It certainly appears Kirby has saved his last 7 scholarships for TOP RECRUITS ONLY with 2 days left a third of the TOP RECRUITS undecided. We remain # 1 in the nation in highest average of our 2016 recruits. His predecessor would’ve given all these up and filled his up with stocking stuffers. You need to learn to NOT LOOK at # stars and DO LOOK at where they rank at their position.

Let me step you through this.


Do I think I understand recruiting ?


Damn right I do.


I have followed recruiting for Georgia Bulldogs football for over 50 years.  Followed it closely.  Looked back and analyzed it after the fact as well.


Critics point to number of stars.


That is UNIMPORTANT totally.


What IS important is what their ranking is at their position.  THIS is the TRUE INDICATOR.  You can trust me on this.  I do know.


Kirby’s predecessor all the time filled his commitments up with whomever would come along.  Wasted scholarships.  He did this EVERY YEAR for 15 years. He would get antsy.  We also did not care.  He really didn’t.  He bragged that he would take projects thinking his religion would have a big impact on the wayward boy’s life.  I have shared those quotes of his.  I can give you specifics.


Kirby from the outset has treated the now 7 remaining Scholarships as an absolute stingy spend-thrift infinitesimally small number he puts great value in and WILL NOT PURPOSELY WASTE ONE even.


It is so clear.


I hold to Kirby’s belief on this and said all the time that his predecessor would find his replacement would recruit BETTER than he.


It is being borne out now in year one already because of what Kirby is doing.


Georgia NEVER had the highest average of our recruits.


It was HOW I MEASURED his predecessor.


He was always behind the 8-ball in recruiting because he kept kicking players off the team here, and therefore got down to at one point only 67 on scholarship.  Can you believe that ?  His Apologists said good riddance to them but this left him WEAK.  No Depth.


In comes Kirby and he says : “We’re weak at quality depth.”


He knows.


I know.


Really besides where they rank at their position individually, all I ever look at really is what his Average Recruit Ranking is.  He’d be the # 8 Ranked Recruiting Class and you guys BRAGGED on him here at Georgia with the # 1 most players sent to The SEC in this state and # 2 most players sent in this state to the Power 5 Conferences and # 3 most players sent in this state to any college any level for football.  Good Lord, he ACTUALLY averaged his recruits NOT # 8 but # 13.  That sucks folks.  Look at it yourself and see if you agree with me now that he is GONE and you should be getting over him by now ?  2013 class sucked ?  Really ?  You JUST NOW figuring that out ?  I said it THEN.  It was a BAD CLASS.  The probability they would be great was poor and WAY TOO MANY poorly ranked guys :


Click the FAR RIGHT column !


It will show you he was NOT # 8 but # 13 in what I say is the # 1 state because Georgie tek yellowjackets and Georgia Southern University do NOT go after these VERY TOP PLAYERS – they can’t.  None of them would go there because they DO NOT WIN at the highest level compared to us IN-STATE.  Guys want to go away from home but they DO WANT to be able to get there quickly and their FRIENDS FAMILY and FOLLOWERS to be able to get there.  Plus we have Atlanta and about the highest ranked school for a football school there is !


15 of that class 2013 were ranked WORSE than # 50 at their position.  15.


15 with NO HOPE.


He signed 33.


We do it the right way and do NOT over-sign.  BS I said then.  We signed 33.


33 signed means he ended up # 8 class.  No.  No he did NOT.  He was ranked the # 8 class ONLY because he signed 33.  Again, you get points for each signed in the Recruiting Rankings, but you DO NOT get high average recruit because you signed 33 with 15 of the 33 – nearly half – fluff guys not ranked in the Top 50 even at their position.




You want who the 15 are whom in my analysis were Fluff 2013 ?”Football%20Recruiting”&classYear=”2013″&team=”Georgia”&minimumInterest=”SoftVerbal”&sortBy=CommitDate


Reggie Davis

JJ Green

Shaquille Fluker

Uriah Lemay

Aulden Bynum

Shaun McGee

Johnathan Rumph

Kennar Johnson

Rico Johnson

Ryne Rankin

Reggie Wilkerson

DeAndre Johnson

John Atkins

Josh Cardiello

Tramel Terry was seriously injured after offered before signed


We did not give ourselves ANY SEMBLANCE of an opportunity to begin to have a good class 2013 and I said it daily since.  Too many guys who were NOT RANKED HIGHLY at their position.  # 8 recruiting ranking for 2013 because EACH of these 15 ADDED-UP to MORE POINTS so the Recruit Ranking was # 8 because he had 67 on Scholarship and SIGNED 33.


