending recruits to the Power 5 Conferences.


We have the # 4 State for sending recruits to ANY college any level.


# 29 is NOT my freaking God Damn Pissant Frigin Goal !


You pissant mother fokers.


Quit talking about 10-win season as some goal for pussies like you !


Shut the friq up !


Not with this talent in this state.


Unacceptable, and nothing else fits the description of it, especially with 7 blow-out losses these 8 years by MORE than 3 TD.


12 losses to unranked teams time of game or for season 8 years.


Lost nearly every game not at Sanford against ranked teams.


Lost nearly every ranked game.


Could not beat our way out of a freaking God Damn Paper Bag.


Stick it up your ass supporting that bullshit and bragging on him still today.




Such a huge God Damn Rebuilding effort ahead of us.

And, 6 weeks and 2 days without a freaking coach, although 36 hours after 29 November, we named him hired him paid him.


We are behind the God Damn Freaking 8-Ball !


12-2 for 2016.


And, no that is NOT acceptable !




It is what it is because of YOU !  You have personally done ALL YOU COULD POSSIBLY MUSTER to Friq up this God Damn Football Program # 11 All-Time in Wins and Top 5 in Bowl Games.


I want to play a top team ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll at the end of the season, ANY freaking season – like we’ve done 16 times prior to this freaking FIRED regime now gone with YOU in here on the Internet BRAGGING on the son of a bitch !


We won nearly all 16 of those huge bowl games everyone watching national elite status on the line.


Big Games.


To end the season.


Not ones during the season, all of which we freaking LOST !




You’re the problem around here.


Have been.




Will be !




# 104 Passing Offense and we need to start Greyson Piss-Off Freaking Lambert because a Freshman God Damn it is not as good as he is.


Friq you dumbasses.


Holding us back.


Look at what THIS BLOG wrote when we played Clemson years ago !


Go ahead and look.


I said THEN during the game that Deshaun Watson was a beast. That they were playing the wrong God Damn Quarterback as we did too in that game against Clemson.  We lose that game if they had not taken Deshaun Watson OUT of the game.


I saw IT !


He was a LOT better than ANY other QB that day.


I don’t know or care what you watch.


But, you are PUSSIES.


The freaking lot of you.


You have held this program back for 8 years now.


You can stick it up your ass !


I am tired of the bullshit in the Bulldog Nation.  The Bulldog Nation is splintered into freaking factions because of you !


Did you hear me ?


You have done all you can to RUIN this Proud Program and NOW we have to FIX IT because of you.


Making his job such a cushy one that EXCUSES and goals besides WINNING that you heralded TOO as that which we aspire !


The hell we have goals besides winning that’s important here !


The freaking hell !


We have a lot of needs and 8 scholarships remaining.


Unless some of these pussies want to leave wasting spots on our roster.


You need a starter at every position and a FRESH guy on the bench to give him a blow.


Not some other starter you can move into that position.


We don’t even know what a 2-deep is.


It is 2 accomplished guys, with a back-up to them trying with all his heart !


That’s what a 2-deep is in The SEC !


It’s 3-deep !


We don’t have that and play around on the OL going years and years letting EVERYONE else come in here and take our OL in Georgia FROM US !


I am damn tired of your bullshit when you don’t know shit about college football.


Not shit.


Quit writing blogs where you copy some freaking URL Link from someone who does and add 1 sentence off the frqiin’ topic.


Quit telling us, our coaches, our players, and our Dysfunctional Bulldog Nation squabbling amongst ourselves who are the real fans of the program and how you are better than they as fans because you support the bullshit FIRED freaking coach, how GREAT WE ARE every off-season.


Followed by your EXCUSES after we average 4 losses a season for 8 years.


Shut the friq up.


We have work to do !


And, you are holding us back.













We need the Elite high school football players to come here and for us to  hand them the ball, and you would not know a player or a coach if one bit you in the ass.


The reason why we’re # 16 in the Recruiting Rankings is because like Todd Gurley II told you his final season here that he too was sick and tired of losing and being God Damn Freaking Mediocre and because ONCE AGAIN this season we got the shit knocked out of us twice on the Big Stage with all the marbles on the line and a 3rd time against a team who we had a 3 TD lead against who was unranked and still was until their bowl game who would’ve then been unranked for the season too – had we not lost all these games, AGAIN !


God Damn it !


One of the guys we want really badly now is the # 1 athlete in the nation, and we invited him to our house to watch the game with me in the driving rain and HE SAID WE DID NOT COME READY-T0-PLAY.


He might come here now, now that Coach Kirby Smart HE SAID DID BRING HIS PLAYERS READY-TO-PLAY.


That’s what he said at the game !


So, shut the friq up and let the rest of us who do know and have proven for years how silly childish and STUPID your comments online on the Internet about our Program have been are.  Let us have our say.


You feel sorry for us ?


Jesus Freaking Christ numbnuts !


You have no motivation now ?


Poor little God Damn Freaking Pussies !


Let us talk.


Your guy got FIRED.


And, so were you with him therefore supporting his sorry ass and BRAGGING that you WOULD BE RIGHT that he’d be back after the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game you GUARANTEE !


Now, whining TODAY that you’re freaking amazed we could even GET TO 10-win season amid the turmoil of the FAILED regime’s staff amongst themselves and the resultant therefore MUTINY by the players.


Shut up !


We have work to do.