After 8 of 15 Spring Practices Kirby had Scrimmage at Sanford specifically pointing-out Jacob Eason had EXPLOSIVE PLAYS while saying Greyson Lambert looked better at executing the huddle and getting to the line of scrimmage that he lined-up better. Kirby also practiced Special Teams punts, kick-off returns, and field goals all at Sanford in Kirby’s 1st Scrimmage. Kirby can NOT contain himself !

Kirby in his 9th Spring Practice of the 15 held a full Scrimmage at Sanford where he actually unlike Mark Richt practiced punts and kick-off returns and field goals live.


At running back Kirby says with the pulling of wide-outs to run some plays this season for us obviously, that it is not fair to them as wide-outs.  That the wide-outs then don’t get the practice they need at wide-out and specifically really need to work on their BLOCKING at wide out – that them getting out and blocking opens up the run game, but that that is where he would naturally look to find running backs.  In my Depth Chart at Running Backs of 12 I call my Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016 who I guarantee set records this year, I specifically told you this that Kirby would pull from the wide-outs and use them to run the ball.


Because that is where you get them from.


Jacob Eason makes EXPLOSIVE PLAYS.


Kirby can NOT contain his EXCITEMENT about Jacob Eason.


You can break-down Kirby’s every word which REMAINS that Greyson Lambert looks better at executing the huddle and getting to the line of scrimmage but once there, he has NO MOBILITY and makes NO EFFORT to throw the ball once he is at the line of scrimmage EITHER.  More polished at executing the huddle and getting to the line of scrimmage is HARDLY that which we need to fix our # 104 Passing Offense with a Starting QB who rushed 29 times for minus 39 yards while being # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions.


Brice Ramsey continues to hear from Kirby, as well, that he has to want it more, needs to command the huddle better and needs to show Kirby that he WANTS IT.


Jacob Eason ?  When Kirby talks about Greyson Lambert and Brice Ramsey he is talking a perfunctory discussion listless and lifeless.  When Kirby talks about Jacob Eason he is like a Dad talking about his son after a Grand Slam.


There still remains no waiver from me on this that Jacob Eason is our ONLY HOPE.


I mean Kirby did sign him here when ALL YOU ran to the Internet to brag that Jacob Eason coming here was contingent upon Mark Richt being here ONLY you said repeatedly while I turned-up the heat on Mark Richt and ultimately got him FIRED.  YOU lied about this.  You said all Mark Richt needed was his 4th Offensive Coordinator 5th if you include himself with his STALE offense who always seemed to be a no-show in the big games after 2007.


This is Kirby’s 1st recruit commitment.


I could play that all back for you how Kirby jumped on a plane after his press announcement December 12 that Kirby was our Coach when right directly thereafter he flew in a whirlwind to Washington.  You know that I am VERY GOOD at remembering.  I demonstrate that every post.


This was AFTER Mark Richt was fired November 29.  After Mark Richt was fired, Jacob Eason flew to visit the Florida Gators instantly on December 1.    That was NOT set-up prior that Jacob Eason was flying to Florida to decide if he wanted to go there.  Jacob Eason did NOT fly to Miami ever.  So Jacob Eason was coming here.  Then, we fired Mark Richt.  Then, Jacob Eason flew to Florida.  Then Miami hired Mark Richt.  Then, Kirby flew to Washington and Mark Richt DID NOT.  Then, Kirby got Jacob Eason here the next very weekend.  Then, at a press conference for PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD, Jacob Eason blurted-out he was coming here to play for KIRBY.


Eat shit and die.


Egg all over your damned face.


So now it’s our offense which is at issue according to you – that you remain unconvinced about Kirby’s offense.  No dumbass, it is NOT.  It is Mark Richt’s choice he himself made about whom it is HE ALONE WANTED at QB which COST him his job.  Mark Richt’s wrong and POOR choice at QB many different times in his 15-year career here of mediocrity – especially his last entire 8 years of utter futility leading to ME FIRING Mark Richt HERE on this blog.


While you told me to shut-up that I was NOT as a good a fan as you of this Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program.


Our press did not know Kirby was going there until he had DONE IT.  But I had predicted that exactly precisely here on this blog that Kirby would.  As a matter of fact, from the very day on THIS BLOG by me that we hired Kirby, I called in that post and EVERY POST THEREAFTER too that Kirby do this exactly.  That he get here and get especially Jacob Eason and the rest of the class signed and to LEAVE Alabama that day.   Kirby then there in Washington invited Jacob Eason here that very weekend coming-up.


When Kirby got Jacob Eason here that next weekend, Kirby personally got Jacob Eason’s commitment and frankly Jacob Eason could not CONTAIN HIMSELF either announcing it INSTANTLY in the following days when he was asked a DIFFERENT QUESTION by the press about something altogether unrelated.   It was his PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD NATIONALLY press conference.  Not one he called to announce Florida or Georgia.   I am sure the press would have gotten around to asking him.  But before the press could ask him about where he was going, Jacob Eason could not contain HIMSELF about Kirby and according to his dad too about Kirby and Jim Chaney’s hire of Sam Pittman OL.  So Jacob Eason BLURTED-OUT he was coming to play for Kirby.  Then, Kirby left here and went to Alabama until January 12th.  A month.


Watch this video here on this blog post.  Why does not let me link the video to WATCH Kirby’s CLEAR and CONCISE and OBVIOUS total EXCITEMENT about Jacob Eason’s EXPLOSIVE PLAYS, I can not tell you.  But, it is simple enough for you to click the link here to it so you can SEE Kirby busting at the seam to discuss Jacob Eason’s EXPLOSIVE PLAYS.


It’s cute.


Truly it is.


Kirby could NOT contain himself talking about the EXPLOSIVE plays of Jacob Eason at Sanford in Kirby’s 1st Scrimmage Ever.



( )


You can WATCH Kirby yourself here at this URL Link ONLY :


( )


How about that ?  Special Teams’ Coordinator Shane Beamer actually got to PRACTICE punts, kick-off returns and field goals in a damn scrimmage game.  Unheard of.  It thought that was where we might get someone injured so we DON’T PRACTICE those plays in scrimmages Mark Richt told us for 15 years.  What happened to that bullshit.


I like listening to Kirby and watching him.  I really do.  Kirby is my personal hero and you need to watch this video of Kirby.


Kirby is excited as hell about Jacob Eason which by the way is what EVERYONE ELSE said about the Spring Practice Scrimmage at Sanford the 9th of the 15 this Spring.


At when you go to the home page this morning they have 4 videos clicking SPORT, FOOTBALL.  The jpeg URL Link to the Scrimmage Press Conference is a JPEG seen above here for Jacob Eason.  Did you get that ? this morning home page click sports, click then football has 4 videos.  The video for Kirby’s Press Conference after Kirby’s 1st Scrimmage EVER is a jpeg of you got it now Jacob Eason.  Got it ?


Watch Kirby’s eyes, hand motions, and body language as his voice breaks-up in EXCITEMENT when talking about Jacob Eason from 4:28 until 5:21 in THIS VIDEO you can ONLY see and hear here : Why is it that no one else has told you to WATCH Kirby 4:28 to 5:21 and see that he can NOT contain himself talking about Jacob Eason ?


This is Kirby’s quarterback.



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