The next freaking coach that wants to take a vacation for 6 weeks and 2 days before he shows up exhausted will be told HELL NO ! It’s déjà vu all over again.

Coach Kirby Smart’s defense is not why they won.  They won because Nick Saban had to resort to an on-side kick-off.


In fact, Coach Kirby Smart’s freaking defense couldn’t stop shit.


The ONLY reason why Alabama won was because Alabama SCORED 45 POINTS !


It was, therefore EXACTLY as I demanded pre-game that he get his ass here instead that it did not turn out well for his predecessor here EITHER getting SHUT-OUT as the Offensive Coordinator at FSU.


We waited 6 weeks and 2 days after we fired the last guy for NOT being interested in winning here EITHER !


And, he started off poorly as well, wanting to show up here February 17 and finally just did prior to the Signing Date.  Then, he promptly knocked the lid off this # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program going 8-4.


Behind the damned proverbial 8-ball all season long.


I told him, too, to get his ass here on December 20, 2000 when Vince Dooley then gave him this job.


Y’all told me THEN how it would be free publicity for US that he does so well in the national championship game !


I told you he would NOT.


That we needed him here December 20, 2000 and that Bobby Bowden would be better-off turning him loose to get here and do his new job that he should be excited to be here for !


Fast forward again now 15 years 6 weeks and 2 days later now today, and


It’s déjà vu all over again.



Coach Kirby Smart gets RANKED in his 1st Poll ! ESPN ranks us for 2016 Season ! That’s something the FIRED loser (4 loss AVG last 8 years) did not do for us last season Final AP Poll even after we beat Penn State.


( )


Mark Schlabach ESPN Senior Writer used to be our BEAT WRITER here when he started out at the AJ-C.  Honestly, he and I had it out on his blogs quite a bit when he was here.  But he has mellowed in his old age.


The same can NOT be said about me, however.


I find myself agreeing with Mark Schlabach NOWADAYS !


That’s a good improvement !


ESPN Pre-Season Poll January 13, 2016 :


# 2 Alabama

# 7 LSU

# 11 vols

# 13 Ole Miss

# 17 North Carolina

# 23 Coach Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs !


So we are ranked last of 5 SEC teams 2016, and we hopefully face-off against another in SEC Championship Game and ANOTHER in a bowl game.  I certainly am looking forward to playing in our 1st Meaningful Bowl Game to end ANY season both teams ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll instead of both NOT ranked at ALL !


Regular Season Games 2016 :

# 17 North Carolina Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic 9-3

# 13 Ole Miss 9-24

# 11 vols 10-1


So we will know all about this team, our Coach, and Jake Eason by October 1 2016.


Front-end loaded.


I believe most other observers will rank Florida as well both pre-season and by the time we play them although I agree with Mark Schlabach that they were NOT very impressive 2015 with this new guy Jim McElwain and he is desperate for a QB.


Halloween is a day and a half after we play Florida on Monday October 31 this 2016 year.


We play them Saturday October 29 2016.


His predecessor went there to that hellhole 16 times and lost 11 times.


Auburn is November 12 and we have them here along with Georgie tek yellowjackets here November 26.


1 of those 2 will be ranked as well along with Florida and it shall not be Georgie tek yellowjackets.


Missouri and South Carolina also will be fun games with new coaches like we have.


So, lots of tests.


Sept. 3    North Carolina (Atlanta)
Sept. 17  at Missouri
Sept. 24  at Ole Miss
Oct. 1     TENNESSEE vols
Oct. 8     at South Carolina
Oct. 29   Florida (Jacksonville) at the site of the annual Gator Bowl wish it was NOT !
Nov. 5    at Kentucky
Nov. 12  AUBURN 1-game advantage all-time Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry !
Nov. 26  GEORGIe tek yellowjackets



( )


12-2 Georgia Bulldogs of Coach Kirby Smart 2016 season.


I do NOT want to average 4 losses the next 8 years.



“You’re replacing a guy who was fired despite having numerous seasons with double-digit wins. Of course, Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor wasn’t fired for not winning enough games; rather, for not winning enough big games or championships.” No. Dumbass. He was FIRED because he averaged 4 LOSSES a year for the last entire 8 solid God Damn Freaking YEARS ! Jesus Christ !

Dumb Shit Bill King :


How is your son’s Frisbee baseball team doing ?


You have not updated his status at that for us.


Why not ?


( )


All these 7 weeks month and half later, seriously, you are STILL sitting there fawning over this FIRED GUY.


Hey, Bill King, you TRIED to shut me.


How’d that go either dumbass ?


I’ll tell you how that went Bill King.


I won.




I FIRED his sorry ass.


Get that ?


“to win an SEC title within two years. Your predecessor did it.”


Excuse me ?


Again ?


His predecessor did NOT win The SEC in 10 Consecutive friqin’ years – the 3rd longest stretch in our entire history dating back to 1932.


The bar is set THAT HIGH.  That he win The SEC more frequently than NONE in 10 years’ time.


That’s how high.


Dimwit !


“He was fired because he hadn’t won a conference title in a decade, presided over embarrassing losses in high-profile games, and, thanks to a tendency to make questionable in-game decisions and his very poor personnel choice”


At least you got that part right.


And, for averaging 4 LOSSES a season for 8 years’ time now !


And, for being a dumbass !


Huge moron.




Well, you got that right too !


“Played not to lose and failed to take advantage of the wealth of talent and resources available at UGA.”


Got that right as well !


“Georgia became known as college football’s biggest underachiever.”




“You’re replacing a guy who was fired despite having numerous seasons with double-digit wins. Of course, Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor wasn’t fired for not winning enough games; rather, for not winning enough big games or championships.”


Double-digit win season ?  You mean like the 9-3 he had this latest season.  # 29 in the nation – 29 teams who won 10-win seasons or more this season.  Not that he did, because he did NOT.  9-win season.  He was in Miami of Florida down there because I FIRED HIS ASS while you sat up here and still do whining and LYING about the sorry sucker.




Bill King AJ-C Apologist to the DAY !


I am just glad the son of a bitch is GONE !


Now, if the rest of you can get over him – that would be a damned plus.


If not I will be here to remind your sorry asses all you freaking pussies who KEEP IT UP despite Coach Kirby Smart TELLING YOU IN HIS OPENING REMARKS to KNOCK IT OFF !


“numerous seasons with double-digit wins. Of course, Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor wasn’t fired for not winning enough games”


Freaking YES he was dumbass !


He was fired because 29 FBS coaches 10-wins this season and he had 9 was unranked for the 4th time in 8 years in the Final AP Poll again AND because he averaged 4 LOSSES a God Damn Friqin’ season, and because a CLIQUE of PUSSIES banned together and still do to whine about EXCUSES and how great he was when he SUCKED.