“Got throw ball better. Our QB environment we’ve got compete find best. Hard play good SEC football without great offensive defensive linemen. Working on culture here now. That’s point of offseason — create toughness. More and more dual threat guys in the NFL. That’s opened the door to it. Would we be open to it? Absolutely ! I do think that creates challenges for the defense ! Shane Beamer will do good job special teams – I’ll be very involved with that. I’m very involved defensively.” We have not done ANY of this.

“What’s the one thing we’re going to have to improve? We’ve got to throw the ball better than we have in the past here.”


“We’ve got to win football games.  What we have here right now is a situation with our quarterback environment where we’ve got to compete to find the best guy for the job. Of the three guys four guys we’ve got here we’ll be able to compete and find that out. ”


“To pinpoint one area, I think as a whole we always have to build from the lines. It’s hard to play good SEC football without great offensive and defensive linemen.”


“I do know that we have to go out and get great players, and there’s a lot of great players in this area.”


Shane Beamer will do a good job with special teams.   I’ll be very involved with that.”


I’m very involved defensively.”


“We’re working on the culture here now in the weight room from day one. We’re going to make sure every kid understands that. It’s a tough competitive culture.  That’s what we want to establish in the offseason. That’s the point of the offseason — create toughness.”


“If a dual guy comes along that we’re going to recruit – I’ve played against Jim Chaney. I’ve coached against him. You go back to his history at Tennessee and he had some quarterback runs. He had some things where he had to use that. If that’s your best way to run the ball is with your quarterback then you’ve got to use that !  I do think that creates challenges for the defense !  If you find the right guy and I agree with you there have been a lot of good ones to come out of this state – then you use that ! More and more dual threat guys are doing that in the NFL. That’s opened the door to it. Would we be open to it? Absolutely !”




Coach Kirby Paul Smart 1st Press Conference today when he is here now.  I have not seen someone sit down and analyze all he said today.  And we need to do that.  Someone needed to for us know what it was he said today.


We have not done ANY of this.


We have been playing-around telling reporters whatever will get them off our back having fun talking about something here more important than winning swimming not having productive practices taking the offseason Off playing not to lose demotivating our players sending mixed messages not emphasizing OL DL trying not to make mistakes on special teams not throwing the ball well not calling timeouts well not having a strategy eschewing dual-threat quarterbacks all together saying we run a Pro-Style Offense not committed to the run not converting 3rd downs having no discipline just punishment and losing 4 games per season average for 8 years totally losing to nearly all Top 15 teams as # 11 All-Time in wins.


That’s what we’ve been doing by direct stark contrast.




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