Top Elite Recruit’s mom says “but he wants to win.” I have been saying that for some time now that it has HURT US recruiting the Top Recruits.

You can sit there and give hell to Fran Tarkenton for being College Football Hall of Fame, Academic All America at Georgia, SEC Champion, Pro Football Hall of Fame and worth in EXCESS of $ 40 million dollars when his salary was NOT $ 20 million a year as others nowadays.


But, the FACTS are that Fran Tarkenton happens to know a HELL of a lot more about Football than you will EVER glean giving him hell from your cheap seats for daring to say that which the players already said and the other coaches on the staff that the damn team was in MUTINY and TOXIC.


Shove it up your ass Bluto  !


get the picture


senator of nothing.


When Elite Top Recruit’s mom says “but he wants to win” you may at your discretion sir interpret that to mean that the guy whom you promised ME would STILL BE HERE TODAY when I GUARANTEED to YOU sir that he would be FIRED did NOT win.


According NOT to the mom, but according to the Elite Top Recruit.  He may be the best player in the state of Alabama.


But, then again you do not follow recruiting.


Of course, you are NOT a fan of this program EITHER.


And, you are NOT a fan of college football.




All you do is run your mouth and CENSOR who can say what.


Now, Fran Tarkenton can not say that we HAD MUTINY and TOXIC environment because by God Bluto said he can not speak for US.




No one can say SHIT to you Bluto.


Excuse me asshole Bluto, as I do believe that Fran Tarkenton CAN speak for US God Damn You Bluto, and you can NOT Bluto you and your freaking little pussies who spent all day saying that Fran was wrong to speak for US.


No, he was NOT !


Fran called it as it is, as it was, and as his tenure will ALWAYS be reported in history.


The Elite Top Recruits did NOT want to come here because he lost over his last 8 years here 18 of 24 vs Top 15 teams # 40 nationally.  Yet we # 11 All-Time in Wins.  And, he averaged for his last 8 years here 4 losses per season.


We have to FIX that God Damn You Bluto, and I do not give a rats friqin’ ass what you think about him saying so for ALL OF US.




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