Coach Kirby Smart is going to play 10 True Freshmen in Game 1 vs ranked team North Carolina in Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic Georgia Dome 10. What would you do with Sofía Vergara ? Olga Kurylenko ?

He has been quite clear that we do not have enough quality depth.  If you play your true freshmen you are building quality depth.  4 will be Starters.  This all will be a big plus between now and February 3 Signing Date to get some more in here – that they too can earn immediate playing time and even start game 1.  This establishes a precedent for his recruiting by doing this.  He will be able to say : See ?


Did anyone notice that the SAME VERY PUSSIES who said his predecessor would STILL BE HERE are the very ones NOW today who are saying that he can NOT start Jake Eason game 1 that heaven forbid in The SEC Freshmen make mistakes and sophomores have sophomore jinxes  ?


And the SAME PUSSIES then and now are also saying that he must win a national championship – did you notice that ?


Or did these anomalies escape you until I pointed it out ?


Why if they were so satisfied and still are does Coach Kirby Smart have to win a national championship ?


These very same pussies dragged our program down and put a fissure best they could in our Great Bulldogs’ Nation trying poorly to shut us up and tell us be afraid you might get what you want.  You are not as good a fan of this program as they they told you every time you expressed that 8 years of unsatisfactory results was too long.  Might end up like the vols they came back when you dared to speak-up not all dads wanted their sons to play for such a LOSER.  His recruiting is so great they said.  If he goes we lose Jake Eason.


Do you even remember what they said ?


What they CONTINUE 7 weeks’ later to say on their approved blogs amongst themselves ?


Doesn’t it make you sick they STILL FEEL that they can ram this shit down our throats that indeed they are not wanting to even be involved with our program ANY LONGER NOW TODAY they BRAG in PUBLIC ?




Remember every time you thought that he needed some criticism that they banded together to do their personal attack – not discuss your point ?


Remember this ?


They have not changed.


Can a leopard change its spots?


Neither can they do good now all of a sudden who have so accustomed all of us during his last 8 years here to their excuses and lies and settling for mediocre results and personal attacks – pussies.  


Coach Kirby Smart has to do what he could not they surmise.  No, all he has to do is to do  better than his predecessor’s last 8 years.  Nothing else.


Which is a low bar set his last 8 years.


But he was this or that over 15 years.  He wasn’t fired for what he did his 1st 7 years, was he ?


Coach Kirby Smart will surpass him easily.


Any seasoned head coach would’ve.


They compare one defensive coordinator with the next, one offensive coordinator with the next, but him good Lord knows they will hold Coach Kirby Smart to a HIGHER standard than that put up by his predecessor his last 8 years.


It was after all his last 8 years he was fired for, wasn’t it ?


You did not want him fired in year 7 here did you ?


But you did for what he did after his 1st 7 years, didn’t you ?


Well ?


Did we lose Jake Eason ?




We have added on to it.



What indeed would you do with Sofía Vergara ?


Well you would NOT throw her out of bed and you would NOT sit her on the sidelines while older lesser talented players instead played in a THROW-AWAY YEAR which I say Kirby Smart can NOT do to us AGAIN 2016 as we’ve had done unto us after 2007 around here.


Right ?


( )


With Olga Kurylenko ?


Not play the game with them ?  Count me as one who WOULD.


If you have such, you must prepare to take advantage.


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