David Ching let me rewrite this for you Auburn grad former Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Athens Banner-Herald now ESPN

State of the Program :


After 15 years UGA Thomas Brown is proven right all along and Mark Richt finally is FIRED.


After trying to suppress his opinion that Mark Richt had not done well for the last 8 years the other Bulldogs’ blogs were ALL PROVEN WRONG when the administration FIRED Mark Richt.


They had even stated that he would be back but that too was proven incorrect.


They tried to say that he did it the right way but for 8 long excruciating years he lost.


It became too long to endure.


Over the course of these latest 8 years Mark Richt had lost an average of 4 losses a season a particularly bitter pill to swallow especially in light of Mark Richt also being # 41 vs top 15 teams time of game over the same latest 8-year period at 18 losses of the 24 such games.


It was not only the losses to the top teams but the inexplicable losses every season for 8 long years that forced the hand of the administration.  The blow-out losses for 8 years of 7 times losing by more than 3 TD.


# 11 All-Time in Wins The Georgia Bulldogs’ Proud Program couldn’t beat the top teams, lost to 12 unranked teams AP or Coaches’ time of game or for season the latest 8 years, got blown-out on the national stage, and was only barely above the Mendoza line against teams who even went to a bowl game the season Mark Richt played them over the entirety of his last and final 8 years here before UGA Thomas Brown caused him to just be FIRED.


37-1 vs non-bowl teams (teams who did not play in a bowl game the season Mark Richt played them) his latest 8-year period he was only 36-31 vs bowl teams.


Sent packing.


Wholly unacceptable.


So we FIRED his sorry ass.


Ran his ass out of town on a rail.


29 teams won 10-games Mark Richt’s final season.  29 FBS Division 1-A teams 10-win seasons Mark Richt’s final season here but Mark Richt only won 9.  And, so Mark Richt was fired.  Not even listed on the AP Poll Top 25 for the season for the embattled “coach” was told to just go – leave.


2009 2010 2013 and now 2015 unranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 half his last 8 years here Mark Richt had to be fired .


UGA Thomas Brown had been proven correct all these latest 8 years of others trying to suppress his opinion that this was the case without discussing his points which ultimately led to removing him from his job as our “coach.”


Tens of thousands daily show up to UGA Thomas Brown blog to see if he would gloat.


The recruiting which has sustained Mark Richt was not so much his doing but the program’s itself.  This too was borne out that after Mark Richt was canned axed fired that an unproven head coach who has never won a game as coach came in on January 11 2016 and out-recruited Mark Richt.  As UGA Thomas Brown properly predicted to the chagrin of the suppressing blogs, after Mark Richt was fired November 29 2015, he went to Miami of Florida to pick up the freaking pieces of his “coaching career” December 2 2015.


That’s right.


Mark Richt announced then to Aaron Murray that he “was obviously disappointed” he was FIRED.


Kirby Smart started here at UGA January 12 2016 after winning the national championship the night before yet Mark Richt started at Miami of Florida December 2 2015.


In far more fertile recruiting grounds of Florida in far more time Mark Richt recruited far worse than a coach who has NEVER won a football game in his life.


Mark Richt’s recruiting class initially reported as headlining Jacob Eason did not end up that way AT ALL.  That if Mark Richt were fired, Jacob Eason would not be signed by UGA at all we were told by the Mark Richt Apologists.  Mark Richt’s recruiting class ended up devoid of a single player from the state of Georgia.


Not only did he STRIKE-OUT in the state of Georgia his Mark Richt Apologists said he would rack-up in and not only did Jacob Eason sign with the newly appointed UGA head coach when they also stated Jacob Eason would not be at UGA if Mark Richt were fired, but in a better recruiting base in a longer time on the job there, Mark Richt recruited a lot worse recruiting class.


Without gainful employment November 29 2015 Mark Richt started at Miami of Florida December 2 2015.  He had turned that job down multiple times because this is a far better job.


Workless November 29 2015 as UGA Thomas Brown said all along, he had NO CHOICE.  Either that, retire, or go be a preacher man.  THOSE BLOGS too then linked themselves to THIS VERY BLOG saying that they did not get a very good coach against top teams – something they have been unable to do either since leaving the Big East.  Blog after blog in Miami said look at his record against unranked teams, top 15 teams, even just even teams who played in a bowl game at UGA Thomas Brown blog HERE.  We got a not so good coach.  Nice guy, but for his last 8 years there at Georgia, he was HORRIBLE, they all said and linked to THIS VERY BLOG for the WIN/LOSS RECORD against these very important telling groups of opponents for 8 years while they were doing the same there in Miami.  Not sure we hired so well they surmised.


Out of a Job November 29 2015 as UGA Thomas Brown tried to tell the Mark Richt Apologists, he reluctantly then did not take any time off.


Out of work just exactly as UGA Thomas Brown GUARANTEED all along, he took the Miami of Florida job and showed-up to the announcement wearing Georgia Bulldogs’ clothing which was then zoomed-in on in EVERY NEWSPAPER in the country.


Yes his belt was an UGA belt and the dumbass took off his coat to show everyone in Miami.


They all went :


My God our “coach” is a dumb shit.


Someone buy him a Miami of Florida belt for God’s sake !


Such a hurry to be working again, he didn’t even stop by a K-Mart.  No one to help him.









Scout.com says Mark Richt signed the # 38 recruiting class and that Kirby signed the # 9 recruiting class.


Four times as good a recruiting ranking in half the time Kirby Smart kicked Mark Richt’s ass on the recruiting trail.




