Expectations for Kirby year 1 – covered this many times but a blog THE GRIT TREE has not posted my reply there yet Corbindawg ?

11-3 or 12-2.  We’ve had the talent to have been doing that the last 8 years but instead we’ve averaged 4-losses a season AND gone 18 losses of 24 games vs top 15 teams the same last 8 years.

8-4 what is that ?

The top teams play 15-game seasons.

I see us playing 14.

We just have been making poor decisions.  Put that behind us and we will be 11-3 or 12-2.

Don’t and we will be no worse off than Miami of Florida who certainly inherits a coach there we FIRED for his bad decisions.  He is going to do the same there despite the fact that they play weaker opponents than we do.  His problem is NOT ONLY his record against the top teams his last 8 years here, but also his losing to less talented teams.  Now, he goes down there where there is MORE TALENT and he recruits worse with MORE TIME than Kirby.

He will be a flop there as he was here for the last entire 8 years.  We gave him EVERYTHING and he did not try.  Did not care.  Even bragged that there’s something here at Georgia besides winning that’s important.

No there isn’t.

And there is no season of good will for Kirby – where he gets a PASS on this year 2016.  He needs to win.  He does not need to win NC.  His predecessor never did and there are STILL those who want him STILL to be here.  So, that can not be the goal.

Yes we lost a lot of talent.

THAT is why the old coach got FIRED.  It was the end last remnants of the Dream Team he dubbed.  As a group they averaged 4-losses per season.  22 gone.  8 went to the Combines.  6 might be drafted.  Another group will try to make rosters through free agency.  That works because of the 53-man rule.

The NFL does not want big rosters.

In the past folks said to me online that they could not predict games where the opponent is not known.  Sure the opponent was known.  The best we have done is beat a # 19 team in the Final AP Poll as a bowl game opponent.


That’s unacceptable.

We therefore do know who our opponent is going to be really both in our bowl game and in any SEC Championship Game we might or might not get to play in.  But we should be there.  Florida isn’t any good.  Their offense is horrible.  vols ?  Excuse me ?  They have not beaten anyone.


Ok they beat Mark Richt.  But he should not have lost that game.


As for The SEC Championship Game no one can write-in a win for us whoever is our coach.

We do have expectations.

We are # 11 all-time in wins.

We are # 4 All-Time in bowl game results.

We are talented.

We do follow our team and we are the most knowledgeable about our team of all fan bases.

We have strong blog presence and keep up.

We just have some writers with a bias who think mediocre is ok.

Look, at the end of the year we need to be on the national stage playing another team – both of us – ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll after the bowl games.

You know ?

Someone like a top 10 team in the Final AP Poll as our bowl game opponent and us there too in the top 10 of the Final AP Poll.  If this is NOT YOUR EXPECTATION, find a different team to root for.  May I suggest Miami of Florida for you ?

That would be fun for a change – since we have not had those expectations for 15 years in a row.

We have a young QB ?

Guess what ?

We have a QB.

Some teams don’t.

We certainly HAVE NOT HAD A QB last year or the year before.

11-3 or 12-2.

No I do not know who all those opponents are but I can guess that they will be a team which we SHIOULD be able to compete with – well maybe not all games SEC Championship Game for example – anyone who thinks we romp in there in season # 1 and win is a DISNEYdawgs.com fan and part of the problem around here every off-season that we EXPECT too much and then sit back and SETTLE for total mediocrity averaging 4-losses a season for the last entire 8 years AND not beating top 15 teams time of game 18 of the last 24 games over the same 8-year current stretch.

I am excited we are not saying stupid quotes and saying that we are trying to hide where Nick Chubb is in this, but honestly we have great running game 2016.    I read one review that left out half of them who will tote the ball this year – guys Kirby is slotting them now and the team is going to have guys playing in positions not listed in the review of running backs.

We know these guys can carry the ball – there are 12 this 2016 season who can.

We can throw the ball better than last year.

We can run the ball.

We have more and better receivers and some of those you have all slotted at TE when they are not limited to that one role either.

I don’t care what Mark Richt does at Miami of Florida either way.  But he isn’t going down there and becoming great.  He has the wrong fundamentals, the wrong goals as something besides winning that’s important, plays Favorites, doesn’t practice special teams or indeed even have a ST coach.  He says dumb comments.  He makes dumb decisions all season long not just in-game dumb decisions but he makes those too.

I can tell you right now.

We’re better off.



For heaven’s sake, let’s make sure we BAN THAT POSTED reply.



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