Armchair All-Americans blog author Andrew Stephens current student at UGA writes a great analysis of every 5-Star QB this century and you should read it. It is quite good. DJ Shockley Aaron Murray Matthew Stafford Jake Eason.

Thank you Andrew Stephens.

Aaron Murray was 35-17 Starting QB here.  You pointed-out Won/Loss Record but not of him, so I thought I would add it in for him, too.

10 percent of Aaron Murray’s snaps here at UGA were Interceptions, Fumbles or Sacks.  You pointed-out these areas for other QB in your list, but not for him.  Since he called his own number 50 percent of his total plays here, I thought that I would point-out this.

He has not and appears unlikely to ever throw a pass in the NFL as I pointed-out when we redshirted Zach Mettenberger 2009 and started Joe Cox vs Oklahoma State University both with his chronic throwing shoulder and the flu.  In fact, never gave Zach Mettenberger a snap.  I called for Zach Mettenberger to be the QB for Okie State pre-game on every Bulldogs’ blog.

DJ Shockley, too, was redshirted in 2001 which I said on every Bulldog blog in 2001 was a mistake. We lost 4 games 2001 but DJ Shockley would not have.

Matthew Stafford did not start his freshman season in games we LOST as well.  Vandie for example 2006 was 1-7 in The SEC.  Their 1 win ?  When Matthew Stafford was NOT the Starter for us.

You mentioned that we had Knowshon Moreno the # 3 RB in the nation in the rankings.  Yes we did.  We redshirted him too.  We saw him then 2 years only.  He was taken # 12 in the NFL Draft overall in the 1st Round.

Our 2008 season you mention as well Andrew.  We were # 1 Consensus AP and Coaches’ Polls pre-season.  We lost 3 games that season with Mike Bobo, with Matthew Stafford, with AJ Green you mention as well and with Knowshon Moreno.  Then, we played 4-loss Michigan State in our meaningless bowl game that season.  I did not see where you really said that Andrew.  It is what happened sir.

Hey that’s great you’re a student here.  Congratulations.  I thought I had read you earlier ?  Keep up the great work.  Go ‘Dawgs !

It sounds like it is a pretty good harbinger of success to be on your list here, especially given that you are discussing Andrew QB play here in The SEC where the world knows the majority of the talent is, has been and continues to be and given of course how great the Defenses here in The SEC are.


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