“L” Fernando Velasco and Charles Johnson and Thomas Davis headed to Super Bowl 50 along with that guy who was not as good as Aaron Murray who was our QB so he could only play Tight End here Cam Newton,

Fernando Velasco  Charles Johnson Thomas Davis are headed to the Super Bowl.


39 Georgia Bulldogs have lifted the NFL Championship Trophy and 4 have taken away as well the MVP including Charley Trippi.


2 weeks





no L


Just 50







8 weeks 2 freaking months later and TODAY you grade the damned losing freaking FIRED coach a “B” for grade “admin” “JHD” FIELD STREET FORUM. Stick it UP YOUR ASS you son of a bitch. You lousy mother foker. He’s GONE ! Get over his ass already ! This is BULLSHIT and right after you post Coach Kirby Smart’s video ?

All you do is plagiarize !










You bullshit artist.  If you are going to COPY someone’s work then God Damn you friqin’ piece of shit, put on there where you STOLE it from.  List the URL Link to the stolen ideas.


Now, here we are more than 8 freaking weeks later and you say, I do not want to start anything or nothing, but here, I feel COMPELLED to give the God Damn freaking FIRED guy a God Damn friqin’ B for his grade.


Stick it up your sorry ass you son of a bitch !




a B








He was # 7 in the nation.  He averages the # 8 Scout.com recruiting ranking, and he ended-up NOT RANKED at ALL in the Final AP Poll.




For that.


He got the shit kicked out of him 3 times.


4 5 and 5 unanswered TD given up.


# 100 Passing Game 2 years in a row one with Mike Bobo and one with ANOTHER GUY




as Offensive Coordinator.


He FAILED to prepare a back-up QB 2 years ago in 2013 and paid for that last year 2014 when he ALSO failed to prepare a back-up QB for 2015 and now this year OVER 2015 you give him a B for that.


He told us that there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.


B for that.


He told us before the Alabama game he was FAVORED TO WIN at HOME which he lost by BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS with all hands on deck that it was HIS JOB TO demotivate our players.


demotivate them before Alabama game.


He gave the ENTIRE TEAM the week OFF before the Florida game.  Told them no practice.


Showed-up down there against a sorry coach and useless team and did the same as he did against Alabama.


Got the shit beat out of him.


He started in THAT one, a guy whom he had given NOT ONE SINGLE SNAP all season long at QB.


He left him in.


He threw 4 interceptions and never yanked him.


Before that, every time he had EVER been brought in by him to play QB, he called ONLY RUNNING PLAYS.  He called NOT 1 running play all game long for him.


He is up by 3 TD against the vols and loses that one too.  A losing record 2-3 team who does not even end up in the AP Poll Top 25 for the season had he not BLOWN THAT TOO.


He had complete and utter MUTINY by the players.


Compete munity by the players over all this.


He had a coaching staff seen yelling at each other he hired.


He had no special teams’ coach again and did not even practice special teams in the G-Day Game AGAIN, nor did he even work on Special Teams until 4 days before Fall Camp was OVER !


He installed the Red Zone Offense on a day when his 1st Team Starting QB was # 3 and his # 3 QB  the 1 who had the Red Zone Offense installed with – who he NEVER gave ANY snap to all season long before making him start at the site where he ended his career here loser 11 of 16 games.


He bragged about how great Georgia Southern University was with their average # 112 recruiting talent.


He made the guy who LOST his job at Virginia mind you now, his Starting QB after only 5 practices he had with the # 1 unit.


So in disarray was the offense therefore, given all these FRIQIN’ FACTS about his “offense”, that they NEVER all season beat a single good team.


His best “win” was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


For crying out loud.


He lost 4 games per season for his last entire 8 years here !


He was # 40 in the nation at beating Top 15 teams time of game at 18 losses of 24 games his last entire 8 years here.  That is for us !  We the # 11 All-Time Wins’ program admin. JHD, bullshit freaking lying bastard who can not even put up a handle when you plagiarize EVERY SINGLE post you ever “write.”


Without referencing the URL Link like none of us have the wherewithal to read on the Internet that which you plagiarize and re-post without credit to the AUTHOR.


You take RESEARCH and POSTS and re-post them on your site like you do to EVERYONE on the Internet.


You are so full of shit !


B –


You give him a B –


Friq you


You do not want any discussion of it ?


Friq that too dumbass son of a bitch lying plagiarizing piece of shit.


He got blown out 7 times by more than 3 TD and his last season saw 2 more such.


And, you give him NOT ONLY A PASSING GRADE


But a damned freaking B –


Amazing you sack of shit.


Amazing boy.


Your whole entire blog is all NOTHING BUT your plagiarized posts and your bullshit grade for the FIRED guy as really quite wonderful job he did.  Not the best in class.  Pretty much right up there.


Nearly best ever !


Dean’s List.


Honor Roll.


B –


So full of shit !


29 teams FBS Division 1-A had 10-win seasons 2015-2016 season now over.




And, you brag that





had a 10-win season as 1 of the 29 who did.


With his # 8 average Scout.com recruiting rankings.


He did not you lying sack of shit.


He was 9-3.


He was NOT even there at the bowl game.


He had ANOTHER FREAKING JOB at the time.




