NFL Scouting Combine 2016 Georgia Bulldogs RESULTS updated – TURN SOME HEADS GUYS ! ROOTING FOR YOU !

Keith Marshall 25 bench press 225 lbs. fantastic,  4.31 in 40-yard dash tops at combine, 5′ 11″ 219 lbs. excellent.  Then only 30.5  vertical not good


Sterling Bailey 20 bench press 225 lbs. this is unacceptable and not great.  6′ 3″ 282 lbs.


Leonard Floyd 6′ 4″ 244 lbs. light this is going to cost him in draft needed to add weight here at Georgia and did not for a guy who CHASES QB but DOES NOT SACK THEM.   I believe he is going to score low on the Wonderlic too. Did run 4.60 and did 39 1/2 vertical leap both which are very good.


Jordan Jenkins 6′ 3″ 259 lbs. 4.8 speed 36 1/2 vertical and only 16 reps bench press.  Did not turn any heads.


Quayvon Hicks 6′ 1″ 259 lbs. needs some good showings coming-up rooting for you


Chris Mayes 6′ 3″ 323 lbs. 33 bench press 225 lbs.  fantastic


Malcolm Mitchell 6′ 0″ 198 lbs. 4.45 40-yard dash very nice looks like he could practice at that and do even more watching him run.   36 vertical very nice good stuff .  Then he turns in only 15 bench press 225 lbs.  this is just not good worst on entire team will stand out


John Theus 6′ 6″ 313 lbs. 5.22 40-yard dash pretty typical OL he’s slow – not showing himself to be particularly quick or athletic so far and this will hurt him in the NFL Draft several slots and will be perceived as a guy DE can get around to QB in NFL.  John Theus is a really smart guy and will score very high on Wonderic.  He will be drafted.  He needs to move up in the draft  not down by poor athletic performances.  I think he will start to improve in the all the other tests at the NFL Combine.


I am pleased to see everyone is competing in all the drills because that is a big mistake not to when invited.  In the past we have given our guys bad advice to stand on what they did playing and the Georgia Pro Day but we have had a coach who did not try to show them off on Pro Day and did not have them putting up great numbers there EITHER after telling them not to do all the drills at the NFL Scouting Combines which has cost our guys MILLIONS on Signing Day.

We are over one billion dollars NFL salary Georgia Bulldogs in the NFL current players in their career.  17 are currently starters in the NFL.

Amazing money we make.  There are several others of the 22 who need a big Pro Day this 2016 season.  Hopefully Kirby will get them ready for that NOW.    This is important.  Our Pro Days need to be great because where we are we can get BIG CROWDS and it could be quite a SHOWCASE.


These bench press and weight numbers here of these 8 are revealing and indicate how hard the ones NOT invited to this NFL Scouting Combine 2016 have to do on our Georgia Pro Day in those areas.  Hopefully Kirby has them with his NEW STAFF working on that NOW because it is very important as you can see from these numbers.  They are costing themselves slots.  Each slot is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars every year of their career.


If you give them questions, they will DOCK you in the Draft.


QUESTIONS 2016 for these 8 :

Leonard Floyd is too slim

Keith Marshall vertical leap is not great indicates an issue

Sterling Bailey is going to have to have a great Pro Day to get drafted after only 20 bench press 225 lbs.

Malcolm Mitchell 15 bench press 225 lbs. you have to block as NFL WR indicates not in weight room way too few repetitions. Malcolm Mitchell will NEVER play on defense with only 15 reps bench press 225 lbs.  NEVER EVER NEVER.

John Theus not showing himself as very athletic so far needs to pick up the pace coming-up going to hurt him if he does not.


These 5 are going to be docked all 5 dropping slots in the NFL Draft of them in the up-coming 2016 NFL Draft for these numbers.


You have to give them a reason for 1 team to like you.  Alternatively you can give them ALL a bad impression too.  I am a former NFL seasons ticket holder for many years and have a very good feel for what an NFL player is like.  I do not mind calling it like it is.  I read and study this stuff every day about these NFL Combines but report the events rather than the year-round discussion of same.  NFL Draft 2016.



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