SEC set to share revenue of staggering two-thirds of a billion SEC Revenue dollars after August 31, 2016. The SEC kept 14 % of that SEC Revenue last year or $ 72 million. We are SO FAR behind other colleges and their gyms which enhance The University and all the students.

Nearly two-thirds of a billion dollars is SEC Conference revenue sharing figure for the 2015-2016 fiscal year ending August 31 and of that figure it is expected that The SEC itself will share with itself about $85 million whereas last year The SEC shared with itself $ 72 million dollars.  This makes The SEC the most valuable conference by a long wide margin.  Easily the most valuable conference.


The 14 member institutions of The SEC are set to receive approximately between $ 40 and $50 million dollars each in late August 2016 distribution this year.


The total sports’ revenue for UGA is $ 150 million 2016 fiscal year of which The SEC payments are one-third the total we get.   The total includes local media packages, the TV rights with multiple Network agreements The SEC has hammered-out, the NCAA payments of about a million per school slated for Academic Enhancements, post-season bowl games, The SEC Championship Game, College Football Play-Off Revenue, NCAA Championships’ Revenue, March Madness Revenue, The SEC Basketball Tournament Revenue, the amounts retained by each SEC member school in Bowl Games’ Revenue, the supplemental surplus distribution.  Georgia gets each year from its student fees as a Subsidy to our annual Revenue $3,200,000 per year which some schools do not collect.  Tickets and donations/fees we pay to buy tickets and marketing revenue for some of our sports make up the majority of the balance of approximately $ 100 million for fiscal year ending August 31 of 2016 upon which the between $ 40 million and $ 50 million The SEC will revenue share with Georgia 2016 fiscal year.


The SEC will retain what would be another $ 6 million dollars maybe per SEC member school to operate The SEC in its next check to us.


These are staggering sums August 31, 2016 for The University of Georgia and will drive up our Total Revenue to about $ 150 million dollars.


This figure of between $ 40 to $50 million dollars annually in SEC revenue-sharing monies is only one-third of the total revenue for sports at The University of Georgia.


This is an increase in revenue sharing of maybe 20 percent by The SEC over last year when last August 2015 The SEC distributed then the record amount of nearly half a billion dollars – staggering figure in its own rights when $ 455 million was shared with the 14 member schools of The SEC $ 527 million Revenue The SEC paid taxes on according to tax records yesterday January 17, 2016.  This would put the January 2017 SEC Revenue at at least $ 632 million.


The figure for August 2016 distribution includes nearly half a billion dollars from TV revenue alone for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.


Last year August 2015 The SEC TV revenue component was $ 350 million dollars from TV alone of the then record total shared amongst the 14 SEC member institutions of nearly half a billion total.


Easily the most valuable conference.  Notably the Pac-12 is lagging way behind out there in the land of fruits and nuts where nobody cares and nobody bothers about college football.


College Football FBS Division 1-A represents 85% of the total college sports revenues which ranks 3rd behind NFL and MLB revenue for sports revenues and equal to NBA revenue.


College Basketball both men and women represents 9% of the total college sports revenue and the remaining 6 % comes chiefly from baseball and golf.



SEC schools are in an arms race to see who can best spend such staggering sums each year – an annual annuity to fund significant capital projects to enhance their school’s competitive position in the primary sports and to distribute the wealth to all the 18 sports our 300 student-athletes compete in.


Each group of our 300 student-athletes annually of the University of Georgia in our 18 sports then generate in their lifetimes 2 billion dollars – most of them in something other than competing in sports professionally at $ 5 million dollars each during their lifetimes.


Approximately 9 % of our draft eligible football players here are drafted, but the other sports do not offer such opportunities because the revenue for those sports dwarfs in comparison to the football revenue.  The football revenue and to a far lesser degree basketball revenue must support all 18 of our sports.


So why is that we cannot have a new gym for them then but Ole Miss can ?


We are so far behind the other colleges with their gyms.


Do you even know what a gym is used for and its benefits  ?


It is shameful how no one discusses even our new gym.