And so this season comes with some reasonable expectations that Kirby can do at least as well as his sacked predecessor who leaves the bar this low that Kirby must do better than no SEC Championship in a decade.


Can Kirby do at least that well ?  How could he do worse ?


Mark Richt has bragged of his “Dream Team” recruiting class and the last remnants of that recruiting class joined the 22 in total gone after last season in the Great Exodus in their final year in Mark Richt’s final year here.  The group of 22 lost now from last year’s team included 8 who went to the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine.  They excelled there but NEVER PLAYED HERE.  They stood out.  They always do.


The Great Exodus of 22 gone from last year’s squad included Kolton Houston so as a group then they too averaged 4 losses a season.  24 losses in 6 years here.  Sad indeed.  And, just totally unacceptable yet those blogs ATTEMPTING to suppress the points of this blog about all this, kept it up that even after the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ debacle – they guaranteed to me that he would be right here, wasn’t going anywhere – would be back they yelled in glee supposedly making me stupid as they surmised.


Even after the Georgia Southern University game where he bragged about how great they were us beating them in overtime, Georgia Southern then played Georgia State and Georgia State beat the ever-living shit out of Georgia Southern.


But we are just fine with our coach and he 73 % win percentage since 2001.  But that was made up of 80% win % kick-off game 5 of the 2008 season at 76-19 in his 1st 95  games here and only 68 % since.


Still they could not bring themselves to ADMIT that Mark Richt had just LOST IT.


Thought we had some other goal here other than winning and no it was not to score more TD in the red zone.


It was to win.


Nothing else matters, as they finally found out.  But they were NOT and ARE not happy about it and still think he is a great coach our best ever despite his only 68 % win % after kick-off game 5 of 2008 season.


8 horrid seasons.


Underachiever ?


Charlie Brown of college football ?


He was MUCH WORSE than all that with all this talent he had we handed to him he can not get to Miami of Florida.


Why is that ?


Because Elite Football Players want to WIN.


He had trouble getting the Elite Football Players in this state to come here.  He said dumb statements to them when he recruited them and played the wrong guys at QB and had Defensive Ends BLOCKING when we tried to punt.


In short he was nothing short of an idiot.


But UGA Thomas Brown is dumb and wrong about Mark Richt because well he is the best ever.



So the expectations for Mark Richt here 2016 were therefore no damn good.


Pink-slip in hand Mark Richt was forced to get the hell out of Dodge.  He had refused to sign his new contract here anyway.  So Kirby makes MORE than Mark Richt was being in fact paid.


He nor anyone else would have any trouble whatsoever matching or exceeding Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years here.


More than anything Mark Richt’s mantra here of “There’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia” got him the boot.


Don’t let the screen door slap you on the ass on the way out.


Hit the road Jack.


Kirby takes over a program starved for winning averaging 4-losses a season for our last entire 8 years here.


They had TRIED to say that UGA Thomas Brown was just not as good a fan of The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program as they but now that Mark Richt was FIRED as UGA Thomas Brown said for the last entire 8 years now it is they who say they are now fans of Miami of Florida and still say what a fine man Mark Richt is.


And a shit-ass coach for his entire last 8 years here.


UGA Thomas Brown tells it like it is.


They never have and never will.


It is with great anticipation that Kirby can do at least as well as Mark Richt Mark Richt’s last 8 years causing Mark Richt to be given his Marching Orders – FIRED summarily.


Dismissed, discharged, given his notice, let go, gotten rid of, dispatched, booted out, terminated, and told he didn’t have to leave but that he would never again be the coach.


Fired forthwith for losing to the top teams, losing to unranked teams, losing even to any ole bowl team for 8 long horrid years of Bulldogs’ football – just exactly as UGA Thomas Brown had said on all these suppressing blogs of his viewpoint telling him he was just wrong – really dumb to say that – that in fact he would be back – wasn’t going anywhere.


And, that after he was FIRED said that it was incorrect to do so, and unjustifiable.


If they hated me for 8 years because I dared to point out the truth about the sucker, can you just imagine how they feel now – thinking about only me – when they try to come up with words to describe how he was the subject of a “coaching move” by us ?


I am not saying I approve of the coaching move they say today more than 3 months later.


No move was that which he had to do.  I offered to guarantee all his possessions would arrive where he wanted them exactly in said MOVE.


This nice guy but bad coach for 8 years was FIRED.  And I right and you wrong all these years.


Good try David Ching.


Mark Richt did NOT bring us stability David Ching but consistent losing for his last entire 8 years here with all this talent an average of 4 losses a season for 8 years.


Where have you been ?


His last 8 entire seasons here David Ching ?


Where have you been ?


8 deplorable years – the most recent 8 years – the latest 8 years – his last entire 8 seasons nothing but a God Damn Loser.


Stability Mark Richt had brought us Stability here David Ching and Kirby is unproven measuring-up to that stability you dumbass David Ching ?


Try again David Ching.


The state of our program is a LOT better today because I FIRED HIS ASS.


David Ching try to use the word once fired, you know ?


Fired by UGA Thomas Brown on HIS BLOG.


For his last entire 8 years of LOSING here.


Not stability that Mark Richt brought us his last entire 8 years here but LOSING David Ching.


See to it that you use the proper word David Ching for once in your damned lifetime son.


Or not.


Suit yourself.


I will be RIGHT HERE – not going anywhere – BE BACK right here to tell you again next time too to use the word that describes the son of a bitch I had to friqin’ FIRE.