Shacobia Barbee wills The Lady Bulldogs to HUGE win over # 10 Mississippi State to make us 28-15 vs Miss State All-Time. # 39 RPI and moving up for The Lady Bulldogs !

Shacobia Barbee was everywhere tonight.  She did it all scoring her 7th Double-Double of the season and is # 31 All-Time for The Lady Bulldogs in scoring with 1100 points in her career despite breaking her leg last year vs the vols – at which point we lost every game after her injury.


This game she just insisted that we win.  Her defense was stifling and her all-around game is 2nd to none always.  She made only 2 turnovers and scored 17 points – twice as many as any of the other gals tonight.


It was a display of physical dominance by Shacobia Barbee who finished with 5 offensive rebounds and 6 defensive rebounds too.


How exciting for The Lady Bulldogs, who got after it tonight on ESPN Game Watcher on the Internet from



14-5 on the season # 39 RPI The Lady Bulldogs – looking great for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament this season !


This will be a big jump in the RPI beating # 10 Mississippi State who was in the Top 25 of the RPI too, but now we forced them out of the Top 25 in the RPI for the season.





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