Georgia Coliseum designed as Cow Palace – not lined-up for basketball renamed 1996 Stegeman 53 years later now the electricity FAILED tonight as The Lady Bulldogs 14-6 smashed Auburn 13-7 by 63-30 despite multiple electricity issues.

Stegesaurus electricity failed tonight halting the Nationally televised contest for over 15 minutes.  When the electricians could get the electricity back working again to the lighting system, they still had electricity issues for the broadcast crew including electric microphones which would not work.  It was as if there was a surge through the electrical systems because they shorted-out but there was no external influence on it since it was a clear day and not cold.  It is clear what caused it.  Faulty dangerous wiring.


It is not very good publicity that in really rather warm weather tonight – it’s going to be 68 degrees Monday and 71 degrees Tuesday – multiple electrical failures in the electrical systems at Stegeman under no strain at the time stopped the telecast.


And, here we are with over $ 150 million dollars in football revenue each year.  And, Ole Miss used their SEC Revenue Sharing annuity and built a small new gym for $ 100 million.  But we might all have to evacuate our 53-year old antiquated old gym in an electrical fire.


We come across as poor stewards of the monies The SEC shares annually.


If someone is injured as a result at Stegeman, it will be negligence after last night because The University of Georgia was certainly put on notice along with our fans and teams practicing and playing there, that there is something really rotten in the electrical systems that the microphones for the broadcast crew and the lighting system both failed together and only the lighting system came back online. Then, the microphones back long after that.


Nationally audiences were treated to over 15 minutes of other games.


Then, Stegeman came back online.


It’s 53 years old Coach Andy Landers said as to cause of the surprise halting of the national telecast with him the analyst in the studios where the electricity was fine.

The seating is not symmetrical for a basketball court.  This is because originally there was a deep stage at the end of the court where it was designed to be a Cow Palace.


It was called Georgia Coliseum at the time – that 53 years ago.


Auburn now is 13-8 and The Lady Bulldogs improve to 15-6 in the best defense The Lady Bulldogs have played against an SEC team EVER holding Auburn to the lowest total by an SEC team all-time for us.


Auburn was 0 for 10 from the 3-point line.


The game was halted at 42-20.


It was a lengthy delay.  No one associated with the facility offered any update on their stop-gap measures to get the game back underway.


Only Andy Landers offered-up the reason.


Well it’s over 53 years old.


He would know.


The seating is horrible :


It was designed for agricultural events :


And, with the help of the disconcerting multiple electrical failures on national TV, Auburn was held to our SEC all-time low 30 points.


Is the sorry facility even safe any longer and what will fire inspectors say about the multiple electrical failures at Stegeman Coliseum January 28 2016 ?





Everything is explainable.

13 billion years ago 100 billion galaxies formed in one nanosecond in the big bang with each galaxy having 100 million stars of which our sun is 1 – not something in 6 days which was formed 4.5 billion years ago and 9 billion years after the big bang.  Excuse me we know the speed of light.


Everything is explainable.







Update : Kirby adds U.S. Army All-America Punter Marshall Long out of North Carolina for the replacement of Brice Ramsey. See all commitments here at this URL Link.”Football%20Recruiting”&classYear=”2016″&team=”Georgia”&minimumInterest=”SoftVerbal”&sortBy=CommitDate

Update this URL Link updated at 2:55 p.m. to include Marshall Long to not 2017 but 2016 Class for Kirby.

Marshall Long might actually redshirt this 2016 season.  UPDATE : Now they have moved him to 2016 Signing Class 2:55 p.m. And, be our punter then. We certainly have plenty of Scholarships right now to give the East Punter for the U.S. Army All-America Game January 9th.


U.S. Army All-America 2016 :


Ben Cleveland

Isaac Nauta

Jake Eason

Julian Rochester

Marshall Long


3 others played in this U.S. Army All-America game we might well sign for THIS SEASON as well !


( )

If you pass the eye test, you start vs UNC for we have NOT DONE WELL for 8 years now averaging 4-losses a season and we LOST those games before Matthew Stafford finally was made the Starter.  Joe Tereshinski III lost to Vandie as Starter for example a team who beat no SEC team except us.

You can see the list of who is U.S. Army All-America here at this URL Link :



I do follow the recruiting because by God damn few of the guys change their commitments to The University of Georgia.  It really does NOT happen.  That’s bullshit that Bluto – get the picture -senator of nothing perpetrates on his blog as to why he does not follow recruiting.


Just imagine not following the recruiting for The Georgia Bulldogs ?


Personally I would find that a complete waste to miss out on this most exciting part of college football.


I do follow recruiting.  It happens to be the lifeblood of our program.  And, with all the 8 years now of averaging 4 losses per season, recruiting has been the 1 damn bright spot.


No wonder Kirby took this gig.  Yuk 1203.


Fran Tarkenton who minces no words either says : “I think it was a brilliant, great, right move to do,” Fran Tarkenton said about hiring Kirby. “We needed a fresh voice, a new voice.”


Jake Eason lives with Ben Cleveland, the 4-star lineman from North Georgia. Isaac Nauta, the nation’s No. 1 tight end. Mirko Jurkovic, another offensive line signee from 2015.