Jim Chaney is teaching the offense the plays. Stop. Everyone walk through the play again. See where the blocks are. Be able to know where blocks are. Not just line-up run the play which has not worked or we would not be averaging 4-losses for 8 years now. Mark Richt would tell us that they just need to execute better the plays Mark Richt designed for the offense for 15 years here. Jim Chaney is being intelligent doing this. It’s in the details. With # 8 avg recruiting ranking we should not be # 45 win/loss record vs top 15 at 18 losses of 24 games these excruciating latest 8 years here. This is another level we are teaching the offense.

We did not beat a single even good team last year again.


We give up 4 and 3 and 3 UNANSWERED touchdowns game after game after game and NO that does NOT mean that the Defense did not do well.




Got it ?



You can get side-tracked by this running back did this on the play in practice or this QB did that on the play and not slow it down and go through the play Jim Chaney has designed for them now.


If you are going to be the 1 who did design the play, then you have to be the 1 who says here is what we’re trying to accomplish on this play.  There are 11 of you.  No, here you need to move your man this direction.  Here, this is most crucial you do this on this play keying on this guy coming-in on you here.  See him ?  As you can see this is your job to get this man.  See that ?


In the past for 15 years the plays all of which were designed by Mark Richt were plays that despite all the talent he whined to the press that they just need to go back and do the play again and again and then they will better execute it.


If you do not get on the field in practice and you were the 1 who designed the play, then the play will NEVER be as well executed as the defense prepares for the same play.


Run it again ?




Show the highly-rated recruits exactly where each of the 11 are to be and what their job is on the play.  Who to block.  Where to block the man.  As a team when you do that with each of the 11, then running the play again and again WILL matter.


Just go run the plays again.




Not been working.  Now has it ?


We are a team.  11 of us out there.  Each on the team has to see all the other 10 running the play and hear the guy who designed the play tell them here is your objective and here is what his objective is here beside you.  This is what this play is all about.


Defenses against us have done a better job of understanding what they were doing on our plays than we have been for 15 years, notably in the big games the latest 8-year period.


We’ve been a poorly coached football team.


Go run the play until you execute it better ?


1-level down from that teaching the team here do this, over there you need to do that, then the guy with the ball can choose 2 options based on the defense here.  See ?


It always concerned me when Mark Richt ran to the press and whined that we just need to get back to practice and practice his plays until they executed it better.


It is like telling a story to the 1st person and that person then telling the same story to the next 1 and so on through an entire group of say 11 of them.  Hardly recognize the story by the time 11 folks have told the story 1 from the other to the other through 11 folks.




Have to line-up all 11 with the guy who designed the play and have all 11 hear from the 1 story teller to all 11 at once.


There is so much about our football program which is coming to light.


Information which we were shielded from.


Same guys.


Same practice of the play ?




Same guys completely different approach to practicing the play.


The devil is in the detail.


If you knew what you were TRYING to do when you designed the play, then you had to be the guy who showed the play to the 11 practicing it there in front of you.


Right ?


Those were not Mike Bobo’s plays.  He did not design ANY of the plays, but Mark Richt.


“Go practice the play better by yourselves over there guys until you execute it better.”


I am the CEO now.


That is not my job.




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