Kirby has 3 Scholarships remaining for 2016 Signing Class and has reportedly offered 5 preferred walk-on and 1 full Scholarship now March 7 2016.

According to ESPN Kirby still has 4 Scholarships in his hip-pocket.  Either way we are getting a view from this about how Kirby is handling the remaining Scholarships he clearly definitely has.  I will show you here exactly how I came to 3 he has and 5 preferred walk-ons and 1 full scholarship so far towards to the 3 as I see it.


Does a preferred walk-on added now get one of these 3 or 4 remaining Scholarships ?  It sounds like he is not committing to these preferred walk-ons that Scholarships remaining in his hip-pocket will be given to them – not now anyway.


This blog takes the assumption that there not more on Scholarship here than 85 when Mark Richt was fired, that 22 left in the great exodus after the firing of the loser these last 8 years of his here, and that we signed 20 Signing Day.


That left us with 2 and then there is the news that after Mark Richt was fired one of his players he previously suspended for drugs got another a 2nd drug suspension.  Whether Kirby kicks him off or not he made a big mess for himself being the only 1 who does have a suspension coming-up 2016 a second offense drug issue – the only 1 so far after Kirby was named and before he got here to take over.


This guy isn’t playing at least 6 games 2016.  Did he just give-up his scholarship ?  That would give Kirby 3 in his hip pocket.  How ESPN announced that it is 4 then is beyond my ability to keep up with.


But 3 I say and 4 ESPN says Kirby has in his hip-pocket.


There are a group called preferred walk-ons.  In the past Mark Richt gave those away instantly.  Kirby seems to be saying that is not the case with him that he will keep them until he decides to give them to Preferred Walk-Ons.


Well there are 5 of those and 1 offered a full scholarship who is rumored to have passed qualifying scores.  So pretty full now.


If Kirby only gives 1 of the 3 to the DE who just got qualifying score who said he is coming here.  That leaves him with 2.


ESPN says 3.


MyKelle McDaniel apparently has qualified and clearly has said he is coming here now for 2016 and is the # 7 in the state of Georgia defensive end.  He’s good.  He’s not as big or fast as some but he is not small nor slow.  And says his relationship with his position coach and head coach along with playing time is what he wants.  Chad Simmons does a great job of laying this out for all who are not too lazy to figure out what is happening with MyKelle McDaniel.  Kirby invited him last Thursday here and reportedly is getting a scholarship now from Kirby.  You have trouble reading these type stories.  I do not.


You have to read this URL Link on it too at the bottom which is ALSO going to be listed again on # 3 walk-on :


And, then this one too :


And this :




Then there are the 5 preferred walk-ons.


But let me talk about the kickers 1st since Kirby has to replace both Marshall Morgan and Patrick Beless.


Starter as Kicker : Patrick Beless, got to play vs Southern University Baton Rouge, also was our only Starting Kicker the 1st two games of 2013 when Marshall Morgan was suspended those 2 games.  Made all his field goals and extra points !  Thanks Patrick !  Sorry, we did not ask you instead of the fired punter, to try the field goal in the bowl game.  That was a mistake by Brain McClendon in the bowl game not to use a guy who made all his field goals and extra points for us and who started several games as our ONLY KICKER.  Punter to try field goal who got FIRED as punter ?  This is what we have been doing.  I would not be surprised to know that Mark Richt told Brian McClendon to do that should it arise.  Trophy for everyone not our best player at that position.  Frankly that is ALL we have done for 15 years and I am sick and tired of it.  Thanks Patrick Beless sorry you did not kick that field goal in the bowl game.  I know you make it.


They can not comment officially on preferred walk-ons but the walk-on can.  Having followed recruiting 59 years, here is my take on this :

(1) preferred walk-on Rodrigo Blankenship was offered by Mark Richt and is here. What does Kirby do about that ?  He is an excellent kicker.

