Lady Bulldogs down by 9 storm back and win without Shacobia Barbee and Mackenzie Engram to beat Arkansas who tried to wear us down only to bring-in subs who all missed every shot.

The Lady Bulldogs answered the challenge to their depleted ranks and shook off Arkansas at the Stegesaurus on SEC Network Whip Around coverage.


Majorie Butler went 1 of 4 all early when losing by 9 and we could field only 8 but that was enough to handle Arkansas 11-17 while Georgia improves to 21-7 and solidifies its bid to The NCAA Big Dance.  I still say we won’t do anything when we do although we are still fighting for a 2-game bye in The SEC Tournament.


Next up nationally televised vols’ game – unranked vols.  First time since 1985 unranked vols.


( )


Holly Warlick was a poor choice and I said so at the time.


We’re not ranked either and it is going to take a big win to get us ranked at # 29 today for us.


The SEC will look like a shell of itself with the vols and Lady Bulldogs game on national TV.  vols just stand around on offense and wait for someone to throw them the ball so they can jack it up.


Tonight The Lady Bulldogs got great effort from Hempe Griffin Robinson Roberts and Clark.  It’s really all we have.


WITHOUT Shacobia Barbee :

Caliya Robinson who averages only 18 minutes a game this season had instead 5 more minutes playing time 23 minutes.


Haley Clark who averages only 9 minutes a game this season had instead 13 more minutes playing time 22 minutes.


Pachis Roberts who averages only 21 minutes a game this season had instead 15 more minutes playing time 36 minutes.


Merritt Hempe who averages only 24 minutes a game this season had instead 1 more minute playing time 25 minutes.


Tiaria Griffin who averages only 34 minutes a game this season had instead 4 more minutes playing time 38 minutes.


Shanea Armbrister who averages only 7 minutes a game this season had instead 2 more minutes playing time 9 minutes.


So who took-up the 34 minutes a game this season Shacobia Barbee was getting ?  These 6 sucked-it up and answered the bell.


And, they won without Shacobia Barbee.  We’ll see if Joni Taylor does the same Sunday against the vols in the national televised game to end the regular season and if they can get the job done in The SEC Tournament and NCAA Tournament berth Shacobia Barbee was the mainstay in earning for them.


Whether or not they can win for Shacobia Barbee.  We do not beat the vols all that often although better than most at this, and with Shacobia Barbee I really liked our chances.









The SEC Tournament begins March 2 in Gainesville.  We don’t have the game at the Stegosaurus ever because our gym sucks.


All these schools have better gym than us.


It’s a shame the way we refuse to build our teams a new gym.


Congratulations to the 5 Georgia players who beat Arkansas tonight.


It was fun watching you on the whip around coverage I like although your run there was not shown.


Andy Landers predicted the run before it happened as he did the Kentucky win when they were losing too.


I am proud of the 5 who won tonight.  They could use some help.


We will not get them that help with the gym not one anyone really wants to play in.





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