Clemson has no business playing Alabama.

I like Deshaun Watson     whom our fired coach did not even offer until he had ALREADY COMMITTED TO CLEMSON because he said Hutson Mason and then Greyson Lambert were his choices instead.


He went to Gainesville High 39 miles away for the proven stupid fired “coach.”



He weighs maybe 199 lbs.




But Texas beat Oklahoma and Texas lost to 3-9 Iowa State even.


Clemson’s Official NCAA Strength of Schedule is NOT even in the Top 25 nationally.


Over there in the decrepit All Cupcake Conference, every year they produce some team who averages the # 17 recruiting class nationally and think they can play an SEC schedule with their slightly-built players.


Now, we learn that Dabo is his brother Tripp probably named for tripping all over himself, slobbering while he tries talk, trying to say that boy.  And, 3 days’ time before The National Championship Game, Dabo refuses to discuss Tripp’s arrest.





Alabama gets 6 Deshaun Watsons a year, every year across the board on their offense and defense.  Clemson maybe gets 1.


That’s why one team averages the best recruiting class in the nation and the other averages # 17.


# 1 Average Recruiting Ranking Alabama 6 top every year

# 17 Average Recruiting Ranking Clemson 1 top maybe a year


Alabama has played the # 1 Toughest Schedule Official NCAA Strength of Schedule this season.


Clemson not even top 25.


Alabama is going to destroy Clemson.


And, nice distraction for Dabo’s mental midget older brother Tripp.


3 days’ time before The National Championship Game while that horrible school Clemson, joke of a University, has requested that the NCAA not enforce their 20-hour limit on Clemson this week.


So they can TRY to prepare for Alabama.


Nice dedication to your Academics ACC !


You are NOT ready for Alabama.


SEC has the top Bowl Games’ Conference AGAIN this season and the stinking America’s Cupcake Conference AGAIN has the worst at 4-5 losing record ACC in Bowl Games this season to SEC 8-2 soon to be 9-2 SEC Bowl Game record this season.


I thought the ACC was supposed to be all these itty-bitty small schools with BETTER Academics than us ?


That’s what they say every day.


Isn’t it ?


U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges Rankings 2016 :


# 1 Princeton

# 47 Florida

# 61 U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges The University of Georgia

# 61 Clemson University


Deshaun Watson was 2-4 for 59 yards and a TD Pass against Georgia in his 1st game at Clemson last season and Dabo TOOK HIM OUT !


Clemson lost to EVEN us last year as a result.


This blog reported Deshaun Watson as a BEAST August 30, 2014.


I maintained having seen him then in person then that he was in fact the Best Quarterback on the Field last season for Clemson or for us.


But, Dabo Swinney took Deshaun Watson out of the game, and I criticized him the nanosecond he did.


Oklahoma isn’t any good Choke-la-homa.


North Carolina isn’t any good either.


Florida State isn’t any good.


The ACC isn’t any good.


Clemson isn’t any good.


Notre Dame isn’t any good.


# 1 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule Alabama

NOT even Top 25 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule Clemson




When your schedule is not even in the Top 25 and you are playing in The National Championship Game the last distraction the coach can afford is for his older brother who could not even say that boy Dabo came-out instead and now he Tripp is the topic of the day for his arrest 3 days’ prior while Clemson University asked for and gets special rules for them to practice more than 20 hours this week with their # 17 average recruiting ranking the 5 years’ worth with redshirt that make up their team of maybe one top player a class to Alabama’s 6 a class and # 1 Average Recruiting Ranking the 5 years’ worth making up their team this season who by the way has the # 1 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule to Clemson’s NOT even in the Top 25


Clemson Loses !


Alabama is picked by a TD.




It will not be that close.


National Championship Game: Alabama vs. Clemson – Picks Against The Spread, Total, Props




Men too many turnovers, not enough rebounds, no defense. Lady Bulldogs can NOT shoot !

Nothing new about either one.


