“I’m okay if Kirby left tomorrow to take over as head coach in Tuscaloosa” senator Bluto Blutarsky gtp Get the Picture states today because he does not give a shit. That’s why he KEEPS making these statements 17 weeks’ LATER after THIS BLOG is CONFIRMED as CORRECT for his last entire 8 years of mediocre 4 loss per season average and this is just MORE sour grapes by Bluto who only yesterday told us all : “However skeptical I remain about the hiring process that brought Kirby Smart to Athens” all because of AJ Turman – Jesus Christ Bluto give it a God Damn Rest boy. I do not give a shit what you and your Bible Thumpers WANT our goals to be. Indubitably. Happy 17th Anniversary 17 weeks to the day this morning ! “It’s certainly Smart’s call, but color me unconvinced. Is Smart that insecure about the players he’s inherited (a roster he’s criticized in certain aspects, by the way)? This transfer culture stuff is a little tacky, if you ask me. Then again, I’ve never been in the arena in Tuscaloosa.”

Give it up Bluto.


Mark Richt was FIRED.


I feel sorry for you really I do boy that one third of a full year later today you still can not get over it.  I hope that you will continue to NOT COME TO THE GAMES with the rest of all of us for


I would not want you to be known as a hypocrite on top of EVERYTHING ELSE and actually be seen rooting for us without Mark Richt.


Kirby took calls from our Administration’s Greg McGarity after the Florida loss this season where Kirby told us that it would be his dream to come here after the season and take-over for us.  Then after the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game Greg McGarity went to Jere Morehead UGA president and suggested that JERE MOREHEAD FIRE MARK RICHT because Mark Richt had ALSO AVERAGED 4-Losses per season the entire 6 years that Greg McGarity had been Mark Richt’s boss.


You recall of course that Greg McGarity was NOT given a raise last season.


His record is NOT GOOD.


His record is Mark Richt’s record they share of 24 losses the latest 6 seasons – averaging 4 losses per season.


Mark Richt had 2 MORE seasons to add to that himself which were the backdrop when Greg McGarity was hired here by Mike Adam$ to replace ANOTHER ill-advised Athletics’ Director Mike Adam$ also placed here Damon Evans red panties do you even know who I am Roswell Road DUI arrest – for a grand total then of Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years averaging 4-losses per season.


AJ Turman NEVER wanted to transfer to Miami of Florida – in fact, it was the LAST PLACE on EARTH he would go after being the star the last 2 G-Day Games scoring 2 TD each BOTH G-Day Games the last 2 and then NEVER GIVEN a single snap by Mark Richt – who made ALL THESE CALLS of who played and did NOT.


AJ Turman quit this program after he was given no snaps for 3 years by Mark Richt.


Kirby tried to talk AJ Turman out of it when he got here but AJ Turman had ALREADY MADE-UP HIS MIND before Mark Richt was FIRED.


We granted the transfer of AJ Turman.  Kirby told AJ Turman ok.  This is the direct opposite of Georgie tek yellowjackets REFUSING to allow Quincy Carter to transfer from their trade school.  This same Quincy Carter whom Mark Richt KICKED-OFF this program himself as his 1ST OFFICIAL ACT as our head coach December 2000.


Mark Richt ran this like a Church League The SEC is he thought.  He told the kids they could come here and if not happy for any reason they can just up and leave.


Excuse me, if you think with your minions asshole that you can JUSTIFY the utter bullshit that Mark Richt passed-off as DECISIONS as being right today somehow you have another think coming.


See his ATTRITION rate to verify this that Mark Richt told them ALL they could just UP AND LEAVE ANY OLE TIME THEY WANTED AND GO wherever they wanted whenever for whatever reason or not they did not even have to explain.


I will help you get hired by Alabama, Georgie tek yellowjackets, Auburn, Louisville – anywhere.  I am on a MISSION FROM GOD.  I know that wins and losses are NOT HOW I AM JUDGED because by God Above I am judged by my walk with Jesus and I am


COMFORTABLE WITH THAT and don’t give a shit whatever the Hell happens here with wins and losses at Georgia therefore.


This is a common tactic by ROOKIE SALESMEN – that they tell the prospective buyer that if they are NOT HAPPY they can just give it back and their company will spend all the monies to put back in their old system.


Excuse me.




You signed the contract.  You provided cash.  We installed.  It’s in.  It works as described.  It is far better than you had.   And, you want it back ?  Well that is the prerogative of the selling company which always they would do – as Kirby did here giving AJ Turman his transfer approval just exactly as Georgie tek yellowjackets did NOT to Quincy Carter.


I swear to God you don’t know shit about business Bluto.


WE are in the business of being # 11 all-time in WINS not # 45 for 8 years vs top 15 with 18 losses his last 24 such games averaging 4 losses a season.


