Surreal day all around perfect Spring day 75 degrees largest Georgia crowd ever more than twice what Mark Richt got to any G-Day Game 93000 packed Sanford and patiently as in a sleepy dream waited for Jacob Eason who PUT ON A SHOW. I spotted him pre-game and watched as he composed himself with thoughts of his historic day then when he had wowed everyone I waited and watched him leave the field and throw fans memorabilia. What a day. What a perfect day and Jacob Eason handled a strong showing well cool as ice in front of our largest UGA attendance ever anywhere.

Ludicrus was great and all of us were there way early just buzzing amongst ourselves of our dreams for Jacob Eason’s big day.


You do NOT want to hold a guy back like this Jacob Eason.




Greyson Lambert felt the pressure he put on him – NOT  true frosh JACOB EASON – and just fizzled-out to begin with and then fell apart throwing an interception and looking the damn fool jester trying to act like an athlete and tackle giving up the PICK-6.


The day was not much better for Brice Ramsey but of the 3 he was clearly the 2nd best QB.  You could see him trying hard out there today while Greyson Lambert will NEVER ever beat anyone.


Kirby very high energy got mad as hell about I don’t know 100 times.  I loved it.  “I appreciate the fan base today,” Kirby offered-up. Well I would think so Kirby.


Our running game is weak.  The QB mostly had all day to throw so it was not on the OL blocking on passing downs.


And there were a plethora of passing downs – it reminded me of a John Elway game.


Special Teams looked lost on kick-off return defense as Isaiah Mackenzie just had his way.


This day was the coming-out party for Jacob Eason.  You could feel the vibes of the historic moment and could slice it in the air with a knife.





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