Can you believe that ? Not only did we beat the only RPI Top 100 team all season, we beat them 3 times this year – bringing on Kentucky now.

We were down 11 just before half and we kicked-it leaving the floor for halftime down only 1 point.  65-64 we beat South Carolina and advance to Kentucky tonight who has only had to play once and rested their players early with an easy win before us tonight.


When you looked at this squad quietly you expected frankly a lot of them.  They only delivered against the lone opponent who could knock us out in 17 games vs RPI Top 100 teams all season.  But, we delivered 3 times against them # 58 RPI South Carolina and that is an awesome feat.


Kentucky awaits and we earned the chance to play them # 18 game this season vs RPI Top 100.  And now we are 3-14 vs RPI Top 100.


19-12 season and 12-8 vs SEC only our RPI # 67 and the only wins in 17 games all season against RPI Top 100 we beat being South Carolina seems to hold us back from the Big Dance.


But all that is behind us now and we have this one game to play.


20-win season



13-8 SEC

4 wins vs RPI Top 100


These are what are on the line for a very talented if not deep team against a well-rested better Kentucky.


But all that matters right now is that we get to play Kentucky.


South Carolina had beat 5 teams in the RPI Top 100 including Vanderbilt, Florida and Texas A & M this season.  But we beat them 3 times, can you believe that ?  Our strength of Schedule is # 36 in the nation and South Carolina’s is only # 123.


Kentucky beat us this season at Rupp Arena 48-82 and their strength of schedule is # 29 with RPI # 14 having beat 6 teams in the RPI Top 100 .  Well we’re one of their 6.  Can we do what South Carolina could not and return revenge ?


It’s down to just that.



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