The huge dissimilarity between Jacob Eason and the other 2 lesser quarterbacks was on display to the world no matter how Kirby tries to paint it. A defensive coordinator for 8 years in a row the best defensive coordinator who called every defensive play all 8 years is NOT going to chose Greyson Lambert or Brice Ramsey.

The whole world is watching and we ALL know EXACTLY what we saw.


We were put to sleep by the ineptitude of this offense with the other 2 quarterbacks until finally with just a few minutes left before halftime finally Kirby HAD TO put Jacob Eason in.


Then afterward Kirby put in a walk-on at QB to try to paint the picture that well Mark Richt was right all along and well Joe Tereshinski III was clearly to him just the better quarterback than Matthew Stafford and even the walk-on QB ALSO looked better than both the other 2 quarterbacks Greyson Lambert and Brice Ramsey.


We ALL saw.


And I do mean we ALL saw.


The difference so large that nothing Kirby says or does between now and North Carolina will alter our firm vision of what we ALL saw.


The more polished QB was Jacob Eason.  The one not wowed by the over capacity crowd was Jacob Eason.  The one who hit the long out routes in stride was Jacob Eason.  The one who hit the deep balls on target was Jacob Eason.  The one who stopped visibly for all of us to see pre-game and composed himself for all to see was Jacob Eason.  The one playing to the crowd was Jacob Eason.


I do not mind Kirby trying to say otherwise or gagging everyone and his brother not to say it for it is painfully obvious that his offense is pedestrian at best without Jacob Eason.


We actually did not look very good out there today except for Jacob Eason.




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