We have no options at QB for 2016. There is no competition. Can NOT be. Greyson Lambert was made starter here last year after only 5 practices with the # 1 unit. Therefore that is the same way he can LOSE his job. INSTANTLY ! No choice.

Greyson Lambert lacks the spark to be a QB.  He is afraid to throw the ball downfield because he does not want to turn the ball over.  His passes are way off target.  If he did not have all this talent around him he would be deemed horrible as a QB.  He has no hope of any ability to run.  He is really slow back there making decisions – all day !  Still the line blocked well for him and so did everyone else !  He stood back there and locked-in on 1 receiver.  He stared the receiver down.  He can throw the ball farther than Hutson Mason but both were # 100 Passing Offense.


One because he could NOT THROW the ball downfield – Hutson Mason

One because he REFUSED TO TRY TO THROW the ball downfield – Grayson Lambert


THIS is why Coach Kirby Smart yesterday told us all that we MUST BE ABLE TO THROW THE BALL BETTER.




And, not just the fans.


The players.


The COACHES on this staff last year.


EVERY blog and newspaper writer.


Even Greyson Lambert said he had to throw the ball better.


When you are NOT TRYING you have no hope to improve.


He is stuck in his old man ways of NOT TRYING.  Rather keep my job and make entire team look bad than I would not be afraid to throw the ball downfield that it might get intercepted.


This keep your job is over Greyson Lambert.


It just has to be.


Greyson Lambert is NOT CLUTCH.


3rd and long, he throws UNDERNEATH.


We saw Malcolm Mitchell and Terry Godwin both wide open down field and no efforts to throw to either.


We saw this EVERY GAME !


Tight Ends open.


Never threw to them either.


It’s no good.


Sony Michel is great out in space.  He never threw to him either.


Nick Chubb is a beast in space.  Never made any effort to him either.


Michael Chigbu ran great routes and Greyson Lambert would throw him the ball out of bounds.


UNACCPETABLE and cost his boss his job.


All the talent we have at Tight End and no passes to them !






We are front-end loaded.


3 top 15 teams at the beginning of the season.


Can NOT wait until mid-season, like we did with Matthew Stafford and we LOST those games before he finally was made the starter.


Greyson Lambert and Isaiah McKenzie led the Bulldogs in fumbles too.


We can ill-afford to have reservations of WHAT IF Greyson Lambert has to start until Jake Eason learns the offense ?


Greyson Lambert was made starter here last year after only 5 practices with the # 1 unit.




Since that is how he got the job, that is how he can LOSE IT.