Kirby’s class ranked # 9 by and # 7 by 247 Composite and # 10 by and # 7 by ESPN. Kirby’s predecessor shut-out in the state of Georgia in twice the time with twice the talent did HALF as well as Kirby – most especially at the Top Elite Prospects who said they wanted to WIN !

# 7 Class ESPN Kirby’s Georgia Bulldogs 2016 ESPN Rankings

# 19 Miami of Florida according to same ESPN 2016 Rankings


# 7 Class 247 Composite Kirby’s Georgia Bulldogs 2016

# 21 Miami of Florida 247 Composite Rankings 2016


# 9 Kirby’s Georgia Bulldogs 2016 Recruiting Ranking

# 37 Miami of Florida Recruiting Ranking”Football%20Recruiting”&classYear=”2016″&team=”Georgia”&minimumInterest=”SoftVerbal”&sortBy=CommitDate


# 10 Georgia Bulldogs Rivals 2016 Ranking

# 22 Miami of Florida Rivals 2016 Ranking






And, while Kirby went to the state of Florida and Signed 3 really huge big targets in an Offensive Lineman, a Wide Receiver and a Tight End, his predecessor FIRED here from Georgia came up here and got NO ONE.


Shut-out in the state of Georgia !


If he is such a great recruiter, did it the right way, everyone wanted his son to play for him, was such a great coach, built up good will in this state, why was he shut-out in this state by EVERY RECRUIT ?


Explain this pray tell ?


Go ahead ?


What’s your excuse for this ?


A guy who has never coached before out-recruited him with his 15 years here by a long wide margin, as I maintained that he would.  Especially at the Top Elite Recruits, Kirby out-recruited his predecessor.  In fact I have maintained that his replacement whomever that was, would out-recruit him.  We have seen quote after quote by Top Elite Recruits which Kirby did FAR BETTER AT than him, that THEY WANT TO WIN !


In fact, some of those turned Kirby down because of the average 4 losses for 8 entire seasons, so 9-year old kids who watched 8 years of Georgia Football being now 17 years old really have seen us also WET THE BED vs the Top 15 teams for # 11 All-Time Georgia Bulldogs losing 18 of 24 games for 8 years now.


# 40 in the Nation at beating Top 15 teams LOSING 18 of 24 games our last entire 8 mediocre years here at Georgia for our # 11 All-Time Most Wins’ Program Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program.




Despite your musings today to the contrary that somehow it was NOT.


That still you say today he should NOT have been fired.


You have variously now tried on words such as “successful.”  And, “not bad.”  And, “good given the level of support he was given.” And, “he had bad luck here.” And, “damn good man.”  And, “not as badly as is made-out about him.”  And, “best coach ever” despite his last 8 years of here of absolutely nothing.  You have even tried-on for good measure such phrases as “dispatched” rather than fired. And, “fine man.”  And, “did it the right way” and losing for 8 years.  And, still today you write 9 weeks and 5 days after I personally ran him out of town on a rail, that “despite 10-win season” in 15-game seasons for the top teams of which he was not he would be back and should not be gone.  In fact, you even today have said to me that “Kirby did not take over a STRUGGLING program.”


Yeah, he did.


Didn’t he ?


You pussies settling for mediocrity the entire lifetime of these 17-year olds who remember NOTHING else but mediocrity.


Still, Kirby turned around some of these top recruits.  Mecole Hardman Jr for example was invited to the Alabama game by Kirby’s predecessor here.  He said after the game that Kirby’s predecessor FAILED TO BRING HIS TEAM READY TO PLAY.  That is his quote at the Alabama game for us this year here.  Go look it up.  I reported it widely at the time.


Mecole Hardman Jr. the # 1 Athlete in the Nation ALSO stated that Kirby’s team in the Official Visit watching him play his now predecessor here in the driving rain at Sanford DID COME READY TO PLAY.


He lost him then.


Kirby turned THAT around !


How ?


He told Mecole Hardman Jr that he Kirby DID BRING HIS GUYS ready to play and that his predecessor here spent the ENTIRE WEEK bragging to the press that it was HIS JOB HERE AT GEORGIA TO DEMOTIVATE OUR PLAYERS.


And, so we have it : Kirby out-recruited his predecessor by a HUGE WIDE MARGIN.


And, ALWAYS WILL.  And, Kirby did not get here until January 12, 2016 and had been awake all night when he did arrive with his staff he stole from Alabama with him on the plane with his 4th National Championship since beginning to call all the Defensive Plays for Alabama in 2008 – half the time.  This, compared to his predecessor here who half the time from 2008 to now was TOTALLY UNRANKED in Final AP Poll Top 25.  2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015 Kirby’s predecessor was UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll Top 25 – half the time starting 2008.