# 7 in the nation with # 8 talent and he beat as his best win 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


Oh, let me contemplate my navel and give him a B


Cushy damn job.


Excuse me dumbass he was FIRED WITH CAUSE.


That would be an






God Almighty friqin’ Damn there will not be needed a damned discussion of this Admin.


“There’s no reason to start a discussion that will re-hash old wounds, there needs to be a grade assigned”



Yes, there is a good damn reason to discuss your bullshit as there was for you to put it up there.



Red & Black can NOT even listen to the SAME MESSAGE Coach Kirby Smart has said 1000 times since the very day he was ANNOUNCED “UNITE” not ignite dumbass “I REALLY want to UNITE The Bulldogs’ Nation.” “I really want to UNITE the Bulldog Nation right now. The easiest thing in recruiting is when the fan base is UNITED and EVERY ONE is PULLING IN THE SAME DIRECTION. That is what we need. That is what we want. That is what we EXPECT !”


He says it again at the END of his MESSAGE at half last night.  AND, he ALSO said it before halftime on the Comcast Channel HD 792 SEC Network color commentating the game.


Good Lord.


“ignite” where the hell did you get that ?


Clean the damn wax out of your freaking ears !


( https://youtu.be/yzifmoCBDUg?t=49 )


“I want to UNITE The Bulldogs’ Nation.”


  • Alex Makrides @amakrides00
  • Updated 5 hrs ago


What a freaking dumbass.


Kirby Smart addresses fans at Stegeman Coliseum




Jesus Christ son.  Are you even listening to Coach Kirby Smart EVERY TIME he opens his mouth from his OPENING STATEMENT to last night ?


Why write an article and MISS HIS FRIQIN’ POINT all together The Red & Black – Alex Makrides @amakrides00 ?


Do an interview with him and apologize dumb shit.


His entire message boils down to YOU being the only “APPROVED” story of his statement last night and you have




what his entire message is.


He wants to unite the bullshit artists to welcome back in to their clique that he walked on water, of all the fans who think that his predecessor should have done a LOT better last season than he did and a LOT better than he did his last 8 years here averaging 4 losses for 8 years then being FIRED.


Get with the program Alex Makrides.


Damn it boy.




You missed the bus entirely.


Now, print a re-write.






Moreover you write a story about a subject when you have not listened to 1 word out of his mouth since we named him head coach.

“I really want to UNITE the Bulldog Nation right now.  The easiest thing in recruiting is when the fan base is UNITED and EVERY ONE is PULLING IN THE SAME DIRECTION.   That is what we need.  That is what we want. That is what we EXPECT !”


Stick it up your ass Alex Makrides !


Now, make this right.


If you are getting my basic drift here Alex Makrides, you really pissed me off.


9 days left before Signing Date 8 Scholarships Available – who will take the last 8 we have ? Excellence Program calls for new gym.

Derrick Brown

Ben Davis

Mecole Hardman Jr

Nigel Warrior

Brian Burns

Demetris Robertson

Lyndell Wilson

Jared Mayden

Tre Nixon

Shyheim Carter

E.J. Price

Ahmmon Richards

Keith Gavin

Michail Carter

John Simpson

K. GavinKeith Gavin

Michail Carter

John Simpson

Jacob Mathis

Jaleel Laguins *

Bailey Raborn

Denzel Mitchell

Jauan Williams




There was never any splash with his predecessor on Signing Date.  Will there be splash with Coach Kirby Smart these last 9 days ?


There are certainly some great players we could get the next 9 days and we do have 8 scholarships available.


More than 3 times as many say they are interested in signing with us in with 9 days to go.  So, the ones who do want to play for Coach Kirby Smart might decide in the last 9 days, and 1 is going to wait until AFTER signing date – although I don’t see us saving any scholarships and going into the season short-handed.


We have 85 bolts to shoot.


Who wants the last 8 ?


Great school.  Go the NFL from here.  Fantastic fan base to follow you of millions of Bulldogs’ fans worldwide.  World Class City Atlanta 58 miles away and most of the really good places are on the North Side of the city making it even closer to get here.  We have more women than men and our belles are so beautiful.  Lot of talent here at Georgia and you would fit right in with them.  We fired our coach and our team won 10 games like 29 teams did this past season.  We have an Academic All-America whom we made our football coach.  He was not a back-up but 1st Team All-SEC.  Beautiful gals, beautiful campus, beautiful rankings as top colleges, beautiful opportunity to play now, beautiful opportunity to start in the NFL, beautiful party school, beautiful history of winning football, beautiful rankings of the recruits Coach Kirby Smart already has joining you here this season, beautiful bowl record we have here, beautiful stadium, beautiful full stadium, beautiful Bulldog Nation fans, beautiful mascot UGA, and you would be a beautiful fit for our last 8 this season !


It was great to watch the men last night beat Arkansas on the heroics of JJ Frazier, but it was even greater to hear Coach Kirby Smart color commentator for SEC Channel Comcast 792 HD tell everyone prior to half on the broadcast that he really wants the fan base united.  United he stated clearly and plainly.


Indoor Practice Field :


( https://oxblue.com/archive/c510ad053386810836fe7860516f8e56/800×600.jpg?ts=1450824858 )