Keith Marshall : “You know I think I was healthy and could contribute at a high level. I just think certain things happen. You know it is what it is. It’s in the past now”

We’ve had a LOT of good men come through here who were NOT used properly.  A LOT.  Obviously, he was healthy.  He turned in the top performances at the NFL 2016 Scouting Combine.    He won enough money to buy his mom and dad in North Carolina a home and that just at the combine.


He was NEVER used properly here – out in space as he OBVIOUSLY should have been.  There were NO PLAYS designed for him ANY of the 5 years he was here.


Just another in a long line of wasted talent.  I had some hope he would come back his medical redshirt year and felt that Kirby would use him correctly finally.


I complained about the use of him from the beginning.  And, this just ANOTHER of again a long line of predictions I made about guys here that turned out EXACTLY as I said it would.


Day 1 I said he would be DRAFTED in the NFL Draft.  Before he even got to campus.


I ALSO said they did not use him out in space.  I complained about those calls when he was put in and told run the same plays designed for Todd Gurley II.  Swap them out willy-nilly have them both run same plays designed for Todd Gurley II up the gut.


Mark Richt took it on the chin from me ON YOUR BLOG daily for 5 years about this great man.




Now, once again, I am PROVEN RIGHT on this too.


All I got was grief.


Told do not post that Mark Richt is wasting talent.


Sure he was.


He did with Mike Bobo and he did WITHOUT Mike Bobo.


Otherwise all this talent would not have averaged 4-loss season his last entire 8 years here.


Shameful what has gone on here this 8-year period and no I do NOT mean in wasted talent and # 41 at win/loss record vs top 15 teams at 18 losses his last 24 such games – I mean in the way you BULLIED ME.


Told ME I could not post as I did about this complaining EVERY DAY for 8 years.


I can well imagine you do not wish to be reminded about it how you said I






You were AGAIN about THIS too.


Friday 4 March 2016 Page C1 Print Edition




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