That gives us 8 scholarships available now for 2 Wednesdays from now. Our average recruit ranking of the commitments WENT UP ! Thank you Aaron Dowdell. This moves us UP NOW THEN TODAY AS A RESULT TO : # 1 Average Recruiting Rankings of every school in the nation for our Recruit Commitments.

Great coaches and great families Aaron Dowdell ?  Excuse me ?


Thank you for sending our average ranking of our Recruit Commitments UP Aaron Dowdell.


Thank you.  I presume that you did not want to put in the work for Sam Pittman, looking at you boy.


Again, thanks for sending our average ranking UP Aaron Dowdell  that was real nice of you.


We are nearly averaging a 4-Star commitment for ALL our recruits now.  Our scholarships are great at a BETTER SCHOOL than you will end up, and a better team you allow now to improve with the quality of our recruits.


You need lift weights, not talk about pancakes Aaron Dowdell.


Obviously, you talked with Sam Pittman.


Obviously he told you we have to get you in shape and add weight not flab.


Obviously, this is why you have only the 2 offers.


Be a man.


Nah, think I’ll go to Memphis or Mississippi State where there will not be as much pressure and I will disregard the lousy freaking education they’re giving me by comparison.




Our family here is great and The Great Bulldog Nation is the # 1 fan base in the Nation !


Instead of telling us who you are NOT being recruited at, why not tell us who you are being recruited at with a better University, better coaching staff, better fan base and better winning family ?


Excuse me Aaron Dowdell  but the only 2 scholarships offers you have are from Memphis and Mississippi State – both shit ass schools with shit-ass coaching and shit-ass fan bases.


And, therefore I am quite certain they will not push you to lift weights which is what this is all about anyway, isn’t it looking at you boy ?


What kind of family is that that you will not be pushed to lift weights at Memphis cough cough or Mississippi State cough cough ?


What kind of school is that Memphis or Mississippi State ?


What kind of coaching staff is that compared to ours at Memphis or Mississippi State ?


They are your ONLY TWO OFFERS boy.


All you did is open up a slot for now 8 more of what we have been recruiting here instead.


We can use that 8th slot well.


Trust me.


Georgia now today with this announcement overnight has the


# 1 Average Recruiting Rankings of every school in the nation for our Recruit Commitments.


Click far right column to sort by average recruit commitment rankings for # 1 UGA Bulldogs of Coach Kirby Smart.




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