I guess if we do not see Tim Kimbrough in 5 days now when Spring Practice begins, that that means it WAS grades that got him demoted by Mark Richt for Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game and then not announced by Mark Richt that he had in fact failed at grades – Mark Richt could have told us that Tim Kimbrough was not eligible for the bowl game but MARK RICHT CHOSE NOT TO TELL US so Brian McClendon had to tell us and he would only tell us about the 1 game.

Tim Kimbrough STARTED the last 7 games of the season for Mark Richt to end the year last year then did NOT START against Georgie tek yellowjackets’ then was SUSPENDED for the bowl game.


What did he do ?




Tim Kimbrough  then dug himself a hole at the end of the season last season.


How big a hole ?  Well it has not been addressed whether or not he has to declare for the Supplemental NFL Draft 2016.  Mark Richt had another player who had to declare for the NFL Supplemental Draft who also FLUNKED-OUT prior to the bowl game.  You have to tell us Mark Richt that the kid is suspended.  You liked to delay bad news.  I take it when I get it.


It might be grades based on the timing of what Mark Richt did NOT announce at all.  He was trying to keep it a secret from us but he could have announced that Tim Kimbrough would not be playing in the up-coming bowl game.


Mark Richt knew he wouldn’t and couldn’t play in the bowl game that he was SUSPENDED.  Mark Richt did this a LOT.  He would have a player SUSPENDED and NOT ANNOUNCE it so that he could try to HIDE BAD NEWS.


Like bad news was NOT OBVIOUS to folks like ME.


I knew it RIGHT THEN.


I said it RIGHT THEN.


In fact, I have said it every time I have mentioned Tim Kimbrough since beginning with the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game.


Under the guise of I cannot talk about grades.

Under the guise of I do not want to give out info to my opponents.

Under the REAL FACT that for 15 years, Mark Richt’s BAD PRESS was monumental.


He failed to run anything but a LAX SHIP.


We have heard ALREADY down there in Miami that Mark Richt HAS LOST CONTROL.


We knew that before we FIRED HIM.


We FIRED him for that.


He LOST CONTROL of this football team the VERY NIGHT that Georgia was named consensus # 1 in the nation for the very 1st time ever in our history.


22 players that night ran out and celebrated.


Bar brawls.




General mayhem.


One of Mark Richt’s recruits that night of the 22 reported in the papers as involved – some of whom no name was mentioned just what they did – gave his ID when he was 22 years old to a player under age for DRINKING.


That was 2008.


He was 76-19 a 80 percent win percentage kick-off game 5 of 2008 – exactly 80 % win percentage.


He was 68 % win percentage thereafter.




He ran up his record on CUPCAKES.


Such as his 37-1 vs teams not even playing in a bowl game after this fateful night he lost control of this football team 2008 pre-season.


But he was only 36-31 vs bowl teams after that night one of the guys arrested even BEAT UP THE hospital St. Mary’s Hospital.   Half of the 22 who were involved in the general mayhem celebrating being # 1 pre-season consensus were suspended and if not in the papers, the other half NOT SUSPENDED.  The Mark Richt recruit who beat up St. Mary’s Hospital was suspended because he did damage to the hospital and was arrested for it.




If you do WRONG, do not get CAUGHT.


Not if you do WRONG, you did WRONG.


Teach the kids to OBEY RULES.




This is a common problem among Bible-Thumpers that they are LAX.


They SEND the WRONG MESSAGE.  I forgive you.  Excuse me to TEACH DISCIPLINE you tell the Mark Richt recruits to OBEY THE RULES.  Not that you forgive them for being arrested.  You are NOT freaking God Mark Richt.


Whether they are ARRESTED or NOT you tell them they are WRONG – not forgiven.


15 years trust me I have the goods on this.


So Mark Richt HID that HE KNEW that Tim Kimbrough was SUSPENDED for the bowl game and CHOSE NOT TO TELL us.


So Brian McClendon HAD TO.


This was Mark Richt’s M.O. starting that night.


If not arrested – no suspension.


If suspended, try to hide it if you can.


Mark Richt was HORRIBLE at discipline and HARSH on punishment.


How else do you suit up 67 scholarship recruits of 118 signed to play in a bowl game that all 118 were supposed to be there playing for us ?


No other way.


Just only this.


Nothing else.


Now Kirby gets to be the bad guy.


Now Kirby gets to announce the story on Tim Kimbrough.


Well I suggest it is consistent with FAILED ACADEMICALLY that Tim Kimbrough was NOT ALLOWED TO PRACTICE for the bowl game because of the timing of it the suspension as he was unable to practice for the bowl game as soon as the FINALS were over.


Figure it out.


He also was starting that fateful night he LOST CONTROL OF THIS FOOTBALL PROGRAM pre-season 2008 wildly horrible 18 losses vs top 15 teams time of game in only  24 games.


Mark Richt LOST CONTROL of this football program that night sending MIXED MESSAGES and not punishing all 22 telling the ones NOT ARRESTED that they are NOT SUSPENDED.


There were 22 involved.  Their “celebration” being # 1 pre-season mind you were followed by EVERY NEWSPAPER in the nation.  All you had to do is read the stories to add up to the 22 involved – half of whom were NOT NAMED BY NAME just what they did.


Mark Richt always ran a lax ship and then he punished the bejesus out of them.


1 is not the other.


Punishment is NOT discipline.


Discipline is teaching them to obey the rules.


Mark Richt tried to be their friend.


But, if you tell a guy who gave his ID to a guy who is underage to drink and that kid then gets arrested but the guy GIVING HIM HIS ID is NOT, you SEND THE WRONG MESSAGE.


You are a BETTER FRIEND of the adult over 22 years old to tell him HE DID WRONG.


And to punish him too in front of the entire team.


And, in public.


The problem was giving him his ID.


Otherwise the kid does not get drunk and is not arrested drunk underage.


But the underage kid was and he was KICKED-OFF the team for underage public drunkenness (and other charges the same night too) and the culprit got off Scott-Free who gave the kid the ID.


The whole TEAM KNEW this.


I told everyone.


I went to the police report to find the guy’s name.  And the police said he looked just like the guy in the ID who was NOT the person.  In other words the Police knew it was not the player they arrested in the ID the drunk kid handed the police and told the police he was someone other than whom it was he really was.  That was another of his multiple charges that night.


The kid complained – the drunk kid.


Sending MIXED MESSAGES like this to the team LOST CONTROL of the team.


The message is and should have been from Mark Rich DO NOT LOAN YOUR ID TO UNDERAGE PLAYERS ON MY DAMN TEAM.


He loaned it to him, not stolen from him.







And, Mark Richt seem to know about whatever the woes were because Mark Richt did DEMOTE Tim Kimbrough for the last game of the regular season.


Then, when practice began for the bowl game, Tim Kimbrough was NOT there.


This is consistent with Tim Kimbrough having failed academically to be eligible for the bowl game.  Is that what has happened ?


Has he become eligible by getting his grades up ?


Just what the heck is the secret about Tim Kimbrough and why make fools of folks writing now how Tim Kimbrough is our best returning linebacker ?


I have my doubts about that but I love Tim Kimbrough and I know that he can do the work to make the grades if that was in fact his issue.




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