Kirby proved right and Jim Harbaugh wrong all along, exactly as I said here on this blog would happen. NCAA ruled that coaches can ONLY coach at their own campus and that is the ONLY place ANY team can practice. THIS BLOG TOLD YOU this was HOW THE NCAA would rule and why – because the EXISTING NCAA rules prohibited it.

“Jim Harbaugh, you will get away with it this time because the NCAA has to RULE ON YOUR CHEATING but the NCAA RULES on this are QUITE CLEAR as Kirby told you Jim.   No more than 4 hours a day practice Jim and NOT DURING SPRING BREAK OF ONE MONTH FREE TIME sir.  At 4 hours a day DRIVING TIME ROUND-TRIP 2500 MILES that would take a-third of a month just to drive here and leave you NO PRACTICE TIME Jim.”


“You shall NOT prevail Jim Harbaugh and WILL BE FOUND IN OBVIOUS VIOLATION OF EXISTING NCAA RULES therefore and you know it boy.”


( )


Jim Harbaugh and the University of Michigan have NO COMMENT, while Kirby is having a good laugh this morning.




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