Super Sunday has been Super for The Georgia Bulldogs with 39 Bulldogs who have hoisted the NFL Championship Game trophy and 3 more trying today ! We also have been NFL Championship Game MVP 4 times to lead the nation.

The Georgia Bulldogs have had 4 previous # 1 NFL Draft Picks and while Kirby turned-around Jake Eason who might well be our 5th 3 years from now, all the up-coming NFL draft picks really did not bring us success on the field here or their coach would not have been fired for his last entire 8 years of mediocre results despite all the talent notably averaging for his last 8 years here 4 losses a season for 8 years now.


It was an impressive haul in recruiting 2016, but Kirby was late getting to the party – serving 2 Gods – 6 weeks and 3 days after getting his phone call after 39 years on this planet from Greg McGarity offering him this gig which he instantly accepted.  And, as impressive as the haul was, he did not have the time not taking over until January 12, to fill-in for all those leaving.


He had other goals.


Other responsibilities than that which should have been his only priority.  Alabama’s national championship did nothing for Georgia and we sorely needed Offensive Linemen and could ill-afford to show-up with 4 Scholarships still in his hip-pocket.  ESPN says it is 5.


Either way you figure it, he has 80 or 81 Scholarship Recruits to compete in a 15-game season for the top teams – all of whom have their full compliment of 85 scholarship recruits.


So we have a self-imposed NCAA scholarship ban of either 4 or 5 scholarships in his 1st season.  He might get one back in the up-coming days if an SAT Score of 1970 can not be raised to 2070.  His brother is just wrong to think he can raise it that many points – like the 1st test did not accurately reflect what is more than enough for UGA and just not going to hack it at Stanford.  And, he is a WR a position not nearly lacking as much as losing EJ Price to yet another team out there in the Land of Fruits and Nuts.


I can take as many pot-shots at EJ Price as I like but the truth of the matter is that no one more mattered to Kirby than he – or others like him or better on the OL for an offense which has been abysmal the past 2 seasons first with Mike Bobo the # 100 Passing Offense 2 years ago and now this last season again # 100 Passing Offense without Mike Bobo too.


Todd Gurley II walks away with Offensive NFL Rookie of the Year Award today over Jameis Winston, who never has come across as too smart himself.


But, on this Super Sunday – my preacher tries to tell us EVERY Sunday is Super Sunday – The Georgia Bulldogs indeed have walked away with a lot of hardware and look to add to that again today amid a flurry of new commercials and 2 former SEC Quarterbacks battling it out.


1 who saw Tee Martin of Alabama do what he could not for his former vols in his Last Harrah now today and another whom the fired coach here told nah Aaron Murray is my QB far better than you and if you want to come here we would only consider you at Tight End.  I like game managers he told Cam Newton, and refuse categorically to get into this non-Pro-Style QB in college because well the NFL doesn’t go for that.


Yeah, they do.


And, no he wasn’t.


Let the records show that the fired guy was fired for numerous failures including as well not only averaging 4 losses a season for 8 years with all this NFL talent but also for 8 years being # 40 at beating top 15 teams for # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program UGA at just only 6 wins of 24 such games his last 8 years here too.


And so on Super Bowl Sunday we are reminded of all the talent we have had here to have put-up such paltry numbers here for his last entire 8 years with 17 NFL Starters including those today for Carolina Panthers, yet his dumbass statements and stupid decisions here leading to his own self-imposed firing.


For Kirby surely was called that fateful Saturday 28 November 2015 after the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ debacle and offered this position by Greg McGarity before McGarity would have begun to consider to fire Kirby’s predecessor who did not do shit in the 6 years his predecessor reported to Greg McGarity making McGarity look like yet again another poor choice as Athletics’ Director by Mike Adam$ after yet another poor choice as our AD before him.


This the week after Georgia Southern University the fired coach bragged on and 1 week before lowly Georgia State University ran the very same Georgia Southern University out of the stadium.


And, so we just have a lot of baggage right now and the last we could desire is to go to the dinner table 6 weeks and 3 days after being offered this gig and accepting it and leave either 4 or 5 scholarships on the table.


Let the big dawg eat ?


We showed-up to the dinner table 6 weeks and 3 days LATE.


Self-imposed ban of loss of 4 or 5 scholarships his inaugural season and frankly all 4 or 5 on the OL.


His mind was elsewhere to have made such a glaring error.


Unlike his predecessor, he is Smart enough to have known better but categorically refused to show-up until January 12.  His entire career on the line, and he self-imposes more than the NCAA EVER would to the most ardent cheater either 4 or 5 lost scholarships for an entire freaking year – his 1st and therefore MOST IMPORTANT season.


Even more so, he is behind the 8-ball across the board due to telling Greg McGarity indeed November 28, 2015 that YES he would take this gig and showing up here dawg-tired instead in the middle of the night January 12, 2016.


Every press conference since being named by ESPN as our head coach within 36 hours of his former predecessor’s firing for mediocre results and dumb shit decisions for 15 years holding this program back settling for second-fiddle, Kirby told the press that it was in the trenches that mattered most and that we lacked quality depth in the trenches and that Kirby knows as a matter of fact he said in every press conference since that the lifeblood of every program is recruiting to insure quality depth most especially in the trenches while noting as well that we have been a woeful freaking offense both with and without Mike Bobo the last several years of failed offense.


It did not matter whom it was who was our Offensive Coordinator, the last 2 seasons has clearly shown to Kirby that we have big issues on offense and he said we lacked quality depth on the line.


So, he lets his predecessor’s Offensive Coordinator here Neil Callaway and said former vols’ QB Tee Martin both now at Southern California convince EJ Price to join a lousy recruiting class at Southern California who has even done worse than us the last 7 years in a row now as a football program.