U.S. Army All-America Bowl kicker commits to UGA (UPDATED)


( )


( )


(2) preferred walk-on Mitchell Wasson was offered by Kirby 5 days ago now.  He is an excellent kicker.  I have always felt that this is sort of the way this is handled correctly that you offer preferred walk-on to kickers and punters (although Kirby gave a punter a Scholarship.)  2 means depth.  2 is good. 2 excellent is even better.  If Kirby takes the position I believe I read him as doing on preferred walk-ons, he is NOT giving EITHER of these 2 kickers a scholarship until they (a) win the job and (b) he then has 1 for them open up – not one of the 3 or ESPN says 4 he has in his hip-pocket right now.  How do you build depth ?  This clearly does do that and is consistent with the complaints by the Mark Richt Apologists that THIS is then how Alabama handled this sort of situation.  It is within the rules and no doubt consistent directly with that which Kirby is telling these guys.  And frankly there are either 3 or 4 scholarships sitting there in his hip-pocket today.  All of this presupposes about Tim Kimbrough as well whom you recall I have asked since Mark Richt demoted and then suspended without announcing it making Brian McClendon announce it that he is suspended for at least 1 game by Brian McClendon – that I think might be grades because of the timing on Tim Kimbrough and because I have followed this type situation for 59 years for us.


Kirby was criticized on “approved UGA blogs” – read that to mean Mark Richt Apologists’ blogs – for NOT signing him and letting Alabama do so and how great the guy from Marietta.


Excuse me ?


Kirby not only got him as you criticized him for not doing but in addition did it the correct way.


Kirby says all this at this URL Link just provided.  He doesn’t know what he has as a staff at kicker.  He wants depth and competition and is using walk-ons to do that.  Mark Richt would have just handed the job to Blankenship and kept his preferred walk-on to him.  I think Kirby will do about the same with BOTH.  1 of the 2 will be great, if not both.  We are in fine shape at a position which in the last game we sent the fired punter to kick a field goal.  We should have used Patrick Beless.  If not he should not have been on Scholarship as a Kicker and he was.  I also pointed out Beless certainly never missed a kick for us but was not used in the bowl game but the fired punter, which I called then as a mistake.


We were at the 22-yard line in the 3rd quarter in the bowl game when Greyson Lambert nearly let Penn State tie us after a 3 TD lead. Greyson Lambert took a 9-yard critical sack and then dumbass Brian McClendon sent Collin Barber not Patrick Beless to kick the field goal – which he missed obviously.  This let Penn State BACK INTO THE GAME and eventually the 3 TD lead which could have been padded to 3 TD and a FIELD GOAL lead dwindled down to a 1 score possession game.   Kirby is not going to make these type of mistakes.  That is why Kirby has 2 kickers he has as preferred walk-ons.


This is a business.


This is NOT a church league.


SEC Football requires that we treat this limited number of 85 scholarships at any one time as sacred.


Not the coach because he accepted Jesus as his Savior.




You do NOT give them away because you are NICE GUY.


Mark Richt gave walk-ons WHO NEVER PLAYED OFFENSE OR DEFENSE JUST SPECIAL TEAMS scholarships.  He bragged about it.  He WASTED as many as double-digit scholarships of his 85 in a season in exactly this fashion.  He was is and always will be a TOTAL dumb shit.  He touted this as “doing it the right way.”


No that was not right.


He did it the wrong way and LOST an average of 4-losses per season in his mini-record for his last entire 8 years here and was FIRED FOR IT.  Kirby is going to do it the “Georgia Way” which is to NOT LOSE but win and not treating this as any damn Church League which The SEC most certainly is NOT.


So why don’t you run to your stupid little “approved” blog and write AGAIN as you did yesterday that 3 months later after I FIRED HIS DUMB SORRY ASS that this and that about him at Miami and how is going to do there ?


Who gives a shit ?


Now I do care about Erin Andrews.  The poor thing was about 29 when all this happened to her at 2 hotels.  One I have stayed at once a week for many years and this pervert is never paying her a penny of the $ 28 million he owes her.  Marriott on the other hand has a headache this morning and in neither case I don’t think she ever got it off the Internet.  Well the 2nd hotel she did prevent but not the Marriott.  Let’s say she settles for $ 5 million after taxes and expenses from Marriott.  Well the poor thing deserves that.  Marriott had a computer-oriented phone system that provided on the info displays PRIVACY INFORMATION providing him the room number to certain administrative phones connected to their phone system of any room you transferred calls to from that phone.  Good on Erin Andrews now about 37.  Marriott can pay her.  And fix their phone systems.  Their phone system should have NEVER been programmed to give away privacy information which EVERY PERSON IN ANY HOTEL knows they CAN NOT.


(3) Allen Williams OL preferred walk-on offered by Kirby.


(4) The 4th preferred walk-on I can verify is Jordon McKinney db.  I have been telling you about him since he was offered the preferred walk-on on the eve of National Signing Day 2016 by Kirby.  Kirby is keeping up with all this too.


