Georgia should have been WINNING The SEC East the last several years not coming in like 3rd in The SEC East as we just did worse than FL & vols AND we should be WINNING The SEC East this season – so says Run Lindsay Run

Kirby is supposed to WIN The SEC East this season, which is how I see it too.


Run Lindsay Run and I have been posting on the Internet about our Bulldogs’ Football Program together many decades now and he is quite insightful if you have not been noticing his blog.  He doesn’t necessarily therefore present a Mark Richt is great front to his blog posts so ole Mr. Blue of  does not show these type detailed analysis he does.


But as you can see he has time on his hands and does a great job of presenting the facts.


Folks who still whine about Mark Richt like Mr. Blue and Bluto senator of nothingness but come-on blog titles are not going to give Run Lindsay Run his due.


That’s ok.


We ALL know where to go to know really what is going-on with our team.



But I have enjoyed reading his blog posts on the Internet for many decades now.


I also like the detailed analysis of that which we all know anyway.


That we have a TON of talent 2016


as we did and squandered coming in 3rd place in the division with clearly the top talent in the season just ended.


It also shows what I have been saying that I am NOT IMPRESSED with Jim McElwain and Florida.


I was not last year and said we should beat them pre-game from my analysis then game-time showing using average recruiting rankings including redshirts that we were FAR MORE TALENTED than they and should win.


Boy was I ever wrong !


What a slaughter.


We came out flat as we so often did down there losing 10 of 16 games at the site of the annual Gator Bowl in the Mark Richt era.  And, then we fizzled-out all together – settling for a field goal so we are not shut-out.  3 to 27.


God Damn it.


This is the game where Faton Bauta had not taken a single snap at Quarterback ALL SEASON LONG then was made starter and left in with not a single designed running play for him yet Mark Richt CALLED ALL THE PLAYS as he always did for us.


And, Mark Richt bragged that HE was starting Faton Bauta.


In fact, Mark Richt gave ALL OUR PLAYERS off the entire off-week preceding the game while Florida too had an off-week and PRACTICED EVERY DAY for us.


I think we went swimming one day.


Mark Richt gave Keith Marshall star of the NFL Combine Scouting 2016 a grand total of 3 touches.  He was fresh.  He ran VERY WELL THAT DAY.  And, never got the God Damn Ball.


Keith Marshall averaged MORE THAN 5 yards a carry in the game.


In fact we did not give the ball to ANY of our running backs in this game.


We did throw the ball calling 3 times the passing plays than we did running plays.


Therefore we came in 3rd in The SEC East with the # 1 talent in The SEC East AGAIN as we ALWAYS have.


We do again 2016.


Even with all the 22 gone from last year’s squad – every single one of the 22 who STARTED for Mark Richt in their careers here for the FIRED “coach.”


How is Kirby going to do in 2016 in The SEC East ?


This data shows that Kirby will WIN The SEC East.


Which is how I see it too.


We have no peer in The SEC East 2016.


You can not tell me that the vols were supposed to beat us last year either.


Although I did point out that EVERY SINGLE BLOG picked the vols to beat Mark Richt.


As you can readily see, the vols had the 3rd best talent last season but scored 3 unanswered TD against us with a big huge lead.


Because in BOTH of these games we demonstrated our # 109 passing offense.


We have sucked at QB last year and the year before too.


Greyson Lambert has been particularly WORSE than Hutson Mason who was a total abomination.


This 2016 season up-coming the crocodiles’ talent gap looking up at us again is EVEN MORE PRONOUNCED in favor of Kirby.


Even the vols’ talent is WAY BEHIND that of Kirby and also is ahead of Florida.


Now if coaching is equal and the talent is in favor of one team that team should win.


So we should beat the vols and Florida 2016.


I believe our coaching has improved.


And, I have pointed-out in this blog post where Kirby’s FIRED predecessor screwed-up the games against these 2 rivals last year AGAIN to LOSE BOTH GAMES for us with us the better talent than BOTH.


That by God Above BETTER NOT be the damn freaking case this 2016 season.


We have wasted more talent than any college football program.


And the records against the top teams and unranked teams spells it out ever so clearly.


Good work Spence Run Lindsay Run – always loved that Internet handle and you’ve never been anything but that all these decades of me reading you now on


The analysis is NO DIFFERENT if you look at just the average recruiting rankings of the previous 5 years of recruiting who with redshirt play each other among the 3 of us.


2-Butch Jones

3-Jim McElwain – this has to be a concern to FL fans right ?


( )


One thought on “Georgia should have been WINNING The SEC East the last several years not coming in like 3rd in The SEC East as we just did worse than FL & vols AND we should be WINNING The SEC East this season – so says Run Lindsay Run

  1. Hey TB –

    Thanks for the love. Need to say that I think Senator Blutarsky and the guys at The Dawg Bone are great and they frequently link to my site (Dawgbone always does). Nothing but respect for all the Dawg Blogs, and it’s ok to have differing opinions. Appreciate your passion.

    Don’t get too hyped on UGA beating UT this year. My post says we have more talent, but not by a lot, and it’s clear that quarterbacks matter, and UT has a good one in Dobbs while we’ll start a freshman, or (sigh) Lambert, or (double sigh) Ramsey. I expect a tight game. Hopefully a healthy Chubb is the difference maker.

    Go Dawgs!

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