It has NOTHING to do with winning national championships. It NEVER did.

I really am tired of your whining now that you LOST and I WON !


Quit saying that Coach Kirby Smart has to win a national championship to VALIDATE the FIRING of his predecessor.


He does not.


His predecessor was # 40 in the nation at beating top 15 teams the last 8 years here.


Coach Kirby Smart has to be better than THAT to be VALIDATED that ALL of US were sick and tired of losing badly every time we played a big game as the # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program here at UGA being # 40 beating Top 15 teams for 8 years’ time.


His predecessor was 37-1 vs non-bowl teams for 8 years and only 36-31 vs bowl teams.


CKS has to be better than THAT.  That is the opponent that year goes to a bowl game that likely as not his predecessor LOST to them his last 8 years for which he was FIRED.


His predecessor despite averaging the # 8 Recruiting Ranking lost 4 games on the average his last 8 years here.


CKS has to simply do better than THAT – better than averaging 4 LOSSES a year for the next 8 years.


If you can not see it, there is little I can do to make you see it.  This is because you have to be a moron to act like you LIKED what was happening to us these excruciating last 8 years.


The bar is NOT set very highly these last 8 years.




73-32 is all he was his last 8 years for which he was fired.


If you desire to obfuscate the obvious of how sickening his last 8 years by bragging now nearly 2 months now after we FIRED him about what he did since 2001, you are going to be told




that he was NOT FIRED for what he did here 2001-2007, but what he did his last 8 years.


You either can get over trying to add-in what he did 2001-2007 way back then and then shake your heads that he was FIRED or not.


1 day you will wake-up and (1) apologize to me and (2) say to me man-to-man that I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG !


Because you can NOT be THAT stupid to think we FIRED him for what he did 2001-2007.  So quit with your shit about what he did 2001 until he was fired.  You and I and EVERYONE else wanted him here still 2001-2007.



I personally love it that you do NOT and can NOT bring yourself to simply say he was unacceptable over his last entire 8 years !


It makes MY DAY !


Because I WON !


And, therefore because you LOST.


The guy we ALL LOVE ESPECIALLY ME just lost it his last 8 years here and I told you he was GONE would be FIRED for it and that it was unacceptable.


Those of your then DWINDLING Apologists group that had the balls to discuss it with me, ALL agreed with me that it was in FACT unacceptable to lose 4 games per season average for his entire last 8 years here at 73-32 with the # 8 Recruiting Ranking – that in FACT he UNDERPERFORMED.


For you to STILL be sitting there squirming in your seats trying to make up some EXCUSE for him these last 8 years, is wonderful for me.


Please keep it up.


Again, you and that make my day !


Thank you very kindly.


As a group, you tried to hide amongst yourselves allowing only your viewpoint to be heard.  But This Great Bulldog Nation did speak-up and we as a group wanted him gone for his lack of effort his last 8 years here.


It was NOT the case that you could hide amongst your Apologists’ buddies and just only speak excuses such as well the administration did not support him and all he needed was a 9th Coordinator, and all he needed was a QB, and oh my God the injuries because the facts are that he LOST to EVERYONE his last 8 years – all groups.


This blog MADE the case that he HAD TO BE FIRED.


It had nothing to do then, nor now, nor as goals then now either for Coach Kirby Smart that we win a national championship.


I would have been more than satisfied with us playing at the end of ANY season in a bowl game both teams ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll – like we did 15 times before he got here and NOT SINCE.


I love going to the bowl games like that.


Playing a team who did not beat a single solitary Power 5 Conference opponent with a winning record all year long is NOT my idea of successful.


This was yet again another DISASTROUS season when we did not beat a single good team – in fact, our best win was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


And, therefore we went UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll HALF his last 8 years here 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015.


If you can NOT see that that has NOTHING to do with winning a national championship, then that is your dense issue and I will just come back and say it again.


While you sit there whining that it is when you can clearly succinctly see that he was NOT fired for :

(1) not winning a national championship

(2) for what he did from 2001-2007.


He was in fact fired for what he did his last 8 years here.


Whop up side the head

Whop up side the head

hey hey


Nothing about winning national championships.


From your point of view that is why he was fired.


Bullshit it was why he was fired and YOU KNOW THAT !



And, what did he do for his last 8 years here ?



Absolutely nothing good.


THAT then is what Coach Kirby Smart has to do.


Better than that.


Better than no SEC Championships in a decade.


As for your BS about 10-win seasons :

(1) 29 teams had 10-win seasons this past season 29

(2) Being # 29 is NOT our goal nor now is it Coach Kirby Smart’s goal either.


And, it was not just that he was # 40 in the nation at beating Top 15 teams for us the # 11 team over his entire last 8 years here.  It was the way he LOST those games ruining our national image with bullshit from his mouth then afterwards that here at Georgia there’s something more important than winning.


The hell there is.


And, it was his losing 12 games to unranked teams either time of game or for the season his last 8 years here.


And, most notably as well it was the WAY he continued losing 7 games his last 8 years here by more than 3 TD – all on the national stage us picked to win and the shit knocked out of us instead.


He did not do that 2001-2007.


Whining about what he did do 2001-2007 is taking your eyes off the ball.


Either that or being stupid on your part.


While you sat and still do sit there and act stupid quoting his freaking record from 2001, you are attempting to act stupid that you did not know how badly we played the last 8 years of his reign.


This continues to just make you look badly in the eyes of The Great Bulldog Nation who TOO were totally pissed-off at just how badly we did his last 8 years.


I did not, nor did anyone else want him fired 2001-2007.


It’s what he did his last 8 years that cost him his job and you any sense of credibility on the Internet EVER AGAIN !




How low can the bar be set for Coach Kirby Smart than to simply do better than that and NOTHING about national championships which NEVER was is NOT and NEVER will be my goal


Nor why I FIRED him.


And, you KNOW I FIRED him here on this blog.


That is what rancors you.


You bullied me for this entire last 8 years while I increasingly got more and more disappointed in YOUR HERO.


The more you lied, edited my blog entries, and banded together to dream up yet more excuses calling me not as good a Bulldogs’ fan as yourself and whining it took just as much effort on your part to be satisfied and guarantee he would be HERE right now as it did for me to say he WOULD NOT BE HERE, the more I was determined to do my homework, present my research and make sure tens of thousands a day read it – so that they would know.


That’s right tens of thousands a day read my blog entries daily and MY BLOG was REFERRED then to GROUPS.


I get those reports.

I specifically sent it to my Athletics’ Director and to my University President.


In the meantime small people like you THOUGHT you had shut me up.




I redoubled my efforts and was successful.


So I am HAPPY as a pig in shit.


And, you are beside yourself still trying to save face and with each post about it nearly 2 months later now since I had him FIRED.  With your each post NOW DAILY STILL, you are just rubbing salt in YOUR WOUNDS !


I was not on our debate team here at Georgia to lose, and you have LOST as well by the same methods.


The same person.




But, thank you for keeping up your crybaby tactics – it’s most pleasing to yours truly !





You NEVER shut me up : You AMPLIFIED my every point.


You were and are made a fool of by me.


I ate you up and spat you out.


I still do !


You did not make your points; you did not have your way; you lost.


You were NEVER going to win.


You had no hope of winning.


He was ALWAYS going to be FIRED for what he did his last 8 years here.


You knew that.


No Hope.


You tried to ignore what he said.


I hung on his every word.


You wish that you could ignore what the dumbass did and said, just as you wish that you could ignore my response to each.






I WON  !


And, you HATE it !


Me ?


Happy as a pig in shit.