Update : Kirby adds U.S. Army All-America Punter Marshall Long out of North Carolina for the replacement of Brice Ramsey. See all commitments here at this URL Link.


Update this URL Link updated at 2:55 p.m. to include Marshall Long to not 2017 but 2016 Class for Kirby.

Marshall Long might actually redshirt this 2016 season.  UPDATE : Now they have moved him to 2016 Signing Class 2:55 p.m. And, be our punter then. We certainly have plenty of Scholarships right now to give the East Punter for the U.S. Army All-America Game January 9th.


U.S. Army All-America 2016 :


Ben Cleveland

Isaac Nauta

Jake Eason

Julian Rochester

Marshall Long


3 others played in this U.S. Army All-America game we might well sign for THIS SEASON as well !


( https://media.yourdailydish.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/SC-Taylor-Swift-e1451496679757.png )

If you pass the eye test, you start vs UNC for we have NOT DONE WELL for 8 years now averaging 4-losses a season and we LOST those games before Matthew Stafford finally was made the Starter.  Joe Tereshinski III lost to Vandie as Starter for example a team who beat no SEC team except us.

You can see the list of who is U.S. Army All-America here at this URL Link :





I do follow the recruiting because by God damn few of the guys change their commitments to The University of Georgia.  It really does NOT happen.  That’s bullshit that Bluto – get the picture -senator of nothing perpetrates on his blog as to why he does not follow recruiting.


Just imagine not following the recruiting for The Georgia Bulldogs ?


Personally I would find that a complete waste to miss out on this most exciting part of college football.


I do follow recruiting.  It happens to be the lifeblood of our program.  And, with all the 8 years now of averaging 4 losses per season, recruiting has been the 1 damn bright spot.


No wonder Kirby took this gig.  Yuk 1203.


Fran Tarkenton who minces no words either says : “I think it was a brilliant, great, right move to do,” Fran Tarkenton said about hiring Kirby. “We needed a fresh voice, a new voice.”




Jake Eason lives with Ben Cleveland, the 4-star lineman from North Georgia. Isaac Nauta, the nation’s No. 1 tight end. Mirko Jurkovic, another offensive line signee from 2015.






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