Clemson beat Alabama last, over 110 years ago.


I will NOT be rooting for Clemson.


I do not care who wins, but I will be dipped in shit if I am rooting for Clemson.


I also think Clemson has no chance.


This is a ROUT.


It will be a blow-out of Biblical Proportions.


This game means NOTHING for Coach Kirby Smart other than after the game tonight, we finally get his ass in here.


It was pretty God Damned SELFISH of Coach Kirby Smart.


6 weeks and a day ago we FIRED the horrendous showing the last 8 years by our FIRED coach.


36 hours later, we got Coach Kirby Smart.


That was 6 weeks and a day ago with 36 hours it took us.


Well, truthfully, he was OFFERED and ACCEPTED the job BEFORE his predecessor was FIRED.


And, here we are 6 weeks and a day without him.




This puts us behind the 8-ball in a program which has lost 7 games by more than 3 TD in the last 8 years.

A program which has lost 12 times to UNRANKED TEAMS in the last 8 years.

A program # 11 All-Time in Wins who has been instead # 40 beating Top 15 teams the last 8 years.

A program with the last remnants of the Dream Team a total of 22 leaving all 22 of whom Started here.

A program facing Top 10 North Carolina in Game 1.

A program facing Top 10 Ole Miss ALSO in September.

A program facing Top 10 Florida.

A program facing Top 15 vols as well in fact directly after Ole Miss !

A program who has not done shit right.

A program who is desperate for a real God Damn Coach.

A program therefore with a HUGE rebuilding job.

A program missing depth on BOTH LINES.

A program with NO QUARTERBACK.

A program which has had NO QUARTERBACK 2 years running now.

A program with running backs who are deep who did not play.

A program with NO SPECIAL TEAMS whatsoever in 8 years.

A program who has lost to our # 1 Rival 10 of the most recent 15 games.

A program who has been told it was the coach’s job to demotivate his players before playing Alabama.

A program who has been told it was the coach’s job to insure everyone knows there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.

A program that has not been on the Big Stage at the end of ANY season both teams top Final AP Poll all 15 of said years.

A program whose best bowl wins were 2002 over # 21 FSU 5-loss team and # 19 Hawai’i 2007 – neither the last 8 years EITHER !

A program with LOADS OF WORK to do HERE.



This NOT ONLY is no good for Coach Kirby Smart but more to the point this is NO GOOD for Georgia.


Not at ALL !


I am NOT stupid.


I can FIGURE this out.


In fact, if you look back, I figured this out 36 hours after 6 weeks and a day ago.


Since then you have talked about it.


Where is our God Damn Coach we are paying $5 million 380 thousand and 200 dollars a year not counting retirement or his unlimited expense report ?


Hope you had a NICE VACATION the last 6 weeks and a day Coach Kirby Smart.  We sure as shit needed your ass HERE !


Known for NOT mincing words, thought I would share that Coach Kirby Smart, sir.