Got it ?











(1) You have 85 Scholarships.

(2) If you do not keep that 85-man limit FULL all the time, you are at a disadvantage.

(3) You want NOT 5-Stars but guys ranked at the top of their position – all of them.

(4) If you fill-up your roster to 85 with guys ranked # 128 at their position you suffer.

(5) He always gave away his to walk-ons who NEVER PLAYED except special teams.

(6) They should NOT have been out there THEN but our very best players instead.

(7) If you used up 85 you have to say sorry we’re full to good players & not offer them.

(8) He did that all the time too.

(9) He looked at the Recruit Rankings.

(10) Do NOT look at the Recruit Rankings !

(11) Again you only have 85 follow me on this.

(12) Recruit Rankings add-up for each recruit good or bad more recruits higher ranked.

(13) If you give Scholarship offer and player gets injured you must retract it.

(14) You can not carry all these guys filling-up the roster.

(15) He talked about not having enough to practice.

(16) Well yeah, he had that problem with 67 Scholarships Recruits.

(17) Did you follow me how Recruit Rankings work ?

(18) If you have 33 you recruit one year with lots of FLUFF you will have high ranked class.

(19) Doesn’t matter what their individual ranking is but then you are FULL.

(20) Cannot offer some top players then when you are full.

(21) So many of the 33 fall out.  Now, you have to scramble AGAIN.



Maybe it is easier to follow with specific examples :


Since he went down there to Miami of Florida he has recruited players such as # 128 at his position WR.  I am sorry he is WR 170 lbs. He is 5′ 9″ with no speed.  I am so sorry but that is a PROJECT.  He went after him and got his commitment just last week.  He needs players to practice with he thinks.  He doesn’t teach them anything, just give him NUMBERS.
That is NOT going to work, just as it did NOT here or he would not have averaged 4 losses a year for his last entire 8 years here.  If you think that is good, you need MORE LESSONS than you will learn on this post about recruiting.  And, if  you do NOT follow recruiting you are missing out on the lifeblood of our program and the single most exciting and most relevant part that make up our team besides the game itself.


You are plugging holes by putting an inferior player out there because the Starter got injured or needed a blow, if you do not concentrate on recruiting.


In MANY respects we are the # 1 Recruiting HOTBED in ALL of America for football.


If you do not know about THIS, ask me below.


I have discussed it in the past.


Our guys go to The SEC; they are drafted;  they go to the NFL and they play.


Miami of Florida’s football commitments for 2016 are half a point WORSE than ours.  That is a LOT.  They used to get top players down there.  They would run rampant over the Big East with them.  Once they got into the ACC, they no longer have been competitive.  That’s been a LONG TIME NOW !


They are NOT going to win with these guys – not against top teams with him “coaching” these :”Football%20Recruiting”&classYear=”2016″&team=”Miami%20(Fl)”&minimumInterest=”SoftVerbal”&sortBy=CommitDate


What is the LIKELIHOOD that Isaac Nauta instead by direct contrast is going to be better ?




He is the # 1 recruit at his position TE and is 6′ 4″ and 235 lbs.  He just committed to Kirby last week.


Do not look at the recruiting rankings but at the substance of what makes them up.  If your team is filling your roster with fluff recruits you will suffer.  The 85 scholarship go away fast filling them up with fluff.  Kirby is NOT doing this as his predecessor did.


I ask you ?


Clearly it is FAR MORE LIKELY that Isaac Nauta  will do better than Latrell Williams.


Our guys are just a LOT better than what he has been getting down there at Miami of Florida – each of our guys individually are BETTER.


I can say that.


The probabilities are CLEAR !


I know this :”Football%20Recruiting”&classYear=”2016″&team=”Georgia”&minimumInterest=”SoftVerbal”&sortBy=CommitDate


Look at their Position Rank “POS” That is not piece of shit.


These are some of the very best top recruits in the nation one-third of whom have NOT CHOSEN :


This is VERY UNUSUAL with 2 days all that remains before they do sign that one-third of the top recruits have NO CHOICE yet.


The kids have egos.  The smart ones also know that there really is a best fit for them as a school, at playing time, and at winning.  Who wants to be on a losing team ?


You never played the game, so maybe you don’t know.  Know this, the TOP PLAYERS want to WIN !


They should want a good school to learn at as well, and THIS is a huge advantage for us.


So what you’ve got is Kirby is # 1 in the nation at average rank of his individual recruits :




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