Michael Collins – Fansided – Dawn of the Dawg – confirmed Apologist STILL – says Coach Kirby Smart is NOT taking over a struggling program his predecessor’s last 8 years here. Is there some reason then that we fired his predecessor you can NOT bring yourself to say out loud – only in private to your family and closest friends Michael Collins ?

I see you do not wish to put enough of what I said to show that in fact, what I said at the URL Link you provided, is completely the opposite of your Apologist viewpoint you are trying to paint here. You ALSO EDITED what I said in the words you did choose. I said “as” my goal is NOT to have 10-win seasons. Not to win The SEC East. These are NOT my goals. 29 teams made 10-win seasons this season just ended. Your hero had 9-wins. He was in Miami when we played the bowl game. It is NOT his win. He was working somewhere else then.

My goal is to play in a meaningful bowl game at the end of a season. To  play against a great team both of us ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll – while last season neither of us were ranked at all in the Final AP Poll Penn State or your hero’s team.  His did this half the time his last 8 years here Michael Collins sir – not be ranked in the Final AP Poll 2009, 2010, 2013 and then 2015.

Also, you discuss how at some schools a new Coach comes in to take over a program which has lost to their Rival.  Florida is our # 1 Rival and your hero went down there to the site of the annual Gator Bowl and HE lost 11 of the 16 games there.  You did not want to say that did you Michael Collins ?

Your hero over his last 8 years averaged 4 losses per season.  Your hero over his last 8 years was # 40 in the nation at beating Top 15 teams time of game – losing 18 of 24 such games for us.  We’re # 11 All-Time in Wins.  He did this too again his last season and was fired with this cause as well Michael Collins sir.

If that is NOT struggling pray tell what is Michael Collins ?

Coach Kirby Smart is taking over a program that just lost it with his predecessor over the last 8 years here.  He lost not only to the Top ranked teams, and not only averaged losing 4 games per season over his last 8 years, he had inexplicable losses as well.

Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor lost to 12 unranked teams time of game or for season his last 8 years.  He lost his last season Michael Collins to the vols who were 2-3 and unranked at the time in the AP Poll and in the Final AP Poll would not have been ranked then either had your hero not blown a 21-point lead against the vols his last season.

Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor lost 7 games his last 8 years by more than 3 TD.  Again, Michael Collins sir, 2 of these 7 losses by more than 3 TD his last 8 years here were again his last season allowing 4 and 5 unanswered TD.  He never did this 2001-2007 his first 7 years either EVER, so why add-in what he did his 1st seven years here to make it seem someone obviously made a mistake in firing him ?  We did not fire him for what he did 2001-2007, but for what he did he last 8 years here.  Folks like me fired him right here on this blog sir.  You read it.  Tens of thousands a day did.  I affected the outcome and my blog POINTS were used AGAINST him to get his sorry ass fired.

He was not “pushed out the door.”

He was fired summarily for this.

Michael Collins it was not what he did over 15 seasons, but what he did over his last 8 years that got him fired.  So, why quote what he did 9 to 15 years ago as to why you still think he should be here as you detail in this blog post by you Michael Collins ?

Why can’t you bring yourself to say these “accomplishments” I list here in this reply now for his last 8 years ?  To discuss these failings.  To discuss these obvious struggling problems Michael Collins ?

Did you think I would not reply Michael Collins ?


You are the same Michael Collins who called for a National Championship for us the year before this one we just finished :


( http://dawnofthedawg.com/2014/06/24/5-reasons-georgia-bulldogs-will-win-national-championship-year/ )


You were WRONG then Michael Collins.  I was right then Michael Collins.


You are WRONG now Michael Collins.


I am right now Michael Collins that you are a confirmed Apologist who every off-season predicted 15-0 followed by inexplicable loss after inexplicable loss.


If he did not average 4 losses per season for his last 8 years, why did we fire him ?


If he was not # 40 at beating Top 15 teams time of game his last 8 years losing 18 of the 24 such games, why did we fire him ?


If he was not loser down there at the site of the annual Gator Bowl 11 of his 16 games there, why did we fire him ?


If you can not address this Michael Collins how can you suggest the program is not struggling as it has been for 8 years now ?


You asked me to write for you Michael Collins.  Do you remember that ?  I told you then that you could NOT force me to write when and what you wanted that I would write when I thought it best and what I thought was the truth.


This article today Michael Collins is bullshit like all your articles ever :


( http://saturdayblitz.com/2016/01/23/georgia-football-kirby-smart-in-least-enviable-position-of-any-new-hc/ )


You are just yet again another of those pussies who is happy averaging 4 losses per season for his last 8 years here and losing 18 of his 24 vs Top 15 his last 8 years here # 40 in the nation at that.


I want Coach Kirby Smart yes sir to do MORE than this low bar of his last 8 years here Michael Collins.  Do not materially misrepresent and EDIT what I did say at the URL Link you provided -a writer whom you asked to write for you sir and who TURNED YOU DOWN sir.


If you are going to quote me, quote me.  If you are NOT do NOT edit my words to fit what you wish I had said.

You are a God Damned Liar, a confirmed Apologist, and a piece of shit who can not bring himself to say losing 4 games a season average for 8 years is struggling as is losing 18 of 24 games vs Top 15 teams for 8 years # 40 in the nation at that is struggling.


Just image the brass balls for you to EDIT what I did say Michael Collins and to use me as an example of what you are saying today you DISNEYdawgs.com.


And, let me know when my reply there to your post is APPROVED ?  I removed words like balls, pussies, God Damned Liar, piece of shit, his sorry ass, you son of a bitch and bullshit to the “approved by me” reply you have YET to allow be there on your blog post this morning you LYING son of a bitch.




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