Attack the Day ! That seems really smart to me.

There certainly is not something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.


Our goal is not to GET TO THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME and everything will take care of itself, if we do.  We have NOT won that game in 10 years’ time now.


It is the 3rd longest slump stretch in our entire history not winning The SEC.


Our goal is not 10-win season.  Not when 29 Division 1-A FBS teams won 10-win seasons last year and we were therefore NOT EVEN RANKED in the Final AP Poll Top 25.


Whatever our strategy has been down there at the site of the annual Gator Bowl Kirby’s predecessor was 11 losses out of 16 games there.


Whatever we were doing the last 8 years vs unranked teams our goals clearly did not assist us in those EITHER because we LOST to 12 unranked teams the last 8 years now either game time or for the season.


Our objective in the BIG GAMES losing 18 of the last 24 games vs the top 15 time of game over the last 8 years must have NOT MOTIVATED us AS WELL.


It seems to me that there is NO QUESTION that is a FAR BETTER GOAL for us.


Maybe we can turn this crap around on-going for this 8-year SLUMP we are in the midst of here with a GOAL for the team as our new motto now to ATTACK THE DAY !


This shit about Finish the Drill was no good with Mark Richt whining after averaging 4 losses a year for his last entire 8 years here that the players simply needed to practice the play again and execute better.


Then again his objective was NEVER winning anyway – not how he was judged he bragged to all of us – that if he were just known as a college football coach that that would be a disaster – unimportant in the whole scheme of life – that his WALK with JESUS is what gave him great comfort – that he was COMFORTABLE with whatever happened here at Georgia in wins and losses because of his knowledge that he was forgiven.


When you have a CENTERED coach who also is a CHRISTIAN, he knows that God wants him to WIN and that THAT then brings GLORY to GOD.


Yeah, it’s a change in philosophy. A change in the culture.  A CHANGE in DIRECTION for the team.


How does it translate ?


It could NOT POSSIBLY be ANY worse than what we have suffered through these last entire 8 years of freaking misery.




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