So while Kirby won NC half the time starting 2008 as D.C. at Alabama dominated not by their Offense or their Special Teams but by their Defense, his predecessor here half the time starting 2008 as UGA’s “head coach” did not get us ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 even.


Stark Difference !


And, EXACTLY what the Top Elite Recruits said this 2016 Signing Date.  That they WANTED TO WIN !


While Kirby’s predecessor here whined after loss after loss starting 2008 averaging 4 losses per season for his entire last 8 years here before we finally had to FIRE HIM, that “there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.”


The Hell there is.


Not according to ME.


And, I told you – not according to the Top Elite Prospects whom I told you for 8 years WANTED TO WIN !


Every time he whined after losing 7 games by more than 3 TD starting 2008 through his last entire 8 years here, and every time he whined after losing 12 games a dozen to teams who were unranked teams time of game or for the season starting 2008 through his last entire 8 years here – that “there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia,” I told you that the Top Elite Recruits DO NOT SHARE THAT God Damn View.  That they WANT TO WIN I told you for 8 long excruciating years culminating in ME FIRING his sorry ass ON THIS VERY BLOG.


You said “Jacob Eason coming to Georgia is contingent upon him staying and returning as our coach, and if he leaves, we lose Jacob Eason.”


Not only was that not true either, but even more so, he was unable to get Jake Eason to join him in Miami.  Ultimately what Jake Eason said about all that was that fan base was important to him and that the “Georgia fans had suffered through hard times over many recent seasons.”


And, that he according to his Dad, became sold on Kirby instead when he hired Sam Pittman.


All this despite the fact that Kirby’s predecessor went out there the day before he was fired by his boss of 6 years’ time and screwed-up the recruitment so much that he said he was considering (1) Miami of Florida, (2) Florida Gators and (3) Notre Dame.


That he had to be told he was fired the day after seeing him at the coffee shop by Ben Cleveland.


He was an “overeducated 27-year-old virgin who held the hands of superstitious old women and promised them eternity.”


13 billion years ago 100 billion galaxies formed in one nanosecond in the big bang with each galaxy having 100 million stars of which our sun is 1 – not something in 6 days which was formed 4.5 billion years ago and 9 billion years after the big bang.  Excuse me we know the speed of light.


So, what is the difference in Kirby’s Signing Class and his at Miami of Florida where HE HAD MORE TIME there at Miami than Kirby had here to get more of the Elite Prospects and in a state Florida which HAS MORE ELITE TOP RECRUITS than Georgia does ?


Kirby convinced the Top Elite recruits in the state of Florida that he Kirby WOULD WIN here – and not by God average 4 losses a season for his next 8 seasons here like his predecessor here.


Kirby got MORE Top Elite Prospects than he.


On the average, half a point better.


That’s the difference in the 2 classes.


Miami of Florida are on NCAA Probation in Football today just as Georgie tek yellowjackets are and while discussing ACC teams on NCAA Probation today so too are Syracuse.


I do not think he fits their image there at the U, UM, U of M, Miami, Hurricanes, Miami of Florida.


I felt that he should have retired.  He is burned-out.


He was a shell of his self after 2007 not competitive and did not care.


Why is it that NO ONE said one word about Kirby out-recruiting his FIRED predecessor ?


Because it is too freaking obvious !


Oh, and because ALL THOSE APOLOGISTS did not want to contradict their every post the last 8 years in direct contradiction to my replies to them that they said they DID NOT WANT TO HEAR – not that it was untrue that I said, but that they DID NOT WANT TO HEAR IT from me in reply to them – that Kirby’s predecessor WAS RECRUITING the Top Elite Talent here and was a great recruiter.  Well, he was a great recruiter to Georgia but would NOT be as good as his replacement I countered.


Here is the TRUTH about THAT, too !


These PROVEN STATEMENTS by me for 8 years starting 2008 through 2015 have stuck in your clique’s collective CRAW.


YOU STILL think he should be here and daily tell me this on your approved blogs.


Like a bird’s neck craw where something got stuck in the bird’s craw and the bird could not swallow it, you were CONVINCED that you were RIGHT and I was WRONG.


I was stuck in your craw.  I still am.


Now you call him DGM or some such junk without coach in it any longer.


But you were pussies about it and WANTED TO CENSOR ME and prevent me from SIMPLY REPLYING TO YOU.


That did not work.


Tens of thousands a day have come to MY BLOG SINCE because THEY KNOW I was RIGHT and you were WRONG all along all 8 years when I turned on him and saw him for what he REALLY IS.