Marjorie Butler Watch : 1 of 6  That is 16 % shooting Marjorie Butler .


Again !


Quit jacking the ball up.


I would bench your ass.


I do not care that we do not have a point guard.


Benched gal.


Caliya Robinson can shoot !


Pass the ball to her.  I told you she is a budding superstar !


Instead, 1 of 6 shooter shoots ?


Caliya Robinson 3 of 5.  60 %.




This is bad coaching.  This has gone on the entire career of our point guard, who was recruited here by Joni Taylor our coach.


Yet, Joni Taylor puts her right back out there.


And she JACKS it UP !


Doink !


She throws up bricks.


Worst shooter on the team takes 6 shots and the budding superstar takes fewer shots yet makes 3 times as many baskets.








This is where we Lost the game again tonight, again.  It sets a horrible example for the team when the man with the ball, dribbles the ball up-court and selfishly takes 6 shots while our budding superstar gets fewer shots when she is 1 of 6 EVERY FRIQIN’ game.


Same EVERY game.




I am the ONL Y person who can see this ?


Coach Andy Landers QUIT this team because of this kind of shooting for 4 years’ time now by Marjorie Butler.


No different last year, or year before or year before that, or this year.




Caliya Robinson plays 10 minutes and Marjorie Butler plays 40.


Not on my team.


I take her aside and have a talking to.


I then say it again to her in front of her teammates next.


Then, I bench her.


And, she sits.


Do NOT shoot the ball Marjorie Butler.


Whip-Around coverage by SEC Network tonight, and I saw really all of it.  It was good.  I like that !


29 % for the season this season, Marjorie Butler.


WTF are you doing gal ?


Forty (40) Three-point shots on the season.


Guess how many Marjorie Butler, who can NOT shoot, made of the 40 ?




17 % from beyond the arc.


Good Lord gal, how damn selfish !


Get lost Marjorie Butler.


Pack your bags.


Go to medical school.




We will suffer through it without a point guard.


Bye-bye now.


Don’t let the screen door slam on your sorry ass on the way out !


You pass the ball off those 6 shots to Caliya Robinson, we WIN !




Selfish !




Yes, Griffin was fouled on the arm on the baseline final shot.  She was all over her arm.  Defender reached out with her left arm and hacked her in the act from 3-point line down by 2 with 3 seconds remaining.  3 free throws.  We win that game !  Horrible officiating !


Doesn’t ALTER the fact that the game should have been won at HOME before that.




We have 29 more turnovers than our opponents.  And, it gets WORSE every game !


Look guys this is unacceptable.


If we pass you the ball and you are SO OUT OF CONTROL that you lose the ball to the opponents instead of this great shooting team around you making a basket, you are giving them 2 points and taking 2 points away from us.


Pretty simple game guys.


You throw the ball through the hoop, not throw the ball to the opponents, and you have 2 courts to PLAY.  Half the time you are playing defense trying to get THEM to turn the ball over to you, or miss.  DEFENSE.  We have no Defense.


Jeez Louise !


Men won last night against Missouri.  Missouri.  That hardly counts.


You LOST to Florida.








This is not working guys.  You need to look at little Frazier, J.J. as he gets 5 boards a game.  5 !


I would be ashamed of myself, if I played defense that poorly and could not block out underneath any better than that.


Disgraceful guys !


Frazier, J.J. gets 5 rebounds EVERY GAME and you sit there resting on defense, and let him get more rebounds than you.




Shame on YOU !


One guy only on the whole entire team gets more rebounds than what is he 5″ 9″ Frazier, J.J.  It has nothing to do with height it is ALL defense and staying between your man and the basket.  And, blocking out.


Move your feet.


Rest on the bench.


NOT on defense !


The Ladies can not shoot to save their souls and the Men turn the damn ball over play no defense and do not position themselves for rebounds.  I presume you neither are pleased ?


It is going to be a long season if y’all keep this up.


You’re not winning any fans over like this.  And, we won’t get our new gym playing like this Men or Ladies.