J. J. Frazier will NOT play tonight vs Belmont NIT Tournament sidelined for 6 weeks after injuring the ankle Saturday March 12 vs South Carolina and going back out there Sunday when he landed wrong under our basket vs Kentucky Sunday March 13. It is unreasonable to expect him to play and wrong to do so. It is in a boot and should be. J. J. Frazier should have NO SAY WHATSOEVER as to whether he goes in tonight or not.

To be very clear about this.  He did come back in the Kentucky game Sunday losing by a dozen and scored 5 more points but I could tell he was not right.  He did make The SEC Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament 2016 All-Tournament Team for his efforts and clearly is our best player.


I am really sorry for J. J. Frazier but he does have another season to slaughter our records all-time.


The 5′ 9″ and 149 lbs. dripping-wet shooting guard is also quite the point guard and has proven everyone wrong about him.  This man from Savannah makes Yante Maten what he is.  Basketball is a team game and in time Yante Maten it could be argued is our best player and he certainly is dominating but he couldn’t do it without J.J. Frazier.  The duo has 1 more year left as J.J. Frazier will be a senior next season while Yante Maten has 2 more years and at this point frankly might get a look see in the NBA.  He is that big a talent.


But you know what ?


J.J. Frazier does prove that a small guy can get it done in basketball.  This has been proven many times through the years.  Yante Maten at 6′ 8″ and 245 lbs. is a completely different level and faces the challenge that he too, from Detroit, is under-sized for his hopes of professional basketball.  We’ll see on both.


Both are our stars.  We would not have done diddle-e-squat without them BOTH.


Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines got most of the attention but you know what ?  They really have not come through either of them compared to Yante Maten and J. J. Frazier.  Together the foursome proves that basketball is a game where any ole school in America can put together just 7 players and win at the highest levels.


We’re 2 short of that.


Our bench has been mostly non-existent but you have to happy about the showing until he tried the reverse lay-up vs Kentucky by William Jackson III Turtle Jackson.  I practice that shot a lot.  It’s easy.  You don’t learn how to do it in a game.


We were up 55-51 when J. J. Frazier got injured and left the court and lost by 12.


Ogbeide, Derek


Derek Ogbeide Pebblebrook has proven to be quite the force frankly for a freshman who missed the 1st 5 games this season.


With the addition of 2 backcourt top 100 players next season Mark Fox will be really right where he wants to be despite the growing disadvantage of the Stegesaurus.


These 5 have proven to me that they can play the game.


J.J. Frazier

Yante Maten

Kenny Gaines

Charles Mann

Derek Ogbeide



Tyree Crump and Jordan Harris hope to replace Kenny Gaines and Charles Mann.  If they can we’re still 2 men short of my sacred 7.


Mark Fox has fought well to land these men but we don’t have what we need to have to be great – fine as far as it goes but not 7 top men’s basketball players.




As you will see over the next days coming-up any ole school who can get 7 top players can win it all.  That’s all it really takes.  To do that, you need a new fancy gym.


Got it ?


J.J. Frazier will be healed by the end of April.  I have a lot of experience with high ankle sprains.


If you have not read this, you need to :




( http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/geo/sports/m-baskbl/auto_pdf/2015-16/release/release_20160315aaa.pdf ) Click this one.


1 blog poster this morning plagiarized a good bit of this to you but left out significant portions down below you really should see for yourself.  This is quite good and best I’ve seen on our men’s basketball team.




At the very bottom of what he STOLE and presented as his own the other blog poster this morning did present a URL Link to it I see now going back to it, but it is largely hidden at the bottom and NOT PRESENTED in quotes that they in-fact stole the whole entire article from this URL Link which I found with a google search.


Florida won in the NIT already – maybe the class of the NIT ?  Georgie tek yellowjackets whom Mark Fox beat this season are 19-14 and play in the NIT tonight as well at 8 p.m. also on ESPN2 right after our 7 p.m. tip-off.  How they show both is what ?  A whip-around like The SEC Network does so well I really enjoy ?


Again, J. J. Frazier is NOT going to play.




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