No matter what I said, you were right and me WRONG.


But, that not the issue : The issue is that you ATTEMPTED to TRY to SHUT ME UP rather than reply the researched proven FACTS I presented to your statements of his greatness.


You were PROVEN WRONG by my alma mater.  Weren’t you ?


He was GREAT from 2001-2007.  He was NOT thereafter.  And, is NOT today – nor shall he EVER be again.  And, the reason ?  Because he does NOT care about winning anymore – not important to him – not how HE judges himself, nor HIS God so says he.  So until he FIXES that, he shall ALWAYS be 2nd Fiddle to Kirby.  His philosophies are screwed-up.  His priorities are screwed-up.


He was NOT judged upon what he did 2001-2007 here but on what he did his last entire 8 years here.  Somehow you have NEVER been able to make that statement.


If we pay Kirby $5,380,200 plus unlimited expense account plus retirement – neither of which are part of the $5,380,200 Kirby makes with incentives each year and his predecessor $3.7 million a year (He NEVER did sign the new contract.) to coach our team, then his goal is to WIN.  If you want to be a preacher man, get out of coaching college football in The SEC which is no Church League.  It is fundamentally UNACCEPTABLE to average 4 losses per season for 8 years – of this there is UNIVERSAL concordance.


Nearly 4 of every 5 Georgia Bulldogs’ fans stated that they had begun to lose faith in him as our coach.


He shall NOT do well at Miami of Florida despite his weak Coastal Division and overall weak ACC Conference and their weak Miami of Florida schedules – not with twice as bad a recruiting class.  The difference in the 2 classes by Kirby and his predecessor 2016 ?  Kirby’s predecessor here had BOTH more time to do better than Kirby and is in a state which FAR EXCEEDS Georgia for recruits with TWICE the population of Georgia with us but 11 million here and Florida with a population of 20 million.


His QB coach is Jon Richt.


Kirby out-recruited his predecessor who was hired by and starting working there December 4, 2015.


Kirby did not start working here with half the population of Florida until January 12, 2016.


So with TWICE the opportunities and TWICE the time, he did HALF as well as Kirby at recruiting.


This is because the kids do NOT BUY-IN to his concept ALONE that in college football “there’s something besides winning that’s important here.”


No other college football coach before or EVER in the future has EVER made such silly non sequitur illogical formal decries about winning.


It does not follow.


College Football Coaches indeed do care about winning.  In fact many famous college football coaches have made completely the opposite creed that in fact winning is everything and nothing else matters.


Again if he wants to be a preacher man he should do so – until then his creed is ALL WRONG and contrary to OUR GOALS as a FOOTBALL PROGRAM.


Furthermore, his creed that “there’s something besides winning that’s important here” is 100 percent against and contrary to The United States Constitution at Public University The University of Georgia that he shall not use his position as our football coach to propagate his Religion.


I don’t care how you feel about it.


It’s WRONG on BOTH fronts.


The United States Constitution in our 1st Amendment Rights provides ALL of us that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”


This is so plain and so clear.


Pray to Play Freedom From Religion


I do not care what he does down there at Miami of Florida.  I am just GLAD he’s gone from here after what he put us through his last entire 8 seasons here.


And, I promise that YOU shall NOT rewrite history now as you daily try to do but somehow could not bring yourself to say that he was OUT-RECRUITED by Kirby with twice the opportunities and twice the time Kirby had.


Fundamentally he is wrong.


So he did NOT recruit as well.  In fact he recruited with twice the time and twice the opportunities HALF what Kirby did – and the difference at the Top Elite Prospects.





5 thoughts on “Kirby’s class ranked # 9 by and # 7 by 247 Composite and # 10 by and # 7 by ESPN. Kirby’s predecessor shut-out in the state of Georgia in twice the time with twice the talent did HALF as well as Kirby – most especially at the Top Elite Prospects who said they wanted to WIN !

  1. I’m guessing you think you know it all but with all that you just said about Kirby and his recruiting class he is not able to even dominate Nichols State and had to beat them with a minute and change on the board. O Yea, did you watch the get there A** handed to them by Ole Miss!!! You deserve Kirby and the Sh**** season your going to gave

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  2. I’m guessing you think you know it all but with all that you just said about Kirby and his recruiting class he is not able to even dominate Nichols State and had to beat them with a minute and change on the board. O Yea, did you watch them get there A** handed to them by Ole Miss!!! You deserve Kirby and the Sh**** season your going to have. Gotta love a big mouth with all those stats he put out. To bad his team didn’t read them lol

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