I do not give a shit what you and your Bible Thumpers WANT our goals to be.  It is a conflict of interest and completely against the United States of America Constitution – utterly and completely.




It is against the rules of common decency that our coach used his office as a platform for stumping for his religion selling actual game jerseys owned by The University of Georgia a public institution signed by Todd Gurley II and giving the proceeds therefrom to his brother-in-law Kevin Hynes to run his state sponsored Chaplaincy for Mark Richt as MARK RICHT’S FIRST HIRE from the outside to UGA.


Moreover he WAS FIRED for his win/loss record his last entire 8 years here and indeed THERE IS NOTHING BESIDES WINNING THAT’S IMPORTANT HERE.




Furthermore you your minions and he were ALL WRONG – all of you WRONG Mark Richt WRONG.  He is judged not by his walk with Jesus but on his won/loss record most especially vs top 15 teams and what he’d done recently, not what he did from 2001-2007 but ALL the HORRENDOUS YEARS thereafter.


It is NOT how I say what I say but WHAT I SAY YOU TAKE EXCEPTION TO


without the balls to even attempt to make your point.


That’s because you have been for 8 years are now 17 weeks later too and forever will be known for ALL THESE STATEMENTS by you and your minions on your Mark Richt Apologists’ blog as pussies.


Pussies who THINK that there’s some other goal here BESIDES WINNING.


No there is NOT !


Kirby is judged on wins and losses.


Same as Mark Richt.


Only you NEVER believed me on this.


Mark Richt was JUDGED ONLY ON WINS AND LOSSES for the entire time he reported to his boss of 6 years losing an average of 4 games a season which when pinned-down on it all of you AGREE with ME is totally unacceptable.


Still cannot bring yourself to accept this one simple truth.


That’s right a couple of your ranks DEFECTED and joined me – said I made my point and URL Linked to THIS BLOG and the points here and FIRED HIS SORRY ASS.


You know ?


The one whom you STILL BRAG ON today 17 weeks later this morning Sunday morning who said :


That we do it the RIGHT WAY – no we’re going to do it The Georgia Way and WIN !


God Damn it and you.


I make my point and God Damn IT you PUSSIES do NOT.




And you did NOT shut me up


Did you ?


AJ Turman LIED and said he appealed.  Quincy Carter appealed to the NCAA.  AJ Turman did NOT.


AJ Turman is happy.  You and your freaked-up minions are NOT.  We ALL get it Bluto.


I remember you told me you do NOT even go to the games Bluto.  Have you quit that now all these 16 years after I met you Bluto ?


AJ Turman is COMPLETELY HAPPY other than he and I both believe that Mark Richt should have played him BOTH the last 2 seasons.


This blog CALLED FOR JUST THAT DAILY the last 3 years.  I told you he would leave if jerking him around was all Mark Richt would do with him.


We needed him.




(1) He knows or knew our playbook inside out and made a 100 on it same as Jacob Park did.

(2) He has inside information of EVERYTHING about our football program today.

(3) He knows the tendencies of every player on our roster when he decided all this – except for Kirby’s recruits who were recruited long after AJ Turman decided that because MARK RICHT DID NOT PLAY HIM he was leaving.

(4) We have schedules going forward which include opponents who NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT FRIQIN’ MIND would want to have this information AJ Turman has.

(5) AJ Turman is a child.

(6) AJ Turman is a petulant child.

(7) AJ Turman is a disgruntled petulant child.  He has reasons for it – they all do.  It would not be a grievance against his 3 years WASTED HERE if it were not in his mind justified that he just has to leave.  He is nearly a college graduate now after 3 years here and you therefore can trust that if you were he you would be as pissed-off about it as he.

(8) We have PROSPECTS whom he could tell his insider information to.

(9) We have FANS such as your site which is MOSTLY MADE-UP OF who are collectively and who had collectively made-up the entire Mark Richt Apologists’ minions.

(10) Former players who left with a GRIEVANCE play above their heads when they COME BACK and get to play against such parties who proximately caused the said grievance they have with us in the 1st place.

(11) So you have blown this all out of proportion going so far as to say now today “I’m okay if Kirby left tomorrow to take over as head coach in Tuscaloosa” and yesterday told us all : “However skeptical I remain about the hiring process that brought Kirby Smart to Athens” because you WANT to make it clear your previous statements that in November you bragged that you “don’t think Mark Richt is losing his job this year” that you “can’t deny that the decision was a decision that couldn’t be justified” and that you say to us all Bluto as well that “Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job.”


(11) Look dumbass stick it up your God Damned Asshole.


Reasons AJ Turman nor anyone else can just go anywhere.




( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/smart-defends-restricting-transfer-options )


Seth Emerson once again comes  to the rescue to SHUT-UP Bluto on this with the FACTS.


Do you even know how long 17 weeks is ?


It is one-third of year now today to this very day dumbass.


1/3 of a year after you proven WRONG and me RIGHT that you had NO LEG TO STAND ON bullying me on the Internet the last entire 8 years.


Egg on your face.


8 years’ worth of egg on your face.




  1. It is NO conspiracy as you MAINTAIN on your blog that Mark Richt was FIRED.  He was # 45 at win/loss vs top 15 for 8 years and averaged 4-loss seasons for 8 years.  It was NOT unjustified as you also MAINTAIN.  It was preordained that it HAD TO HAPPEN after said last 8 years of losing likely as not to even any ole team who went on to a bowl game of the 82 such each season now.  He deserved to LOSE his job boy.  You were and REMAIN WRONG on ALL OF THIS.  You have NOT made 1 point to the contrary.  And CANNOT.  He was NEVER going to be going NOWHERE after the Georgie tek game.  He was NOT EVER going to not lose his job after October.  More than wrong : You are vapid as he.
  2. Kirby was felt-out after Florida and said his dream to come after the season and take-over.
  3. Jere Morehead FIRED Mark Richt a third of a year ago today.
  4. 36 hours later the vetting over Kirby was announced.
  5. He not Mark Richt is our God Damn Football Coach boy.
  6. Jesus Freaking Christ Bluto Skeptical still today that Greg McGarity felt-out Kirby after Florida blow-out AGAIN, Jere Morehead FIRED the LOSER with different goals than mine and same goals as yours Bluto and 36 hours later HIRED Kirby whom he was assured by Kirby himself directly would take the job which was the recommendation made to Jere Morehead and which was the recommendation of a $40,000 fee-based search firm whom Jere Morehead PAID to tell him what to do.


Skeptical ?


You seem to have a problem with the facts.


We are NOT in a God Damn Church League here in The SEC.


Our objective is NOT that there’s something besides winning that’s important here.


Mark Richt is a fine man as fine a man as I have ever met and for 7 years I supported him and turned on his ass and all you pussies still making EXCUSES for him these last entire 8 years of his here when he just by God Above LOST IT.


Mark Richt is a total dumbass as are you and your minions as they have PROVED HERE ON THIS BLOG.


AJ Turman is NOT going to some SEC team any one of which we MIGHT face and ALL of whom would have just exactly that which we DO NOT want and WILL NOT ALLOW to have, nor is he going to Miami of Florida or Florida either for that matter God Damn you and it Bluto.


Shut the muck up.


I am so tired of your God Damn whining 17 weeks after I am proven RIGHT by Jere Morehead that for 8 long excruciating years and now another 17 weeks too Bluto that you were WRONG bullying me on the Internet that Mark Richt should still be here, you wish he was still here, you promised and guaranteed me he would still be here and now you are fine with Kirby leaving tomorrow.


“I’m okay if Kirby left tomorrow to take over as head coach in Tuscaloosa”


I get it.  I got it.




What you want and what I want are NOT one and the same.  Your goals are not mine.


( https://blutarsky.wordpress.com/2016/03/19/please-understand-that-a-j-turman-is-going-to-be-able-to-go-where-he-wants-to-go/#comment-442216 )


It was Mark Richt’s fault that he had the WRONG GOALS here – goals which I guarantee shall NOT ever AGAIN be our goals whether you like it or not Bluto.


I am NOT okay if Kirby left tomorrow to coach at Alabama Bluto.  Kirby is not insecure but assured that he is correct on NOT HAVING the ATTRITION problems here caused by Mark Richt of which this is just one of hundreds and hundreds of guys he WASTED like this guy.  His transfer policy is the epitome of the type of decisions which Mark Richt made which NEVER were our goals here but his and yours alone Bluto.  This is NOT TACKY but proven as the right way to handle this exactly and once again – you’re just wrong.


You’re damn right he criticized what’s left of this roster he is fixing with policies just like this one, daily.


Hourly each day.


And, I am NOT skeptical in the least about any aspect of any of this or what led to it.  Mark Richt caused it all and YOU were the culprit that perpetuated it going on here for the last 8 years trying to SHUT ME UP about it.


Your promulgations today are JUST AS WRONG as ALL your previous.


“It’s certainly Smart’s call, but color me unconvinced.  Is Smart that insecure about the players he’s inherited (a roster he’s criticized in certain aspects, by the way)?  This transfer culture stuff is a little tacky, if you ask me.  Then again, I’ve never been in the arena in Tuscaloosa.”


“I’m okay if Kirby left tomorrow to take over as head coach in Tuscaloosa”





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