Randrecous Davis de-commit with his G tattoo sends our average rank of our commitments 2016 WAY UP to # 1 in the Nation 3.93 now 4.65 is not speedster 40-yard dash 5′ 9″ 159 lbs poor blocker – Back to 8 Scholarships Available now

Coach Kirby Smart did not want this guy ranked the # 74 wide receiver; we could have used him.  He is not close to the receivers he has added and his predecessor wanted to use him on special teams so he did not have to coach special teams AGAIN with his average 4 losses per season for his last 8 years here and his # 40 won/loss record vs top 15 teams at 18 losses in 24 games the last 8 years along with his 12 losses to unranked teams his last 8 years and along with his 7 blow-out losses his last 8 years of MORE than 3 TD, nearly all of which he was picked to win.


This is good that we have now gone back UP now to 8 Scholarships available.  I like that.  We have so many needs and like I say our WR now with us for 2016 are not looking for a 5′ 9″ 159 lbs. 4.65 average speed at best short, not particularly fast in fact NOT fast poor blocker.


Coach Kirby Smart just is not, not one who thinks he can not compete with that Coach Kirby Smart has lined-up for 2016 already now.


We have so many more pressing needs right now.  I believe with the WR lined-up now by Coach Kirby Smart for 2016 that any WR would think twice before throwing his name in the hat to compete with them.  And, I certainly do not consider this guy better than what we already have now lined-up for 2016.  He is a bit role player in The SEC against our size defenses here in The SEC and better suited to ACC play.


I hope he likes Cuban goulash.  I have been to Miami a bunch.  That is what is found to eat that and lots of hard bread.




It is not my cup of tea.


Nor him.


Sorry about that tattoo.  It’s going to be difficult to make a G into a U.


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And, thanks for sending our average ranking of our recruits for 2016 soaring to the nation’s best



It’s hard to soar with the eagles when you are a turkey Randrecous Davis.  Tell the truth you really did not want to compete with Isaac Nauta , Cavin Ridley , Charlie Woerner , Javon Wims , Isaiah McKenzie , Michael Chigbu , Terry Godwin to catch passes from Jake Jacob Eason.

Isn’t that really what the problem is ?



They’re ALL faster than you and only 1 is shorter than you and even he outweighs you.

You would be # 8 on the Depth Chart, wouldn’t you ?  Is this your real concern with coming here Randrecous Davis ?  Other WR might consider they can compete – but, you do not.  That is the short of it.

1-26-2016 – week from tomorrow Signing Date 8 remaining Scholarships