(5) preferred walk-on  Joshua Moran defensive back too also offered eve of National Signing Day by Kirby.  Mark Richt would have given him a Scholarship and he was injured last season playing only 3 games.  Kirby gave him preferred walk-on.  Mark Richt ALWAYS maintained his recruiting of ANY and ALL injured players.  If he talked to a player about a scholarship here, then they got injured, Mark Richt KEPT his scholarship to them.  This was touted as doing it the “RIGHT WAY.”  I am sorry but the way this is being handled by Kirby is the “GEORGIA WAY” and it IS THE RIGHT GEORGIA WAY.


Some of these injured players Mark Richt WASTED a scholarship on NEVER really got to play at all and had to leave.


Want names ?


I can provide those too you know such as Tramel Terry who just was not the guy that we offered when he then got injured.  Was he ?  Kirby intends these type guys are preferred walk-ons or maybe not even that.  Is that cold ?


Wake up !


Your damn stupid hero Mark Richt is gone – I FIRED HIM !  Right here on THIS BLOG.


And, you were wrong that he would be here now.


Get over it.


Which is the right way to handle these recruits ?


If you do not know what Mark Richt was doing, did NOT work.


You can NOT give away Scholarships of which you only get 85 at any one time.  I have seen this improperly presented to you as well on other blogs that it is something other than 85 at any one time.  It is what it is.  You get 85 at any one time.  No other definition is feasible.  But given the level of bullshit provided by “approved Bulldog blogs” this is not surprising.  “Approved” blogs are into control and wish to control that which you are told and to purposely keep you in the dark and present biased viewpoints only on where we are.


We are where we are.  I will not sugarcoat it to you.


Why should I ?


I will go with Kirby on this and not because I am a homer but because I feel that Mark Richt was stupid in fact I know it to be the case and because I feel that Kirby is really smart in fact I know that to be the case as well.


Kirby 1

Mark Richt 0


Move is what he had to do when he got FIRED, not another word for FIRED.



If you want the thumbnail here it is but what good is a thumbnail if you do not know what you’re talking about have not looked it all up and have therefore no clue ?


Kirby has 3 scholarships in his hip-pocket ESPN says 4.  He is giving away 1 of these precious remaining for 2016 to MyKelle McDaniel quite a coup for the man.  He still can give the # 1 WR from Savannah 1 immediately if his brother gets off his back about Stanford which he would NOT be anything but behind the 8-ball at in EVERY CLASS there in Demetris Robertson.


And has 5 preferred walk-ons I can verify I think will be here in the Fall.  Maybe of those 5, two or maybe 3 might be in line immediately for scholarship and the other 2 or 3 get the next up available scholarship.  Or Kirby might be doing what I think I am reading him correctly as doing that he has 3 scholarships is giving one of those 3 away now and keeping the other 2 and that all 5 preferred walk-ons fend for themselves in the Fall between HOPE and Kirby giving them 1 of his then 2 or maybe 3 waiting for further fallout.


Why someone does not keep up with this for us is not because it is a secret but because it is a lot of work to keep up with it and well because everyone is basically lazy.


But they put shit on me because I am the only person willing to research it and type it at 55 wpm.


Some criticism.


Again, what your problem with me is not how I say what I say or that you ALREADY KNEW what I then research and present in detail because by God Above you did NOT, but that SPECIFICALLY I PUT SHIT ON MARK RICHT FOR THE ENTIRE LAST 8 ROTTEN YEARS OF HIS CAREER HERE and you hated my ass for it.


Which I was THEN proven RIGHT by my alma mater about ALL ALONG all 8 years of you putting shit on me – never once discussing ONE SINGLE one of ANY of my protests about the dumbass Mark Richt and how he DID NOT WIN his last 8 years here.


And, you then PROVEN WRONG.


In fact, still yesterday on “approved UGA blogs” you wrote about the guy more than 3 months after I fired him and still sit there whining about it because (1) you know I was right all along all these many last 8 years now proven to have been right every friqin’ word out of mouth on it and (2) you know that you were wrong and still need to justify how you AFTER he was fired told ME that he should not have been, did not agree with the decision to fire him, referred to it as a “coaching move” not firing and GUARANTEED to ME that Mark Richt would still be here today.


He is gone.


I fired him.


Right here on this blog – you wish you could ignore yet come back to daily to find out what the hell is REALLY GOING ON in our football program.


I see this as good.


Again as I see all this :


Kirby 1

Mark Richt 0


Or as :


Kirby +1




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