“Let me stop for a moment and say it’s funny that anyone feels they have an idea what’s “good enough” for Georgia where a coach is concerned. I mean, not to be glib (as Tom Cruise might say), but we ran one of the winningest coaches, over the last decade, out of Athens on a rail. The concept of “good enough” is getting tougher to understand and harder to navigate.”

“Let me stop for a moment and say it’s funny that anyone feels they have an idea what’s “good enough” for Georgia where a coach is concerned.   I mean, not to be glib (as Tom Cruise might say), but we ran one of the winningest coaches, over the last decade, out of Athens on a rail. The concept of “good enough” is getting tougher to understand and harder to navigate.”


She wrote this ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT last night !  Usually, you can count on her to say something about how great he STILL IS despite leaving us UNRANKED half the last 8 years in the Final AP Poll with his # 40 record vs Top 15 teams the last 8 years and averaging 4 losses per season these last 8 years.

And, then you can count on her to say : “That said” when she then TAKES IT ALL BACK SHE JUST SAID !

1 of her famous lines, every blog : “That said.”  Like she is clearing her throat or something ?  “That said.”


Apologist to the Day !

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The Lady Sportswriter

29 Teams make 10-win season and being # 29 not even in the Top 25 is NOT one of our Goals. AP Poll does NOT rank Georgia in the Top 25. 5 SEC teams did make the Top 25 Final AP Poll but we did not. 29 teams 10-win season 2015-2016 season our best win over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


AP Poll released and we are NOT Top 25 for this season. Another UNRANKED season.  Half the time after 2007 we were NOT ranked : 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015.



10-Win Season 2015 FBS  


Pos Team Record
1. Alabama (14-1-0)–0.9333
2. Clemson (14-1-0)–0.9333
3. Houston (13-1-0)–0.92857
4. Ohio St. (12-1-0)–0.92308
5. Michigan St. (12-2-0)–0.85714
6. Stanford (12-2-0)–0.85714
7. Iowa (12-2-0)–0.85714
8. Western Ky. (12-2-0)–0.85714
9. Oklahoma (11-2-0)–0.84615
10. Navy (11-2-0)–0.84615
11. TCU (11-2-0)–0.84615
12. Appalachian St. (11-2-0)–0.84615
13. Toledo (10-2-0)–0.83333
14. San Diego St. (12-3-0)–0.80000
15. North Carolina (11-3-0)–0.78571
16. Mississippi (10-3-0)–0.76923
17. Northwestern (10-3-0)–0.76923
18. Notre Dame (10-3-0)–0.76923
19. Michigan (10-3-0)–0.76923
20. Florida St. (10-3-0)–0.76923
21. Oklahoma St. (10-3-0)–0.76923
22. Utah (10-3-0)–0.76923
23. Baylor (10-3-0)–0.76923
24. Wisconsin (10-3-0)–0.76923
25. Marshall (10-3-0)–0.76923
26. Temple (10-4-0)–0.71429
27. Bowling Green (10-4-0)–0.71429
28. Florida (10-4-0)–0.71429
29. Georgia (10-3-0)–0.76923



# 29 and NOT even in the Top 25 is NOT our Goal.  NOT !


Hell 9-win teams are ranked ahead of us.  That makes us not even # 29.




Of course, LSU a 9-win team this season BEAT Florida.  We got the shit beat out of us 3-27.  That is why we’re not ranked and why 5 other SEC teams ARE !


And, why we FIRED the God Damned Coach, despite all your bullshit to prop him up as having a 9-win season here.


Bryan McClendon beat Penn State but they are 7-6 and beat not 1 single Power 5 Conference team with a  winning record this season.


NEITHER did we !


And, so we are NOT ranked in the AP Poll for the 4th time in the most recent 8 years.


And, we’re # 29 with our 10-win season 9-win season for FIRED coach.


With 9-win teams ranked AHEAD of us for BEATING SOMEONE !


