I am sorry Jake Rowe. That is NOT how I see it. You usually call it like it is. 247Sports Jake Rowe on QB at UGA 2016.

Jake can we call it like it is please ?


Greyson Lambert played a really really really soft schedule.


He threw 12 TD passes.




There is NO EXCUSE for that Jake Rowe.  None.


Quit calling it Brian Schottenheimer’s offense.  You know full well that it was NOT.


In fact, just prior to Mark Richt naming Greyson Lambert – a prayer buddy of Mark Richt – after only 5 practices with the # 1 unit last Fall, Brian Schottenheimer ran to the press and said he would NEVER PLAY a game manager QB.


Instantly stubbornly Mark Richt ran to the press and said he had chosen Greyson Lambert THE VERY NEXT DAY.


Greyson Lambert fumbled the football every game.


He categorically refused to throw the ball downfield.


He had the ball.


He could have.


He was AFRAID to throw the ball.


In fact, he bragged MANY TIMES last year when EVERYONE said this to him that he was proud that he was in the know that if he threw the ball downfield and it were intercepted that he would lose his job like Brice Ramsey has done.


There is a QB on our campus.


It is NEITHER of the 2 we have.  There is NO LIGHT BULB that is going to go off for Brice Ramsey.  Good Lord Jake Rowe.


Just be man enough to call it like it is.


12 TD passes against a schedule of nothing but cupcakes.




Not only is HE FIRED but we had to FIRE HIS BOSS the guy who made him Starting QB after 5 practices with the # 1 unit last Fall.


Mark Richt.


They BOTH lost their jobs because of Greyson Lambert being afraid to throw the ball down the field.  He had GREAT PROTECTION in the pocket and was seen standing back there all day long with the ball in his hands.


He threw the ball WAY OFF-TARGET.


Good at deep balls Jake Rowe ?


How to say this kindly : He can not throw the ball downfield, does not want to, refuses to, says that he knows that he will lose his job doing so and ONLY thinks that if he DOES NOT he will keep his job because of Mark Richt’s total inability to determine whom it is who is his QB.


Do not expect Kirby to repeat that mistake.


It has nothing to do with on down the road.


This is not about 2017.


There is no bye or pass on 2016 Jake Rowe.


We play a fine team in North Carolina in game 1.


We need to win now.


Not 2017.


Kirby was not brought here to have a bye year a pass a does not matter 2016.




The rest of us Jake Rowe have had MORE THAN ENOUGH of that the last entire 8-year period of # 41 at win/loss record vs top 15 teams at 18 losses the last 24 such games.


We are sick and tired of hearing about wait until next year.


In the span of a month to begin the season 2016 we have to play North Carolina, Missouri, Ole Miss and the vols.  Those teams have done better than we have.  We FIRED Mark Richt for failing to make good decisions and for his average of 4-losses per season for his last entire 8 years here.


Do NOT talk to me about Greyson Lambert leading us to 10 wins not when there were 29 FBS teams who had 10-wins.


29 Jake Rowe.




And we played a soft schedule.  Our schedule strength last year was atrocious.


THAT is why with 29 teams 10-wins last season that we were NOT RANKED in the AP Poll Top 25 for the season, the final poll.


Why ?


Because we beat ABSOLUTELY NO ONE.






Anyone writing about this team this season will be reminded again and again if necessary Jake Rowe to quit with the EXCUSES and call it like it is.




That is patently untrue Jake Rowe.  It is IMPERATIVE that pussies who can see that Kirby has NO CHOICE but Start Jacob Eason figure it out just how important these SNAPS with the # 1 unit are for Jacob Eason.  Waiting to figure that out in December is WAY TOO LATE.


You saw all the talent we have on this team Jake Rowe.  The last of the Dream Team.  8 in the NFL 2016 Scouting Combine and 22 gone from the team and yet with our soft schedule we beat no one ended the season unranked in the AP Poll Top 25 and played cupcakes.


