It’s just not the resume I expected from Hoops’ Dawgs this season. We only beat 1 team all season long and at 8:30 tonight that team can knock us out of SEC Tournament. 16 games vs RPI Top 100 and beat 1 team who can knock us out tonight the # 56 team. Not good.

It’s been a largely poor season for Georgia this season in men’s basketball.


They put-up graphics of what a team’s record is against RPI Top 100 teams and our record  shows we have played 16 games vs RPI Top 100.  The only team we beat all season long was South Carolina # 56.


South Carolina has 6 wins over RPI Top 100 teams and now tonight they can put this squad to rest except for a NIT appearance.


# 71 RPI Georgia men’s team


It was fun watching us last night beat Mississippi State.


I am expecting us to be put out of our misery tonight maybe.


We have been wholly unable to recruit to the Stegesaurus both for men’s and women’s basketball and this year’s men’s team as well as The Lady’s team shows that we have no bench.


And I look at their gym in Nashville hosting this SEC Tournament and think 1971 last time Stegesaurus hosted an NCAA Tournament game.


Mark Fox brings his bench in and they do nothing.  They’re tentative and without merit. If they do that tonight, they will not have beat a team 3 times who is their only win over any RPI Top 100 team, but it’s a very talented team we have and frankly I had hoped for more so I will be watching hoping we can move on to Kentucky. I played on the city champion team and we had 2 full squads.  First we had a center.  Second we had a point guard.  Our center got the rebounds and rarely fouled-out.  Our point guard brought the ball down the court and really never shot the ball – just dish.  Our shooting guard made his shots.  We had a 2nd group who if the 1st group didn’t show-up we could play well with.


We just don’t have that talent at Georgia and frankly never have had.




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