We are NOT RANKED Final AP Poll Top 25 :



Bryan McClendon gets Georgia RANKED # 22 Final Jeff Sagarin Poll for 2015-2016 with the Win over Penn State ! # 24 Final Peter Wolfe Poll 2015-2016

Final 2015-2016 Polls :



# 23  Final Jeff Sagarin USA Today Poll 2015-2016



# 24 Final Peter Wolfe Poll 2015-2016





Jake Eason is enrolled at UGA. You need to know about Chad Clay. We have 7 Scholarships today with whining baby leaving. We NEED another Offensive Tackle with Ben Cleveland ! We NEED a Center ! We need DT. These are our needs, not Wide Receiver now where we’re set. It’s Georgia Time Now ! Go Dawgs !

Jake Eason is enrolled at UGA.  So, too is his Left Offensive Tackle Ben Cleveland.  They will play 3 years and move on together to the NFL, but not until both Start September 3, 2016 against Top 10 North Carolina in the Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic.


Chad Clay is the REAL DEAL !  His bloodlines are ALMOST as good as Charlie Woerner.  Chad Clay is our FASTEST RECRUIT.  Chad Clay will be a GREAT BULLDOG for 5 seasons !  He will play special teams maybe this season.  His Dad was HUGE on SPECIAL TEAMS.  This is a GREAT GET !  Speed never takes a down off.  He is not the fastest on the team, but this entire recruiting cycle, he is our ONLY 1 with SPEED !  We can teach him secondary and play him next season.  We can redshirt Chad Clay.  He is REAL SMART !  He will have a chance to get his master’s degree before he is done here.  You have to have guys like Chad Clay.  His Dad was NOT ONLY starter at our Rival in Atlanta who calls us their # 1 Rival, but he also kicked our butts !  He was GREAT there.  And, his son plays the SAME POSITION.  Cornerback.  We need secondary players badly.  Then, his Dad played a decade in the NFL.  Not only as Starting Cornerback but ALSO returned punts and kick-offs, and when he intercepted, he took it to the house.  In college and the NFL !  His entire FAMILY are great athletes.  Professional Athletes.  Do NOT look at his 3-Stars and say this guy is ho-hum.  Do NOT.




We have 6 remaining scholarships and today picked up Johnathan Abram leaving so that gives us 7 now !  Yeah !


He wants to whine about Jeremy Pruitt.


Good God !


We got Coach Kirby Smart here dumbass !


Jeremy Pruitt or Coach Kirby Smart ?


Leaves over that.


I am sorry but we do not need him if he thinks Jeremy Pruitt is better than Coach Kirby Smart.  We don’t !  He is too stupid to know this.  Go.  Hit the door.  Piss off.  We will replace his Scholarship with ANOTHER Offensive Guard 5-Star like Ben Cleveland.


We have NO ISSUES at Wide Receiver any longer !


That is HISTORY.


Anyone you read saying we need wide receivers is out of his mind.  Love to have another, but we are SET !


The problem is NOT Wide Receiver it is QB !


Not enough desire on any QB recruited here now.


We have Jake Eason and that sets us for 3 years.  Do not need one more this year at QB.  Next year, yes.


Another Great QB want to join here ?  Love to have him.  We have 7 slots open.  That would be a good use of one.  Very top players ONLY now.


Last 7.


Julian Rochester 312 lbs. 6′ 5″ Defensive Tackle one of the very best football players in All of America !


Also ranked in the Top 10 at Defensive Tackle nationally !


Cavin Ridley certainly comes across as a very smart man !  I like his choices !  He’s long at almost 6″ 2″ and 200 lbs. and he is one of the top 17 best receivers in All of America !




These guys are great !


This blog detailed Charlie Woerner 2 nights ago here  # 5 Athlete in the nation 6′ 5″ 228 lbs.  I am sure Erk Russell would win to have him on Defense, but Erk is NOT here.  I look for special stuff from this man who is one of the top 50 football players in America !


Isaac Nauta the # 1 Tight End in the Nation !  1 of the Top 25 football players in America !


Jake Eason the # 2 QB in the Nation !


This is going to be a great Recruiting Class for Coach Kirby Smart, who I thought did not look very good at the national championship game although this blog has extolled the virtues of Deshaun Watson since we first played him last season.  Had Dabo not taken him out, he beats us last season 2014 season.  The SEC finishes 9-2 Bowl Games while ACC is 4-6.


A beast.


It’s Georgia Time Now !