Lady Bulldogs (20-7) beat Top 25 Florida 74-63 for 5th win of season vs ranked teams as Shacobia Barbee has reinjured her other ankle this season after her other leg caused her to miss the end of last season as finally we get almost ranked ourselves sitting just outside the Top 25 coming-in. RPI # 23 pre-game we will move-up to about # 19 PRI and have now beat 7 top RPI teams this season already all 7 who are IN THE BIG DANCE ALREADY ! This is our 30th 20-Win Season. Mackenzie Engram will be missing her 14th game in a row Thursday night for us as well while she was a Starter January 3 in her last game.

Shacobia Barbee and her senior-laden teammates beat Florida at the Stegesaurus this afternoon.


The SEC is the toughest conference in this sport as well, and we’re a winning record in The SEC and already were # 23 in the RPI, now to move up to about # 19 today in the RPI.


NCAA Tournament Queens, The Lady Bulldogs are making a strong run this season with a very tough strength of schedule.  Many women’s teams this season have run-up their record on weak sisters of the poor such as Texas Maryland Florida State Florida and Duquesne but this day we exposed a team who just hasn’t played the great opponents we have all season long.


And, beat them.


# 23 in the RPI pre-game, The Lady Bulldogs’ Basketball team this year has now beat :


# 11 RPI BYU

# 20 Florida

# 20 RPI Florida again today

# 32 Mississippi State

# 33 Missouri

# 38 RPI Seton Hall

# 52 RPI Auburn


There are 2 games remaining in the regular season Thursday and then next Sunday’s national televised game against the vols then The SEC Tournament.


We have now won 6 of our last 7 games with the only loss here at the end of the season when you have to be hot to get ranked and to get a high seed to 25-1 South Carolina who is # 2 in the RPI.


The Lady Bulldogs will be on the SEC Network whip-around Thursday night at 7 p.m. and I really like the whip-around where you really get to see all the Top SEC Teams all night long and really miss very little of any of the top games.  It’s an amazing concept I love from the SEC Network.  You really get to see what a great conference The SEC is.  We all want to see our team play.  We all get to with Whip Around SEC Network.  I love it.  We will be playing Arkansas who is the last team we play who can not play.  Although for the 1st time in more than 3 decades this has all caught-up with the vols.  I questioned their choice as coach, as I did ours.  These 2 programs both should have hired a proven head coach the best in the nation.  vols face not even being a ranked team.  That last happened in 1985.


We will see if we can get by lowly Arkansas Thursday and face a vols team who just stands around on offense and waits for someone to pass them the ball.  Seen better high school basketball.


If we had all our horses I’d love our chances this season.  Without Mackenzie Engram and without Shacobia Barbee, we shall not beat any real team – unless some on the bench do this season that which they made no effort to last season.


Tiaria Griffin had 28 points capping her career as he goes high in the WNBA Draft up-coming.  Shacobia Barbee 20 points and her ankle is unknown just that she could not get back on the court and she might actually be higher drafted.  Pachis Roberts had 13 points and she comes back next season.  While Marjorie Butler who will be our Lady Bulldogs’ 4th Academic All-America had a usual game shooting at 0-8 from the field but did ice the game with her 2-2 of free throws.  In order to be Academic All-America the player in question MUST be a Starter.  It’s been an unusual career watching her play or should I say jack it up for a gal who has no hope of hitting the broad side of the barn.  Bricks ?  That would be a compliment to Marjorie Butler to say that she throws-up bricks.  Bricks take exception to that slight.


Of the 8 who play 15 minutes of the 40-minute games (4 quarters this season began)  Marjorie Butler is # 8 the worst dead-last shooter on the team at just .321.  Most of her shots are lay-ups.  Or her shooting percentage would be worse.  Marjorie Butler is also 8th at shooting 3-point shots making only 11 of 51 jacked-up.  They are lucky they clip the backboard.


1st year coach Joni Taylor who played at Alabama is ALLOWED to not Start and play Marjorie Butler some and he still be named our 4th Academic All-America.


Fran Tarkenton was the 1st Georgia Bulldog in any sport to be named Academic All America.


Kirby is another Academic All-America for Georgia.


Congratulations to The Lady Bulldogs on a fine season this season so far with the biggest games up-coming.


The Lady Bulldogs – Top 5 Basketball Program All-Time:


I predicted us this season at no worse than 21-9 after The SEC Tournament and no worse than 9-8 SEC as you can see in the previous posts here on this blog.  We’re 20-7 and 8-6 SEC now.


Florida was # 22 in the AP Poll and I predicted we were 1 more big win away from being ranked in the Top 25 ourselves.  We’ll see how that goes as obviously playing the vols next Sunday on National TV is a gargantuan task.


The SEC is ranked The # 1 Women’s Basketball Conference obviously this year.


Mackenzie Engram still was unable to go today again and has now missed every game starting January 7.  Thursday’s night televised game with be her 14th game in a row she has missed.  The last game Mackenzie Engram played in she Started against # 20 Missouri January 3.


Our Ladies have been in 31 of all of the 34 previous NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Championship Tournaments and this will be 32 of the All-Time 35 since it started for Women in 1982 – this is # 2 All-Time in the Nation ! We also have been ranked 522 times in the AP Poll which is also # 2 All-Time although none this year so getting ranked this season is VERY IMPORTANT to our senior class which includes 4 of our 5 starters and 1 bench player Terry Godwin’s sister.  We are a Top 5 Women’s Basketball Program All-Time.  We have had 20 WNBA Draft Picks since 1999 which is # 4 in the nation and have 3 more who will be after this season.  65 in a row – every 4-year letterman ever here – have graduated for 36 consecutive seasons and this will be 37.  We will have another Academic All-America being named this season as well to bring the total to 4 of our Lovely Lady Bulldogs’ Basketball Players who have been named Academic All-America !  We have 86 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship Tournament Wins All-Time so we are EXPECTED to add to that this season.  Our ladies are embraced nationally as a Consensus Top 5 program on and off the court in the classrooms and the community and our fans are the # 1 fans of this sport we do so well in.  We continue to develop this season again top talent obviously and the very top student-athletes.  We have 4 Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.  One of only 3 American Athletes who have Won Gold Medals at 4 Different Olympics the Most Decorated Basketball Player in Olympics’ history. 1 of 4 American All-Time Women’s FIBA Federation International Basketball Amateur Hall of Fame.  In 2007 we opened “Georgia Coliseum Training Facility” a $30 million dollar 120,000 square feet nation’s largest basketball practice facility where 3 years in a row now this year the Atlanta Hawks do their pre-season practice – most impressive in the nation.   We average over 24 wins a season All-Time also Top 5 program in the nation.  11 eleven SEC Titles.  This is our 30th 20-Win Season !  Every game is on TV and Every game can be heard LIVE on FM Radio including in Atlanta on 103.7 WXKT-FM even in your car.  I thought you should know.  Our men are a different story.  Both would benefit from a new gym in retaining in-state talent as well as attracting out-of-state talent and we are BEHIND in supporting our teams with this new gym with the over $150 million revenue annually our teams make us.  Our “Georgia Excellence Campaign” has this new gym as their # 1 next goal.




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