It’s the type of maddening decisions of his predecessor and 1 which will haunt him all year and linger into his 2nd year.


You can NOT serve 2 Gods.




You either are the head coach here or you are not.


If you are, you either give a shit about this program for which you are renumerated $5,380,200 annually or you do not.  There is no middle ground.  There are no excuses.


There are only failures.


One-third of a million living alumni and millions more who follow this clearly great program hang on such poor choices and relent not.


He noted himself how he was taking over a program with a divided fan base and how wanted to unite us and he pulls this stunt that oh Jere Morehead and Greg McGarity let you be damn selfish to work for 6 weeks and 3 days at 1/5 salary and do again what had been done rather than get his ass here and do what he says with his lips we need and what he knows is important.


And, so on Super Sunday we are reminded – all our fan base of millions, yes millions, that we have had great success in the NFL and not so damn much HERE !


A guy with a broken hand looking to lead his team to victory on defense ?


A team whom only the Falcons could beat.


And, their QB told he could not play here because by God we had Aaron Murray who has not – as this blog told you he never would all previous 8 years – even attempted an NFL pass.


It is pretty God damn frustrating, and I will be dipped in shit if I am going to give his predecessor hell for his entire last 8 years here as I did and give Kirby a bye on such a critical dumbass decision by him.  You could see it on his face on Signing Day.


He was damn disappointed.   He thought his subordinates some better than others thrown together from Tuscaloosa and some not at all for 6 weeks and 3 days, would do that which we pay him for.


That’s not how that works.


We have not had a dominant offensive line here in 15 years’ time.  We handed him one and he too went out, showed-up friqin’ late just like Kirby and stayed behind the 8-ball on quality depth on the damned OL all 15 years of his successes at sending guys to the NFL and failures on his OL to play big boy football.


It’s not Sam Pittman’s fault.  It’s Kirby’s fault.  Hell, he wasn’t even going to hire either O.C. or OL coach before I on this blog shamed him into it warning him he would not reel in Jake Eason without naming them.  I told him he would lose him if he did not name them and would gain him if he did.


He should have known that.  Shit, he should have named BOTH the Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator for 2016 on November 29 and said yeah Greg called me last night and boy I have a lot of work to do and am sitting at my damn desk now here at Butts-Mehre doing only my NEW JOB.


I got new jobs offered me from time to time in my career obviously.


NEVER did I not be asked when could you start if we offered you ?


In my classes at UGA and I studied this, obviously it was instilled into me that the answer to that question was the most important question’s answer I would face.


Where is my desk ?


We are # 14 All-Time in NFL Draft Picks.


Our 786 wins are # 11 All-Time.


What the freaking hell is our damn coach doing but being here by God doing what we are paying him 5 times what Alabama was paying him to do.


28-19-3 all-time in bowl games is Top 5 in the nation.


Where were your damned priorities ?


Self-imposing a 4 or 5 Scholarship reduction for a year ?


# 88 Passing Offense 2014 with Mike Bobo

# 104 Passing Offense 2015 with Brian Schottenheimer


You got out-recruited by Tee Martin and Neil Callaway who did not out-recruit ANYONE else this year again for EJ Price – a position YOU said was need and the very basis of good football because you did not put forth the effort – no other reason.


And, you did not reel in any of the others either as Ben Cleveland was always coming here.


You in a hotbed of OL, let worse recruiters have a 6 weeks and 3 days lead time, in a race YOU SAID was the most urgent needs and the very foundation of winning football sir.


You can not say I did not say to you that I would return and say :




Because by God I did.


And, I am not 2-faced and not saying it as I guaranteed you I would.


I call it as I see it.


Try now that you have finally showed-up to cut-down on the mistakes of your predecessor for which I fired him, not purposely compound them.


# 5 in NFL Draft Picks and with all that talent and with all that talent not 1 dominant OL except the 1 handed to him his inaugural season.


Champ Bailey has 12 Pro Bowls

Fran Tarkenton has 9 Pro Bowls

Richard Seymour has 7 Pro Bowls

Ray Donaldson has 6 Pro Bowls

Jake Scott has 5 Pro Bowls

Bill Stanfill has 5 Pro Bowls

Guy McIntyre has 5 Pro Bowls

Len Hauss has 5 Pro Bowls

Hines Ward has 4 Pro Bowls

Terrell Davis has 3 Pro Bowls

Mo Lewis has 3 Pro Bowls

Marcus Stroud has 3 Pro Bowls

Garrison Hearst has 2 Pro Bowls

Rodney Hampton has 2 Pro Bowls

Tim Jennings has 2 Pro Bowls

Bobby Walston has 2 Pro Bowls

Joe Geri has 2 Pro Bowls

Jimmy Orr has 2 Pro Bowls

Marion Campbell has 2 Pro Bowls

Mack Strong has 2 Pro Bowls

Herschel Walker has 2 Pro Bowls

Charley Trippi has 2 Pro Bowls

11 other former Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Players have 1 Pro Bowl NFL All-Star Selection


You’re NOT going to beat the Top 15 teams with this OL I do not care how great Sam Pittman is at teaching them.  You want a record against Top 15 like the fired predecessor his last 8 years here ?


15 years in a row now 57 Georgia Bulldogs have played in this game today. 57


And, we have gone with all this talent the last entire 8 years :


37-1 vs non-bowl teams 36-31 vs teams who played in a bowl game – after 2007 for 73-32 average 4 losses a season – this is how high the bar is set next 8 years for Coach Kirby Smart


Kirby you are asking 81 scholarship recruits to do that which you set a poor example sir.








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