Coach what is the one message you want to say to the fans ? “United fan base.”

“I do not play Mary Beth in H-O-R-S-E.”


“She can fill it up.  No doubt, she can shoot.”


Coach, what is the one message you want to send to the fans ?


“United fan base.”


Rock star Coach Kirby Paul Smart and 1st Lady Mary Beth Lycett Smart showed-up a few minutes in to the game with the recruiting going on tonight welcoming Arkansas who does not turn the ball over much compared to us.


Mary Beth looked great tonight !


A fine-looking 1st Lady for sure !


They are a good-looking couple all eyes on them.


The Mayor


The Governor


J J Frazier has us ahead at the break over Arkansas.  Whichever team loses this game is OUT of the NCAA Tournament.  We just have had too many turnovers this season, and more tonight.


I hold little hope for Coach Kirby Smart getting his wish that the very ones who attempt DAILY




to divide this fan base


will do any differently.


You can not change the spots of a leopard.


They are what they are.


I tried to put it behind us.


They ?


Not a lick.

( )




Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor OVERPAID his staff averaging 4 losses season for 8 years !

Head Coach Kirby Paul Smart – $ 5,380,200 plus expenses plus retirement



Jim Chaney — $850,000 – Offensive Coordinator


Mel Tucker — $850,000 – Defensive Coordinator


Sam Pittman — $650,000 – Offensive Line Coach


Tracy Rocker — $525,000 – Defensive Line Coach


James Coley — $450,000 – Wide Receivers’ Coach


Kevin Sherrer — $375,000 – Defense Coach


Shane Beamer — $300,000 – Special Teams TE


Dell McGee     — $275,000 – Running Backs’ Coach


Glenn Schumann – $225,000 – Defense Coach



Scott Sinclair – $220,000 – Director of Strength & Conditioning


Marshall Malchow – $180,000 – Recruiting Coordinator



Ed Ellis – $160,000 – Senior Associate Director Strength & Conditioning


Mike Cavan – Special Assistant to Coach Kirby Smart


You can see the entire support staff here :

and here :



(,g_north_west,h_941,w_1788,x_0,y_221/c_fill,h_1078,w_2048/f_auto,q_80/v1452526883/Mike-Cavan-SMU_imanft.jpg )


I bet that these men do NOT average 4 losses per season the next 8 years.  Any takers ?


They have the nation’s best # 1 overall average for their recruit commitments.


I told you we would recruit BETTER with those LOSERS gone !


  1st Team All-SEC Coach Kirby Smart then Academic All-America