If they ask open records in Georgia, we can wait up to 90 days to respond if we like now AND if you transfer from UGA it ALSO IS LIKE ALL THE OTHER SEC TEAMS that you can not go to another SEC team or to join former coach here nor to the Georgie tek yellowjackets. You know our RIVALS. All the folks who will NOT let their recruits signed there transfer here.

Mark Richt always allowed all these transfers to all the other SEC teams, to follow any of his coaching staff here at Georgia to their new school and to go to our most bitter hated rivals.  If they did not recruit as well as us and had a hole they could add our BEST PLAYERS without having out-recruited Georgia for his services.


You know ?


Guys like Zach Mettenberger to LSU when I wanted him to start vs Okie State in 2009 and who has since been a QB in the NFL.  Mark Richt started instead of Zach Mettenberger vs Okie State 2009 as I called pre-game for him to start, Joe Cox instead.  Joe Cox had a chronic shoulder keeping him out of 25 % of our practices his entire career here AND had the flu requiring a PRIVATE CHARTER flight to Stillwater.  Zach Mettenberger went on to play 3 seasons at LSU including the Starter at QB for LSU 2 seasons setting the LSU record for the only LSU QB ever to throw for over 2500 yards in back-to-back seasons and was two-time LSU Team Captain.  He also WON The SEC Championship while Mark Richt CRIED to the press how proud he was of him.  Jesus Christ.  Mark Richt went 10 consecutive seasons without an SEC Championship.  Here clearly is one of those, if not more.  Mark Richt BRAGGED how he helped him transfer.  He ALWAYS bragged about it.  Mark Richt’s goals were not our goals.


Guys like Brent Benedict OL was upset with Mark Richt about his strength and conditioning so Mark Richt helped him transfer to Virginia Tech.  Brent had injured his knee severely in high school Bolles and EVERYONE withdrew their scholarship offer to Brent except Mark Richt.  He showed-up here damaged goods and needing good strength and conditioning obviously important enough for him to publically criticize Mark Richt’s S&C here and then TRANSFER-OUT because of it.  He played 26 games with VT before succumbing to knee injury and unable to finish.  All of this made Mark Richt’s transfer policies look bad.  Brent Benedict was a Starter for Virginia Tech 2 years.


Logan Gray transferred to Colorado after being JERKED AROUND by Mark Richt.  There he was a Starter for Colorado.  SuperPrep and PrepStar All-American in high school, he was like too many of the Mark Richt recruits with too much athleticism for Mark Richt’s liking.  Logan Gray had 13 punt returns for us for 12 yards per return average.  He ran the ball 12 times for 61 yards and had 5 pass completions also in 2009 when Mark Richt did not play Zach Mettenberger AT ALL that season.


Nick Marshall transferred-out from Mark Richt.  There was an alleged theft of over $500 which if true is a felony and yet Mark Richt never called the police.  So he goes to Auburn where of course Mark Richt told him that he would ONLY play defensive back for UGA and they Started him at QB.  He not only beat us but won The SEC Championship and went to the National Championship Game as well as Starting QB for Gus Malzahn. In his college career as a QB for 3 seasons Nick Marshall threw for 7650 yards ran for 2961 yards threw only 13 interceptions threw for 42 Touchdowns and ran for another 42 Touchdowns in college after Mark Richt transferred him.  His pass to beat Mark Richt ruined Mark Richt’s season 2013 giving him an 8-5 record slightly worse than Mark Richt averaged his last entire 8 years here.


Ty Flournoy-Smith transferred-out from Mark Richt.  Went to Alabama where he played in 13 games including winning the National Championship for Alabama as a Tight End 2015.


JJ Green a good solid athlete JERKED AROUND by Mark Richt too.  Transferred to Georgie tek yellowjackets where we probably see him against us this 2016 season against Kirby.    Mark Richt jerked this man around like you would not believe yet he was our 2nd leading UGA rusher in 2013 and leading kick-0ff returner 2013 for us here at UGA, then moved to defense where he made 9 tackles in 2014.  Per NCAA rules JJ Green sat out the 2015 season.


Tray Matthews transferred to Auburn by Mark Richt.  Bragged that he was blessed to be at Auburn.  Started 6 games for Mark Richt here at Georgia 2013.  Transferred to Auburn sat out 2014 season per NCAA transfer rules. Starting Strong Safety for Auburn 2015 including interception in Auburn’s bowl game they just played. So he is their Starting Strong Safety AGAIN this 2016 season against Kirby.


Jacob Park JERKED AROUND by Mark Richt when Mark Richt would have started him against Kentucky last year 2015.  Mark Richt never played him despite the fact that this blog had called for him to be maybe a 4-year starter for us at QB.  Mark Richt transferred Jacob Park to Colorado State to re-join Mike Bobo there.


There are so many former players for Mark Richt who transferred-out to be with their former coaches and because they were JERKED AROUND here by Mark Richt that it over-shadows the real culprit where Mark Richt turned his back on his scholarship recruits and kicked them out.  Many fall into all 3 categories.


Louisville has so many who followed Todd Grantham to Louisville that it surprised no one they were the team matched-up for us to play in our bowl game before this last bowl game.  But most of those had to sit out that 2014  year per NCAA rules.  Maybe Kirby faces them all too this season ?  It was the story line of the bowl game that Mark Richt was playing in a bowl game a team who a handful of his former top recruits here were ALL now transferred to Louisville with Mark Richt’s personal blessing and assistance.  He bragged about it, while I sat here instead calculating just exactly how many of his God Damn Signed Scholarship Recruits of the 118 with a redshirt would’ve played in that bowl game instead.


Oh, did Kirby change the way we handle God Damn Freaking Transfers around here ?


Shame on Kirby.


All you pussies who loved Mark Richt can stick this one up your ass too.


Mark Richt had signed 118 scholarship recruits here and got down to only 67 remaining of them to suit-up for his meaningless bowl game as a result the year before this last one – you remember ?  Louisville with their handful of transfers from here assisted bragged and helped to transfer there to follow Todd Grantham by Mark Richt with his friq’d up transfer policy.


How shameful of Kirby to change all this – to even try to level the playing field with our rivals.


Just God Damn Freaking Awful of Kirby if you ask me.




( http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/15112545/georgia-bulldogs-coach-kirby-smart-stands-transfer-restrictions-rb-aj-turman )


Still whining about it today.


Keep it up and I will tell you how I really feel about ALL this.


Edward Aschoff

ESPN Staff Writer 6 hours ago.


Hey Edward Aschoff what you think boy ?


Keep it up or drop it ?


Maybe ?


Just maybe you were wrong Edward Aschoff and ALL of ESPN frankly on this.


I am fed-up with it on transfers and open records.


There are some other areas we here at Georgia want to level the playing field about too.


We have a new marshal in town.








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