# 88 Passing Offense 2014-2015 with Hutson Mason and we thought that was bad with Mike Bobo

# 104 Passing Offense 2015-2016 with Greyson Lambert without Mike Bobo




# 71 Strength of Schedule at this same OFFICIAL NCAA stats ranking summary.




Kirby might pray with him but he will NOT start him Jake Rowe.




Brice Ramsey from his punting position was given a shot to pass the ball and he REFUSED to have proper footwork EVEN THEN and let the ball fade-off as a result.


We have given Brice Ramsey enough time to learn how to be coached to follow-through and have his feet set.  He is lazy to do so.


He yes should have been made starter at some point before now, but now is not the time to REWARD him and make him the Starter either.


REWARD him for what he has done when he did throw the ball ?


He has failed to set his feet and follow through on EVERY THROW.  This is his


4th year here this season Jake Rowe.


I believe we know what we get with Brice Ramsey.


We had a recruit just YESTERDAY 247Sports.com does recruiting Jake Rowe and the recruit YESTERDAY said that after talking with Kirby and Jim Chaney  that Brice Ramsey is maybe going to transfer or not play much – that either way the 5-star recruit feels having talked with Kirby and Jim Chaney that Brice Ramsey is NOT the future.


I liked Brice Ramsey, and feel he got the raw deal.  He however has nobody but himself to blame for what he did do in 11 games last year which was diddle-e-squat.


So now his 4th season here at Georgia Jake Rowe says well what about Brice Ramsey ?


Call it like it is Jake Rowe on Brice Ramsey.  Talk about the technical aspects of his game Jake Rowe.  You can see it.


Yes Brice Ramsey has been VERY POORLY COACHED.


Had Brice Ramsey played against South Carolina as I called pre-game 2014 Mark Richt might still have his job.


In fact Jake Rowe on this blog I called for Brice Ramsey not Hutson Mason to start against Clemson 2014 that Clemson had no offense and that Brice Ramsey could warm up for South Carolina whom he NEVER LOSES TO 2014 by beating Clemson.


During the game I pointed-out to everyone around me that THEIR COACH ALSO was playing the wrong QB that Deshaun Watson was a BEAST I called him at QB.  Instead, Dabo Swinny took Deshaun Watson OUT OF THE GAME against us and LOST as a direct result.  They DID have an offense and I saw it and recognized it INSTANTLY that it was just with Deshaun Watson.  It was as obvious as this is about Jake Eason.


I like to call it like it is tell you what will happen and say I told you so afterwards.


We fired that coach.


The coach who yes started Faton Bauta ahead of Brice Ramsey yet Faton Bauta had NOT been given ANY SNAPS at QB all season long.


And, none thereafter.


Not one snap Jake Rowe at QB for Faton Bauta when DESPERATE Mark Richt made him starter.


Mark Richt is a STUBBORN man.


If Mark Richt had not run-off Jacob Park Mark Richt would have started Jacob Park at QB against Kentucky last season.


We do NOT have a QB.


Instead of paying lip service to guys such as myself Jake Rowe call it like it is sir.


We need good sound smart decisions 2016 Jake Rowe.


Trying to be kind or nice to Brice Ramsey and Greyson Lambert and saying this will drag-on until the Fall and beyond is not sir calling it like it is.


Kirby wants to win these 4 games I just mentioned.  You do NOT do so with a guy who threw 12 TD passes against the # 71 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule and lost his job before he got here at Virginia no less.  A guy who fumbles and who stares down receivers and refuses to try to throw the ball downfield and who stands back there all day long seeing what you and I both see – open receivers.


A guy who knows he says that if he tries to throw the ball downfield will be intercepted and him lose his job.


He loses his job for that and Brice Ramsey for 4 years of lousy QB training now this season for Brice Ramsey to learn nothing about how to get set to throw a single pass and follow through.


Now if you can not call it like it is I can Jake Rowe.


You knew I was going to say this to you Jake Rowe so why not call it like it is ?





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