Shaquery Wilson’s redshirt was burned by Mark Richt to play him only 1 play vs 3-9 South Carolina and 1 play vs 6-5 Southern University. 2 special teams’ plays all year registering no tackle and no catch. Shaquery Wilson is ESPN’s 4-Star ranked recruit. # 11 best wide receiver in state of Florida from Coral Gables whom Florida also wanted and Rivals # 22 best athlete in the nation. Mike Bobo and trepidation without Mike Bobo senator Bluto ? Good Lord all he did was LOSE here to the top teams 8 years as our “offensive coordinator” for an offense whose plays Mark Richt designed. Mark Richt also called ALL the plays too, NOT Mike Bobo. You know this Bluto.

As you study these Mark Richt recruits, daily, all you find is MORE and MORE wasted talent.


Kirby says the 6′ 2″ 198 lbs sophomore Shaquery Wilson can run the football effectively.  He played some defensive back and running back at Coral Gables.  There are going to be more moved around rather than placated with 1 snap each against 2 worthless opponents especially amongst the ATHLETES and this is an athlete Shaquery Wilson.


When you take a laissez-faire policy attitude towards the 85-man scholarship limit you have a coach who is not one who failed to get involved on offense but 1 who clearly is disinterested in winning.  In fact he said repeatedly that there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.  Kirby has stated the OPPOSITE.  I have been predicting to YOU that Kirby would be MOVING PLAYERS AROUND especially at running back while you have been wasting your time trying to tell me that Mark Richt was a nice guy.


No he was for 8 long years culminating in his FIRING at the hands of Jere Morehead more than 4 months ago now today a poor coach with a POOR STAFF.


A poor staff which ALSO was poorly run by Mark Richt.


Mike Bobo was not the 1 who called the plays at Georgia but Mark Richt.  And the plays were not designed by Mike Bobo but Mark Richt Bluto.


There were no crayons Mike Bobo EVER had here.


Mark Richt has been for 8 years an uninvolved detached dispassionate without feeling or interest stubbornly uninfluenced with winning any longer pussy who had instead a complete different goal which was in conflict of interest here whose minions were and are nothing but pussies.


DISENFRANCHISED – those of us interested in winning harp instead on decisions which lead to wins, not other goals directly in conflict therewith.


He will be NO DIFFERENT at Miami.


If you still more than 4 months later are still viewing Kirby’s direction instead focused on winning as Bluto today with trepidation you missed the point and still do which is a reflection only upon your intelligence.


Or lack thereof.


How the hell can you view Kirby’s vision with trepidation given the bullshit these last 8 entire years ?


Answer : You can NOT.


Only you want to save face for 8 years of persecution on the Internet and seek ye therefore every opportunity to try to put anything down not Mark Richt.


All you have EVER been is an Internet BULLY senator Bluto.


Well, you are ALWAYS wrong Bluto – too, Bluto.


Always and ever.


Good God.


He wasted talent for 8 years.  He was not CEO : he was dispassionately disfriqinginterested.


Get it straight : Get the God Damn freaking picture for once Bluto.


Trepidation senator bluto gtp get the picture Blutarsky ?


( )


We are NOT looking back on Mike Bobo fondly dumbass, Bluto.


Having a smart guy in charge is ONLY viewed with trepidation by a complete focking moron.


Mike Bobo lost 18 of 24 games vs top 15 teams his 8 years as our offensive coordinator # 45 nationally and since going to Colorado State has recruited the # 63 recruiting class 1 game over .500 at 7-6 losing for example to Boise State 10-41 a 4-loss unranked Boise State just as Mike Bobo did here.


( )


If Mike Bobo is so freaking great Bluto why does this continue to happen to him ?  In fact at Colorado State Mike Bobo is NEITHER WINNING nor RECRUITING and his play calls such as they ever were are NOT translating out there to any better than he did here at WINNING FOOTBALL games.


Mike Bobo’s 8 years as our “offensive coordinator” are marked by ONLY his horrid record vs the top 15 amid his failure to show-up in said games.






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