LSU faces no football scholarship monies Fall semester 2016 amid $ 2 billion dollar state deficit says democratic Governor John Bel Edwards elected on NO NEW TAXES to replace he says blame the Republicans.

Katrina was August 2005 eleven years ago.  What we all found out then was that New Orleans is bordered by higher water on all sides with only manmade dams to hold it back on all sides, located in a bowl itself far below the Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain and the Gulf of Mexico.


This has created a state with no tax revenue from “big business” there.  Surprise the Governor who ran for office on no new taxes now wants to tax the ever-living bejesus out of “big business.”


He has an engineering degree and served in the military.  He also has a law degree from LSU.


He knows nothing about business.


He has no understanding of what this would do to the economy and at a time when he should be encouraging the economy on the road to recovery.


Instead, everyone stands around with their hands out.


And, he a democrat wants to certainly hand that out.


So there we have it.


Yesterday Kirby snatched-up some of this LSU talent and there is a lot more of it on the table coming-up now.


How bad is it ?


It’s bad.


We like many others have not returned to Louisiana in the 11 years.  We did attend the Sugar Bowl 2005 season but that was at the Georgia Dome.  I’ll not subject you again to our voiced displeasure to Mike Adam$ keeping me out of my seat until we were behind 0-28.


But Louisiana I shall not return to.


I feel taken advantage of.  I had no idea that on all 4 sides 22 feet higher water level than land level surrounded me in a bowl down below all that water on all sides.


Had I known then what I now know, I would not have gone there all the times we did.


I don’t know what you learned about Katrina as I watched it unfold but God did not intend us to be there.  He just didn’t.


I shall not return.


But I do not want LSU to cut TOPS for college students nor cease funding scholarships to student-athletes at LSU.


This would incur the federal government once again to intervene – or certainly should.


I mean we bailed them last time.


All of us gave all we could at the time 11 years ago.


Is it real ?


Sure it is real.


LSU faces big issues as I wrote yesterday about us hiring Hannah Brinks from LSU for Kirby’s staff.  There is no question that $ 2 billion dollars has to come from somewhere.


I am just disappointed that we have someone so ill-equipped to handle the problem the voters somehow sent there before this all came-out right after he took office.


No economist would agree with the Governor that his solution is correct and that moreover it will kill any development trying to go on there amid this crisis.


I support LSU.


I support their student-athletes.


I support the state of Louisiana – maybe not parts of it reclaimed from that which clearly is not intended for people but fish or crawdads.


This is up to them but LSU is losing a ton of talent right now today.  Cuts have happened.  1100 have lost their jobs at LSU.  More will.  Paychecks for April have no funding.  This is March 7 2016.


We welcomed many from there here.  I personally have contributed to this both time and monies.


But I do not see anyone talking about this and thought you should know.  I ran into it when looking up Hannah Brinks.


Baton Rouge I always thought was safe by comparison.


It’s really not from this financial crisis.  Instead it is front and center.


LSU Athletics pays for their 85 football scholarships but we have 125 men – the balance on our HOPE scholarship monies really, like their TOPS but TOPS only requires 2.5 GPA which is too low.


So LSU is going to lose walk-ons.  TOPS also allows out-of-state students who claim Louisiana as home.  We had folks claim that to me to my face and could not pronounce New Orleans the way I learned to pronounce it there.


LSU will field a football team this Fall.


The Governor is just wrong about that, as he is about much.


Including his lack of formal education on the subject of economy proves.


I am not ignoring this and say to you now that LSU will drop-off.  It has to.  Think about it.  We have walk-ons who become Starters EVERY YEAR.  It is how you feed a football program.  There inevitably are scholarship student-athletes who fall-out for many different reasons.  You must have walk-ons.  College costs a ton.  It’s too expensive for a lazy student who does not make qualifying grades, for their parents to pay for instead.


This is where we are.


LSU is going to suffer.  They will suffer in the other sports EVEN MORE.  Maybe not basketball but all the others besides those 2.


LSU will be a shell of itself.


When ?




There are a lot of athletes in Louisiana and remains a hotbed for LSU recruiting because of the disproportionate numbers of athletes in The South I guess because of our weather.


Of course if the underlying funding is cutback by raising taxes to 5 ¢ state sales tax too and businesses there lose more monies to taxes too to fund give-away programs they can not sustain themselves the economy will not pick-up but get far worse.


LSU sports is NOT looking-up no matter what anyone tells you.


Elect a democrat in a failing economy.  Real smart.  What did you think would happen ?  Oh, you wanted more hand-outs.  I am convinced that New Orleans should be given back to God for the purpose for which He intended.  And, Baton Rouge is only an hour away – which is about where God intended land to end.


That is the real issue here – that of course you do not stimulate an economy by removing more from it by raising taxes democrat.








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