Kirby ranked in another pre-season poll # 19 by ESPN

Mark Schlabach used to be our AJ-C beat writer.  He was still here when Kirby’s predecessor got hired.  He went national when he left here.  He has mellowed with age.


He says we have 7 back on offense 6 back on defense and 1 back on special teams.


I know we have lost 22 all of whom started for us and that we only signed 20 so far with 1 looking pretty for his visit tomorrow with us and 1 hanging-on to see if his SAT will rise 100 points so he can GET INTO Stanford for his brother.  That would be pretty tough on him.  Stanford is not forgiving and 1970 SAT would put him behind the 8-ball in EVERY 1 of his CLASSES, bottom of class – need to be hardest worker to compete AND GO entirely across the country – he from Savannah.


I also know that we gave up 5, 4 and 4 unanswered TD last season with eight (8) invited of the 22 we lose to the NFL Combines.




5, 4 and 4 unanswered TD last season and 8 go to NFL Combines while the team of course was UNRANKED 2015-2016 season in the Final AP Poll Top 25 even.


Florida was not that impressive and the vols were not that impressive and they BOTH BEAT us with all this talent.


8 invited to NFL Combines and several more have legitimate shot at NFL – several more of the 22 lost.


But Mark Schlabach has us # 19 now for this up-coming season and he sees us with 7 returning starters on offense 6 on defense and 1 special teams.


Kirby seems to be managing these last 4 scholarships closely as I see it; ESPN says it is 5 remaining scholarships.


Isn’t the news about Nick Chubb Kirby says 1st in to rehab last out every day great ?

(1) That means Kirby is 1st there and last to leave

(2) While it does not insure anything it certainly is what I had hoped for Nick Chubb.


We owe some salaries to Kirby’s predecessor’s staff ?  Well we certainly do NOT to him because he NEVER signed the new contract.


$ 150 million annuity in revenue 2016 the least of my concerns is paying-off the staff that WASTED 8 NFL Combines players to get blown-out 3 times 2 to lousy teams by 4, 5, and 4 unanswered TD.


And, no that does not mean the defense was bad.


Unanswered means the OFFENSE sucked.


Hard to imagine all the wasted talent around here.


Pay them off to leave ?


Hit the road Jack – Don’t come around here no more no more !







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